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3 Steps To Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally

3 Steps To Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally

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Published by iwantababyboy
Learn how to conceive a baby boy in 3 easy steps. The all natural way to plan the gender of your baby, with no drugs or medication... recommended even by doctors and specialist...
Learn how to conceive a baby boy in 3 easy steps. The all natural way to plan the gender of your baby, with no drugs or medication... recommended even by doctors and specialist...

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Published by: iwantababyboy on May 15, 2010
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How To Conceive A Baby Boy ?

Now You Can…
Are you looking for ways to conceive a baby boy ? If so, then this short 3 page article will probably be the most important article you’ve ever read. Why so ? Because this article will give you the tips and information on how you can conceive a baby boy in just 3 simple steps. It is easy, naturally and completely safe… without the use of any medication or drugs. In other words, there is no health risk involved… all the methods listed is completely natural… with great emphasis on your well being. This method is take from Alicia Pennington’s best selling program call Plan My Baby. You can get this book by clicking here – Plan My Baby Gender Guide

Understanding The Difference Between The Y and X chromosome
The male’s sperm determines the gender of your baby. The sperm is divided into 2 categories, one containing the Y chromosome, one containing the X chromosome. The Y chromosome is responsible for producing a baby boy while the X chromosome is responsible for producing a baby girl.

In order to increase your chance of conceiving a baby boy, you have to regulate your daily routine and diet so as to give the “Y chromosome” an advantage, so that they have a higher chance of reaching the egg, thus giving you a boy.

If you want a baby girl, just do the opposite of what you are doing to have a boy. Its simple once you understand the analogy behind how this work. Now, let us explore how the Y chromosome operates. The Y chromosome are very good swimmers. In other words, they swim very fast and look forward to finding an egg to fertilize. That is their only advantage against the X chromosome. The disadvantages are, because they are lighter (giving them the ability to swim faster), they are also thinner, thus, unable to protect themselves against the acidic discharge in the cervix. Thus, they are unable to live longer than 24 hours and sometimes, even less, depending on how acidic the discharge is. Based on this fact alone, we can actually do a few things to help regulate and increase the chance of you conceiving a baby boy. So, without using any medication or drugs, what natural ways can we use to do that ? First, by knowing your ovulation day, second, by controlling what you eat, and third, by using different position during sexual intercourse.

Alicia Pennington’s 3 Step Formula Explained
It’s easy to see how this whole thing ties together now that you understand how the Y and X chromosome behaves. Changing Your Diet: Well, this is pretty straight forward. If you want a baby boy, you would want the Y chromosome to stay alive as long as possible. Since they are fast swimmers, you certainly want them to reach the egg before they gets broken down by the acidic discharge. In order to do that, you just have to regulate the PH level of your cervix discharge… meaning, making them less acidic. How do you do that? Well, you can do that by simply regulating your food intake.

About 2 weeks prior the making of your baby session, you should take food that contains sodium and potassium… and by doing so, you will lower the acidic level of the discharge. When you do that, the Y chromosome can stay longer, swim further.. and thereby, giving you a higher chance of conceiving a baby boy. Planning And Knowing Your Ovulation Day: This is extremely important. Obviously, if you want to get pregnant, you need to calculate when are you fertile. Then again, we know that the Y chromosome cannot stay in the body for more than 24 hours. So, you must know when you ovulate and have an egg for the Y chromosome to fertilize. If you can’t accurately predict or count your ovulation day properly and the Y chromosome can’t find any egg to fertilize when you are making babies, then they will be broken down and what’s left is the X chromosome, which will in turn, give you a baby girl. One of the best thing about Alicia’s Guide is she actually teaches you how to accurately plan the date to “do it”. Your Sexual Intercourse Position: This is extremely important too as again, it gives the Y chromosome the “head start” to reaching the egg first. Since they are lighter and faster swimmers, when the guy orgasm, you would want them as near to the egg as possible. Because this gives them less distance to cover, thus, more Y chromosome will survive and not get “break down” by the acidic discharge, and being the faster swimmer, it certainly gives them the edge to reach and fertilize the egg first, thus, giving you a higher chance to conceive a baby boy. To do that, you will need to adopt sexual positions that gives deeper penetration, especially towards the “end”. If you find this article useful, please recommend it to your friends or family members who are planning to start a family, and you’ll never know how grateful they will be to you ^^

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