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English 10 A1

Mr. Frank
And so we begin

Identify the part of speech of the underlined word in each sentence.

A. Noun B. Pronoun
C. Adjective
D. Verb
E. Adverb AB. Preposition AC. Conjunction AD. Interjection

I heard you shouting across the room.

I suddenly felt very cold.
Wow, I dont know what to say.
He carefully measured the plank of wood before cutting.
His favorite cereal was on sale at the store.
Could anyone tell me how to get to the bus stop?
He needs lots of help, so I oered to assist him.
Whoever was on the phone refused to state his name.
The large sweater cost more money than the medium one.
His emotions could not be controlled.

Identify if the following sentences contain an action verb or a linking

A. Action Verb
B. Linking Verb

This soup tastes too salty for me.

I washed my shirt in hot water.
Sarah is my favorite aunt.
We drove to the game in my fathers truck.
Our team decided to forfeit the game.

16. Which of the following is not a characteristic of early Puritan

A. A plain, simple style emphasizing truth and beauty
B. A focus on religious themes
C. Many allusions to biblical texts
D. A reworking of ornate European writing styles

17. Who is the only Puritan to die aboard the Mayflower according to
A. Myles Standish
B. William Butten
C. William Brewster
D. David Burke
18. Who is the Native American that Bradford enlists to help the
Pilgrim settlers of Plymouth?
A. Shem
B. Ham
C. Japeth D. Squanto
19. What is Bradstreets view of marriage expressed in her poem
To My Dear and Loving Husband?
A. Marriage is an obligation to be taken seriously
B. Marriage is punishment for women
C. Marriage is a mutual connection and attraction
D. Marriage is a civil ordinance separate from religion.
20. In what year did Bradford set sail aboard the Mayflower?
A. 1607
B. 1620
C. 1657
D. 1776
21. Which statement best summarizes Anne Bradstreet's intent in "To
My Dear and Loving Husband?"
A. To expose his cruelty to her.
B. To show how God blesses their marriage despite their religious
C. To celebrate the romantic love they share.
D. To explain the Puritan belief in duty-bound marriages, free of
romantic emotions
22. What term did the Puritans use to describe themselves?
A. Baptist
B. Unitarian
C. Methodist
D. Separatist
23. About how many pilgrims survived the first winter in Plymouth?
A. only ten
B. one quarter C. one half
D. all of them
24. What theologian influenced the thinking of the Puritans?
A. Martin Luther
B. Henry VIII
C. John Calvin
D. John Knox
25. According to Bradstreets Upon the Burning of Our House,
material possessions _____.
A. are all one can rely upon
B. are a measure of our true status
C. are ultimately worthless
D. are there again for us in the afterlife
26. A jeremiad seeks to _____.
A. foretell doom
B. celebrate bravery
C. honor war heroes
D. proclaim romantic love

27. What document outlined the government of the pilgrims?

A. Magna Carta
B. Constitution
C. Mayflower Compact
D. Tabula Rasa
28. What is meant by predestination?
A. God will punish all sinners
B. God has chosen those who are saved and those who are damned
C. Man is inherently sinful.
D. God will reward the just
29. What is meant by total depravity?
A. God will punish all sinners
B. God has chosen those who are saved and those who are damned
C. Man is inherently sinful.
D. God will reward the just
30. The Puritans primary purpose for coming to the New World was
A. economic opportunity
B. religious freedom
C. getting large plots of land
D. competition with the Catholic Church
Answer the following questions in complete sentences in the space provided on the scantron answer sheet.

How does the fire in Upon the Burning of Our House represent an
opportunity for the narrator?


Cite an example of Gods sense of justice from Bradfords Of

Plymouth Plantation. Explain.