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Name of team members: Juan Nicolas Cuellar and

Estevan Rios
Topic: sports in usa


Answer the questions

Copy and Paste your Radio Program Script here

Add all the references you used to create this radio script in a
section called References.

Add Images of the topic


How do you feel this time about your participation in the radio?


Do you feel confident this time?

What will you do to improvise more? What strategies will you

Which IB attributes are you applying?


What are your expectations with your radio partner?

How will you support your partner do a great job in the radio

1We feel good and confident on this time because we have been
on the radio many times and we had practice it too much, also we
know our topic very well because is related of what we like and this
time we made it about sports.
2We do feel confident because we have been to the radio before
and we have good experience and this time I think it will be very easy
to speak and be calm on this time.
3We are not going to read all the script because also to be on the
radio is to have like a conversation my partner and me because we
know many things about the topic we are going to talk that is sports in
usa and in this case the more important are basket and football, those
are the most important sports in the united states of America.
4The attributes that we are applying are communication and
knowledgeable and inquire skills. We apply the communication skills by
talking in the radio and talking between each other. We us the
knowledge able skills by already knowing things about are topic and
we also use are inquire skills by looking in the internet about sports in
the USA.
5My expectations of my partner are very high I think that my
partner would do a good job helping to make the radio script and
looking about are topic so we could get a good grade, my partner can
help doing script by doing what he will say in the radio and he can also
help by learning about sports in the usa and put that information in the
radio script.
6We can give each other ideas so we can get good decision, and
work together and be organized on the information we get of our
sources also work serious to make a perfect radio script.

Sports in USA (NBA-MLS-NFL)

JUAN NICO: Hello everyone here we in Gn 94.5 with Estevan and me

Juan Nicolas.
ESTEVAN: Hi people today we are going to talk about most important
sports in USA that are NBA, NFL, and MLS.
So first we are going to
talk about NBA
Estevan: What does NBA mean? Juan Nico
Juan Nico: national basketball association were people play on a
professional level basketball.
Estevan: ahh and what is your favorite team.
Juan nico: golden state warrior. And your favorite team is? Estevan
Estevan: My favorite team is Miami heat.
Juan nico: did you know that Miami heat has won 3 playoffs and two of
them were consecutive.
Estevan: no I didnt know
Estevan: juan nico do you know how is the league doing now.
Juan nico: Now they are in the quarter finals
Estevan: ahh and how is golden state
Juan nico: they are winning the quarter finals against Portland trail

Estevan: ohh great

Estevan: Now, jua nico lets talk about the nf
Juan Nicolas: okay, the nf is the national football association
Estevan: did you know that the green bay packers were the first team
to win the super bowl
Juan Nicolas: oh, I didnt know
Estevan: also the super bowl is the championship that the teams in the
nf compete for.
Juan Nicolas: also the nf draft is happening right now, the nf draft is
where the professional teams pick player from the college teams so
the could play in their team.
Estevan: juan nico what is your favorite nf team
Juan Nicolas: mmm, my favorite team is the Seattle Seahawk, and
whats your favorite team
Estevan: my favorite team is the green bay packers
Juan Nicolas: okay, at last we are going to talk about the mls
Estevan: the mls means mayor league soccer and is the professional
soccer league of the united states
Juan Nicolas: Estevan tell us how is the league in this moment
Estevan: okay in this moment the best team is real salt lake that has
the highest points per game average.
Juan Nicolas: estevan do you have a favorite team in this soocer league
Estevan: yes of course my favorite team is the Orlando city sc
Juan Nicolas: estevan did you know that this league was funded in
dicember 17 1993
Estevan: no i didnt know and who is the most time champions
Juan Nicolas: the la galaxy one of the best teams in this momment
Estevan: and in this league there are only 20 teams and from those 12
go to the play-offs until one team wins the championship.
Juan Nicolas: and here we conclude are radio time
Estevan: bye

Juan Nicolas: bye