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BANG'O,N E,co-,Cultu,rail TOfurs,

$,ho,wcas,i,ng Biodfiversity and' HeritageConS8I'vatio.n ..

Sup,porting Peo,p,le'''sLiveUlIo,ods .in Boh:Off

Project Re,port fa" the p.eriod' Fetir'lu8Iry"'.l,uly 2007




nOHOL AL .. IA '( [ OF N(). -G . VERNIVI.:


Corner Matig-a and Hontanosas Streets, Tag,bH'artlD Citj; TelefrlX. 038 5~r~. 9516; EmaU neh~or~i@gh)bel'illes.cOln+ph


September 21, 2007

MS EMM.A t,IIM-SANDRINO ExecUlive Direct.or

Foundation for a Sustaiinabl',e Soci'~ty. Inc.

Greetfiigs from BonDI!

I·ampleased to submit our Accomplishment Report for :H',E!· period February ~ to Jljly 31,20'07 fo(the project BANGON cco-C:ulturaliotJfs: Showcasing Envlronmelillta~ and Heritag,e Cons·erva:tioo!1j Sup!porting Pe,opl'e'S Uvel1ihQods.

We were a hie to start and made the proJect operatic nal de·spitet he la'ck of staff in the previous. period; We intend' to make a stride. on tlfli,s. tosupport cernmunlty liveil~hoods while making the network grow and sustainable ..

The iii k you age;! n for theflnsncla I su pport you have extended,


M.R ,GLENN R lABRADO Executive D~·rec[or

§ J


- - ' -- - - - .--



Febi'uary-Jltdy 2007'


,IBAN'GONI Ee.o-Cultural 'Tours: Slhowcas,j'ng Enrvh'olnmlsntal ,111I'd' Herita:ge Conserv,ation, SUPi-,onin:.· Ps'opile!s UveUho,ods ·in Bo,tta.!'

P.r~ject Title:

I Project Loc-ation:

Name of Proponaet;

Project Duration:

D,ate Grant Fund iReleased.:

Total' Project Cost

~ Approved by FS S~'

c 'Window 1 o W,indow.2 ,0' Window 3,

• Approw;d by PACAP'

• Pro ionenf's E . III it

Php 3,93 A50:. 01) I Php 608,.587.20


'1. Gene,ral ObjecUveJlBushile$S Mi'ssion

• BAN(30N E,co-Cultllral Tours, isa a,oeial enterprise of t~e Bohol Alliance of NonGovern ment Org anizations (IBANGO N) ,QliIrketing: cammlll1i~-based eCQ'logj_ged~ ,~tail uOWl[ism dest~, support' susta[nab~e liivehhoocs of 'fanning and fishing

communities ~111 BohaL -_

2', S;peeiific '0 bj:ective's

To market and organi'ze tours to communlity-bas1ede,colog'ica l-eu rt,u r,al toudsm cie.stinsUons malnag',ed by POs ,and/or NGOs.;

To showcase environmental protection and manag,ement. and bia,divefsity. and heritage conservanon practices in the provi nee;

,., To contribute to;.oventy ,aUeviaU,on of partner people's or:gan~zatJons and host communities iin, acco,rdance; Wit' ,e development thrusts anchored on the Mfllermi'um Development Goal's (MOGs), ths Bohol l~cotourjsmar:Jd ,Slodivers,ity Gonservation Framework Plan 9tr'!d the Boha,1 Arts and .Culture.1 HerJtage Code; and

iI To make BANGiQN organizatrdnaHy and financially sustainable ·tofurther support its pmgr,ams ,atid services to mf;imber N,GOs and the iBohoiano community in glsneral..








,Actual! ValiilBnce


Remarks (:Bxp.aJ'n va rlance a nd the ilMlPI h;:'afi.ons/:effects, to' the a,Hainmen:t o,f Proiect Obiectives)

Approved Budglet

P,a rticuJ'ars


l'Ij,ote: Pleillse,a,tladhsuppor1rn:9' documents re: actLiail disbursements (photocopy of receipts, etc.)



Total Number of Da''Y· Tours Qrga,f},izerJIFacJlita'i'ed:

JlanUBI1' ,2,5-27, 2007,: 3 day~to,urs

75 s.tafl pa,rticjpants of the Ins1litute of Primal'Y Hea~tih Car,e/Davao Medical School Ifoundation (IPHC/DMSF), Davao Cit~{

Tour lPackage:, Bohol Nature and Heritag,e Tour (Chocola,te H[ll1IslColuntry$,ide Tour)~ Cembuhat River and ViIf,age Tour of tine Oambuhal ,Enterpris,es D,evelopment and Fisheries Asseciafion (C.E.DFA) and ~hle, PamHacan I~sland Doilph'in and Wh,a~e Watchrng Tour of tihe Pamiiacan Island Do'I'pihin and Whale'Watchfng Or:ganlza;t'irllni (PIDWWO)

March 1.1 2007: 2 tours i,n o'ne day

.25 training pa.rUcJpants of the, Adv,ocat-es, for PhiHppine Fair nade h1C. (APFTI) from various government and bus,iness groups of CARAGA Reg'ion

Tour package: Parrtilacan Island Dolphfn and Whale Watching Tour o,f PIIDWWO and BohQ~ Nature,and He'ritage Tour

AprU 'UI~1'9, 20'07: 2 ,day-tours

2rete:rred ,cHents from Geogn,dika Travel and lours, Surfga.o City {offshoot of the M~r 1 tour)

Tour packag'e: Sohol N,atulr9,and Heritage Tour and Cambuhat Rlver and ViUag€ Tour

ApiU'3I01, 2100'7:' 1 day~tour

2 Dail'ilish visitors naferred by PROCESS-Boho.llnc,; visitors spent at day tour (Communi~ ute Tour with home-stay In San Vicente, Maribojoc) facilitated/organIzed .directl!" bY1he

S:an Vk:ente 'Mangroves Association (S:AVIMA) ancf PROCESS-Bohal .

Tour packag,e! Bohol Nature and He:rit8\ge Tour W'ith side 'trip to, Philipp,ine Tarsier foundation (Tarslsr Sanctuary in Co're!.la)

May 28, 2,007 : '1 da:,y-tJQUf

32 P,artIdpants of Doreen Maa Ochea Bont,emp p.arty" mosUy Filipin,o-Aus1raUsn ba.lil:<baY'a.li1s" This was ,ref-erred to by a forme'.f staff of B:ANGQN, Ms; Gladys Avenido.

'T'OUf ,package; Bcho,1 Natur,s and Heritag,e Tout ..

JUtIl,e 217 2007: 1 !:lay-tour

:3 WOomen ,I,eaders of Nagkahi'usang Kababayen~~ln sa. Toril (NAGKABATA), [):6!lIao City .. Tour pack:aae: S:Cino! Nature and Heritage Tour with trips. to selected BANGeN NGO - development projects of' POs in ,Bac.lay,on, and Leece

July 11, 2'007: 1 day' to,LUi

2 walk-in cJients (Mr" Frand'sce Ma:casieb) bill',~ted .in Alana Be'8ch, Pangl~Q visited 'the

I CambuhatRiver and VIIIeIQ's Tour. . -

. \

July 4 .. 5,200'7;,2 day .. f.ours

2 .Ko,n:~an Joutn8'lists from lncneon Times, tncheon, So,uth Korea Who ran B. S~()ry on Asian ecotounsm a,nd was ~ac!ma:ted py the Ex.ecuUve Director (Korean) of the Manila:b~5ed Asian ~O Center and the' Executive Director of the Cebu"-based' Gentral VIsayas F~sherfolRS-Deveropment Center (FIDEC}

Tour packag,e:' Cambunat River and Virlage Totl'r with side trips in the PACA.P~assj'sted .POOAS 2 Ecotourism proje,eland At(l1na Beach til Penglap; Pamllacan Is,land Dolphin and.Whar,e Watching Tour wiU'l dis,cussion-sha'nng on Bohal"s Ecoto,~'rism Pro9ram with government and NGO officials.

Plea:se refer to ,attached file.

O'thel' Activities ,Undertaken £from .May 2006 to da,t:e,!

1" Fami'Uarizatio.n 'fou,r

The'st.a!ff unde..rto'oka famili,61r1zation tour~cum-I,ocati'ontshooting for collateralls devsj,opment betvlleen Ma y to September 20'06. The destinations viSited with digital photos taken were tbe 'oUowlng';

_, 'Cambuhat ,River and Vmage Tour;

• Cal1dij'ay Mangrove Adventure Tour;

~ Pamllacan Dolphin and Whale WatchinQlTour;

• Pang-Ia,o Beach and Heritage Tour (Inc.. Dau~s Church and tP'angla'o C,nurch and Watchtower):

",fcas,61g Ilsland Hopping Tour;

"' Countryside Tour {ma'instream tourism sites~Chocolale Hills, Bitar Man~Ma:de Fores, Blood Compa.ct :shrine', t.oboc River Cruise);

~ Herita:ge Sites (C~arin Ancestral HoolJs,s" Baclalyon Ohurch, Lebec Church, ,L,oon Church); "andthe


• Philiippine Tarster Sanctuary (;pnap,atl, C.orellla)"

Mr. Taka.shi Hlirce;8i J'apalnlesesoHd~rit:y group member volunteered to takie ,pictures Jor the Tours. Another volunteer from the, US Peace Corps, Mr. Tommy Schu'ltz, g.ave us permissien to use his 8-01101 photo collection from hls website www,tommyscnulitz.aom and other pI10[OS, for '8! wQuld,-be postcs.rd project {I'odge,cj at the Environmentall legal Assi:sta~nC9 Cerlter (E LAC)! a mem bar NGO ,of lBANGON) 'for the de$ign ~ng of me rketing lCollaten;lls.

2', Promotio,nal' Mafer1ials Development and Rep:rodU'ctio:n

The·desigl1ing and' production of J8ANGON Eoo~Curtural Tours brochure, wa.s undertaken 'betING'en September to October 2.006 through, a service contract with K Concepts, a 9 roup ,of desig nand m,arke,tin 9 co ns ultants bas ad' r n ee bu. An initial ru n of 1.00.0 copies W8:S released in ea rly Novembe r of the s ams year. U nUk'9 with 8oholadveliisil1lg consulting groupslindividuals!,t.ns electronic file was free from copyri:gl1t .. or ·of slm,jJa r Intents and thus, reprintable.

A second run of reproduction 'of the BANGON IEco.-Cultural Tour brochure for 1000 copies was done in' February 19, 2007 in time' for the PACAP 20tll Year Anniven,B:ry Ge~,ebn:l'Non in Daveo City. The FSSI logo was incorporated li'n tile a,eknowledgment section 0" the brochure as a :gr,ant supporter .of the To I!Jlts.

The de~igntng and printing of two new designs, of ,BANGON Eco-Cultural Tour tarp ads were, .811so completed dming the same trme as that of the 200 round of brochure u,epr,odw:::lion. A revis,ad tarrff's.heet of the 'current eight (8) to'l!rde,s.tina~lons was also produced.

Three (3) de:,stlnat:ion fryers designe{f by K Co,noepts were oCompll'6'l:ed ~n May, Printingl was subject to review'in vi:ew 'of the' Umited budget provided by PACAP.. ,However!, two ,or the d,esigns. wete converted jnte tarps. printed and were used In marketing activities duriing the Sandugo tFestiv:~d/COD,E-NGO/PEF SocrallDeve~opment We-elk in Jury.

These 'marke:ting collaterals were produced through fund balances, of the IPA:CAP~funded ESGAP Y'e,ar3 ,and 'Year.:]: Projects realigned for such purpose.

·5:ee sample broehure .• ,

,:t. M'arketling and P'm.motion.s

Mark,eUn:g and promonens 0" BANGON Eco~Cu,lturall Tours, ,started In Ma,)/, 116-20; 2.006 during t:h:e WpFid. Fair Trade Day 'Ce,lebration in 8M City Cebu organized by the Peoples! Fair Tracie a.t!9iJ This came r~,g:ht ·after the project concsptualizaUonand business pi ann lng were com p!,eted in AprH of the sa me yeat.

Two {2) tarpauUn s.ds and tariff sheets were produced for the, ,eve'nt bco-tour flyers arid brochure',s ·'Of various d,esUnatlj.ans produced by member NGOs (egl, Community Life Tours a,n:d Soh-ol Bioidlversity' .Education amf Adventure Tour) wer,e cnUe:cted and distribuited duriing the' event

iPers.iatent marketing and promotions went tts way intihe su~cee'dil1g 'months in 200ft. The same rn aterials were d ispl ayed a nd distributed during: va rious conferen ces, sem ~na rssnd works hops wh leh BANIGON has participated:

,. I ntemaUo,r:I a~ Conrererlce on Heriitage Houses .~n d Vernaeu Iia r .Architecture ~n Meh'ocemre Hotel, Tagbi~aran City o'n, May 22-24, ,2006;

• Confere'nce, on Local Mo.li1IiuQring and Sustaina.b~e Development Mall1lage1n'1ent ergs n~zed by the Civil S oc;iety Counte rpa rI: Coum::!1 for S usta in alble Developm en!

,.e-J£§QQ§.Q'J on June 20-22~ 200.6 in SHUman University, Dumaguete Gi~y; .

• Seminar-Workshop on Di'8spora Philantr·ophy organized by the Ayala Founda,tionj Asso,oiation o.f IFounr.;jiatiolls and the Peace and Equity Foundation ln Jully 2.006, Linden Suftes in Ortigas, Cenlter, PastIl


BAN GoO N has bsco me ,conffh::ient ~nsen ~ng its. ecoto urism pro du ets after BANGO N EcoCulb.Jlrall Tours brech ures wereflnal'ly pmd~uced in mld October 20 OEL DistJr~butiolJ ami direct se,niing 'wer,e' being made dudngl the fbJlowing actiivitieHll:

~ Central Vrsay.~s Netwo'rk Qf' NGOs Visioning .an~ Str,ategic Plaltnirng" 80hbl P1aza Riesort and Restaurant:, Dauis, Bohol ln late October 2006;

,Ii CODE.-NGQ General Assembly ,on November 29-31] 2006 ·.in Mandaluyong City ..

Brochures were also displayed ,at the GODE~N'GO office in Quez'ol1 City;

• ASEAN Civil SocT,ety Conference in Monte-beUo Villa Hote], Oebu City on

Decem ber 5~J, 2.QOft '

• PCNC Learning Even~ for Reglion7 NGGs in :Golden Peak. Ho,tel, Oebu Cay on AprU .2Q..21 , 2007 i nvolvi ng 40 leaders ,and man ag,ers."

BAiNGON oro-eu Itum I Tour 'brochures were also displlayed/distJl"~b u:ted at the Peoples Fa~r Trade Shop lin osmsna 18M3. 'I Cebu City. Iinquines 'kept coming in efifect

An 'exhibit was put up and brechures were distribut.ed during the PACAIP Community Development- Forum in cetebranen of its 20lh Ye,ar Anniversary in Davao City, IFebruary 21-231 20Q7', Pfrect seilling and initial tie-up makingl we.r-ealso undertaken.

IBANGON! negotia.ted wah the. Mrndanao IRe'smJrce ,and Train~ng Center, ~PHC~OMS!F to advertise/display BANGON ,Eco-Cu litu ral Tours tarps and brocnu res. One bu no r,ea (1 ClO) copies .of brochures, 1 00 c.()p~es of tariff sheets and one tarp ad ware' sent to .I! P He dur~ng the ,PACAP Conference' in lJ'av,ao, F,elbr.uary· 23, .2007" hiqu~rieSi, keep ooming ·tin as ·21 rresult

We have also neglotiatedthe, Advocates for Philippine Eair Trade Inc, (APFTI) to displ'ay the brochures iin their product showroom within their office in Que,Z)on City.

Refer~l arrangements/systems with Palay' Travel and Tours, Eh.JJI:uan City, Geogr-:a:fika Travel and! Tours, Surigao C~1y and Tour Aklan/USWAG, Foundation, Kam~o have' been slowly e.stabUshea. One hu ndred (100) copJes of brc)(::huFe'S were sent to Tour ,Aikla n during the Sams: PAC.AP Conference mentioned ea:rlier;another :5.0 co'p~es. were sent to Ge,qgirafUka Travel and TO{Jrs through the visitingl client in ,April' 1'9, 2007. Tropical IHilcHdeys nav,e~ and leurs of Oavao City is recently makiing a business tie-up With BANG ON Eco-Cultu ra I Tours because of the I PH C-IDMSF referra I. The' Tours is ,expecting six (6) :guests from Dav,Bo, .city in AVgW3t through Tropical Holidays Travel and Tours.

4., Netw'orkhnI9/Con~act IBuilding:witlh Industry S,ervlce P,roviders

A directory of service pr'oviders has been developed for easy reference. Through negotJI,arUons dllringvarious visits and C"aU~.,contr,acted rates from -a number of hotels and resorts, transport ope.r,atoFS; ilobcic. ,R.aver cruise operators ,and other servIce providers

have been arranged. This has been observ€d s,inoe~anuary 2007. .

5., Oevelopm:e'rlltof Customized Tour Packages

As req'ue.sted by referral ag'9nts. and partner NGOs, a five (5)~ day tour packa:ge was

d'evelopedfor Pa:~ay Travel and Tours of 8u[uan City. .

6", Staff Hilrh"9

The gra~t funds 'from PACAP to cover the, salary and benefit package of the Rese'liV'ation/Marketingl Sti€lff was only .re,~ea:se,d on March 1, 2007 'after a longl wait 'since ,early 2006. ea.llfer appl[caNons started In Mar-ch but t:his was e:xtended untU Aprilll because of the loW turn-out ofapplf'catians. Screening ,ialnd ,j'nt,erview.6 we.r~ und'ert',aken in April,. A$ of Ap.rlil 271 .2007 IBANGON Eco~Culturall Tours was able to hire an Enterprise; Man,ag"e.r ~n the person o·f Ms. N,fcole Leana, the farmer operations manag,er of Sohol Pla~a Resort and .Restaurant IBec'a use of her industry Ikl1lowledge,s.kil'lsand s:Qcial', BANGON off'ered her a negoH,81[.edl,arrang'ed compem;iatior) packag!e .sHghtly higher than the budget item In the PACAP grant for a 'contract of three months renewable for another six months, to, one ye'ar plus incentives depending on thle tOllr operatio,l1s/ss.les volume ,of the' first. three to six. monms,

1. Purcha:se, of Equi,pmentam$ Tour Van

Canv8;ssing ()f the equipment and \tehic~El' started ,in Februa.ry towar,cis ea:rly Marc.hl thi's year. H'owev,er, thiis wa:sstailed for a willie sta.ning in mid-March a,s most of the BAINGiON Staff were involved in the j'aunchil'ilg of the' PartnerShip and Acres,sing Genter of Peace and' Equity FoundaUolJ (PAC:~PEF)~Bohol wh~re BANGON was contracted to O.f-g'8,t1Iize the event as part ,of its fund-raising schemes. Also" the lack of sbi:1,ij to assist the ,EX:9cutJve Directoli', who was, cpncuricenUy ma1l181ginQ'.the _enterprise; and foeus onme adm"iiiistrativellogistical requir,emlllnts of the eco-tour business during the period ,contributed to' the de.lay. However, the tour operation which is now jpicking-upf was never hampered as existing facilities if:! the office (telephone/fax. and ~omputer) arestjl~ ,[n good condition BANGQN Eco-CulturaI' Tours has procured theabove-menUoned equi'pment between June and July.

As to t11 e tau r 'Van j a ,bcl<!!rd agre,ernent was made to purchase a. brand-new veh lcJ,e to ensure its durability beyond the project term. The m.anagement was tasked to seclire a 'fresh loan from P,EF~PAC alnd/or other f:acrlity to, be able to, buy a brand new vehicle {preferably N~ssal1 UrvanlE:s,capade models) and to make a separate business plan fm the tour van renta[ ope.raUOfllS to ensure Its viabiJit·y and loan BnulftizaU!on.

V .. 2 Are there changes in·the p.roj',ec:t des,j,gnls,eope?

No, .. However., in the next six monfhs, BANGON Eca-Culturai. Tours wiU tnclude in its ,sea-cultural tour packages new de,stinaUons such .81$, the .Anda eco-cultural tour destinaUons; Albur craft vill'agles and liveUhood demonstrations; Danae Eoatourism Adventure Tour; and th.e! E:scsipade of Slipatan Hiangfng Bridg,e, Se:vma. Most Qf thes.e

" The lack of gll'a.nt: budget or re's,erves 'to undel!1a\k'e regular Qut-of .. town marketing a~ctiivUies to fully s.aturate ~dentlfied marke.t s·egments (call centers, c,orporations, scbools/univell'sities, and stude'ntlyouth gro,ups.!

among oth·eirs,) othertha.n NOOs/CSOs. -

are emerg1ing destinatilol1s. ~',evelloped under the PACAP-FOCAS 2 ECQiog1ical' Cu!tural lou m P'rqjeot w'h ich BANGO N is the secretariat.

V.S A.lre· there problems. 911llc,ountered linstanihg up the projecl?

• .Molst'v,isit·ors BAINGON Eco-Cu.ltuml Tours hosted are stil'lmalss to,urism~ oriented. They mostly prefer: the Clhoccdate Hills, Lobac RrV6r Cru'jse which ere not. communlly-owned'oli manslged .. Consciow~ of its tbranding as an "eeo-culture.1 tOll,.lrism' enterprise to, ensure that lits mission is being carried cut, BANGON Ieee·· Culh.l'rai Tours accommodate the abo\lie~mention8d vrsftms WiUll the arm at influencingl th!6same' to tak'iEl' oli1oureco-cuituralll tour destinaUon such as Cambunat Riv,er and Village Tour, and Pamilacan Island DollPh~n Watching on the following day. At the same Um6, the Tours is censcious at educating the visit.ors o.f the value of eruvlironmenta~ protectlon and management and respeotfor local cuih.Jres ..

!III The compll,Qxiti,es; and the ruc:rative n.atuII'·e ·O'f the tourism industfycompels thiS olll'~g'anfz!ilti'on tos·tr,ategi,caUy dis.cuss and de·ve.llop' its plannedso,cial ·enterpII!'Ise at. this ealrJy. The management a~lready foresees some problems to Wit in the operations. of BAINGON IEeo-Culturall Tours: i) negative a.ttacks agailnlst the Tours from competitors. H'enceacquiling at least a business name from OT,I and Mayor's Business, Permit (en the maxiimum a IBIR .Registration) .at thiis early is imperanve ~nd U) t"lsions bemeen member NGOs and BANGON Secretariat because of the lucrative nsfure of t 9 business s.ince· it g,el'11srate.s si'gtl1iffcant net Income. A po·.licy fo·rmlJla!tion ,and thorough discussion of thie nature of t,he SOCial enterprlise through the Beardand the General As,sembJy is· critioal.

" The Ilac.k of res·e·rve's resulted iintlhe fa.Uu,re to tap ·the CVEo.-P'BS·P .Elcot,outtism M1arketing Volunteer as prcposed in the busiJilless 'pilian.. The hi:ring of a very competent person wn,o USed to come from the induslry wa.s timely. W,e were able to get her commitment to stay on wah BANGON Tours for at ~east at year. The staff willing'ly commftted to stayon for long sa long as her tenure will be secured, BANGON WIll a~so continue to tap. volunteers ~rcm the AYAD, US Peace 'Carps or vmA as part lof its PACAP .. a.ssisted FOCAS 2:- Enhancing ECQlogica:I~CU'lt.ural Tourism Project in Central and

Eastern Boho,," -. .

V.4 Ari! there is·sue's,fcionce·.Flils requirin~g' a,ction/intervention from IFSS1?

· ?~ n ws' re·aHgn .a~d uss _~s from the gra~t funds for marketing e:xpenBe~ and . ...2ilar~-S.ugmef.lita:lIQf! once thePAGAP funds Iisal ready used up and Income. liS insufficient ye,! to cover overhead?

• How can FS:SI assist: BANGON Ec()·Cultural Tours [n marketing and promotions?

V.5 What. are the proponent's next step.s? ~ Within Aug1ust- December 2007':'

a . Implement c9pa:city buildingactivTties Uinderthe PACAP"funded ESCAP 5 Pro~ed f'Or :ElAN GON Eco-Cu Ih,lI ral Tours

,("-iF' Series of Co ordirn,atlion MeHtrng s wIth PO Hosts! Ass,isti n 9 NGOs to dii Bcussarrang em e nts, injUa~ policies a no 9 uidelinesfor cond uct, _standards and consiistency;

c Eootourism MarlreIiITgiraining-Workshop for BANGON and 8e!,ected DesUnaiions_ -,

01' t;co-.cuIt:ura11 TOUir Agency Oper,at:iolils Mana,gement Tra'ining

~ Formulation Workshop on Eco-Cultur,al Tourism P'oHc[:es" Guidelines and C.Od'9sof Conduct-

o Website C on5,tructiionwifh~ IEmmllMarR;eting Service, o'Reprintit'llg Clf' bmchum.s anti fly.ers (suqjil9ct to revl1;~'W)

I ~ n. ~v


Exec utive lD~rector

Augus'l: 311:, 2007

'Iii Pa.liicipation in International Travel Mart illl cebu Int'emaUcnal ConvenUon Center {CICe}, September 5-7,2007 and PhUippine Travel Mart: in 81M lMeglamal', Ort:igas" Pasigl City' September 7=9,.2007 through BANQON FOCAS .2 Secre,tariiat ..

• P,81ticrpation in Social Development Week, CODE=lNGO, GlorieUa. Mali', N,ovember 2007,

ill EmaH IMarketing to CSOsJNGOs·zaUcmal accounts and E~groups, local and lnternancnal: Travel an d T QIlJr ,agencies; IF rlends, Vi slto rs and R:e~,at:iives; Corporate 'g roups: Fi lipin o-Amedqan/Ca nadlians phi I al1lthropfc groups

~ Famiiliarr~Uon Tour in Andaand Albur destinaUons" Ma:kapiko Riv,er Adventure I' and Da nao !ECQ,to,uri:sm Adv€ nture

Pre'p'ared by:

ReVEewed by:

NEC. 'LE M.lEAiNO En . rprilse Ma nage r AI ':gust 31! 211).07


~a.AINGONI Eco-Cu Ilurali Q urs: ,Sh(YWcasi:ng E.nvironmental and Heritage' 'Conservation; Su·: ortin ,Peoh~~s L'ive~iho'lJds in .Bahlo.I·"

I Name of Proponent:

80·110,1 Alliance of Non-i30vemment Organizatio,ns. BANGON t Inc.

!Project Duratipl1:

Propos'eci Start.-Iup D"te:.

I Date, Gir;ant Fund IReleased:

, octo_~er 16, 2.006

Total ProjiectGost:

• Approved by iFSSI'

o Wil1ldow 1

o Window.2

o W,indow3 I. .Approv€:d by PACAP I. Pro" onentjs 6. uitv

Php .2.,088.837.2.0 Php 968jOOO.ClO

,Php; .3913,45.0.00 Php 608,587.20


1. GS'Iil.erall Ob}ectiveJ81l.1ls lness 1M is sion

III 6ANGON Eco-Cultural Tours ls a socia.1 entetpris:e of the B·ohol' Alliance ,of NonGovemment Organizations "BANGON} me rketing communJty-based eeolcgica 1- culturaJ' tOlJr,[sm diestina.tiQns to support sustainable IfrveHhoods, ,of farming and fishIng communities In Sohal ..

2. Sipeciifric Obje,ctive·s

• To market and crganiize tours tal ccmmunky-based ecol'ogical!-cultural tourism

destlnatlons rnanaqed by POs and/ot NGOs; .

'" To showcase environmentel protection and management and biodiversity and heritage conservatlon practices in the province;

101 To, contribute to poverty alleviatIon ool partner people's ofg,an~zaitr()ns 'and host communities in accordance with tine provincial development.thru'stsanclhiored on U1e M iU,en ni urn :Deve~opment Goa ~s (M DGs }'l the 80 hol .Ecotouris m and Biodiversity Consenfa!Uon Fr.amework Plan andlhe Bohol Arts and Cultural Heriria:ge Code; and

'I' To make B,ANGON org'anizationallyand fin.andaUyslUIstainabls to further support iitS. programs and services to member NGOs and tiM Bohoiano communUy in :generail.


1. AccompUshments VS" ObJective.s

P,arti,culars Acc,omJ!~i'shlments Rem arks t~. :rry~ 7

1-,.-, ~M-a-J~kie-t-: a-n--'-,d-o-rg- .. -ai--'-ri'i-2le-·'~~""13""'·. -d-a-y- .... to-u-r-s-,o-rg-a-n"""rz-.e'""'d-8-n-_d-' +-Wi-I-tih"""iin-, -th-;e-, fj"-Ir-st-' S-_'-m-'o-n-tfi-s-' O-'f~ \;1 ,

tours to community-facilitated ,operati'on,onl'y 1 tour per

based ecologica,I'- month ~;sachreved as

,cu~tur,al tourism against: the targ,el:ed10 day

d'9stinatiior:1s· managed tc)'urs, per month

by POe ,and/or NGo.s

I. 10 contribut'9 to poverty al~eviation ,of host communiU,es

ii' To s,ho.wcase environmental pnjrect~en and management, biodiv'ersityand he,rita,ge censervaficn practices

,., To make BAN'GON organ,jzationalfy ana financiaUy sustainable

Gross, Sah:ls Pa:id to POs:

Php 85,994.QO

Cambuhat ,En~e rprise ,oevelopm ent a nei Fisheries A!';.soc.j'atlon (CiE:DFA):

IP'hp 38]3901.00

Pamilacan jlsland Dolphin and Whaj,e Wah::h'[ng . Organization (PIOV'MJO): lP,hll 47,6.04.100

145 cHs'nts 'from NGOs, IPOs, ba~ikbayal1s; walk-ins and tourists, educated

Net hlcomError BANGON:

Php 55,673 ... 52

No baseline' data: estalblish ad to meas urn' increase fn Income'.

i ndivid ua U y ,and

erg's nizationaUy _

11. ~L;<;.@! ~([ rh, £. .• .;4"'112 ,~i ~~~f-f r~ ~

~ 1," ~"'_"~,,!;,,c...dc;; rr 7 ~-v-f ''i't~ jr".<-vl C- r4

r,~JB!' _ !)&~, 'I















1. Ho,w does 'the ,prop'onent mo,nito:r Its a'ctiV~Hes andi a.ccornpHshments in retation to the plan?

• Accomplishment of BJctiviUes Js monitored oased on the' Projs,e! ,rmplementation Plan of the PACAP~ESCAP 5 Proj'ect utiUzing its Indicators and'st'S.. Project: accol'rlplis,hments are reperted in the mUesto.t1lEls report submitted to PACAP

,ev~ry. six .mont~s s~al1ing from M~~Y 2:0Q7 ... =-17 1"< S \,~ , ., ,

• Re'latlv,e to, pr:(IJ,ect Income, monthly sales report, monthly fmanClal reoorts ar,e·the proponent's ~iOol for financial! monitoring. Actual finam::i,al data is ag,ainstpwlected monthly Income in the business plan.

2', Are a,ctuall a.ctivitie-s a,nd "es,ullts a, 'to ip,llari? If l1I'Ot, what ta1rgets ,are not aoeomp,lish~d anolo r re'su,lts that did not' mater'jalized? Whyllhey were lI1Iotacoo.mplished? What .are· the pos.s.ib~e repe'rcuss~on.s?

~ The lack·of grant fund' or reserves to undertake regular slild intensive marketing ,activiUes to ful'ly saturate identl[fied market segmellts other than NGOsfCSOs. This re.slJlted in j'ow turn-out cftcur arrivals facilitated by BANGON Eco ... Cultural Tours, and low ne~ s.alesfcr l8.ANGON··and host POs;'

• As proposed j:n the FSSI proposal tappiniJ8i PBSP-CVIEO" volunteer was not ,maierial.l2ledi because of the lack' of internal resoercestofnsnce accommodations and ,logistics.1 matters of tl"l,e voil unteer.

3. Ho·w tihe P'fop,onent miti'gatedthe poteni'ia. risks, iiden'tiH',ed?

• U'tUiizG ~ow-oost mtiuketing strategies suOh as. emer'l marketing" par'UcJpation lin confere,l1Ioes,;

• Continue to apply forvolunieer placement thr-ough VIDA" AYAD or US Pe.aoe Corps,;

4. Wha,t, are the' u,nforeseen pro,blems lencounte,red? What act~ons did the p,ro',pOfil,ent, undertake to solve,the probl'em (s)1

• Sh.6rl:~ol1a n9,ed and Sh()rt:~clitting practices ,of host POs in hosting and executi,l1g the eoo-cul"tural tour itinerary because 0,1 vari,ou8 reasons, BANGON Eco-Cultural TOIU'rS, had to msist on the, POs to sustain the r-tinerary and attractlons as thes'e forms part ofLh~ product being mar,keted.

S.What are 'the,facnitating and hindeiring factors?

17 · Organizational issues affecting effi'cJency and produ.ct quali~y; -u '~Weak leade:rship in the o'.vganization:;

6;.Wbat action items Il',equire aHenti:on of' manag.i!l!,ment and/or stakeho!lders?

• iRegular' meeting with host POs and as,s.lsting NGOs has been

planneq - ,

• F'omiuJ'at.icm of eeotourlsm pOlicies alildguide,lines and co,n~inurng advocacy to host POs to adher-e the'59' polh:.:j,es and standards

7'. What are' the Jechni'caIIAssistance/Eco-Ent.ell'prise Dev,elopmelillt S,ervh::!es (EE:[)'S) needed from FSSf?

• Assist:ance in marketing' (word ,of mouth and r.:ererrars) to donors, NGOs pal1ne..s".

microfinanoE! clients and members of FSSI .

1 1

~ tI-,tJ\_1 '1..~ •

ri .

'. Approval to reaillign savings grant funds [0 finance m.arketing activiUes of the

Tours r-' --~

1. 1'0 ~rnprov,e ,economic vliabUity

• Establish BANGON Eoo·CunlUlta,I' Tour Website (WliIJW . rediscaverbohot corn) with electronic email service;,

!i Cont.lnuotistele-mankeUng and ema!i! markJetfng of tour package.s to FV.R.; referrals~ and other target markets;

Iii Further aggres,sive marketing U,rougl1 hotel-psnslcn hopping and m3tv1/orn tie,-up making:

!ii Participation in NSIti'onal and International Traver Maris through lBohol Tcunsm Office' (BTO) in Oebu ana In 8M Megama.U, Sept.ember 200'7.;

Iii ParU,oipation in PEF/COm=~NGO SOCial Development, Week in G!,ari,ettElI, November 2007

II Email Mark.sting to C80s/NGOs organizational accounts am:! E~graups, rocall·,and international; T'ralvel and Tour a'gencies~ Friends, Visitors ,and R.ela~fves; Go.rporate 'groups; F, plll.lanthropic groups.

lii C,ompJ,ete Msnuar of P,oUc[:es of IBANGON ,Ecc-Cultural Tour Agency after completing the Eco,tour Marketing Agency Operations Management Trairling

2. To, impro:vesoc.ia,lfcommuni'ty ,outreach

III F,amiHarizatian Tour in Anda" AI.pur~ Batu8111, .and Danae eco~, destinations involving assisted POs of PACAP-FOCAS 2;, Wm'!ld . .Ban,k and LGUs; II Coordination meetings with POs and host cpmmuniliesll.GU's; through incJ'usion ,of new eco,-cl.lltural tourism destinations;

3. On envill'onmental,co.ncelill1is.

• fO'rn1utatibn Workshop on Eco~Cultura'. Tourlsm PolicJes, Guideline's and Codes ,of Con~uct.;

• Coordination me,eUngs with Host POsl'and Assisting NGOs to improve destination products

. ,-1 •. 7) _ ,

'~Q;;rS'-¥ ~ l~~\ lit 1../~J-'4~ ,

Prepared by: Review,ed' by:

NI,. OLE M" LE,AN'O E ,,-li,prise, Mana,gell' A i~ ust ~tl 2001 -

G,L,E' .• _ '.lABRADO, MDA, ,ANIlJ EJeecutive J!) frecto.r

.August 31~2007

eoOOL ALlJMlCE 101" l\tON-(OQVIERNfIlEiIT o';N!ZATI0i1f5 iBANGON] ~ ,;otttllt ~r.on~c;nO-SiJS :st~,! Tg&1n1_~:t.Snl Cn,n il3:o_hdl _.

'f~_IN'o..IDjB ~.j)1·9!i1ii

~"GC»l Ew-l:~lrurillto'ufi!j~$Itt>~iJSPJ!:9 E.n"'~~M"'ni~1 .1m(l Hed!a,g~ {::Qn~>!!!">'D,1Hl.i" S"'p'p@nl~!J PB~pl'll'~.IU'fCmhg~d'.s





OONTAlEIU'1[j[i~ . cq:utITE~.p'p;in


f~' 1~t1i!Mg'IJ,P ol'ilANGOfil ~:g.C·~fttm~1 'r:oo. Am)llD"'"

I .



16000.00 ,


.pn;l9r~mC<l.t ,\dm;1'i Co.!; T;~~~ 'C<:!.urr.~;p8'!

Gfi!O'!t 10 Toial PmJ!lc.l C~1 Coor'~Dfpilft 10 TOI~l P!Ol~~ Co~1

NJirJ'fj tOT~t:31 GrBfll '

't,5IJ5 BiXHllJ' '&)'3:2.11,10 ~27.,SS'l'.20 S5',.1; '35¥> 111lJ

&Jd~.t WI~~: ,

"l'. 'i1t1[~ )I~~ Con :.Pill! 'f' in TOUIi3Ii1 A-;:I .... ~t-ElL.i,i I~~ illll21tl ~tI",h--.H:i I.i!.i¢i~i ~ubm~ have ~ be t.til'!!GJ:iikod ,tli!iJII:ii ~1~! r.({!-!-ns.~rc ~a.·fI·~i! ~!.1i~i"Ji!j:'::f ItUI ~!~~ 'POJ' 'Jitrt;~iF.i rllr'~"'PtI~ Fi:lt'lTr;:I!:I~ 1'~.,lf.p:FT1{l hi5-5,:"~ [1:14:~k!-p. '-i "I~,Q!I ~.IM.NGetf ~ ~tt',.:Dr,]~I'"' li"S"l!!IiTii·l.;:t ~a!:i~ iCfi C'..:i!~!i'\L1"''f\I:;' F::.i' Tr-l!rJ~ tl1i..!l~l.1!!iI. B!e.SiI,U"~!'!~ r~ Dr ~~Si ~ d~!:i~' t.:! !:iliJil the ';,;]!:!HiLi~s'_ .I1bw~~~r. the Toors l:iJll ~Iat ,iJnIil s~l~n~1 ehe I;::f~i! ~iJ ~~:ch ,p,:) 6LJ Ihe-nest i!l'Ki ~ar.l •• "Tl-.iey w.ii he

ilW~.d, in, ir.. A,P.I'l'l jpO"~I~,~~kltiiJi~fl'l (i~ f,~~ Tf~~Q' HOf gr.-ii9a!ld !Mo:I ~wp~~~~~ ll~f".;i lhi • .I'Q!.'-Mar ;~g!l' ;".,~. In (It.~fQ j=r i1,I;~,"'ti

£! ~ '~~:;;!II1[! l:ilill'i' tlp!:i iJl~,I.SJ:j~r:u~j1 rilm!i;:Jli!;iJ!i~!l ~[;I.i"r~ 1[;1 ~ ~~iJ~1 P ~~ a~~IS1iJl~flSi;II1I"QJ,lgll ~!!~!!i flJf..ds.1!d 1Ii~ PAC;'P'.{!L!fidi!~ ,ESCJj.P Y~r ~ P~~~tJ,i,~~!1 ,Jul~S!:lpt~. BJ;..NGOt4 ~~Cljllijr.;{l ~i#.~ ~1I.m .. ~~lic- thj]< II;n~i!kdse ~r"'fI~f~r ~D lh~ nC'W~~:rcd1 ~t.;!J I!,"!r ~!rec.i:i'}ij n~Ik~lin~, _ fl[~· ~N ~h:r.r'l.'t.:lr maebnlze .Dpp:;.i1!..ti1tiec's' f.oJ film_lliJri~ the t~iJlur.~~ '~ir'!~e

~:stm&l!it:ru wh~~' t~al~tS1i;1 y.Bil~!!i lifI the IjJJ~tiil~~ \i!ii~. .

ill.. ·Di~~.:tl~ .gil!:! r.~rnl7iNf.S' In. ~iJ!IDniJi iJi."jd ~i~Dyai'Tr!l'olt!l M'ilIi1~ w"ll b!l p:~i!JiJ~ wil!llt.i~ :ry;iJ~~I~ iJt.IMLiu~ ~ Pl\i:...AP'~FOc!~ Z,E.eoI~·f.iJI.Out'lu~ l!!uT1J1i1 ~~~!DF~Jil.Pro~ 'WfIiilreJ~GONi! i.h!Itil;3ni1ij~f:!m.! ;i@.;1,91[!~ 1IJ~To.;lI"iJ .... tI fFI.iii .... ir:r.J;l:1;i fl'J.OIIIHi!i!'l!:i(~.J,i!;H1M.o"'~,itLi"'Lii!~'1"I."~~J..iiind feea! t.lJl"i~r.;.:~:~miniJrSl iJm:!!'~fiiI~"'I'::IfNi''''ihDOO ~NjjDN,I~IirW!!~~~@@'f,j' 'nli;lSiD wi..ii ~ d' iU1~ OOO[!l. t.j'Go>t-;\SfOOiJl As~m~ Jlrod .sil~ DB~cl~J:;rL.~'Ilj,,~_k, p,P'..Ffl RiJl7_'1cl":s, C;:Jllr~Dtm[;.e. '1\\;)11;.11 jr:si~ Tf:~;!(i1 D~y f'Bit • .P.A~' g~ilJ.@1'i .. 'ii:l~. Phi~~~ g...J~I~mbillf

W~~~~f_,~lhI;fll,' " . , '~,

LC' e LC
e 0 CI
c. 0 C;
Q <:> f.;l
II"--,;: .0,.
".. I N M
IN ,.. n I' ~ 1

'" ':5 Ie , Ie
,~, , . ; • . . , " s ,
C> 'e' I <;> , , <::;:
g ei .... ,.; $' 0
:g .. ('\I .~,
e, ~ "" :
u;' N d
':' '" '"
'" '!<t
C> QI . ~ '0 . " , eo'
... ., 0' ! I:i
0 ci LLi ttl
'ot <> ~' Si. ....
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0=- m ri ri ..,
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"', lil,il~l~f' 'e
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IIJi" N ~ C'i.i ~ p'
ct' 0 , I ei
Q , , , . Q '"!
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ci loci d g d Ci =,
€II gg '" 8 ,.,.
CI <:> Q ""
I.1J ~ "" ,0 ~ ~; m
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, ~J~I
'" oq Ole Q '0 0 '10
,t;;! li1Ii~'~ '" Q ~ Co eo'
d e: 10 , .3 d
:5 I'l I~"~ e 8
; II> Q •.
f! ..: c a
... • I •

,g, 0 0 il
Q, c'
ci '" d $
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"- 0;1, c. ""'
e- ,..g ,..
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c c'
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'0 '" :12
..... '"
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~ .~ 'P> c <=> 15 gl
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'0 0 0' ..:;
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N Q. 0. N
~ ~ II> ..
.". "" oa I I C> IIfjL C> 8:
N ~ . " , '" 'g:
oIi '" :g CJ ci
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m 'c' lID "I
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... ,t'!4l ,.. I F i--I-I
:ll . ~ . ID C' ..... ... 1 I~I 01)
., I 1~ '1;1 t?; ~ '"
ci .... "" c <> ,'" c:i
~ I ...... '" C> ,:iil:l~ ' ..
'~ '" ll~ , I'P
,~ '" 11"--' ,'<I' I~ ~
,_ "ot "1 I .,.
"i 'Ol",
:5 .:; '0' 'co c 8 Q '" ! . 111~ I~~Q
'" '? i' e, 'C 10 a
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':5: c <> e I~ 0
CI ,""" ". '" C q
rif ,~I Co Cl ot I<) 15 ~ ~ '~
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... 18
fif:, ci I
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dI Q ,0
:ill '0 0 10
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i!r"" 10 1M ~'
1,1), «I:
ocI r- ~
r I'


S'OHOl .ALUANCiI~· OIF NON-GiOIVERNMEINT OR.GANIZATION cor, Hontallosas& Matig-a Streets, Ta~gbilaran City (038)50; "9516


Sh()wcasing Environ i'nental and Heritage CQIls:!!rv,ation, .Supportiil1g People's Uvelihoods iR!A!L BALANCr;:

As of Ju 11 3~, 2007

Cash In Bank As~ Cash Fund e Ito Employees Gmnt FLU rid - FSSI


DR 879,013.51_ 5,000,00



0.06 '968,000.00 55;848.15 815 .. 00

20,940.lJO ,40,00.0.,00 3;2!:H5.00 3,975.00

Q;rmmullicatton 1,865".00

P-~dpa:Mon in Visa.ya~ Trave,1 Mart 15,877 .. ,31i

~ pporJ: to Adm,il'l Operations, PiF~ject Dev!t 45; 3 7~l.a4

Carr! pul,er & Offtice Sl!I pplies 690" 30

Promotional: iM'a.teri'ais, 850.15

.... :rketing Expense 2;817 .. 00

TOTAL IP ~"""1~,O""",24:i::k,6=6=3,,,,,,21.:'

1i1erlncome --;e!ephol'lelFax Computer'& p'ninier ;' mirure &: F~xtu res

_ epared by:

Recommending Approval:

Approved by:


Mar' "e: IN~Clholfe Leana En ' rprise Manager

Executive I)i:rector

SOHOl ALl'ANCE 'OF NON~GaVERNMENT ORGAN'IZATJ()N Cor. Ho:nilanQSas. ,is;. Mafigo,-0 .Str~1£!~s. Tagb'ilaran Qily (03a:JS01.i~51 ~

BANG Ofi/J EC'O-Ctf ... RAI:.. TOURS;

,", .-,1. f, ',' ,'-.) LTU ',' '_,," "",

. Sh(!'j'ft:B!!jjil1'!gi Em,droillmental end Her'it.age Cons9rv,aEhm" SUIP'J)or.tiing PMple~ LI~BlitJo~$ BALANCE :SHISler

A'$' of 1,iIi,.iI'y 31:'j a{107


~h lin l8Iin:~ ~ Cii!!$hi IF.ulf'!d

IP {ji~;01i a.5'~



E~:eQytive Dir'fi-"to.r

[)IJe '~cy Em[1k!~t!iI!!il'

I C"Ilmlint Flbind1 l!Iill::Ji\CG

TO!iLi! UiilDlmh~'S Ana FlUn~ l3~tllliflCi!

Q .. QG EbB4.Q 13.45

P EMM 013.,51

M~n' [~, J1 i!:<h!JIJie: l.e-ailo IE; - ,rpFlise M~nager

BOH'OL ALlI~NClE OF ,N'ON"GDVEFUIIIMENT OReAN~ZATION Cor. li;ontanosas.& Matigra .Streets, "Fa.g'bil6!ran Cf1)i ,(038}&O 1.-951-6


$tl!trwc.asIOQi EnV'iral'Tlml~mtal and ~eritag~ COi1S:E:fl.!;!iian, Supp.[}ftlr.llgJ People's. l.ivelrhootl:s, ·SI:1ft11lnlii:iIi!~· of Opeta:tiQns, ahd G.hang@s in F~rtd' Bal'i;I[1Ce

As of Ju I.Y 31 i 21)07

lj .' .... r;_ ~ ~ ~


~ .vei Dir,ector'


GraFilt [Fundi - ~SS!

I' corne' From TG,,!r,s O' e. I nC'ome TOiAL.

~6S,OOl}.OO 6,5 Jt4II15 ,

IlphQ!'lel'!Elx Cern,l:Jut'i;l1 & Prlf1il~r Fu rnJMlI' &



Pai!'liclpallon in VrS;a.~aE! 'If',i''a !;!C I Marl

S p:.pon to ,A~I'rHn Ofil2lralloM, Pro ,fl.ct 0"'0"1 Comp;\l!er &. Ofm~~ SlJPPUGlfi,

Pi ,omotlonal Ma~e~'~

. 6 rketlns E:o:pe-nsilii

lo ail E'xFell'!:S~;1J,

E';(O&.a;:1l' iI;If f.l€l~nue Ovgr E':M:par'li!:l.e~ IFUfI(I F.!ala!'loe, Encl'k!$I, July 31, :2{)07

20;fl40.{lO ,t1 Ei"OOD,OO 312;65.,00 3,'D.7S,'OO' 1"B!35.o.a

15,e.n.3't 4~,579..l4 e90.30 95'0.75 2.,817.,OD

140,e'49,1'O e8:4.011~.4~ B.fiI4,~13.4S


. COf'''7Otjmn~ & Matig-.s S~t. fagi;ilaran. City·

,(03.13, ,5C)"Nl;511~

BALAtH:;E PE R. BANK' Per Checliting Ac;:ooun:~:

Add: Deposit in t~ansit Tata,l

1L~!~s: Quts.t1!lndin~ C h&ck


858,745.7"fJ 2A·,24:it 7'S


- iWCa!slliI.g. EfI!vllrn~meii1t; I anti Heritage. ConstHv'.alion I Sw pportjillg Peflph:{s lilieli,h(uJ_~


July 31 .• 2007


. .

7130.12,QQ7 #8(1;34 7,eGi Nrcc4~ ILe~Mo AD.JU'9,TED' BAN K SA-LAINe E:




. Ht;lHOL ~'lAN~J[ Qi~ ~ONM.G·{J V' 1::!J1U1.i.M ~NTtn{G;\NIUTIO'N t .INC ... -T,a~~~i~ilr.~U Cj:W

en I~{::,K :voJJ(n .. n~tt PAY~Bl; .(()iC,f).Bm%9;~ }1ic,~lMprJ

FltOJIJj:CJ'; ~ !In¥/!i: ~;;...". JF'_~ ts ' '.....,;' ".'~:;~---......_

, ,

"--4- ... ' "~ -. _'""";'.J.,


• • ... e: iI ~_'_ • __ -...-

~J.,'rn; ,,"'



, 'N1~-' CfUilDFJ!' I

, ,

, .___ ........... ~----'--~- -- ~ .. - .. -.

! '




P.repared by;



, ' 'OOJ, 7Y ~ERSr[wr

1_,' 1'"

.', .....


T·u:l~ltn e '~~.~ ="~UL1WE ~BJAS~

,CrJH JNIIOICE ~I ~'!6.l226B2~DEP

TH~ l.,·rV_f U 140'"" aUt" J, r~_~ p, I ™ ~liIk tI&Ju .3M D'.l!!'''a'~ co. ~ il(j ~n.

I. ,

. I

.. ~ .

. . [



• " I I

EOHOI. AtA[jI::t\:~CI}: (lirNON-GOVI~liNi\tl~N']" ·Ql~GANIZA"I·.H)N~" ]Nt. fBAI\KiONl-

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