Eighteen Licks

Your fixations are like mere masturbations for you and you alone, as ever, where never take you by the hand lifts up pulls out of the sands of time - is now - so be - here - just a little while cause when you outrun your ambitions it's annihilation a mark on the big old tired wall, we despair to create fading things fading into this jaded night/light So hold on tight and say goodbye to yesterday(s) welcome this tomorrow like a breath of fresh air

Your contemplations are like deforestations, needlessly an attempt to tear a hole into the canopy above while you catch a leaf and punch your shovel to the ground I feed my grief some much needed natured relief of a sound - one hand clapping - music to the ego so let go of your magical steeple, release all of its people cause everyone needs a promise of a tomorrow's less fearful And everyone needs a lover who doesn't run for cover tearful Each time they share the same nightmares every Sunday twilight

M. David Powers © www.LucidWindows May 16, 2010

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