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Year 5/6
Student Workbook


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Assignment Task
Your task is to create an augmented reality or virtual reality app or program
for a community need.
Using this booklet you will brainstorm ideas for your assignment and complete a series
of questions to help guide its development. You will present your app/program to the
class by uploading a presentation to our classroom blog.
Your presentation must be created using either
PowerPoint or an Infographic and must include the
following information:
Who it is designed for
What the community problem or need is
Why the app/program will help
What it will look like
How it will be used
If it is an augmented reality app/program
explain how it blends real world with digital.
You will be assessed on:
Presentation of your PowerPoint/Infographic
Originality, functionality and design of your app/program.

Throughout this booklet the following two symbols will identify whether you are to complete
the activity in pairs/groups or individually.
Pairs/Group work

Individual work

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Below is a list of current uses of augmented reality and virtual reality. As you read through
the list think of some possible uses for the technologies in the future.

Current Uses of Augmented Reality

GPS navigation
Finding hotels
Finding restaurants

Current Uses of Virtual Reality

Flight simulation
Battlefield simulation
Robotic surgery
Virtual museums & galleries
Simulated building construction

Brainstorm some possible uses for augmented realities.


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Brainstorm some possible uses for virtual realities.


Looking back at your brainstorming have you thought of an app or program that might help a
community? Select one idea to use as your assessment piece.
Try and be original, consider the needs of someone you may know and it must not be in the
list of current uses.
Example: flight simulation helps people practice flying without risking peoples lives
and having to maintain planes.
Once you have selected your idea, please answer the following questions. This will guide your
assessment piece. Each person must respond to the questions in their workbooks.
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Is your app/program an augmented reality of virtual reality? Circle the appropriate one.

Augmented reality

Virtual reality

Who is it designed for?

What is the community problem or need that you have identified?

Why would an app/program help with the identified need?

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What will the app/program look like?

Draw a picture.

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How will people use it?

If it is an augmented reality app or program how does it blend real world with digital?

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Using the information above create a presentation to upload to the classroom blog for your
classmates to see.

It could be a PowerPoint presentation or an Infographic. Please discuss other possible forms

of visual presentation with your teacher. Remember it must be able to be uploaded to the
classroom blog.

Upload your presentation to the classroom blog.

Answer the following questions about your learning.

How well did you and your partner/group work during this task? Explain.

Why is it important for students in a school to have positive relationships with each other?

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Did having a partner/group to work with help you think of ways to solve/improve a
community need? How?

What did you learn during this unit?

Do you think augmented reality and virtual reality will still be used in ten years? Why?

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