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Virtual Field Trip - The Immigration Museum Leaving Vietnam

o Title - Leaving Vietnam (Immigration Museum)

o Year Level - Years 5 and 6
o Inquiry Question(s)

How have Vietnamese Australians influenced Melbourne and Australia?

What factors make Vietnamese people migrate to Australia?
How would you feel if you had to leave everything behind to escape your

What are the differences between the customs and values of Australians and

Curriculum links: Victorian Curriculum
Australias connections with other countries and how these change people
and places (VCGGK098)
Factors that influence peoples awareness and opinion of places
Differences in the demographic, economic, social and cultural characteristics
of countries across the world (VCGGK093)
Describe and explain interconnections within places and between places,
and the effects of these interconnections (VCGGC087)

Investigating a significant event, such as a severe earthquake or the

Olympic Games, and examining its local, regional and global effects on people and places, and
discussing the types of responses
Researching connections between Australia and countries in the Asia region,
for example, through trade, migration, tourism, aid, education, defence or cultural influences;
and explaining the effects of at least one of these connections on their own place and another
place in Australia
Exploring the provision of Australian government or non-government aid to a
country in the Asia region or elsewhere in the world and analysing its effects on places in that
Investigating the influence of longitude, time zones and the International
Date Line on connections with other countries
o Cross Curriculum Priorities/Capabilities
The immigration museum relates to the geography concept of Place as it compares Vietnam to
Australia and the different aspects of both places.
The exhibition at the immigration museum is focusing on people immigrating from Vietnam to
Australia and the changes that they encounter.
The Vietnamese people that migrate to Australia bring with them cultural differences that the
Australian society embrace. This creates a much more diverse Australian culture.
o Overview/Intent of Field Trip
During our excursion to the immigration museum our students will be focused on the exhibition Leaving
Vietnam. Within this exhibition they will explore Be Has story of escaping Vietnam to australia, the cultural
influences of Vietnamese Australians and looking at an Immigrant's suitcase.