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e Mail Activity

e Mail Activity

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Published by: engame on May 16, 2010
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E-mail activity : Preparation

The school has a school exchange program with people form Dublin. The pupils of 6

of primary have to prepare a report about them and their families, the

surroundings, the school, ... in order to inform the Irish mates. Then they have to email the reports to their new friends. 1. Pre-computer • a. Brainstorm: How the report should be? The teacher can ask their learners about the report, what the Irish mates should know about them, their families, their houses. About the weather in the city, places to visit, etc... • Altogether they decide the structure of the report.

2. Online • a. The teachers show the learners how to create a Gmail account, because the Irish mates use that. Moreover Gmail allows chat conversations and they can try it, if they want.

• • •

b. The teacher randomly draw pupils names to see who they would be write to. c. Every pupil does their report as attractive as they can. d. The teacher revises the documents before they sent. e. The pupils send their reports to their Irish mates. The pupils can show the rest of the class their Irish mates reports, to get to know them. They can collect the information about Dublin because they are going to Dublin as well.

3. Post-computer •

Follow – up The pupils can keep e-mailing their Irish mates. This will provide them with a great opportunity to get to know each other better.

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