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Going Bananas

By Trudi Goltam
(Original Title: Charging Outside)

Edited by Priscilla Yip


A row of picture frames hang neatly above a pristine and
sleek black cabinet.
Clothes hang neatly in a wardrobe, arranged by colour.
White sheets cover a bed with no creases to be seen.
The bathroom is spotless, with every toiletry
in a designated spot.
The whole house is compulsively ordered and neat, with
each room well furnished and organised perfectly.
A workout video can be heard from a television in
another room. The sound of a fitness instructor chanting
over 80s pop music becomes louder.


SYDNEE stands in front of the television
vigorously following the workout DVD on screen. She wears
matching sweatpants and a jumper while a white sweatband
keeps her curly hair away from her face.
As the workout video comes to an end SYDNEE grabs the
remote from a glass coffee table and turns off the
television and DVD player. She places the remote
back, making sure it is straight and parallel.


SYDNEE walks to the fridge in the kitchen - a "TO DO" list
hangs neatly on the top centre of the door. SYDNEE grabs a
whiteboard marker from where it hangs next to the list and
neatly crosses out the activity labelled "Fitness
She looks closely at her next activity; there are number
on the list, the majority cleaning chores and cooking
food. There are also strange activities on the list
including create origami and knit scarves. SYDNEE scrolls
down the list and stops at one of the points; it says
"Cook Banana Muffins" with a star drawn next to it.
SYDNEE stares at the words for a few seconds then quickly
turns to the oven, clapping her hands and smiling in
SYDNEE grabs a white tea towel and sprays the kitchen
bench with disinfectant, making sure every single
surface is cleaned and wiped.


She walks towards the kitchen cabinet and grabs a

recipe card labelled "BANANA MUFFINS", placing it on the
kitchen bench. She hurries around the kitchen grabbing
different ingredients including flour, baking soda and
eggs. Kitchen tools such as trays, a mixer and spatulas
are also placed on the bench. Each ingredient and tool is
placed neatly on the worktop.
SYDNEE takes a close look at the recipe card. Her fingers
circle around the word "bananas". She starts to look for
them in the kitchen, slowly becoming frustrated when she
cannot find them.
Strangely, she slams the kitchen bench in frustration and
attempts to calm herself down by taking big breaths.
She slowly turns away from the bench and stares outside to
her backyard, looking worried and clutching her arms
nervously. The sound of birds and chiming bells can be
heard. SYDNEE turns away from the window and takes a deep


SYDNEE takes out her laptop from the coffee table drawer
and begins to search for delivery services for groceries.
The shops are either out of stock or cannot deliver on the
same day.
SYDNEE looks out the window, focusing on the colours of
the sky and trees which contrast her monochrome pristine
home. She takes a deep breath and stiffly walks up the


SYDNEE stands at her wardrobe, picking at different pieces
of clothing. She tries on different outfits in front of
the mirror, continually being disappointed at each.
SYDNEE sits at a vanity table, stares at the mirror and
tugs at her eyebrows and cheeks. She opens her drawer and
takes out several cosmetics items, lining them up on her
She carefully applies makeup. Eventually she stares at the
mirror and smiles, finally satisfied.
She opens her closet once again and grabs a handbag, then
confidently walks out of her bedroom with a smile,
clutching her handbag.



SYDNEE slowly walks down the stairs and stops right in
front of the door. Her smile disappears. She stares at the
doorknob and closes her eyes. She seems fearful, tightly
grabbing the straps of her handbag.
SYDNEE opens her eyes, staring at the doorknob, and nods
her head. She slowly stretches her arm out, placing her
hand on the doorknob cautiously. The sounds of birds and
children playing outside can be heard.
SYDNEE closes her eyes again, lets out a deep breath and
slowly turns the doorknob. The door slowly opens, SYDNEEs
eyes still determinedly closed. The door swings open.


SYDNEE slowly opens her eyes.
The outside world looks peaceful and calm. SYDNEEs
neighbours have a conversation through the window next
door, and on the other side a neighbour mows the lawn.
SYDNEE takes a deep breath, ready to step outside, but she
sees a TEENAGER walking past on the sidewalk. She freezes,
eyes widening, looking horrified and panicked.
Suddenly, to SYDNEE, the neighbours next door sounds like
theyre having a heated argument. On the other side, the
sound of the lawnmower is unbearably loud and grating to
SYDNEE. She becomes increasingly alarmed. Sounds such as
the lawnmower, yelling and cars grow overpowering in
SYDNEEs mind and are thought of as dangerous.
SYDNEE, still in the same position, starts breathing in
and out heavily. It is clearly seen through her
body language that she is having a panic attack.
Tears start to run down SYDNEEs face. She quickly turns
around and slams the door behind her. Frantically
SYDNEE locks the door, dropping her handbag in her haste.


She attempts to hold herself up and hurriedly walks to the
kitchen cabinet. Tears are streaming down her face, the
makeup starting to smudge.
With all her willpower SYDNEE opens her kitchen cabinet;
there are rows of medication bottles and packages, every
piece neatly placed side by side with labels facing
outwards. She is looking for a particular bottle, dropping
some bottles as she tries to find it.


SYDNEE finally grabs a bottle and sinks to the bottom of

the kitchen floor. Her hands shaking, she attempts to grab
a yellow pill from the bottle, dropping a few. She finally
gets ahold of one and swallows it immediately. She begins
to calm down but is still fragile and scared. Her panic
turns into a burst of tears. Dropping to the ground she
places herself in a cradle position.


The room is strangely dark compared to the beginning of
the day. The blinds have been drawn over all the windows,
blocking the sunlight from coming through and creating a
prison-like feel.
SYDNEE is laying down on the floor, distraught, holding a
few dirty tissues. Her hair is messy and her makeup is
smudged on her face.
SYDNEE picks herself up, leaving the dirty tissues on the
floor. All the ingredients and tools are still placed
neatly on the kitchen bench from earlier in the day.
Beside the floor of the kitchen cabinet are dropped pills
and bottles.
SYDNEE takes a step forward and begins place each item
back it in its rightful place, taking deep breaths. She
opens the blinds.
When shes done she slowly walks back to the front door
and picks up her handbag. She slowly walks upstairs,
stopping halfway, her head hesitantly turning back down
towards the door. She snaps herself back to reality and
turns away, defeatedly walking upstairs one step at a



SYDNEE places her hands under a running tap, splashing her
face and exhaling a sigh of relief. Slowly she is
recovering from her traumatic experience, washing away all
signs of makeup.
SYDNEE exits the bathroom, back to wearing a grey matching
outfit. Her hair is neatly tied in a pony tail.




SYDNEE sits at the centre of her couch staring at the
television. A commercial about bananas and pet food
being half price pops up.
SYDNEE continues to stare at the screen with a slight
frown on her face until she hears a scraping sound on the
door. In an instant, her face freezes and panic and fear
wash over her.
Slowly, SYDNEE walks over the door. Her breath
becomes irregular as she steps closer and closer. She
leans over to the eyepiece to see whether anyone is on the
other side, but there is no sign of a person.
SYDNEEs staring is interrupted as she hears a faint sound
from the outside of the lounge room. Startled, she walks
over to the window and, to her surprise, spots a cute
little puppy outside.
SYDNEEs face changes from fear to relief. She smiles at
the dog and waves at it. The puppy stares back at SYDNEE.
The puppy turns around towards the front gate of the
house and begins to walk away. SYDNEE seems worried.
Suddenly, the TEENAGER from before reappears on the
sidewalk, minding his own business. He looks like a normal
boy but SYDNEEY views him as a dangerous hoodlum and is
afraid for the dogs safety. SYDNEE begins to panic,
remembering the sound of yelling, lawnmowers and bins
SYDNEE stares at the dog and starts to fear what may
happen to it. In a desperate plea she places her hand to
the glass window.
SYDNEE determinedly pushes herself away from the glass
window and hurriedly runs up the stairs.



SYDNEE comes back down the stairs dressed comically in
multiple layers of clothing, the last of which is a bright
yellow raincoat and large gumboots.
SYDNEE walks to the kitchen and looks quickly through the
drawers, attaching whisks and spatulas to a belt that she
wears like a sash over one shoulder. She puts on some
rubber gloves and grabs a colander to use as a
helmet. These protective mechanisms become her confidence


She confidently walks to the door, stopping in front of

it. SYDNEE indecisively takes a step forward. Towards the
left of the door is an umbrella stand. She quickly grabs
the closest umbrella and opens it, holding it tightly like
a sword.
SYDNEE slowly twists the doorknob, pushing open the door.


SYDNEEs eyes are wide open in fear but she continues to
push. When the door is fully opened, SYDNEE still stands
within the confines of her home, hold on the umbrella
tight. After a beat, she pops open the umbrella and uses
it like a shield. She begins to slowly breathe in and out
but has still not made a single move.
She stares out into the front yard and focuses on the
TEENAGER, who is now peacefully petting the puppy. SYDNEE
believes it is in danger.
The sounds of sirens and yelling starts to increase.
SYDNEEs mouth starts to tremble, her eyes watering.
SYDNEEs eye begins twitching. She fears that he may take
the puppy away.
SYDNEE holds her umbrella tightly and makes a battle
stance. She takes a deep breath, screams and charges
towards the TEENAGER.
The TEENAGER stares at the SYDNEE and quickly jumps away
from the puppy, startled. SYDNEE quickly grabs the dog
with one arm and protectively cradles it, her other hand
still clutching onto the umbrella.
The TEENAGER, still in shock, stares at SYDNEE and her
layers of clothes and weapons belt of assorted kitchen
SYDNEE, still cradling the dog, realises that she is
outside of the house. She stares back at the
TEENAGER, then looks around her, freezing. Her eyes begin
to water and a joyful smile can be seen on her face.





In a well-used and cozy kitchen, a woman is grabbing a

tray out of the oven with some oven mitts. She turns
around and we see that it is SYDNEE, with a different
hairstyle and calm expression.
In contrast to before, the kitchen is not spotlessly
clean; used kitchen tools, ingredients and a tea towel lay
on the counters.
SYDNEE places the tray on the kitchen bench, smiling. It
is a tray of banana muffins.