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Dont let them drown

Refugees welcome here

This week weve seen dozens of
refugees drowned as two more ships
capsized in the Mediterranean sea.
People are desperate enough to
risk death to escape war and poverty
in the Middle East and North Africa.
But the EU response is to establish
Fortress Europe, doing a deal with
Turkey to keep the refugees out.
Since the deal was signed Europe has
taken just 177 Syrian refugees from
Turkey out of 2.5 million!
In Europe itself border fences are


going up and refugee camps have

been broken up by police in Greece
and France.
With the EU referendum just
weeks away politicians on both sides
of the debate are using the question
of immigration to win votes.
Refugees are scapegoated but
theyre not to blame for cuts, lack of
housing or unemployment. Its the
Tories and their rich friends who are
to blame for austerity.
We believe refugees deserve care

to SW

and support. We back the solidarity

convoy to Calais organised by Stand
up to Racism, the Peoples Assembly
and a number of trade unions.
Refugees are welcome here!

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Initiated by Socialist Worker