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AGMA 2i1.02c May, 1865, TENTATIVE AGMA STANDARD Design Practice Rating for the Durability of Helical and Heringhone Gears jr Shaft-Mounted Speed Reducers Published hye “AME! De Thomas Circle » Washin FOREWORD This seaodard is » design practice for rng the durability of helical aad heringbone gers used in enclosed sbalemuned speed reducers. The bases for ‘his Sandan ate Infomation Sheez AGMA 215.01, "Sutnce Ducailisy Pitsing) of Sput, Helical, Heznphone and Bevel Gest Teed" aod Standard AGMA 211.02, ‘Ssface Dusty (Pitng) of Helical and Hleringbone Gear Teeth.” Stadacd AGMA 211.02 was modified aed iniaions were imposed in otler to asive a a nplifed suchace darabilicy racing procedae for this specialized fd of cor closed shafemounced speed seduces appliatoa The fist draft of this seandard war pepaced in September, 1964, Ie was ope proved by the AGMA Memtesship ae of May 25, 1955. Tebles or ather self-supporting sections ney be quoted or exttcted in ebeit ntiaty. Credit lines should rend: "“Eenacted from AGMA. Standard Design Practice — Rating forthe Durability of Holes snd Heringbone Gears or Shae Mounted Speed Reducers (AGMA 211.120, with te permission of the uilisben the Amevicin Gear Menajacarers Aszociction, One Thames Circe, Washington Da 30005 Roster of the Helical, Herringbone & Spieal Bevel Speed Reducers ‘Shaft-ounted Ualts Committee (58) Fanuory, 1965 DDoncan Dotsis, Chaiman, Dore Congsay, 5. Lovie, Missoui 1. C. Ball Jy Philadelphia Geae Cxpoatiod, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania R.A. Boer, HewirRabine Jaen, Chicago inate Chuag, Dodge Manafacsriag Corporation, Mirbawaka, tadiana J. Calling, General Elecuie Company, West Ly, Maesachusets 4, Eagle, Link-Belt Company, Philadelpis, Penasylrenia Johnson, HeaierRobiae, le, Stanford, Coonecticet Leonard, The Amecicaa Paley Compaay, Pilaelgis Monctiett, Precise Gear Canpaay, Tare, Michigan Moses, Wesinghouse Electie Corpatin, Balfalo, New York Lueabeger, U5. Elecical Mecot, lac, Las Angeles, California Raokia, Boson Gear Wark, Quiny, Maseechorets Renew, Lisk-Bele Canpany, Philadelphia, Peony ivnia Schneider, The Falk Corporation, Alwaukce, iscoosia Schwan, Heliace Flecic & Engineering Company, Cleveland, Ohio Pennsylvania 1d by experiences uy perom wo refer © AGS