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Essay similarities and dierences about

World War II
1939 - 1945

Using the sudden, mass attack called


blitzkrieg, Germany overran much of

and North Africa

Hitlers Lightning War

Germany Sparks a New War

September 1, 1939
On ________________
attacked Poland with its whole
France & England declared war on
Germany on Sept. 3 but Poland
was lost in three weeks
or lightning war
involved using fast-moving
airplanes, tanks, followed by
massive infantry forces to take the
enemy by surprise.

The town is crowded with Germans. They are quartered in all

the larger houses. Most of them are from Austria. In general

the Germans are trying to clean up the city. For this work they

are using only Jews. Jews must sweep the streets, clean all

the public latrines, and fill all the street trenches. Plastered

everywhere are German notices giving an idea of what we can

expect in the future.

We must return all arms. We must record all contagious diseases.

The police curfew is from 10 P.M. until 5:30 A.M. The

restrictions applying to Jewish shops change from day to day.

Sometimes the Jews are allowed to open their shops, and

sometimes they are not. It seems that most of the orders are

aimed at the Jews.

Dr. Zygmunt Klukowski in Poland

The Soviets make their Move

Stalin signed a ______________
pact with Hitler after
being excluded from the Munich Conference
Stalin sent troops to secure the eastern part of Poland
and annexed (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia)

The Phony War

For almost seven months, French & British
Maginot line
troops sat along the ________________&
Siegfried line
Germans waited at the _________________
This ended when Hitler attacked & conquered
Denmark (in four hours) & Norway (ten

Maginot Line

Battle for France & Great


France battles back

The Allies were forced to retreat to __________
where Royal Navy ships, civilian craft, yachts,
lifeboats, fishing boats carried ___________
to safety in Britain from May 26 to June 4, 1940
" The miracle of Dunkirk "

France Falls
June 10, 1940
On ______________
Mussolini declared war on
Britain & France
The Axis Powers took Paris by June 14th
June 22, 1940
France surrendered
Germany took the northern part of France & set up a
puppet govt set up in ___________under
Marshall Henry Petain

Fall of France Maps

Charles de Gaulle
A French General, _______________,

fled to Britain to start a Resistance


Germany attacks Great Britain (With

France out = Great Britain stood alone

against the Nazis)

Winston Churchill

the new

British prime-minister, declared that

his nation would never give in

Battle for France & Great


Battle for France & Great Britain

Germanys plan was to attack with the __________

Germany's Air Force

& destroy Britain until they

ground offensive

Operation sea lion

Royal Air Force

However Englands RAF (______________)


back (although severely outnumbered)

The British had 2 secret weapons:

They had developed


A German

code making machine

Battle for France & Great Britain

Battle of Britain
The ____________
continued until

May 10, 1941


Hitler decided to call

off the attacks

*Allies learned a

crucial lesson*:

Hitlers advances could be blocked

The Eastern Front & the Mediterranean

Germany & Italy attack North
Their goal was to take the
Suez Canal
British controlled _________
& open access to oil in the
Middle East
Britain strikes back & took
back 130,000 Italian prisoners
& Germany was forced to send
(Desert Fox)
Afrika Korps
He led the _______________

The Eastern Front &

the Mediterranean
They fought back & forth
until Rommel had a major
victory at _____________
However, the British
victory (with American
El Alamein
help) at ______________
saved the Suez Canal

The Eastern Front & the

The War in the Balkans
Operation Barbarossa

Hitler wanted to build

bases for his attack on the
Soviet Union
Hitler took Romania,
Bulgaria, Hungary,
Yugoslavia & Greece

The Eastern Front & the Mediterranean

Hitler invades the Soviet
June 22, 1941
Union (_________________)
The Red Army had five
million soldiers but they
were neither well equipped
nor well trained
The Russians used the
Scorched earth policy
burning and destroying
everything in the enemies
As winter approached,
Hitler gave the order NO
RETREAT! & the Russians
held the line

The US aids its


Roosevelt knew if the Allies (Britain) fall

the US would be drawn into the war so
they began trading arms with the Allies
Lend - lease act



other supplies to any country vital to

the US

Atlantic charter

_____________ (Roosevelt and Churchill)

Set the goals for the postwar world

The Holocaust
AIM: During the
Hitlers Nazis
killed six million
Jews and five
million other

1933 Jews were

forbidden to hold
government office
Nuremberg laws
1) _________________
deprived Jews of their
rights to German
citizenship, jobs and
To make it easier to
identify Jews, they
had to wear bright
yellow stars

The Holocaust Begins

Nuremberg Race Laws

Marriages between Jews and citizens of German or
kindred blood are forbidden. Marriages concluded in
defiance of this law are void, even if, for the purpose
of evading this law, they were concluded abroad
Jews will not be permitted to employ female citizens
of German or kindred blood as domestic servants
Jews are forbidden to display the Reich and national
flag or the national colors
Any person who acts contrary to the prohibition of
Section 1 will be punished with hard labor

Nuremberg Race
A citizen of the Reich is
that subject only who is
of German or kindred
blood and who, through
his conduct, shows that
he is both desirous and
fit to serve the German
people and Reich

The Holocaust Begins

Night of broken glass
2) _____________________
German storm troopers killed
100 Jews and destroyed their
homes and stores
Flood of refugees
3) _________________________
By the end of 1939, some Jews
began fleeing. Hitler favored
deportation at first

The Holocaust Begins

Isolating the Jews
4) ________________________
Secondly, Hitler ordered all
Jews in all countries under his
control to be moved to certain
cities in Poland Jewish
Ghettos surrounded by barb
wire & stone walls

Ghettos in Eastern Europe

The Holocaust Begins

Finally, Hitler became tired of
waiting for the Jews to die
from starvation, so he started
Final solution
the 5) _________________
It was actually a program of
the systematic

killing of an entire race



This included Jews, gypsies,

Poles, Russian, the disabled,

homosexuals & the incurably

ill (non-Aryan or sub


The Holocaust Begins

The mass killing begins
Firing squad
Gas chambers
Extermination camps
Chelmno, treblinka and aushwitz
Those fit to work were sent
to slave-labor prisons
Hitler hoped that the
horrible conditions in the
camps would speed up the
elimination of Jews

The Holocaust Begins

Prisoners who arrived at these death camps were

checked by SS doctors to pick out the strong from
weak = were killed that day
The weak were asked to undress to take a shower
Cynanide gas
= ______________________
Later Nazis installed crematoriums to burn the

Images from the Holocaust

Images from the Holocaust

Led by the


Britain and

Soviet Union,

Allies scored

victories and

the war

The Allied

The Allies Plan for


Yalta conference
Germany must
Germany will be divided
into _________
The Soviet Union will
allow free elections in
Eastern European
Soviet Union will declare
war on Japan

Soviet Union is the only one open

The Allies Plan

for Victory

Stalin asked Roosevelt &

Churchill to open a second
front in the West to
alleviate German pressures
The North Africa Campaign
With Rommel winning
many battles in
Northern Africa, London
General Bernard Montgomery
Monty to take control
of the British forces
The Allies would win
major victories at El
Alamein & Operation
Torch (Led by
General Eisenhower
to crush Rommels
Afrika Corps

Turning Point at Stalingrad

All out war

August 23, 1942


Germany lost 330,000 troops

& the Soviets

lost a million in this year long battle, but the

Germans were now on the defensive

The Invasion of Italy

On July 10, the Allies

attacked Italy. This
conquest led to
King victor Emmanuel III

to fire Mussolini (July

25), & had him arrested

However, Germany put

Mussolini in charge of

northern Italy but on

April 28, 1945



disguised as a German

He is dragged through the

soldier streets, beaten up and hung over

a gas sign in Milan

The axis powers

know if he is
killed it will hurt
the axis powers

Life on the Allies

Home Fronts
Mobilizing for Total War
everything for the
war effort
All industries were
put on a war footing:
Automobile factories
produced tanks

Life on the Allies Home Fronts

Civil Rights Curtailed by the
February 19, 1942
Roosevelt set up a
program of internment &
loss of property, since
Japanese Americans
were considered a threat
to the country

Allied Victory in Europe

By the end of 1942, the
Allies began turning the tide
of the war
D day invasion
By May 1944, the
invasion force was ready.
Thousands of planes,
ships, landing craft &
3.5 million troops
awaited attack
This invasion would be
led by U.S.
General Eisenhower

Allied Victory in Europe

Code name
Operation overlord
the invasion of
Normandy was the
greatest land & sea attack
June 6, 1944
in history ___________
Despite the causalities,
the Allies held the
Beachheads and general patrons
Third Army raced west
breaking German lines.

Normandy Invasion

Allied Victory in Europe

By September, The Allies
had liberated France,
Belgium, Luxembourg &
much of the Netherlands

Sea Wall at Utah Beach

Mitchell F. Jamieson

Allied Victory in Europe

The battle of the bulge
The Battle of the Bulge was Germanys last
chance to halt the Allies advance but it was
Germanys Unconditional Surrender
Hitler committed suicide blaming the war on
the Jews & blaming his generals for losing
May 8, 1945
On _________________,
the Germans
officially surrendered. The US and allied
powers celebrated!
V - E day
Victory in Europe Day

Europe and Japan in Ruins

AIM: World War II

cost millions of
human lives and
billions of dollars
in damages. It left
Europe and Japan
in ruins

Europe in Ruins
60 million dead
WW II left ___________________,
50 million people
without homes & billions in damage
Many European cities & the countryside were
completely destroyed
Warsaw, Poland had 1.3 million people in 1940 & in
1945 they had only 153,000 people remaining

Europe in Ruins
People were also displaced by the war, factories destroyed, no
water, electricity & little food
Misery Continues after the war
Since most railways were destroyed, food could not reach the
cities. In August, 1945 4,000 citizens of Berlin were dying
Postwar Governments & Politics
After the war, the countries of Germany, France & Italy were
ashamed & many people in those countries turned toward

An Attempt at Justice

The Nuremberg Trials

were charged with waging a war of
Accused of crimes against
Some prominent Nazi leaders
commit suicide to avoid trial

The Effects of the

Defeat in Japan
Garden at Hiroshima,
Standish Backus

Japan was completely destroyed & all of their holdings were taken
The US will occupy Japan
Demilitarization in Japan
MacArthur institutes a process of ___________________
disbanding Japanese armed forces
In February 1946, MacArthur & his American political
Parliamentary democracy
advisors drew up a constitution (____________________)
The US also sent 2 billion dollars in emergency relief

US Occupation Brings Deep

Japan had always considered the
emperor as a god, & now he
became largely a figurehead
The new constitution guaranteed
real political power with a
parliament called the ________&
Prime Minister
In September 1951, The US & forty
eight other nations signed a formal
peace treaty with Japan which
officially ended the war

40 questions multiple choice matching column true and false dates

Part 2 major battles

Progression of the holocaust where it starts where it ends

1.) Protests




Final solution