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What Is Race?

Race is more modernly divided by physical dierences

In the past it was more divided by religion, status, class, or language

There isn't a specific characteristic that separates people of one race from another

Slavery began mainly from war and people weren't enslaved because of physical

Economy was based on slavery and it was used as a reason why some people were denied
the rights of others

Race justified mistreatment of other ethnicities which began with government, laws, and

Species in humans don't exist

The main thing that dierentiates us are the surface characteristics

The color of one's skin does not aect anything else in their genes

There is an equally likely chance that two people of the same race are as genetically dierent
as two people of dierent races

Racism still exists and there are definite advantages to being one ethnicity as to another

Pretending the race doesn't exist is not the same as creating equality for everyone

Sorting People-

Many of the people look nothing like the stereo type of what you would expect in these

It's nearly impossible to separate these people purely based on skin color

You also have to look at face characteristics and other characteristics to make an
educated guess

Many of the pictures look as though they could be multiple dierent races

I only got 8 of the 20 correct

Dierent countries define race dierently

Appearance cannot always tell you accurately somebody's ancestry

The way the United States defines race has changed many times over time

Race Timeline-

Social ideas have influenced research related to race

When signs emerged in the 18th century it helped with the problem of social inequalities
and allow people to jus when signs emerged in the 18th century it helped with the
problem of social inequalities and allow people to justify discriminating against others

Race is a more modern idea that ancient people did not practice

Race really all began from wars and social standings and other historical circumstances
and later became defined by skin color and other physical characteristics

The definition of race has changed over time reflecting political priorities

Social advantages I have been given to people of the white race while people of other races
have stereotypically been given less in everything

People of dierent races other than white have always fought the any qualities that I've been
set by society which has really made America better for everyone

Human Diversity-

The earliest humans evolved around 170,000 years ago

Fruit flies have the most genetic variation

Mutations cause the most genetic variation in humans

Saudi Arabians and Ethiopians are the two present day populations that are most likely to be
genetically similar

We don't know what caused the dierences in skin color to evolve

You can't tell much just buy a person skin color

Individuals from grease are most likely to carry the sickle cell trait

Everyone has a common ancestor

Africa has the greatest human genetic diversity

If everyone was wiped out except for people in Asia about 94% of our total human genetic
variation would remain

Me, My Race, and I- (The Elephant In The Room)

America is hey primarily white country so if you're not white one place in society are you?

There are certain privileges that white people get even today after slavery has been gone for so
many years

Racism involves everybody of every ethnicity in a negative way whether you are the dominant
race or not

The problem is that if everybody stays in their space there's no problem, but there still no
equality and the real problem isn't being solved

Nothing can be changed until it is faced

Where Race Lives-

About Max Holland and Byron Green who are the same age, have the same job and same
income, live in the same area, but Max is more wealthy than Byron in assets because Byron is

Max's parents were able to I am more expensive home due to a financial gift from the parents

Byron's family got a less expensive house in a dierent area for less money

Max's and Byron's family both have dierent jobs and lifestyles

When manufacturing crashed Byron family suered and where they lived became increasingly
more segregated

The greens were enjoying a better life with good schools parks libraries and much more along
with a new family business started by Mr. Holland

Byron received an academic scholarship to an Ivy League school

Max was able to go to college and travel worry free due to a savings fund saved for him

When Byron's family so the house the value increased by a lot to $29, 500

Where he lived, Chester, the population was 76% black

When the Holland sober home it's sold for $299,000

Where they live, Merrick, was 95% white

Byron was able to purchase a condominium and looks after his parents and helps with
unforeseen finances

All of maxes family is financially secure and he is able to make plans for the future and his

In 1995 the average White family had eight times the wealth of an average family of a dierent

This was even though they had the same level of income

Well isn't just about living now it's about setting the stage for future generations which gives
white and advantage over people of dierent races