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Poetry Lesson Plan 3

Poetry Lesson Plan 3

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Published by: grg on May 16, 2010
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PGCE (Primary) Lesson plan Subject: Language and Literacy

Class P3 Date 18/1/06 Time Duration 3540mins No. of children 27

Prior Learning Children have begun a brainstorm on a fierce creature writing down descriptive words for the movement, jaws and eyes. Context : Fierce Creatures Learning outcomes • To find descriptive words for other areas other than those given • To finish the brainstorm started in a previous lesson. • Lesson Introduction (2-3 mins approx.) Lesson phase 1
(Share lesson outcomes with children, introduce key learning point, link to previous learning, set lesson expectations)


We are all going to finish our brainstorm on the fierce creature that we started the last day. I want you all to work really hard and think of words that would describe something really fierce and scary. What I would really like you to try and do is to jot down a few words to describe other areas and not just the ones I have told you to do. Lesson phase 2 (10mins approx.)
(Part of lesson where teacher teaches, new material is outlined, demonstrated and explained)

A quick recap of what we had started in the previous lesson. Started a brainstorm. Mention the three areas required – movement, jaws and eyes. Take a few examples from the class and jot on the blackboard to refresh memories. Explain: You are all going to finish your brainstorm now but remember to think of other areas apart from the three required. We are also going to write our brainstorms neatly into our workbooks. Lesson Development (15-20mins approx) Lesson phase 3
(The key section of the lesson. Children are given the opportunity to make personal sense of the material they have encountered, information becomes learning. Time needs to be spent on activities and tasks that enable the learners to manipulate and interrogate information in order to make sense of it.)


Children are given out brainstorms and workbooks. They are asked to copy Brainstorms their work neatly into the workbooks and to think of and write down some more and descriptive words. They are told that the words will help them to write their workbooks poem. Focus of teacher interactions during learning phase (Plan and describe what the teacher will do or who the teacher will work with once all the children have settled to complete their

Teacher will assist spelling for all children. She will work closely with the less able children with

PGCE (Primary) Lesson plan layout of brainstorm and with thinking up descriptive words.

Lesson Conclusion (5-10mins approx.) Lesson phase 4
(Review, reflect and summarise lesson, ensure children know what they know, cement learning and understanding and ensure that it is remembered)


A recap of words we have come up with and new words for areas not required. Assessment (What will you assess and how will you assess it?) What? That children can think up descriptive fords for a fierce creature and continue these on their previously begun brainstorm. How? Observing the class working on their brainstorm and checking what words they are using.

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