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Employment Capacity

Building Cohort (ECBC)

Preparing Youth with Disabilities for Tomorrow’s Workforce

January 15, 2016


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Welcome Successful Project and District Updates DB101: NEW Work and Benefits

Labor Market Information: Aligning

Students with Industry Demand

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Small Group Work, and Report Out

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Reflections and Evaluation

Learnings from the Competitive

Employment Grant

Funded by the Governor’s Council on

Developmental Disabilities

Carol Rydell

Minnesota Department of Education

January 15, 2016

Students need to have a

competitive, integrated job (one

person, one job) when they leave


We need to presume employability even if we cannot envision a job for that person.

Assumptions about the

employability of a person are

the greatest barrier to

employment; they are a greater

barrier than the disability.

The job match is the key to success

and we can provide the best job

match with one person, one job.

People are successful in jobs that

are right for them and

unsuccessful in jobs that are not a

good fit.

When we use traditional approaches like filling out job applications for existing jobs, we can inadvertently be fitting people into jobs that are not a good fit for them. Existing jobs are more difficult to customize.

It’s harder to get a good job


Focus on elements of

customized employment.

Go broad and don’t worry about

job descriptions or job types. Identify interests, strengths and skills and look for themes. Who is this unique person?

School work experiences are

crucial but too limited to

determine a good job match.

Research businesses (and

particularly small businesses)

that are a fit for interests,

strengths and skills and set up

information interviews.

Information interviews are a great way to learn more about the world of work beyond what we know. They are also a great way to engage employers. They are a great way to identify a customized job (a job that is tailored to a unique individual).

Use social networks.

Job development for customized employment can be disturbingly open-ended. Get comfortable with uncertainty.

We need everybody in the

workforce for businesses to thrive

and communities to prosper.

District Updates

White Bear Lake

District 196 Minneapolis


Capacity Building Cohort (ECBC)

White Bear Lake Area Schools


Using Data to Improve Outcomes

Ensure that at a minimum, 50% of your students with developmental cognitive disabilities ages 19-21 will be in competitive integrated employment

At this time we have 4 of 6 (67%) of the students with competitive/paid employment

Dunn Brothers ($9.00/hr.) TGIF ($10.00/hr.) 2 at ISD 624 ($7.25 for the 1st 90 days then $9.00) The other 2 students have unpaid employment through work based learning with WBL


Evidence-Based Strategies

Steps/strategies to support students in competitive, integrated employment outcomes DB Estimator with students (Students in Employment Seminar Class that have not completed it previously) Done end of 1 st semester Speakers at Conference Night including Benefits Planner/Vocational Rehabilitation Had 3 speakers with great turn out

WBL employment brochure given to families with the procedural safeguards (At annual IEP meetings for students grade 9 and above)

Ongoing (Attached them to the procedural safeguards)

Job coordinator at IEP meetings as appropriate


Host a Transition Fair

Done on 12/01/15 at WBLAS- South Campus

Limited attendance

Ideas for next year:

How to Communicate to Families:

Put in the Bear Essentials On ISD 624 Facebook Voice drop to all secondary families Suggestions for the CTIC:

Change from brochure to flyer or have both. Flyers are easier to attach to a website or to print to send home to families

Have Transition Fair in Oct/early Nov to avoid bad weather

Invite areas of recreation and leisure to attend

Have WBL host an area Parent Advisory meeting at the Transition Fair

ISD 624 Ideas

Schedule the lead teachers meeting at WBLAS- SC prior to the 1st speaker. Have a short meeting, have leads go into the speaker and then release them to the transition fair.

Schedule the PAC meeting at SC and have them start by attending the 2nd speaker. Then have a short meeting, before releasing them to the transition fair

Combine WBL’s community resource fair with transition fair Add to the upcoming events section of the TEC website Mail home flyers instead of asking teachers to send them home with students


Local Capacity Building

Steps your Capacity Building Team and CTIC will take to complete so that students, families and your allies have information and resources

Approach CTIC about having speakers join a meeting to discuss the MN Olmstead Plan

Scheduled speaker(s) to attend an upcoming CTIC meeting

Provide information on the MN Olmstead Plan on the district website

Information added to the website

Host a Community Partner Event Scheduled for 3/10/16 Research a business to be our community partner/sponsor

We have met a manager at with Rudy’s Redeye Grill. We have also summarized what we are looking for in an email with the manager and owner. They will get back to us on their ability to

be our partner. We are excited about Rudy’s due to it being a

business with a restaurant and a hotel and a wide variety of jobs.

Sponsor options could be to:

Speak to the Employment Seminar Class Provide students with an opportunity to job shadow or tour Become a work site for our student(s) Host a Transition Networking Group Meeting Host a CTIC meeting

Rudy’s Redeye Grill Hosting the

Transition Networking Meeting

Rudy’s Redeye Grill Hosting the Transition Networking Meeting

Utilize the It’s My Choice resource in our Transition Tracker class

Started using this year Use DB 101 curriculum in Employment Seminar Ongoing Secure speakers at parent/teacher conference night to discuss benefit planning Done on conferences 11/12/15 Estimator sessions Ongoing

Host Transition Fair, Parent Advisory Council, CTIC events, Access to Culture Liaison/Interpreter, Website

Transition Fair is done, Emily attends PAC and CTIC events, Updated our website


Additional Activities

Identify two students to share their competitive, integrated employment story?

Students are to be determined

At our community partner event in March, students will get up in front of our community partners and state:

Name and age

Previous work experiences

Current work experience

Job duties

Important things they have learned on the job

What employment they would like to secure in the future

These students are also video taped and 2 of these students will be selected to meet milestone 4

Participate in three professional development learning opportunities with the Employment Capacity Building Cohort. (October 23, 2015;

January 15, 2016 and April 1, 2016)


Participate in three webinar trainings (November and December, 2015 April, 2016)

Emily has participated in the first 2 Provide results at the CELEBRATION of RESULTS Capacity Building meeting

We will also celebrate our employment success at our Community Partner event on March 10 th ,


District 196


DB101: NEW Work and Benefits Curriculum

Beth Grube and Bekah Satre

Labor Market Information:

Aligning Students with Industry Demand


Small Group Work, and

Report Out.

Employment Wall of Champions

Employment Wall of Champions

Reflections and Evaluation

Next Meeting:

February 19, 2016 MDE, Conference Center B, Room CC15 12:00 3:00 PM

Main Topic: Inform Choice Framework and Olmstead Pilot Needs