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ANSITAGMA Ho08 ‘Aug. 1960 AGMA STANDARD Nomenclature of Gear Tooth Failure Modes ‘Published by AMERICAN GEAR MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION 1901 Hort Fore ye Ore @- Aingon, Vine 2200 Abstract - “This nomencature standard ienties and dselbes the clasts of common ges files, and illasatee Asgies of ceterieation, This wil equeny enable the user to dsagush betwen case and effec. spd ast a chootng a remedial course of tion, “The nl pesiod of operation of eof gar wl cause minor imperfections to be soothed out and Wil polish te wookng surfaces ofthe et provide thatthe pope conton of () desi, (2) ‘terial selection, (3) manafactring conus, (3) hbleton, (3) appliation, an (6) instalation have teen me. Under normal operating coniios, thereof wear wil be negligible and normal. Significant deterioration of the working surface f te teeth an occur under abnormal conions, Causes of failures may range from excessive wear to dsrtion, “This standard groupe gear failures nto general class of (1) wea, 2) sua fatigue, (3) pls low, (@) breakage, and (3) associated gear fares. “The supported remotes ae offered at pudelines only. The sous for many cases of ceteriration of 5a fale problems require analysis beyond the scope ofthis standard. Foreword Mechania pars cannot survive forte. This sundae provider a means o document th rad