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Sop Tory attacks - education for all not just the rich...

Hands off our

Schools & Colleges
The Tories are out to change the
face of education. They want to
turn back the clock and have one
kind of education for the privileged
and another for the rest of us.
First they announced they wanted
all school in England to become
academies by 2020 taking them out
of democratic control. Despite a
retreat by education secretary Nicky
Morgan this is still on the agenda
alongside massive funding cuts.
Now the Tories have announced


big changes to Higher Education in

a new White Paper that will open up
universities to privatisation and lift
the 9000 cap on tuition fees. Some
universities could be forced to close.
So well end up with top
universities charging incredible fees
that leave working class students
priced out of education.
Our schools and colleges should
not be sold off to the highest
bidder. they should remain under
the democratic control of local

to SW

austhorities, governors and local

Our colleges and universities
should be about education not profit.
Rather than upping university fees
they should be scrapped and student
loans and EMA for FE students
On 23 May teachers start a ballot
for strikes to defend education ,
lecturers will strike on 25 & 26 May.
We support the strikes and defend
education for all.

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Return complete petitions to: David Cameron, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

Initiated by Socialist Worker