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Chisinau, Moldova

May, 2016

November 2015

Project Executive Summary

iEngage (MoldovaUkraineGeorgiaBelarus Teacher Network) was one of the winners of the 2015 State Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund created by State Department in 2011 to
support alumni initiatives that promote shared values and innovative solutions to global challenges. A team of alumni from Moldova, all experts in international education led by Daniela MuncaAftenev (Muskie), Olga Morozan (Access Microscholarship) and
Corina Ceban (SUSI) elaborated a project which was selected
from among 800 applications received from worldwide alumni.
The project informed, trained and empowered 35 English Language teachers from various regions of Moldova and 12 teachertrainers from Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus who have extensive
previous experience in international online collaborative projects,
to work together online and partnership with American schools
and universities using the Internet and other new communication
technologies while participating in various civic engagement initiatives. Our goal was to enhance understanding of the importance
of international collaboration and civic activism in Moldovan
schools and universities on a national level. The project empowered a regional network of socially active teachers and students
ready to reach out to their communities and learn from American
colleagues while engaging in various community development
International project partners: iEARN (International Education and
Resource Network), VIF Learning (located in North Carolina) and
Youth Service America. The project combined face to face workshops, virtual trainings and online collaboration. Each project participant implemented three to five international projects by the end
of April, 2016.
Project Coordinator: Dr Daniela Munca-Aftenev


November 2015

Project Executive Summary

This report presents the results of the iEngage Project after the
implementation of its first part covering July through November,

Project Blog
All project activities, events and participant interaction are reflected on the project blog, which has 6 sections: Introduction, Participants Profiles, Trainers and Mentors, Collaboration (International
Partnerships), Assignments and Project Results.

Project Blog


iEARN (International Education and Research Network)
iEARN is a non-profit organization made up of over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in
more than 140 countries. iEARN empowers teachers and young people to work together online
using the Internet and other new communications technologies. Over 2,000,000 students each
day are engaged in collaborative project work worldwide. One of iEngage Project goals was to
involve as many Moldovan educators and students as possible in various iEARN international

VIF International Education

VIF International Education builds global education programs that prepare students for success in an interconnected world. For more than 25 years, educators have leveraged VIFs professional development and curriculum, language acquisition and cultural exchange programs
to generate engaging learning environments where students can excel in core curriculum as
well as develop valuable 21st century skills. VIF is an innovative organization committed to
international education. Most of VIF staff positions are located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Youth Service America (YSA)

YSA helps young people find their voice, take action, and make an impact on vital community
issues. Its visioncreating a global culture of engaged children and youth committed to a lifetime of meaningful service, learning, and leadership. YSA activates, funds, trains, and recognizes young people and their adult partners through the following program strategies: largescale mobilization campaigns, such as Global Youth Service Day and Semester of Service
and grants of approximately $1 million annually. YSA Grants are available to youth, educators,
and organizations around the world for youth-led service projects.

Project Participants

EGOR DENISOV, High School 11, Bendery

INA LUPAN, " Ion Creanga" High School from Cuizauca, Rezina
BOLDIOR MARIANA, Theoretical Lyceum Onisifor Ghibu,
NADEJDA DERIVOLKOVA, Theoretical Lyceum " Ivan Vasov",
DORINA VACARI, Gymnasium nr. 2, Drochia
MARIANA CAZACU, Theoret cal Lyceum "A. Russo", Singerei
RODICA TINERELU, Theoretical Lyceum " Constantin Stere" ,
JECHIU OLESEA, Theoretical Lyceum from Zimbreni village,
INA PORUBIN, Theoretical Lyceum Lucian Blaga , Iargara,
DUMITRU GRUCA, High School " Alecsandri" , Falesti
NATALIA RA, B.P Hasdeu Lyceum, Drochia
DARIA PROZOROVSCHI, Theoretical Lyceum Mihai Eminescu, Hincesti
ANGELA MARIAN, High School from Trueni
CAROLINA ANDRONIC, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Chisinau
SVETLANA PRODAN, National College of Trade, Chisinau
ALIONA BARBU, Theoretical Lyceum " Nicolae Balcescu" , Ciorescu
VICTORIA CRACIUN, Gymnasium no.99, Truseni
OXANA BUJOR, Theoretical Lyceum " Nicolae Balcescu" , Ciorescu
ANGELA MAZNIC, Theoretical Lyceum "Al.I.Cuza", Chisinau
VIORICA ARNAUT, Theoretical Lyceum Stefan cel Mare,
Taraclia, Causeni,
ELENA LOZOVANU, Theoretical Lyceum Spiru Haret, Chisinau
TATIANA DRGAN, Theoretical Lyceum "Mihai Eminescu",
INGA CHIOSA , Spiru Haret Lyceum, Chisinau
IORDACHE XENIA, Primary School Grigore Vieru, tefanVod
MARIA CUCU, Theoretical Lyceum Ion Sirbu, Mascauti, Criuleni
VICTORIA COMERZAN, Theoretical Lyceum" Mihai Eminescu" ,
GALINA RUSU, Theoretical Lyceum " Nicolae Balcescu" , Ciorescu village
COZONAC VIOLETA, PITL " Ion Creanga" , Cuizauca, Rezina
NATALIA SCHIN, Theoretical Lyceum, Balatina village, Glodeni
MARIAN RODICA, B. Cazacu High School, Nisporeni
RENATA BUZULEAC, Balatina Theoretical Lyceum
ANGELA GABUREAC, Theoretical Lyceum Budeti

iEngage Launching Event International Conference

On July 7th, 12 international teachertrainermentors from Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia travelled to
Chisinau to participate in the iEngage launching event, which gathered all 35 project participants and 5
local project trainers. The regional experts moderated 12 workshops on various issues related to international collaboration and online project based teaching and learning. Moldovan teachers from various
regions of the country had the opportunity to learn from most successful international projects moderated by their colleagues from Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and US:

Natalia Cherednichenko (Ukraine) : Web 2.0 tools in the civic iEARN projects: experiences
and examples

Pavle Tvaliashvili (Georgia): From beginner to master teacher in iEARN/AYVreflection on 15

years of experience

Inesa Zubrylina (Belarus): Creating a personal teacher educational environment through

iEARN projects

Tetyana Sporynina (Ukraine) : Usage of design technologies in online projects

Maryna Korniienko (Belarus): Participating in the Global Teenager Project

Maia Tkemaladze (Georgia): Adobe Youth Voices as a tool for English teachers

Natallia Belazarovich (Belarus): iEARN projects and collaboration: new educational opportunities

Mzia Gagnidze (Georgia): IEARN as an instrument for teachers and students from rural areas

Ketka Svetlana (Ukraine) : Organization and facilitation of iEARN projects in schools

Zoya Rodionova: iEARN Learning Circles Project steps


The conference was a great opportunity to meet new people: nice foreign mentors and English teachers from different districts of Moldova. It was wellorganized and exciting. We had the chance to learn more about a lot of interesting projects and experience of those who have participated in iEARN activity
for many years. I'm sure that the experience they shared will help us in our furure project implementation. URSU MARIANA
Thank you very much to all organisers, especially to Mrs Daniela MuncaAftenev, to all foreign mentors, who have shared their experience with us. We
will use all this new information in our future project implementation.iEARN projects will help to develop teachers and students competences.This project gives
us the opportunity to have a connection with English teachers from different
districts from our country and with teachers and students from other countries.It
was a great pleasure to be present at this event. LUCHIAN NINA
Dear I-Engage Team Moldova
By this I would like to express my gratitude and say thank you for the opportunity of getting informed of various online community projects for youth development, trained in implementing online project based teaching and learning using
online tools, for being engaged in collaborative international online community
development project and also for the chance of connecting to the I-EARN Co
munity worldwide. I am looking forward to more practice and challenges. See
It was a great pleasure for me to take part in this conference. All was wonderful: the atmosphere, the entourage, good organizers, open mentors desirers to
share to us all the ideas they have already practiced, and participants desirers
to learn new teaching tactics in order to have success in their career. Thank
you and see you at the next assignment! ANGELA GABUREAC
The conference was very interesting and well-planned.We had the possibility to
know about the experience of the foreign mentors who have applied in iEARN.I liked how the mentors presented their experience and at the same time
we were informed how to avoid the mistakes that they had met in their activity.
i-Engage Conference to me was a new window to the partnership world... lots
of project ideas that Moldovan teachers could become part of in order to cover
the topics from EFL curriculum, and engage students in an international collaborative work. Thank you for this opportunity! SVETLANA PRODAN
Due to this project I got a lot of motivation to work with my students and I am
able to motivate them too in learning and discovering the opportunities offered
by studying English. Great thanks to Moldovan and foreign iEngage mentors!!!
New people - new ideas and impressions !!! The Conference was very enlightening and pleasant!!! VIORICA ARNAUT

iEngage Workshop

On September 26, 2015, 35 iEngage participants from various regions of Moldova attended the
first project workshop in Chisnau to learn about the opportunities offered by international online
project based instruction. iEngage trainers Olga Morozan, Corina Ceban and Daniela MuncaAftenev moderated several sessions on how to use iEARN forums, how to find international
partners through the iEARN network, how to plan and implement a successful online project
and how to use all the iEngage project resources in an efficient manner. Ludmila Bilevschi,
Alumni and Speakers Programs Specialist at US Embassy to Moldova, attended the event.



Cozonac Violeta , Learning Circles Global Issues: Environment , 9th grade (10 students)

Luchian Nina, Holiday Card Exchange, 8th grade (10-12 students)

Craciun Victoria, Talking Kites Around the World , 6th grade,

(10 students)

Iordache Xenia, Global Issues: Education, 11th and 12th

grade (9 students)

Jechiu Olesea, One Day in Life, 11th grade (4 students)

Prozorovschi Daria, Our Storybook, 7th and 9th grade (3 students)

Arnaut Viorica, My Hero, 11th grade (10 students)

Bogoeva Elena, Learning Circles: Places and Perspectives,

8th grade (10 students)

Chiosa Inga, Learning Circles, Computer Chronicles, 7th

grade (15 students)

Gabureac Angela, Teddy Bear Project, 3rd grade (10 students)

Vacari Dorina, Early People Symbols Project, 5th-6th grade

(10 students)

iEngage teachers share with their colleagues from various

regions of Moldova
Tatiana Dragan is our first educator who has from her experience as a member of the
iEngage Project with her colleagues from "Mihai Eminescu", Floresti.

"I'm very pleased to announce that the workshop ''PBL- an efficient way of XXI century in Education, Improvement and Assessment'' has launched on November 19. The 18 high school
teachers from the regions that have attended the event had the opportunity to get acknowledged what is iEARN and the effectiveness of project based instruction. My students and I
were very glad to share our impressions and small experience in iEarn projects. Thay also
were were proud to show their class survey in My Hero project and post their opinions on the
school blog. I hope this training inspired and motivated the teachers to get involved and join the
iEARN community. I also would like to express my gratitude for your wonderful ideas and forwarded materials." Tatiana Dragan




iENGAGE participants activity on the international forums

iENGAGEInternational Partnerships

Raa Natalia, B.P. Hasdeu

Theoretical Lyceum from

Grusca Dumitru,
Vasile Alecsandri Theoretical Lyceum from Scumpia Falesti

Gabureac Angela,
Theoretical Lyceum Budesti

Cozonac Violeta
Theoretical Lyceum Ion
Creang, Rezina, Cuizauca

Victoria Comerzan
Theoretical Lyceum Mihai
Eminescu Floresti

One Day in the Life

Holiday Card Exchange

Computer Chronicles
Middle School Learning Circle 1

Holiday Card Exchange

My Hero

Uzbekistan, Russia, Georgia, Taiwan,

United States (Middleton High
School )
Taiwan (Kuochang Junior High
Russia (Zykovskaya School)
Taiwan (Chih-Ping Senior High
Slovenia (O Dravlje High School)
Belarus (Secondary School 15
Holland (Canisius School)

India (Kolkata, West Bengal)

USA (Longmont, Colorado)
Belarus (Brest Region)
Slovenia (Pragersko, Maribor)
Pakistan (Karachi, Sindh)
USA (Mendham, New Jersey)
Taiwan ( Taichung Municipal DongBian Elementary School)
Tunisia ( Pioneer Prep. School, Monastir)
Belarus ( Gymnasium Nr 6, Minsk)
Pakistan (Beaconhouse School
System Qasdimabad Hyderabad)
Canada (W.H.Day Elementary
School, Bradford)

Ukraine, Egypt, Belarus


On March 12, 2016, almost 100 Moldovan iEngage teachers and students who created most inspiring media production as part of various international projects, such as My hero, One Day in
Life and Learning Circles, participated in the iEngage Moldova National Student Media Conference. Over 80 video projects were submitted to the selection committee, which voted for
the best media projects. Video projects authors were invited to Chisinau to receive diplomas and
prizes. The projects were posted on the iEARN international forums, so that educators and students from other countries could write feedback to Moldovan youth.
Olesea Jechiu, Zimbreni
"The iEngage National Student Media Conference was a fruitful occasion to get out of our educational routine and enjoy collaboration, acquisition, partnership and perseverance. My students and
I came back home with feelings of self-confidence and fulfillment. We had the chance to see other
partners' works and value it as well, as it helps to estimate our own level of achievement and involvement. We shared impressions, discussed with our e-pals, had a wonderful time together and
most important charged our batteries. We are definitely eager to take part in such kind of projects
and events in the nearest future."



In March, 2016, iEngage educators gathered their forces to involve over 1000 students of all ages
in the celebration of the Global Youth Service Day initiative. The Global Youth Service Network is
a coalition of local, state, national, and international organizations committed to engaging children
and youth as leaders through volunteering, community service, service-learning, national service,
and voting/civic engagement. The following schools joined our cross country celebration:

"Lucian Blaga" Lyceum, Iargara

"Mihai Eminescu" Lyceum, Soroca
Gura Cinarului Gymnasium, Floreti
Bneti Gymnasium, Telenesti
"Mihai Eminescu" Lyceum, Ungheni
"Vasile Alecsandri" Theoretical Lyceum, Clrai
Evrika Lyceum , Rbnia
,,Gura Cainarului'' Gymnazium, Gura Cainarului
Gh.V.Madan Gymnasium no.99, Trueni
Petru Movil Lyceum, Chisinu
Sergey Rudenko Lyceum, Vulcaneti
American Language Center, Chiinu
"A.Russo" High School, Bli, Sngerei
"V. Alecsandri" Theoretical Lyceum, Scumpia, Fleti
"Mihai Eminescu" Lyceum, Hnceti
Balatina Theoretical Lyceum
"B.P. Hasdeu" High School, Drochia
Vasile Alecsandri Lyceum, Bli
"Mihai Eminescu" Lyceum, Floreti
Gymnasium no.2, Drochia
Boris Dnga Lyceum, Criuleni
Ivan Ivazov Lyceum,Taraclia
Teoretical Liceum Evrika, Rbnia
Theoretical Lyceum "Alecu Russo", Sngerei
"Mihai Eminescu" School, Cantemir
"Dimitrie. Cantemir" Lyceum,Edine
"Gaudeamus" Theoretical Lyceum, Dondueni
"Mihai Eminescu" Lyceum, Edine
Theoretical LyceumDimitrie Cantemir, Cantemir
D.Cantemir Lyceum, Edinet
M.Eminescu Lyceum, Edinet
Youth center Salve!, Edinet



On May 15, 35 iEngage educators and their students attended the Global Youth Service Day
Conference in Chisinau. They presented the most successful international initiatives and shared
best practices regarding community service learning. The event was attended by our special
guests: Ela Mikhelson, Public Affairs Coordinator, US Embassy and Ray West, President of Moldova World Childrens Fund. Six outstanding iEARN projects were presented by five
iEngage teachers: Tatiana Birzoi (Childrens Rights), Daria Prozorovschi (Holiday Card
Exchange,Our Story Book), Elena Bogoeva (Teddy Bear), Natalia Raa, (My Hero).


As a result of the collaboration with our strategic partner, North CarolinaMoldova Liaison Office, represented by Lora Sinigur, Administrative Assistant, iEngage teachers and students
received teaching materials, such as textbooks and posters, shipped over to Moldova via a military cargo in March, 2016. Ray West, President of Moldova World Childrens Fund and Irina
Rusanovschi, President of Phoenix NGO, attended the event on behalf of North CarolinaMoldova Liaison Office to hand in the textbooks to our teachers in person. Our educators
posted pictures with the textbooks received at the event on our iEngage Facebook Group.




Ina Porubin engages students from Lucian Blaga Lyceum in My City and
Me International Project
Students from Iargara participated in My City and Me Learning Circle 1 (Middle/High
School) Project together with their peers from other participating countries: Belarus - Lyceum under Gomel State Engineering Institute, Moldova -Liceul Teoretic Onisifor Ghibu, Theoretycal Lyceum "Mihai Eminescu", Floresti, High School "Ion Creanga" Balti, Gymnasium nr.99
Gh.V.Madan" Kishinev, Russia School 1129 Moscow, Secondary School #3 of Taksimo, Buryatia,Russia, Franklin Township School,Quakertown, NJ, United States. They have chosen the project plan proposed by Olga Prokhorenco and her students and they created a project on the topic: Food in the city. First they did research and after that they created a presentation presenting
the food that they consume, places where they go and of course they shared some recipes of our
national food.

Elena Bogoeva involved students from Petru Movila Lyceum in Chisinau in

several international iEARN projects
The autumn of 2015 was very intensive for the students of 8B class form from Petru Movila Lyceum, Chisinau. We decided to join the Places and Perspectives Learning Circle because it
gave the students the opportunity for getting engaged in studying their own surroundings and exploring some common topics; for developing their geographical and historical outlooks; for promoting their intercultural understanding. Eight teams from Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Pakistan
and Iran participated in the Circle having suggested an idea for a project. We had to submit ideas
for Dogs, dogs, Money Matters, Space Exploration, Our School, Global Opportunities,
Sport Centers, Cuisine, Monuments and Memorials projects. The participation was highly interactive. It was sometimes a challenge but we met it and realized that we liked it. We scoured
magazines, journals, different sites looking for the information we needed. It was a real examination of our abilities to collaborate, to be responsible. And it also checked up our digital skills. Taking into account the ideas of our peers from different countries we created To Extend Our Memories By Monuments project which was published on the Finished Project Website at iEARN
Learning Circle Website. This semester seven students from 8B class form are participating in
My Hero Project. Now they are occupied with creating their presentations trying to understand
who can be named a hero, what qualities a person should have to become a hero, who the heroes of our time are and if everybody needs a hero. And what about Superheroes like Superman,
Spiderman, Darth Vader? We hear about them more often than about people with amazing abilities or about people who risk their lives to save others. Very soon we will learn their point of view.
I would like to mention two more projects our lyceum is taking part in. The first is Teddy Bear Exchange Project. The students of 6V class form have exchanged teddy bears with students from
Beacon Primary School from Karachi, Pakistan. It is difficult to describe the time when we were
waiting for the parcels coming to their destinations. Now Moldovan Bear Stefan and Pakistani
Bear Jugnoo regularly send their messages through Edmodo networking application sharing information and impressions on their staying in Pakistan and Moldova. I believe that the participation in the project will help to develop friendly relations among young people, to encourage them
to learn and work co-operatively and collaboratively using telecommunications, to strengthen universal world peace and, of course, to develop such competences as digital and communication in
foreign languages.

Dorina Vacari and her students from Drochia join four international iEARN
projects: Computer Chronicles, My Hero, Daffodils and Tulips and
Holiday Cards Exchange
We would like to share our i-EARN experience that we lived and enjoyed together with our
peers from the countries we collaborated with. The first project we were involved in
was Holiday Cards Exchange. My pupils from the IVth form enjoyed it very much. We made
together Christmas cards to send to our partners from Pakistan, Taiwan, Taiwan (R.O.C.) - 2
schools, Canada, USA and Belarus. In our cards we included information about our country,
our traditions and holidays. But the most interesting part of the project for my students was
when they started to receive the letters with the cards from our international partners. They
began every school day by asking me or our school administration if there were new letters
for them. If you could see their eyes full of curiosity every time we opened a new letter... and
finding information about a new and unknown country for them that became closer thanks to
this project. Now they are waiting forward to next year to participate at this project again. It
was also a good practice of English and a real life example where they can use their foreign
language knowledge. Another project we participated at was Computer Chronicleswhere
were included the pupils from the VIIIth and IXth forms. Our partners in this project were pupils from Howrah India; Soligorsk Belarus; Budeti Moldova; Baranovichi, Brest Region, Belarus and Mendham, New Jersey, USA. Every participant at the project proposed for the others
a topic to be studied in a certain period of time and after that to present a report on the it using
the web tool the students like the best. In this way our pupils studied and presented reports
about a lot of interesting topics as: Books our Eternal Companion, No to Computer Addiction!,
A Healthy Life Style, Songs in Our Life, Crossword Puzzle, Additive Story, Video Games, Holidays Around the World. My pupils enjoyed very much this project and the topics that they
studied as they were very well chosen and actual for the teenagers. Now we continue our
iEARN collaboration in two new projects: Daffodils & Tulipsand My Hero. The pupils from
the VIth form planted the tulips and daffodils bulbs inside their classroom as it was snow outside when the project started and since then they study day by day the temperature of the soil
and of the air in the room where the plants are in order to see how does the temperature influence the growth of the flowers. Now they are waiting for blooming time. At My Hero Elementary School project the pupils from the IVth form got already acquainted with their
project partners and also we shared with them our class survey and a beautiful movie
about our country and our town. They appreciated them very much. Our next task is to register every pupil on the My Hero blog page. My students are waiting forward to chat with children from other countries. They find this project very attractive. The iEARN experience is a
very beneficial one for us and due to it I, as a teacher, succeeded to make my lessons more
attractive, more interesting and more waited by pupils. We plan to continue our online collaboration in different iEARN projects next year too. GREAT THANKS TO iEARN FOR

Daria Prozorovschi teaches her students the value of tolerance with the
"Talking Kites around the World" iEARN Project
The second iEARN project a group of students from Theoretical Lyceum Mihai Eminescu
participated in was the "Talking Kites Around the World. It is dedicated to celebrating peace,
co-existence, tolerance, and acceptance of the "other". Students created and flew kites as a
symbol of cultural and social dialog, as a symbol of bridge that must be established between
people, communities, nations and countries. We also had lessons dedicated to peace and discussed about tolerance and integration. We learned how to celebrate our differences and
share our similarities.


Students from the B.P Hasdeu Lyceum in Drochia join One Day in the Life
and My Hero international projects
Analyzing different offers we have chosen to participate in One Day in the Life Project. It is a
very simple but in the same time a very engaging project. Through this project my students collaborated with pupils from Russia, Uzbekistan and Taiwan. They created Power Point presentations about one day in their life. They shared them with their peers from abroad and were
very surprised to see that they have a lot in common with other pupils. The most interesting
fact is that after the end of this project we didnt stop collaborating with one of the countries.
Taiwan school proposed to have cultural package exchange and we even decided to Skype in
order to find more about each other. The Affiliated High School of Normal University (HSNU) the name of our school partners, studied about Moldova and we, of course, studied
about Taiwan. I hope that our collaboration will continue and it will bring only benefits to our
students. Another project that had a great impact on my students was MY HERO Learning Circles Project. Workings on this project, pupils have learnt about heroes from other countries and
they have also understood who their heroes are. They have written essays and created video presentations. Their videos participated in iEARN Moldova National Student Media
Conference and won the first and second prize in the nomination My Hero video project.
Those of my students who didnt participate in this project got interested and wanted to tell the
world about their heroes too. That is why this term we have engaged again in MY HERO
Learning Circle Project and started collaborating with pupils from Algeria, Sierra Leone, Russia
and Moldova. I am sure that this project will make my students be more creative, sensible and
their communicative skills will greatly improve.

Olesea Jechiu brings international projects to Theoretical Lyceum from

Being a part of iEngage Project was a challenge, a motivational tool and a pleasure all the way
of its implementation. Students from my school have taken part in three international, educational I-Earn projects: "One day in the life", "Holiday Card Exchange" and "My hero: Learning
Circles Project" that is still being implemented. It was a great occasion to prove that English is
actual and a must-have of our times. It was definitely a new experince for our school community that instilled our interest to bring the education and learning outside the English classroom.
About 14 willing students from the 5th and the 6th grades were involved in the "Holiday Card
Exchange" project. We had schools from 6 countries as partners: the USA, Romania, Bielarus,
Russia, Packistan and Taiwan (two schools). Through our group ( nr.24) from the Project Forum I could get in touch with some of our partners, namely from Romania and Bielarus. As far
we have received postcards from Russia, the USA and Taiwan. We are still waiting for the others, but the pupils are very pleased with the feed-back. Six enthusiastic girls from the 11th form
took part in the "One day in the life project" and have found out what an e-pal means and how
connection can be maintained through a forum, in spite of the huge distance between them.
Here are some thoughts that express Maria Oleacu's oppinion about the impact of the project:

"I have always wanted to pass over my fears and discover a different world and i think that i Engage came in the right time. I opened my soul to the world and met wonderful people that
became close friends and thanks to them i set new goals, new dreams and I'm very happy to
know them and speak daily in English. I learnt and heard new ideas and visions and discovered different parts of the world, I'm content to remember and keep in touch with I-Earn
friends. I think we did a great work, motivated others and changed maybe a bit the world."

Dumitru Gruca teaches his students the value of tolerance and understanding of other cultures through the Teddy Bear Project
Students from V. Alecsandri Lyceum in Scumpia, Falesti participated in the TEDDY BEAR
PROJECT. We decided to participate in this project because it aims to foster tolerance and
understanding of cultures.The project has started in December 2015. 12 students from the
second grade were involved in the project. Our partner in the project is the Mezhdurechensk
Secondary School.from Russia, Republic of Komi with the 5th form students. On the iearn
forum the classes had presented themselves, and shared some photos. An white Teddy Bear
from Moldova was sent to our Russian partner with some small presents that represented our
country. The Russian Teddy Bear Mr. Brown arrived in Scumpia during the Christmas holidays and the bear began to send home diary messages by email or through the iEARN Teddy
Bear Forum once a month. The bear visited the school and the school yard. Then took part
an the English lessons during the January month. During the English lessons the students
has learn a lot of interesting facts about Republic of Komi, its traditions, students hobbies and
holidays. The project isin continues development until the end of may when will say farewell to
the bear.

Mariana Gorbuli discovers efficient teaching strategies by joining two

iEARN projects: "My Hero" and "One Day in the Life"
When I found out about the iEARN Collaboration Centre, I became very curious and decided to join this educational resource network without hesitation. I really don't regret this, because of the variety of online educational projects it offers on the international level. Joining iEARN, we joined a community of colleagues around the world who share the vision that
collaborative global projects using telecommunications can enhance and reform education. I
was glad to involve my students to take part in a couple of iEARN Projects which encourage
them to become global citizens since iEARN tackle important global issues and seek for definite solutions from the youth part across the globe. Furthermore, it may be a strong basis for
students in communicative skills and in improving their English language skills as they engage
in cross-cultural dialogue with their peers from different parts of the world. They can also get
valuable insights into various cultures. We have registered for the following iEARN Projects:
My Hero Project and One Day in My Life. Inviting my students to participate in "My Hero" Project, convinced me how useful it was, because it helped to develop the abilities of writing a
coherent text in English, applying their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, arranging a
text and images on the page, reading and recording a text using the digital tools, learned how
to formulate and express their opinions, both orally and in writing, took photos, created a movie, selecting the suitable images; learned how to use a blog. All these activities contributed to
the development of linguistic, communicative, cultural, interdisciplinary, civic and methodological (digital) skills, increasing students imagination, creativity and critical thinking. Involving my
students in the Project "One Day in the Life" they received the chance to exchange photographs/images describing days in their lives, and then make cross-cultural comparisons.

iEngage was a great experience for me and my pupils. They had the possibility to
collaborate with pupils from abroad, they had the opportunity to create video projects which were highly appreciated by other teachers and Peace Corps volunteers.
I noticed that some of my students who had some problems in expressing themselves, in communicating in a foreign language, participating in this project got confidence and became better in some things. Being engaged in iEARN projects was
really very interesting and motivating for my students. We recently received a cultural package from Taiwan, from a school which was our partner in One Day in the Life
project. I understood that the busier I am the better I feel. I realized that we can
learn with the world and not only about the world. I am going to motivate my students and continue my activity on iEARN. I cant imagine any more my lessons
without some extra activities. Waiting for new projects!
Natalia Raa, Theoretical Lyceum B.P.Hasdeu, Drochia

Thank you to iEngage for the great experience I've acquired. I have a class that
welcomed all the new ideas and even asked me: What is the next Project we will
take part in? Thanks to you, we created and use our own website. I, as a teacher,
use it to inform my students about new activities: like new projects, new tasks and
they use it to accomplish the requirements developing their English skills. Our site is
a new connection between us. Also, there we keep all our collections of didactic
materials. We had fun studying English this year, in an entertaining way. Your ideas
are the best lessons for us, English language teachers.
Angela Gabureac, Theoretical Lyceum Budeti

For me iEngage was a great challenge - I have a lot of lessons per week and I was
also involved in another project, so I am proud and glad at the same time that I
managed to fulfill all the tasks and that I learned a lot of new online tools. For sure,
the things we learned during the project can be implemented and used in accordance with our curricula and this thing we will better realize next year. My students
feel special because they participated in a new project and now can use various
online tools, they are iEARN members and communicate in English and collaborate
with people from other countries. We had a wonderful school year!!! We are glad we
can say we did it and we could do it!!!
Costi Maria, Bneti Gymnasium, Teleneti

The most important thing that I have learned as an iEngage participant: how to use
different online tools in my teaching practice. I enjoyed the most to analyze different
international projects and I thought how to use them during my classes. During the
implementation of these projects, I learned new online tools, I made new friends in
different countries around the world. All of them will be useful during my classes ,so
I could plan and do my lesson more interactive next year.
Porubin Ina, LyceumLucin Blaga, Iargara

I am realy very lucky to have been selected, as an iEngage project participant, together with many other teachers from our country and be instructed how to use different online tools and platforms while teaching and transforming our classes in
more animated, more interesting and more useful learning environments. It was my
first experience in collaboration with other schools and even other countries.
iEngage helped me a lot to change the way of teaching; students now look at English classes with more interest and with a bigger desire to study, to know and to
make online projects. Looking forward for upcoming projects!
Gorbuli Mariana,Theoretical Lyceum A. Russo, Singerei

iEngage definitely changed my perspective on teaching in a Digital Age. I have discovered so many interesting tools to operate with during the lessons and most importantly I realized the value and importance of project-based learning which is a
great strategy to help students become 21st Century learners and future leaders.
The students greatly enjoyed being part of various international projects where they
could apply the newly acquired digital and problem-solving skills, as well as share
their experience and exchange knowledge with their global peers, consequently together they tried to work out solutions for different global issues. Bringing international dimension and collaboration into our classroom resulted in meaningful and
valuable outcomes. The students realized that they can make a real difference in
this world and help others across the globe through distant learning and cooperation. A really motivational and driving force for them was, undoubtedly, the recognition of their joint efforts and valuable contributions by means of an International
Certificate all the students got at the end of each Project. They are looking forward
to participating in other global projects where they could excel and showcase their
talents and deep concerns about the world.
Tatiana Brzoi, American Language Center, Chisinau


Getting out of your comfort zone means to fight your fears and grow. This is what
iEngage represented for my students and me. As a participant, Ive learned a lot of
useful things, but the three most considerable ones are: finding out a different way
for motivating my students, improving my teaching experience by learning how to
use on-line tools and getting in touch with teachers and pupils all around the world.
The activity that we enjoyed the most was to design the final product (messages,
videos, postcards) for each project we took part in. The impact of being a part of the
project was definitely a positive and a stimulative one, as we succeeded to bring
English language outside the borders of the class and prove that school and life is
one part of the other. As a result, my students got curious about further experiences
alike. And that is due to the feeling of self-confidence and pleasure they had as a
result of participating. International projects represent an attractive experience that
we would like to live again, that is why we are looking forward to being part of them
next year.
Olesea Jechiu,Theoretical Lyceum from Zimbreni, Ialoveni

It was my first experience in participating in international projects. I am glad that I

and my students were a part of the World English Community. As a participant I
have learned to be more organized, more active and more responsible.
Procrastination was a quality that prevented me to achieve the end of the project
successfully , but I discovered new things related to collaboration and the support of
other members. I participated in 3 international projects. The students enjoyed very
much Holiday Card Exchange. At the beginning we all were afraid, but by the end
the students remained satisfied about the work they have done. It was unusual for
them to write comments and to receive feedback. It is useful for me and my pupils
to participate in international projects because we enrich and develop our
communicative skills in English. Great thanks to our country coordinators who have
opened new horizons and guided us throughout his amazing project !!!
Viorica Arnaut, Theoretical Lyceum Stefan cel Mare si Sfint, Causeni

Challenge, Motivation, Opportunity, Desire, Projects, Eager Studentswords that

can describe the iEngage project. We were very lucky to take part in the project,
together with many other Moldovan teachers. International projects implemented in
our school gave the chance to students to develop their speaking and writing skills
to a higher level and learn new online tools. The world of projects is waiting for us
and we are waiting for new challenges.
Gruca Dumitru, Th. L. V. Alecsandri,Scumpia, Fleti