History Study GuideTopics: Lincoln’s Problems Battles Gettysburg Address/ compare to dec of Ind Women Casualties Generals Emancipation

Camp Life Economy Lincoln’s Problems General France/England No! Cabinet disliked him Slavery popular vote 39% family: son died/ wife depressed death + economy Greatest Quality: Doesn’t take things personally Generals Grant Stonewall Sherman Lee McClellan Beauregard Camp Life bad- drunks and boredom bad food + small portions letters and mail keep troops going Casualties 1776-81 1861-5 1941-5 1964-73 Revolution Civil War World War II Vietnam 9,000 6,200 570,000 360,000 400,000 700,000 58,000 153,000

Gettysburg Address compared to the Declaration of Independence Gettysburg Address Purpose: remember the soldiers that died to tell the people that we haven’t finished fighting for the great cause (which is defying the unity of this country writing; big vocabulary well written UNITY Dec of Ind: Purpose: to declare independence and unify the country writing: big vocabulary well written

UNITY Women Women’s war: nurses-hospitals, cleaning camp N: Sanitary Commission Mary Livermore- - food Clara Barton - - american red cross Cath Wormsley - - hospital ship MA Bickerdyke - - at the battles “She ranks me” S: _________ Tomkins 73/1333 dead every house was a hospital Emancipation 1st day of January Free slaves in SOUTH Emancipation Proclamation

Economy prices and profits rise immigrants 800,000 new technology women working

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