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ISSN 2243-8459

9 772 2 43 845 007

9 772 2 43 845 007

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The issue
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The young
Angel Aquino is a woman
of a certain age (and that
age is 42)

What Rock Stars Do
when they don’t die

Midlife Sentences
from three writers

T H E P E R F E C T PA I R : S E E W H O W E A R S T H E PA N T S I N T H I S P R E V I E W X E S Q U I R E C O L L A B O R AT I O N .

Have a peek at his-and-hers style featuring Uniqlo’s assortment of stylish pants—perfect pairs. indeed. .T H E P E R F ECT PA I R Esquire and Preview partner on yet another style collab—this time taking sartorial coupling to romantic lengths with real-life model couple. John James Uy and Jessica Yang.



C o n t e n ts f e b rua ry 20 1 6 14 ESQ&A Margarita Forés. and Zach Lucero find peace in older age. the baddest cat on the road. Italian mothers. Manuel Legarda. 66 The Case For Fading Away When the limelight dims: Tirso Ripoll. 20 MaHB: Tech Fitness trackers are all the rage. . Kevin Roy. but do you need it? 24 MaHB: Cars Meet the Jaguar XE. 18 MahB: Drinking The most pleasant way to end the day is with the tranquility of scotch and a cigar. Jett Pangan. talks about nostalgic food. Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016. and women in the kitchen.


fall in love with four female heroines (who may be unlucky in love). 26 MaHB: Books This month. and her favorite four-letter word. 49 Notes & Essays Francis Joseph A. Cruz on film. aging fearlessly. 74 Woman We Love Angel Aquino talks about growing up ugly.C o n t e n ts f e b rua ry 20 1 6 22 MaHB: Art The return of artists Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan has the local art world abuzz with anticipation. . 27 Style Store openings and expansions accommodate the growing tastes of men. and Kristine Fonacier on forty. Clinton Palanca on friendships.


88 Snow A fictional story about things that are cold and lonely. (Kidding. and the phenomenon that is AlDub defy all reasonable explanations.) 80 In Dub We Trust Maine. by Sarge Lacuesta. 96 What I’ve Learned With Gregorio Honasan 108 This Way Out Esquire October 1972 98 Lighten Up Turn your wardrobe on its head with of-the-moment pieces guaranteed to punch up a lackluster look.C o n t e n ts f e b rua ry 20 1 6 60 How Not To Die Or your money back. . her men.


it’s that we can’t live on either poetry or revolution alone. We’re in the middle of it all. can start enjoying life. in many ways. while the middle is conducted in the prose of governance. We’ll also save that for another time. M&Ms. having been done with the beginning. Esquire is a magazine that is. But perhaps it’s the right word to use.” because it sounds so definitive. because it’s in the past tense. and instant coffee. because it’s so easy to be entranced by the extremes on either end—like revolution. and for that we have to pause and give credit where credit is due: to the editorial team that has come and gone. and who. The middle is where the fun really begins. It’s what has made the magazine you hold in your hands now a substantive publication that has truly made a mark in the industry. canned beer. It’s as if. right where the action is. and to get them due recognition. since I’ve arrived in the middle of everything. if only to avoid sounding like every flustered awards-show winner. we’re using italics to help you understand the sheer gravity of that fact. and that kind of thing makes you grow up. — kRISTINE FoNACIER PHOTOGRaPH fruHlein econar In Medias Res . about those who came and stayed through the transitions— our masthead is filled with the names of the incredibly talented editors who continue to power Esquire Philippines.b E FO R E w E b Eg I n F E b RuA Ry 20 1 6 A LET T ER FROM T HE EDI TOR Let’s save the introductions for next time. This is another problem we have with finding ourselves in medias res. Seems only proper. But if there’s anything that all of us should know from these past few decades. The middle is exactly where we want to be. Not enough has been said. and it gives you character. in a way that’s only possible when you’ve seen some shit. and weathered its fair share of criticism (some good. and to his stellar cadre of writers and editors. And—here’s more—Esquire is older than rubber tires. we only have the end to look forward to now. Part of my job will be to make sure that they get the space to keep on doing great work. but both language and human nature constantly points us to the end. Pardon my French. If that doesn’t blow your mind. But that’s just nuts. but in the middle of things. though at five years. but they deserve recognition in one way or another. but I mean that as a compliment: Esquire Philippines has taken some pretty big chances XXX 8 ESQ E SUQI RUEI R• E F •E b FR Eb UR aU Ra y R2y0 2 16 016 over the years. Colt revolvers. The middle is where it all happens. too. some very bad). however. made for the man in the middle—not on the sidelines. The middle gets such a bad rap. because an arrival is where all the fun begins— who leaves right after they get there?). it’s come into its own quite well. some bad. Lest people forget. is someone who has achieved a certain status in life. headed of course by the estimable Erwin Romulo. Esquire is itself a magazine that’s arrived. we keep getting reminded. (I’m avoiding using the term “arrived. It’s undeserved luck on my part to have come into the magazine after it’s come so far. the beginning and the end are both limned in poetry. having done so. The Esquire Man. I won’t name them here. It’s what we do in the middle parts that can really show us what we’re made of. having been launched in the Philippines in 2011 and in the US since 1933. The Philippine edition is much younger.

espresso. yet it’s incredibly easy to use and maintain. You know how time flies when you’re having fun. This is not for the feint of heart. It comes with both leather and nato straps to dress you up for any mood or occasion. Plus. The Wolf Coffee System blends substance and style as good as it prepares your cup of joe. MAKE HER A MEAL. Sure. Bringing back the good times isn’t as easy as reviving a ‘70s retro watch like the Hamilton Pan Europ. OPEN DOORS FOR HER Ladies love it when you hold the doors open for them. They designed the doors to disappear into the room’s décors. they’re not just sleek. but how you look matters too. it’ll make you want to keep up. At one touch of a button.STYLEAGENDA DATE NIGHT FANCY A STAY-AT-HOME DATE? PLAN IT WELL AND SPRUCE UP YOUR PLACE. it was one of the first auto chrono watches that decorated men’s wrists. . FIX HER A DRINK. When you do muster up the confidence to say it. cappuccino. All models are equipped with superior preservation technology and a patented Air Purification System based on NASA technology. CUP IT. Maybe having the Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mach 9 will help those three magical words takeoff and land a little smoother than you imagined. Originally released in 1971. WEAR IT ON YOUR SLEEVE HAVE A GROOVY TIME Best not to be late to your own date. and perfectly steams and foams milk. Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration took a page out of the Esquire style guide. chivalry and what’s inside counts. they’re smart too. it comes in different looks and finishes to match your designer kitchen. latte. go for it. JOE When something this handsome greets her in the morning. and macchiato. IT WON’T LOOK LIKE A LAZY/LAST-MINUTE IDEA WHEN YOU AND YOUR KITCHEN ARE ALL DECKED OUT. AND TAKE YOUR SWEET TIME. Plus. it produces professional-quality brewed coffee. It meets the standards of even the most demanding home barista. Especially when they open up to reveal what’s cooking.

at the New Delhi Photo Festival in 2011. he re-explores his country through his own travel documentary show. and wrote about it for Rappler. Having lived in Spain for a number of years. and most recently at the World Events Young Artist Festival. PJ Caña is a writer at Forbes Philippines. For this issue. Today. Margarita Forés for ESQ&A. and India. and Travel+Leisure. 10 E S Q U I R E • F E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 . PJ is a live music geek and writes for other numerous publications about the biggest concerts in Manila and abroad. came out with Landscapes. A big fan of the Before film series. “Family Ties. Sonny shot this month’s story on rock stars in their midlife. Thailand.” his on-going project documenting the lives of his family in Manila and Ahmedabad. Sonny Thakur is a travel photographer and the Photo Editor of GRID Magazine. she interviews Asia’s Best Female Chef for 2016. a book compiling his short stories and earlier works for children. Korea. and with restaurant reviews for other publications. His hard-hitting personal work has won him awards in multiple ASEAN competitions. What I See. under CNN Philippines Lifestyle.b e fO r e w e b eg I N f e b rua ry 20 1 6 T HI S MON T H’S Contributors Francisco Guerrero shoots for numerous international clients in travel and lifestyle. Lori Baltazar is a food writer. Geric Cruz discovered photography by accident when his uncle gave him a Polaroid camera in 2006. China. Clinton Palanca has won awards for his fiction and in 1998. was featured at the 2nd Singapore International Photography Festival in 2010. Geric’s unique voice in photography has placed his pictures in several exhibitions in the Philippines as well as art shows in Australia. Her website Dessert Comes First also spawned a book of the same title. Clinton wrote about friendship for Notes and Essays. Denmark. he ventures into food writing with his regular column on Inquirer Lifestyle. he once retraced the steps of the characters in Paris and Vienna. cancer conqueror and one of the country’s top food bloggers. In this issue. such as Condé Nast Traveller.

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“whAt i’vE lEARnEd” EsqUiRE. MARch 2004 .Man at His Best FEBRUARY 2016 “Make the best of every moment. We’re not evolving. We’re not going anywhere.” — dAvid BowiE.

photographs by sonny thakur 14 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 ESQUIRE: How are you feeling a week after the announcement? MARGARITA FORÉS: I’m still totally flustered. She said. bUt bEIng namEd aSIa’S bESt fEmalE chEf 2016 waS REally thE InEvItablE oUtcomE of a pRolIfIc caREER. and womEn In thE kItchEn.” That’s a very lofty description but I want to ask you. why do you think that now is the time that [more] people—maybe the world—are receptive to Filipino cuisine? MF: I think that largely it’s because all of us Filipinos have decided to just be united in this whole effort to bring the country forward. And aside from that. ESQ: Part of the official description of the Asia’s Best Female Chef award states. and about how wonderful we are as a people. ESQ: Since you mentioned it. But I think that consciously we all just decided to become one. Maybe because it really came as such a surprise. Maybe my work also with pushing Filipino cuisine forward abroad.MaHB ESQ&A Margarita Forés It may havE comE aS a Shock to hER. at global fairs and events. Margarita: Why do you think you won? MF: Apart from just having done quite a number of successful food concepts and quite a bit of catering for 30 years. and they were both pictures of me still in shock. I think it’s also helping the awareness even just here in our own country with pushing for organic produce and sustainability. ItalIan mothERS. not jUSt aS a REStaURatEUR. about how great our country is. get our ingredients more globally known. It has affected pretty much all aspects. “This award celebrates and rewards successful women who have risen to the top of the gastronomic world. For Antonio’s to get into the list last year was really a door opener for us in the industry. and to feel strongly about ourselves. It’s pretty much like going up the ladder with that . that got a lot of attention. It’s largely that as well. I think it’s really partly also the advocacies that I’ve been working on in the last decade. That’s why there’s been a turnaround. bUt aS an advocatE foR local cUISInE and homEgRown IngREdIEntS. Breakthroughs in tourism really only happened in the last two or three years. The reason why we haven’t gotten into the list any earlier than that is also because people didn’t come to Manila very much. It also started with my work helping the Filipino farmer get his products noticed. so it’s really been kind of like a steady climb to get to Philippine cuisine. For the longest time. our sense of identity was always muddled and we all felt very differently. Lori BaLtazar talkS to maRgaRIta foRéS aboUt noStalgIc food. “Can you stop with this disbelief thing?” But I’m still feeling that way. The winner’s cooking must impress the world’s toughest critics and venerated chefs. My sister called my attention because she saw my two posts on Instagram on the second and the third days.

JP ANGLO FEASTS ON LOBSTERS IN ISABELA. Jerome Gomez. it’s up to us to decide what needs to be done. August 2015 July 2015 MAN AT HIS BEST April 2015 ISSN 2243-8459 9 772 2 43 845 007 04 ISSN 2243-8459 Happy Father’s Day! On the cover: Fernando Poe Jr 9 772243 845 007 ISSN 2243-8459 07 2 2 4 3 845 007 ISSN 2243-8459 SINK YOUR TEETH INTO OUR FOOD AND DRINK ISSUE. It’s Time to Bring The Beatles Back MAN AT HIS BEST August 2015 September 2015 20 Years of Summit Media MAN AT HIS BEST June 2015 MAN AT HIS BEST July 2015 MAN AT HIS BEST May 2015 FERNANDO POE JR.l / b etios http://bit. 06 Tributes by Erwin Castillo and Lourd De Veyra featuring rarely seen photographs spanning five decades on screen 05 We named Karen Davila the Sexiest Woman t. We sat down with Senator Grace Poe. KARA ORTIGA HUNTS FOR DOG MEAT IN BAGUIO. BON APPETIT! SAYS GOODBYE TO FAST FOOD. COLEEN GARCIA SUCCUMBS TO HER GUILTY PLEASURES. Lualhati Bautista.8HK7HO(&'+ MAN AT HIS BEST CWhY^(&'+ MAN AT HIS BEST December 2014 . Beyond rumors and hype. and of course. JOSÉ ANDRÉS REVEALS THE FUTURE OF FOOD.JANUARY 2016 PHILIPPINES PHILIPPINES PHILIPPINE PHILIPPINES PH PHILIPPIN HILIPPINE ILIP IILI LIIPPIN LIPPINE LIP LIPPINES LIPPIN L IPPIN IPPINES PP PPINES P PINES PIIN P PIN IN NE ES MAN AT HIS BEST ST S T OCTOBER OCTO TOBER 2015 MAN AT HIS BEST SEPTEMBER 2015 The Case Against China MERRY CHRISTMAS! Justice Antonio Carpio and Lourd de Veyra debate the Scarborough Shoal His Excellency Vice President Jejomar Binay welcomes you to our Meaning of Life issue NATIVE TONGUES Excerpts.W VWLPHWRWKLQNDERXWWKHIXWXUH December 2014 January 2015 11 ISSN 2243-8459 THE CURSE OF THE JUAN LUNA PAINTING page 84 9 7722 43 845 007 03 THE STORY OF A FOOT FETISH page 58 9 772 2 43 845 007 ISSN 2243-8459 THE DESIRE ISSUE . Drugs. Essays. Sports.” But we shouldn’t be. isn’t what it used to be. Tech. and the Dictatorship 9 772243 845007 November 2015 December 2015 January 2016 October 2015 After Almost 50 Years. ..” ISSN 2243-8459 01 April 2015 March 2015 MAN AT HIS BEST OCTOBER 2014 February 2015 PHILIPPINES 44 CLUSIVE Q UI R E E X 44A N E S SSUE: IN THIS I ENCLOSED ONGS ST NEW S THEIR FIR DECADE IN OVER A The future. Et Cetera by Ricky Lee. Fashion. http://bit. Welcome to our special Best and Brightest issue. who might just be headed for a bigger role in all our lives. THIS IS 02 ISSN 2243-8459 9 772243 845 007 THE N TRANSFIGURATIO OF JOHN LLOYD CRUZ OTO G R A P H A N D A RT BY G E LOY C O N C E P C I O N THE LOVE COMMANDOS OF INDIA’S UNDERGROUND page 92 THE BEST NEW RESTAURANTS page 67 HOW TO BE A MAN '87(57( “IF I WERE PRESIDENT. as they say. Norman Wilwayco. June 2015 May 2015 MAN AT HIS BEST ST <.ALL-YOU-CAN-READ Start your Ookbee Buffet subscription for only UNLIMITED access to P179 and get and other magazines each h bit. AND RICKY CARANDANG. GETS DRUNK ON TEQUILA.January 2015 GENTLEMEN. But maybe that’s a good t. and Pete Lacaba ★ SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION An Interview with FEATURING PIOLO PASCUAL AND STORIES FROM THE DAYS OF DISQUIET RAISE YOUR GLASS. Anything’s better than the prospect of things staying the same. LUIS KATIGBAK CARANDANG WHO GUEST EDITS THIS ISSUE. Sex. 7KH QH[W oYH \HDUV DUH FUXFLDO :H NQRZ real change has to happen. 9 772243 845007 ISSN 2243-8459 9 Your Guide to Where to Drink Now 9 772 2 43 845 007 SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY A Martial Law Love Story DECADE UNDER THE INFLUENCE Disco. We’ve become used to “the way things are. We invited ten of the country’s leading minds to map out some possibilities for the QH[WoYH\HDUV We also received reports from the year 2019 on the future of ookb etandroid ro roi WHAT TO WEAR NOW 40 PAGES OF NECESSARY STYLE MAN AT HIS BEST DECEMBER 2015 . JEROME GOMEZ DIVES FOR UNI IN it. edited by David Guerrero. LONG LIVE THE KING This was her reaction.. ESQUIRE TURNS FOUR! FRANCIS TOLENTINO ON EDSA P200 P200 ISSN 2243-8459 ISSN 2243-8459 11 09 JASMINE CURTIS-SMITH DECLARATION OF WAR Pete Lacaba’s Prometheus Unbound 08 and of course. 9 772 2 43 845 007 Bite Me.

They’re equally as successful as the men. ESQ: They say that the best restaurants are the ones that not only offer good food. I’m just humbled [by] having had the opportunity to wave the flag at those events. At the same time. ESQ: Why is it that you felt this attraction to Italian cuisine as opposed to New York. it’s because the doors have opened for them. and just winning the award is a hugely empowering statement that you make. so it’s really quite overwhelming. I guess the judges take notice. when I was introducing something new to the Filipino diner. I feel that that’s mission accomplished. and is there anything else you wish they could be? MF: I’m glad that I was a purist when I started. The judges are from all over Asia. After all. Is it easier now to be a female in the kitchen or are there challenges still? MF: Thirty years after I started. but also offer the diner new perspectives and an education in that regard. So I wanted to be able to give them a run for their money at that time. It was that whole sort of Studio 54 vibe in the ’80s. and this is what we’re made of. It was the first time I had a cream-based pasta with truffle and salmon and it was a very fresh spinach pasta. ESQ: Has winning the award proven something to you? Like. From the days that I was just cooking with one or two assistants. going to Italy and really doing an immersion was the best way to do that. And 16 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 I think those were the ones that really made an impression on me. the level of sophistication . but from the parts that were not so known. ESQ: What made you come back? You could’ve stayed in New York. I don’t think that the population of Filipino judges is very large in the group. It was in midtown and it was that kind of experience that made me want to go and learn more about Italian cooking.MaHB ESQ&A advocacy. I guess going to the root. I’ve always said that I’m not a planner. I wanted it to offer value for money and I wanted the food to be really authentic—the way they do it in Italy. I had no Filipino friends at that time so I was also forced to learn the language. and I think that that’s really what helped. But I think that. how has the Filipino diner changed. And for women to choose that industry. It doesn’t have to be the normal route. in 1997. created by a Filipino. the industry is about feeding. time to slow down. We’re nurturing and that’s what makes us different from men. That says a lot about how far my team and I have reached and that you can actually take a different path to success. I was in Italy those four months—it was a very short time but I was by myself so it allowed me to be a sponge. In [all your] years as a restaurateur. Because at that time. and people were paying a premium for these businesses that were making money in the Philippines but basically sending out their franchise fees abroad. It made me feel like this kind of lifestyle was something that I wanted to bring back home and share with Manila. there are more female culinary students now than there are male. It was a very memorable experience trying it for the first time. It’s really the females that allows us to be successful in this industry. My mother had a really wonderful circle of friends that made an impression on me. And judging from how the industry is in the Philippines alone. ESQ: You are a female and the first Filipino to win this award. There were little pizzerias that were very modern. no longer the red and white plaid tablecloths and the Chianti bottles and the ceiling concepts. It was just maybe providential that it was the Italianization of New York. Eighteen years down the road.” or “Yes! Mission accomplished!” MF: I guess. I also wanted it to be able to offer a concept that was homegrown. or even Hong Kong? Why not Chinese cuisine or New York cuisine? MF: It’s really funny. starting out that way. but the time for me that was most memorable growing up in New York was the early ’80s. mission accomplished. because the Filipino diner is so welltraveled now. That’s been a fact in the last two years. Things kind of just fall into place all because I just follow my passion. MF: It was largely that feeling that I had where I wanted to bring what I enjoyed most from my Italian experience and bring it to the Filipino market. “Okay. it just says that you can do things in a very untraditional way and get to the top of any industry. where you spent a lot of your formative years. This was a restaurant that my grandfather would take us to almost every Sunday. I was very clear: I wanted it to be in a mall setting. They were more Milanese in style. the TGIFriday’ses and the Hard Rock Cafés were making a killing. carrying pots for myself and starting to cook in people’s homes. Margarita. It’s starting out without having had any formal training. And I remember when I started Cibo in 1997. I think that the playing field for women in the industry now is [even]. putting the concept together. And I was also having the best time of my life in New York. There was a mushrooming of very nice modern Italian restaurants that were untraditional.

or food personalities that influenced our thinking then—people like Tita Nora Daza. I mean. organic herbs. Maybe if Filipino cuisine had a gender. february 2016 • eSQuIre 17 . What else? A good burger! I love a good burger patty. What is your favorite province in the Philippines? MF: I guess it would have to be my home. Being able to give homage to our heritage and to really be proud of that part of me. green beans. and about how wonderful we are as a people. I don’t even measure. And it dawned on me that maybe that appreciation came after my Italian experience. and Doreen [Fernandez] with her writing. Negros has always been the pioneer for pushing organic produce. maybe the eurekas. because it’s such an old culture. and then 18 years with my first restaurant. Because the combinations of the ingredients. It’s home cooking. because in the end it’s a business. So it’s a great time to be in the industry and it has also forced me to re-engineer my whole way of thinking. And one more dream: open a Filipino restaurant abroad. I guess I eat pretty much everything but maybe that and sea cucumber. Maybe go on an eating trip with my son. how could you have thought of that without some help from the heavens? When you imagine the flavors together. “Okay. Apart from a good bowl of pasta. we’re gonna use the clean squash. the most celebrated chefs from 30 years ago are mostly female. the alugbati flowers. “No substitutions please. I think that it’s the work that I do with Emilia-Romagna that is closest to my heart at the moment. We haven’t done my one-on-one trip with him to Italy yet. we realize it grows like weeds in our garden! I think that is also partly what has caused this newfound attention that Filipino cuisine and Philippine produce is getting. I create the flavors in my head. I imagine the tastes in my head and then I have the team help me execute it. I always say this. it can blow your mind. ESQ: Is there anything that you don’t eat? Or don’t like to eat? MF: Umm.. your product comes out more expensive than others. I remember when I started. the wood sorrel that Noma used to use a lot. What I know of it mostly is Cantonese food and Shanghainese food but I guess. MF: Exactly. Because I’m not a technician in the kitchen. The goodwill that Cibo received through the years when we started first doing our squash soup with organic squash from Negros. So Filipino restaurants took the cue. she would be female. the first opportunities I had to cook in Malacañang. So that’s what I wanna do. I’m like that. but it was worth sticking our necks out and being pioneers with that kind of movement.” ESQ: And even to some Filipinos as well. Because those were the vegetables that appeared in every plate that came out of a hotel restaurant. and frozen peas. Because I guess that they have the monopoly on the best ingredients and the iconic products that Italy is known for are from that region. you try to think. Do whatever you want! I’ve had to rebrief the staff in Cibo. It would have to be Negros. I really love good Chinese food. or bulaklak ng kalabasa. maybe? A little bit. that the food cost jumped a little bit because of it.” And we are now at 80 percent organic greens. I think that that’s what’s also driving the new discoveries in the ingredients side for all of us Filipino chefs. ESQ: When you cook. what is the creative process for you like? MF: It’s in my mind.. When I cook. And the way the industry has boomed in the last decade… I’m proud that I’m part of the industry and that I was part of it from 30 years ago. and organic vegetables whenever we can at Cibo. all the more the diner is so educated. I remember when I started with Cibo. What do you want to do? Do you want to just rest? MF: Yes! (laughs) That too. ESQ: How would you describe yourself as an eater? What kind of food do you like to eat? MF: I’m actually a creature of habit. That was very difficult when I started Cibo. it’s like God whispers them to me. about how great our country is. let’s jump the fence. As a matter of fact. We would have it brought in by boat and really take a stand and say. our vegetables are exotic for a foreign palate. The most wonderful thing was that he just wanted to come home and be with me so that I could get well as quickly as possible. what is your favorite region in Italy? MF: Oh boy. Because nowadays. there are also so many other parts of China that would be nice to discover food-wise. you have this newfound awareness that. It was hard to defend that with my co-owners and family in the beginning. the menu had a notation in the bottom that said. MF: Exactly. at that time the side vegetables were carrots. That’s really what I want to do this year with him. I’m gonna put you on the hot seat for a while by asking. because they knew I think that consciously we all just decided to become one. just like Italy and just like the Philippines. You know. I appreciate that as much as a perfectly executed pasta.” for the ingredients that were put together in every [dish]. I’d always have to say that my most favorite dish is still buttered rice and talangka. abalone. or sigarilyas. much in the same way that Italian cooking is. The famous chefs are [people like] Tita Glenda Barretto. ESQ: Okay. I had to put that on hold when I got sick. the pansit-pansitan. or our native talong… ESQ: I think we might even accuse you of being bakya back then if you used those things. Nowadays.and expectation of the Filipino diner is absolutely world-class. but even other Asian countries have taken notice of what Negros has done. soon after my thyroid cancer episode and it was really the choice to go that path even if it affected the bottom line because I always felt that success and the benefits from the business don’t always have to come in the form of peso signs. Because then. Oh dear… Although I started my love affair in Tuscany. everybody’s doing it and it’s great because it also helped the farmer sustain their businesses and at the same time. But maybe Chinese cuisine [also]. ESQ: Margarita. You would never find heirloom rice for that matter. “Hey. It’s the nanay’s and the lola’s cooking that encapsulates what Filipino cuisine is all about. how has your being a mighty two-time cancer conqueror reflected on your food. And Artusi hails from there. but I think choosing to promote those ingredients very early on… I started it actually in Cibo 10 years ago. ESQ: Okay. allowed the prices to come down a bit. It’s been 30 years from when I started working. particularly at Grace Park? MF: It’s really the newfound respect for clean ingredients. It all starts in the head. it says a lot. Not only do other regions in the Philippines look up to them for what they’ve done in that aspect. ESQ: What about what Margarita wants to do next? Not the female chef who just won an accolade. it’s more costly. And if you think about it. and to feel strongly about ourselves. finding the purveyors and the farmers who have chosen to take a path that’s a little bit more difficult.

Once the sun dips low enough. 18 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 1 . Barely two months old. and there are great seats at the bar and plush little coves to lose hours in. offers itself as a lush. You’ll find a lot less leather. discreet haven to down the water of life. it’s a fine time to hunker down for a treat. warmed with wood details. The ineffable tranquility of a good smoke. and a choice cigar or two. Discovery Primea’s cigar and whisky bar. There is nothing stodgy about the place. by NayNa katigbak photographs by tammy david A good lick of fire and ice down one’s throat. but the exclusive feel remains—cool interiors are softly lit. untouched by current trends and outside noise. Relaxed elegance comes to mind. fRagRant cIgaRS.MaHB Drinking The Pleasurable Quaff and Draw fInE bRown SpIRItS. tImE SlowS down at 1824. they’ve done away with the Old Boy’s Club atmosphere. It feels like a place where decisions are mulled over and made. and chEERy nIbblES. 1824 (named after the year the first license for single malt distilleries was purchased).

to mIdnIght. frozen vInaIgrette reStS on a bed of Ice. Islay. 1824 offers well over a hundred varieties of single malts and whiskies—Speyside. It hits a bliss point. or a rich. For something sweet. excellent with your whisky. 1824 IS open from 4 p. cut and lit to your specifications—whether you prefer an efficient butane torch for a quick february 2016 • eSQuIre 19 . 2 a plump fIneS de claIre oySter wIth Shaved. try the warm chocolate truffles—dusted with vanilla sugar. A mix of Cuban and local cigars housed in a custom humidor are offered tableside. The celebrated pairing of cigars and a good dram of scotch work very well in making time slow down when you need it to. should you be in an explorative mood. one pour at a tIme. 4 a cuStom-made humIdor houSeS a wIde SelectIon of cuban and phIlIppIne hand-rolled cIgarS. and Highland. along with an array of fine wines and liquors. crunchy on the outside and with oozing dark chocolate on the inside. Whisky flights are on the menu. pIck your drInk and cIgar and SIt back for a SpecIal coze. plump Fines de Claire oysters in a tangy vinaigrette. they’ve done away with the old boy’s club atmosphere. dIScoveryprImea. toasty grilled black truffle sandwich with dressed greens on the side. the reasonable prices are a good reason to keep coming back. mondayS to SaturdayS. but try their small bites: chilled.m. which is not such a bad idea at the end of the day. tour the beSt of the ISleS. Salted nuts and mixed chocolate nibs are served with your order. and savor. Lowland.2 3 1 1824 IS a fIne place for a wee dram or two. whether you’ve come for contemplation or spirited conversation. 4 there is nothing stodgy about the place. smoke. 1824 invites you to sip. or one of their specially made cedar spills. 3 not Sure where to Start? flIghtS are a great way to enjoy 1824’S wIde whISky SelectIon.

Garmin Vivosmart [2]. But my god. It’s just a fancy bracelet and a subtle way of saying: “Hey people! I’m making an effort to be sexy!” Which I guess isn’t such a bad thing either. And this was exactly my mood on Christmas morning. if you’ve actually grown accustomed to a decent fitness routine. I finally unboxed some fitness trackers from their mint packaging and fiddled with them in confusion.” Pretty shitty. But one thing the fitness trackers do is get you hooked on numbers. Your iPhone can do the same.MaHB tech BOOTY CAMP Do wE REally nEED fItnESS tRackERS? by K ara Ortiga illustratiOn by jaO san pedrO On Christmas day. connect via Bluetooth. how the hell does this work? I’ve never used a fitness tracker before. While the bracelets do their job in taking note of your movements. or a necklace.060 steps. to boxing. In choosing your fitness tracker. whether you pop it on a rubber band as a bracelet. get a fitness tracker. if you’ve got no one else to rah-rah you to booty camp. If you need someone to encourage you not be such a slob. The Jawbone UP is the most masculine. Sleek and trendy. and then back to square one. I’ll be in a good place. I like most the Misfit Shine. get a fitness tracker. I only clocked in a pathetic 432 steps today. Something which. . lighting up when you prompt it to give you an update. to Crossfit. I have tried. to Bikram yoga. your fitness tracker is bound to do that for you. I tested three brands: Jawbone UP 24 [1]. after having two bowls of beef bone marrow soup. compared to yesterday’s 1. Because this wearable tech can now quantify how much activity (or inactivity) you’ve been doing. If you’ve been on a diet since age 13. Some apps are easier to digest (I like Misfit’s simple graphs and easy-to-use interface). your regular iPhone can do too. non-judgmental. just a thick rubber bracelet that wraps around your wrist. quieter. I have found quite by accident. you have a good sense of discipline. On that note. get a fitness tracker. I’ve never even been successful enough to integrate a legit fitness regime into my life. But once in a while. The overwhelming thought bubble in my head being. and the Misfit Shine [3]. while others have too much going on. It’s like the more mobile. If you need a friendly reminder to get rid of the beer belly. I’m a serial polygamist when it gets to sticking to one (exercise): going from dormant. I’ll adopt a fitness routine with my game face on. fitter version of yourself. or a keychain. Almost everyone is wearing one. Otherwise. I really don’t see the need for one. it looks decent too. and you are able to juggle a balanced diet. First thing I noticed was how nice they looked. believe me. a circular tracking device that lets you choose how you want to wear it. Seems like a lot of steps to get your number of steps. and how the application interface looks on your phone. The Garmin Vivosmart looks 20 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 more like a digital watch with an LED screen protruding on the top. and sync the data with your phone. you decide based on two things: how it looks as an accessory. you really have no excuse. A quick look at the app before you sleep gives you an idea: “Wow. I find it odd that these modern-day trackers won’t really let you track anything without a smart phone. you can’t actually see any of these details until you’ve downloaded the app. Point is. The way the data is designed and disseminated varies.


aRtIStS alfREdo and ISabEl aQUIlIzan aRE REady to Show US thEIR nEw woRk—and wE’RE ExcItEd.MaHB ART Rules of Engagement aftER bEIng away foR yEaRS. by devi de veyra photographs by jl javier 22 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 .

“Engagement is a key element in our work. communities and the audience are invited to engage proactively in the production of the artwork. Their inclusive art form resonates with a wide audience due in part to their concepts presenting familiar experiences that everyone goes through in their everyday lives. The space provides the opportunity to rekindle ties.” For this year’s Art Fair Philippines. 1 “In most of our installations. Isabel admits that it is an interesting phase. and his statement resonates poignantly in their practice. Alfredo and Isabel have been traveling back to the Philippines for a special reason. “we tend to use everyday materials as a strategy for the audience to relate and interact with the artwork as the material itself and the object becomes the signifier of meaning.” Alfredo Aquilizan says.” Isabel explains. Each piece brought with it individual stories as rich and colorful as the materials themselves. Apart from their preparations for their exhibition. and because of this. communities and the audience are invited to engage proactively in the production of the artwork.” Alfredo sees the situation as nothing new. there are mumblings about the art scene’s commercial slant. such 1 2 the mabini art project IS an exhIbItIon that attemptS to manIpulate our perceptIon of mabInI Street art by reconfIgurIng thoSe paIntIngS In thIS InStallatIon. “edIfIce” IS a work of 500 pIeceS of mabInI oIl paIntIngS mounted on wood.” Isabel says. citing historical parallels when artists created commissioned work for their patrons. and it is important for us artists to make sense of what it’s all about for us to be able to question and respond to the system. and both look forward to this major outing—their first in four years. we feel that there is a need for us to sift through it. perhaps through the work that we produce.” as Isabel puts it. accompanied by registrations of their former owners’ dreams. “Our interest lies in the fact that this matter will always be a part of the deal and the dynamics of art-making. “In most of our installations. and their participation in Art Fair Philippines 2016 is highly anticipated.I m ag e S A RT FA I R p h I l I p p I n e s Artists Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan (a husband-and-wife tandem known in the art sphere as The Aquilizans) have been away for 10 years. The couple is laying the groundwork for The Fruit Juice Factory. For an installation titled Dream Blanket Project.” Their work also delves into a sticky subject—the state of the local contemporary art scene. this time collaborating with an artist whom Isabel says “was often overlooked and regarded as inferior to many. The couple has kept busy with exhibitions all over the world. it compels us to work on the idea of our domestic concerns and everyday experiences within our community and translate these into an art form. “Perhaps we can say that it just came forth unaffectedly and in a natural manner as we have been working as husband and wife and at the same time raising our five children. blankets were gathered and reassembled in neatly folded stacks. The couple’s choice of materials is also a key component to their art with Alfredo saying that. Alfredo and Isabel will be presenting a project that they’ve been working on for the past seven years. While it’s never been as vibrant in so many years. and to continue with their collaborative practice. “Our reason for involving communities and audience members to participate in artistic projects is to ‘create communal experiences’ and thereby ‘formulate meaning. adding that “there is so much going on and in a very fast pace that we have to react in one way or another.” 2 as royalty and religious institutions. “a place basically for engagement.” Alfredo explains. creating powerful experiences for the viewer as well as the participants of the project.’” february 2016 • eSQuIre 23 .

coupe-like roofline. We found this out the hard way. Thinking back the following day. ang 24 e S Q u I r e • f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 6 The Jaguar XE sedan is a dangerous car. That red badge and an engine vent in the front fender that reads “R-Sport”—those are overt clues that this XE is tuned for driving. The headlamps are tucked low. with a furrowed brow courtesy of the swooping hood. I couldn’t accept that it was my fault. then carved out a little bit of our shin. Those. The grille is an understated black rectangle framed in chrome. It certainly looks the part. The face that Jaguar prefers now is a beady-eyed scowl. Now it’s two in one day. Embedded within is a grinning cat surrounded by red. . and the sedan’s long-slung stance. The first was courtesy of its low. the second by way of an angular air vent oddly sticking out of the dashboard. as it first gave us a hard conk on the head. I regularly get in and out of different cars and don’t get a scratch. all Darth Vader evil especially in the dark gray paint scheme. are a firm invitation to party. with large 18-inch wheels poking out from the fenders. It had to be the Jag.MaHB CARS Taming the beast Jaguar Xe IS determIned to be a bad cat by Jason K.

By far the greatest source of entertainment in the XE is in the driving. The turbocharger spools up quickly and provides instant gratification. Park yourself in the Jaguar’s cockpit— mind the roof and the air vent on the way in—and you feel like you are integrated into the car itself. the XE uses a newly-developed monocoque chassis. Rather than use an existing design. There’s a small rear spoiler. rises to the occasion. The leather sport seats are firm and supportive. That responsiveness is baked into the Jaguar XE. Which provides quite an entertaining experience for the driver. and side power vents are all specific to the R-Sport. the engine emits a subtle growl at idle. you won’t want to stop. The default choices in this segment are all German: solid in both construction and perceived value. and a more responsive driving feel. to use a bad James Bond pun. The XE continues that theme. parking sensors on all corners of the car. then providing a prototype car to the latest Bond villain. Jaguar seems to relish its antagonistic image. The XE may have been a pain to get into. The Jaguar XE is the company’s bid to take a healthy chunk of the premium compact sedan segment. The XE provides a healthy challenge by using a lighter chassis. side sills. first proclaiming that “it’s good to be bad” with a trio of British actors in its Superbowl ad. The steering is quick and responsive. and backup camera. Engage sport and the 2. but once you’re behind the wheel. Push it and the rotary shifter. and it can integrate phone and streaming functions via Bluetooth. It grows louder quickly and disproportionately with each small prod of the accelerator. which is lighter than steel. even outside sport mode. It grows louder quickly and disproportionately with each small prod of the far the greatest source of entertainment in the Xe is in the driving. The audio system is controlled by touchscreen. The payback is that the XE has the acceleration feel and agility of a sports car. making it lighter than some rivals. thanks to the tuned electric power steering system and sports suspension. The engine emits a subtle growl at idle. and not just grafted on. Its flagship XJ is also built on an aluminum frame. The front bumper. In the XE. That frame makes intensive use of aluminum. These include automatic dual-zone climate control. All the expected creature comforts are standard in the XE. The starter button flashes red.0-liter turbo revs more quickly. building on Jaguar’s experience with aluminum. february 2016 • eSQuIre 25 . 75 percent of the chassis is constructed from aluminum. all anger and tension. and aluminum tread plates on the doorsill. like a pulse. They’re trimmed with a combination of leather and mesh fabric.

her series of marriages (her latest husband is a successful playwright. Caution.” “She burned with desire. then as a woman desperate for home and security. and then as a woman prided as the Nazi ideal of womanhood—whose fanatic devotion for the Führer compels her to usher her children into the bunker for certain death. to the revolving uprisings in one’s country. we once again meet a cast of characters caught in love affairs rendered forbidden by duty to one’s family. The prose is fraught with fantasy. walking back and forth under the sun like a beast. The Last Lover has been translated from the Chinese by Annelise Finegan Wasmoen. Where I had been viable. carelessly callous with her emotions. rash and loving I was now an accomplished bitch. Meike Ziervogel—founder of the independent Peirene Press. hoping that she will be tossed aside by it. about the life of Magda Goebbels. This novel was the basis of a 1964 film of the same name. Winner of the 2015 Best Translated Book Award.” .” “The world was suddenly bathed in light that made everything transparent. so that she no longer needs to think for herself and can thus be released from all responsibility. haLf a LifeLong roManCe Meike Zier vogel Magda The steady publication of the English-language translations of Eileen Chang’s oeuvre has been bringing her lushly romantic and politically subversive brand of literature to more and more readers. psychedelic. overwhelmed. and her ever-growing brood of offspring—all make for dark comedy. creating and emptiness in which my own emptiness might survive.” all bookS avaIlablE at natIonal bookStoRE 26 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 “—longing for this storm to arrive. all of it real and precise. The quiet language brings to the fore impressions of Ang Lee’s Lust. Blending historical fact and poetic license. we meet the wife of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels first as an illegitimate child. casually unfaithful with nannies and starlets). In Half a Lifelong Romance. which specializes in short fiction in translation—has written her own novel. fractal-ridden trip through the messy and all-toointertwined relationships of wives and husbands and mistresses and sometimeparamours. ignorant. this novel takes the reader into a lyrical. to one’s social caste. eileen Chang “You learn nothing by hurting others. you only learn by being hurt. by SaSha martinez illuStrationS by alySSe aSilo Th e Pu M Pki n e aTe r The LasT Lover Penelope Mortimer Can Xue The vividness ascribed to the unnamed heroine—with her diagnosed hysteria. But only until our nameless narrator turns the tables on the reader and goes right for emotional rawness.MaHB BOOKS Femme Fatale a look at foUR fEmalE hERoInES and thEIR UnUSUal boUtS wIth lovE. and the plot energetically meanders with the characters’ hapless but always vivid journeys toward love.

you can start building a life surrounded by the most beautiful skins right here. and yes! Anything is possible in the hands of their artisans. and now. jackets to bracelets.M O D E L C A R L O K AT R E C O M O D E L S G R O O M I N G M U R I E L V E G A P E R E Z G R O O M I N G A S S I S TA N T J E F F D E G U Z M A N I N T E R N A LYA N A C A B R A L Style FEBRUARY 2016 IN THIS SKIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY PIA PUNO ST YLING BY CLIFFORD OLANDAY Make your way to the recently opened second level of Hermès. Hermès. is a wider selection of clothing and accessories for men. silk button-down shirt. so much so that if they could make everything with leather. yes (it’s a decorative objective). A sweatshirt in croc? Did it. where. Jardin d’Osier wallpaper. Makati City. including various applications of leather. Greenbelt 4. . The manipulation of animal hide is the French house’s expertise. and cotton crepe shorts. In fact. they probably would. from loafers to briefcases. amid the now-available furniture and homeware (get your leather-trimmed portable lamp here). they already do. A double-zip hoodie in watersnake? Done that. A bicycle? A pink elephant? A ball cap in buttery-soft lambskin? Yes. Second floor. Lambskin leather cap.

fasten your shirt with a lambskin clasp and secure your watch with a scratchresistant barenia leather strap. and Arceau Chrono watch with barenia calfskin strap.Style It’s all in the details: At Hermès. Cotton shirt with lambskin leather collar tab. 28 E S Q U I R E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 . cotton jersey T-shirt. Perspectives Cavalieres wallpaper.

including ours. Pantongraphe reading floor lamp and Lanterne d’Hermes FEBRUARY 2016 • ESQUIRE 29 .When a leather jacket is crazy soft and crazy light—which is what sets an Hermès piece apart from the rest—it makes it possible to wear in whatever weather. Reversible lambskin leather jacket. cotton button-down shirt. cotton gabardine trousers with zip details.

while an office vignette seems like the perfect work station for the design-conscious executive. luxurious silk-and-linen blends. Details were considered to give Hermès clients an enjoyable experience. Shelving and drawers are also an option. . A fabulous collection needs a spectacular home infused with the Hermès spirit. features (apart from men’s wear) its fabulous Maison collection. A baby section is filled with things for the stylish junior set. The French brand commissioned Paris-based Rena Dumas Architecture Interieur for its interior design. cowhide. Hermès offers a range of materials for the panels’ covers. The dining area features tables and chairs by Jean-Michel Frank—a prestigious re-edition coveted by serious collectors from all over the world. and Etriviere barenia calfskin bracelet.Style Hermès indulges its fans with the expansion of its flagship store in Greenbelt 3. A sweep of the interior space would reveal a striking wall installation designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. Stepping inside the boutique is pretty much like walking into a well-appointed and tastefully decorated home. News of his collaboration with Hermès caused ripples in the design world. it’s more about a rarefied lifestyle. Fine china and tableware accompany the quaint setting. The new 160-square-meter extension. they invite you to take that delicate and special experience home. a covetable line of immaculately crafted furnishings and accessories that bear the French hyper-luxury brand’s impeccable cachet. A storage coffer in canaleto wood. Its holding structure is made from aluminum and features a grid of H-shaped forms on which various panels upholstered in exquisite skins can be attached. Ban. while Brazilian teak wood floors give the space a luxurious yet cozy ambience where guests can leisurely examine and appreciate the Maison collection’s exquisite offerings. poplin cotton shirt. Huge windows allow for ample light. giving customers the freedom to craft interior architectural details unique to their personal spaces. including crocodile skin. and with good reason. and pure cotton. Over at the living area. Antonio Citterio’s grayed oak-and-leather sofa faces Jean-Michel Frank’s parchment leather-covered coffee 30 E S Q U I R E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 table. Hermès isn’t just about design or prestige. With the Maison collection. cotton gabardine trousers. lined with bull leather draws the eye—it features hidden compartments that slide languidly with a gentle push. cotton and abaca. Lights by Michele de Lucchi and crystal and porcelain decor from the La Table Hermès collection are scattered about for easy viewing. created a series of panels that can be customized for walls or used as dividers. the 2015 Pritzker Prize awardee.— DEVI DE VEYRA Natural calfskin leather jacket. found above the original store.

And when made of calfskin. a leather jacket will outlive you. flannel-and-wool cashmere trousers. FEBRUARY 2016 • ESQUIRE 31 . and Steve bag. the garment will look even better with use as it gains patina over time.There is a good possibility that with care and a bit of luck. Sellier chair. and even your children’s children. cotton jersey T-shirt. Natural calfskin leather jacket. your children. which wears no protective coating.

There’s the thrill of the chase—in the quest for a sport coat. 32 E S Q U I R E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 M O D E L C R I ST I A N D AT R E C O M O D E L S G R O O M I N G J OA N T E OT I C O H A I R M A I CY G U T I E R R E Z Style . That’s what men look for in a retail establishment—a shop where they can discover pieces that are difficult to come across or unlike most others. More and more stores are keen to provide men with what they seek. but you like to shop. or a pair of shoes that no one else has and which took ages to find.TAKING STOCK Three new shops accommodate the expanding tastes of men. BY MIGUEL ESCOBAR PHOTOGRAPHS BY MAGIC LIWANAG You don’t often allow yourself to admit it. And because of this thirst for shopping. a white shirt. It’s easily half the fun of dressing well. options are expanding. and you’d be damned if you said you didn’t enjoy it.

685). Among the newest is Calvin Klein Platinum—a label launched by creative director Kevin Carrigan in 2014 as the part of a reorganization of the company’s portfolio.985).685). and shades of gray are the dominant colors across their current offerings (with occasional blues). the house has long branched out into several sub-labels. T-shirt (P10. Opposite: Cardigan (P23. and the classic.985). FEBRUARY 2016 • ESQUIRE 33 . and pants (P14. merino wool. While CK is better known for its underwear and jeans (not to mention its famously risqué advertising campaigns).CALVIN KLEIN PLATINUM You’d be hard-pressed to name brands that are as globally iconic as American fashion and retail titan Calvin Klein. more modern side of the classic brand.485) and shirt (P14. SM Aura. cashmere. and pants (P17.985). Platinum identifies itself as a younger. and silk. Black.385). the men’s wear collection offers timeless silhouettes in contemporary cuts and luxurious Italian fabrics like alpaca wool. Taguig City From top right: Sport coat (P32. With clear influences from high fashion’s present infatuation with sportswear and athleisure. The brand stays true to Calvin Klein’s proclivity for the traditional. while at once being current and decidedly urban. the essential. white.985). shirt (P12. Expect to find clothes that are simple yet exquisite on your visit. Leather jacket (P64.

Consider Michele Chan. they’ve mastered it. “The brands that we chose all specialize in a particular item. Their fearless selection of quality-first brands has done well to bridge Europe to Manila. and has better workmanship.” Michelle explains. Makati City 34 E S Q U I R E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 . with a premium on quality and uniqueness.Style TRYST STUDIO People have never taken to travel as much as they do now. and is now expecting to bring in more brands in the new year. Spain. priced above the High Street range but well below the popular luxury brands—just right. “I feel that European fashion is more classic. Greenbelt 4. The priorities that tie Tryst’s brands together are clear: they’re all relatively hard-to-find specialty brands. [Europeans] value these things. and Robert Friedman is another Italian shirt company that combines Italian elegance with American style (these are their three most popular men’s brands). and one noteworthy effect of all this exploration is retail inspiration. In a way. less flashy. Since their early pop-ups and residence in Myth in Greenbelt 5. Tryst has been quietly building a following. Her selections do give that impression: Incotex is an Italian label that specializes in trousers with impeccable fit. the food retailer who was so captivated by Europe and European style that she decided to bring brands from Italy.” she says in praise of the culture and clothing she brings to Manila. original prints. It’s all they do. Germany. and France to the Philippines through the new multi-brand lifestyle shop Tryst Studio. Barcelona-based Koike carries shirts in playful.

595) by Robert Friedman.995) by Castañer. and hat (P3. shirt (P8. bowtie (P2.Right. scarf (P4.495) by Bailey. hat (P3.495) by Bailey.595) by Incotex. FEBRUARY 2016 • ESQUIRE 35 .595) by Koike. shoes (P6.095) by Bailey.995) by Castañer. pants (P11. Opposite: Shirt (P8.995) by Altea.295) by Robert Friedman and hat (P2. clockwise from top left: Shoes (P6.995) by Incotex.695) by Altea. Right: Shirt (P7. and pants (P12.

the web-only store that carries bags and accessories you won’t easily find anywhere else.900) by Gnome and Bow.400) by Gnome and Bow. 36 E S Q U I R E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 . Today. Once the demand made itself clear. And because there’s no one to assist you right away in a virtual store. which narrows down products based on what you need. a Canadian brand of bags that entrepreneur and frequent traveler Hans Fernandez decided to peddle PHOTOGRAPHS (PRODUCTS) PAUL DEL ROSARIO Laptop folio (P16. Hans puts durability and longevity on a pedestal when selecting his brands. and function. their product mix seems straight out of an explorer’s wet dream: backpacks made of superstrong quanta fabric from Venque (ideal for adventurers). “We understand that people have different needs. We’re all looking for products that are of high quality.000) by Archival.500) by This is Ground and wallet (P1. Take Urban Traveller & Co. And while the Filipino man has only recently grown accustomed to buying things online.Style From top: Backpack (P10. “The Filipino man is becoming more and more discerning about the items he carries every day. military-grade duffel bags from Bomber & Company.250 on notebook) by Natsu. among others. URBAN TRAVELLER & CO Ours is an age defined by the Internet. messenger bag (14. and you will be faced with a forest green portfolio.” urbantravellerco. and backpack (P16. Hans took in more brands of the same kind of goods: all utilitarian essentials of high quality and design. It started with Venque. and weather-resistant. durability. web-based stores have been gaining ground against their brick-and-mortar counterparts. the site has put together a Lifestyle Curator. Hans notes. slim wallets with hidden flaps (for large bills) from Bellroy. and we want to help match our customers with the perfect carry items.” he says. Choose “minimalist” from the menu.

+852 2442 1433. BY NICOLE LIMOS Hong Kong: InItIal Steampunk meets Asian dandy. a modern rendition of the Native American leather and other swanky finishes. Jingumae Shibuya-ku. consider these style destinations. More than just a punch of graphic. these visuals are statements of whatever question Tisci may be exploring. If you are still on the fence about putting on a print. but nothing beats the mothership in Omotesando. Holiday Inn Shopping Arc. too. Shop and eat. embroidery. whether it was a snarling Rottweiler. releasing a one-off collection inspired by the more elegant jacquard motif of a club tie. Gyre. Ramesh Bhojwani (he’s been making madeto-measure pieces for men around the world for over 40 years). lapel pins. He can also have them shipped right to your door for a minimal fee. it would appear that you are covered in a flourish of dots). exTras Variations of coats. +852 2721 6061. exTras Hats—there is one for every look. adventurous. The lowdown BangKoK: SSaP Born in New York and now based in Bangkok. Can you be provocative? Are you a sinner or a saint? Are we all prisoners (like JC)? Heavy. anyone? Gin and Milk. whimsical. Tisci reworked the idea into something more abstract and applied it on wearable pieces like. Prints Please You can never say that Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy is afraid of prints when much his work has been powered by iconography. Little Cloud Coffee. but its premium price point dictates otherwise. BesT BeTs The reversible jacket—camo on one side and black or olive on the other—is on its way to cult status. Greenbelt 4. even with such a quiet design (from afar. The brand has turned a subculture into a fashion empire in Hong Kong. ONE (OR FIVE) FOR THE ROAD For brand-new threads (including a custom suit that’s made in a few days). +81 3 5468 5424. Avail of custom-fitting. Invest in outerwear. BesT BeTs The layering pieces in subdued palettes. this men’s wear label. this is a fine way to dive into the fearlessness of prints. The lowdown Hong Kong: new CreatIonS CuStom taIlorS The lowdown Its sartorial staples with impeccable fit will make it hard for you to return to the world of ready-to-wear. FEBRUARY 2016 • ESQUIRE 37 . offered at friendly prices. this cult brand incorporates camo patterns and Thai techniques in fabric dying to create streetwear. or fun—to an extent? Or that you are just trying this for now? Whatever it may be. Causeway Bay.” we would. benjaminbarker. Here. with boutiques scattered around the plush shopping districts of the city-state. with the micro pattern on its wool side and a clean wash of black on its nylon half. and then pick up your orders before your flight back to Manila. for example.” which even utilizes natural dyes or Sea Island cotton that’s known for exceptional softness. as well. or the passion of Jesus imprinted like a ghost on the sweatshirts and overalls in his latest spring collection. plus accompanying accessories. a reversible bomber jacket. +66 2 658 1000. 532 Jaffe Road. suspenders. and leather footwear. from graphic tees to hoodies to track pants. BesT BeTs Dress shirts in a wide array of fabrics and prints will please your inner preppy. ties. earning it a cult-like status in global streetwear. right? For men who might not be ready to wear such statements emblazoned on their chests. jackets) with all your requested details. Tsim Sha Tsui. ToKyo: VISVIm The lowdown This premium men’s label is known for mixing Native American elements with modern Japanese sensibilities in traditionally crafted and detail-focused garments. Each piece boasts of the brand’s unique construction and “vintage craftsmanship. suits. Tisci extends a helping hand. Makati City and ShangriLa Plaza East Wing. which also houses their first café. luxe sport coats. exTras Boardroom neckties to go with workwear button-down shirts. BesT BeTs If we can say “everything.AND NOW. or cardigans that are sure to last a lifetime or its famous. Everything echoes a vintage feel that makes the most polished guy look even cooler. Mandaluyong City. where it was founded over 15 years ago. Or wear your workday uniform but carry the printed briefcase. Tip: Drop by the shop on your first day in the city and have yourself measured by the owner. BesT BeTs An eclectic but elegant suit will make you believe in the power of clothes to make things happen—whether in the office or on a night out. can be finished in a few days. orders (bespoke shirts. exTras The brand is available locally. exTras Denim track pants. Wear just the jacket or just the trouser. we fully support the compromise of breaking the suit. And what does this pattern say about you? That you are playful. offers an ultradapper wardrobe. Singapore: BenjamIn Barker The lowdown Founded by an Australia-based Singaporean. from monogramming to collar and lapel rolls. sneaker-soled FBT moccasin. and pants can be embellished with an equally deep collection of accessories: pocket squares. jackets. shirts. They’ve expanded into homeware and a dining concept. Siam Center. a collage of Bambi and a nude female form.

and each reflection has been rethought so as to offer a contemporary projection of Vacheron Constantin’s ancestral expertise. each sporting a caliber measuring just 5. precise (tourbillon). each characteristic. circular graining. bevelling. nearobsessive perfectionism—that it took to create such a thing of beauty and precision. These new calibers are naturally adorned with various finishes: mirror polishing. the last two in platinum. regional managing director for Vacheron Constantin. and more beautiful. “When we talk about design.” It took seven years to create and launch the Harmony collection. simplified at a single press (monopusher). and the collective effort—driven by extreme. The Harmony collection deviates from the popular round shape by adopting an alternative cushion shape for the case. and a chronograph (also with a smaller version in 18k pink gold set with 84 diamonds—the first ladies’ chronograph for the brand).” says Sorensen. each curve.” All seven watches in the Harmony collection follow the form of the 1928 wristwatch. because it’s unnecessary… to spend so much time laboring over a watch. although the hand-designed numerals are all original fonts. or offset (dual-time). Nonetheless. each line. The new models also bear a dedicated . the generous lines of its cushion-shaped case accommodate medium complication and grande complication calibers with differentiated time measurement. but more for their artistry. and that whole process. whether sequenced (the chronograph and split-seconds chronograph). the monopusher chronograph with pulsometric scale from 1928. heartlinked (pulsometer). “each detail. but we also think about the future. and the Côtes de Genève stamp. Why else would you spend the equivalent of a cool car or a cushy condo on a wearable accessory? “There is a very absurd dedication to the highest level of quality that sets apart a certain brand. which is composed of seven limited edition watches meant to celebrate the 38 E S Q U I R E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 260 years since Vacheron Constatin’s founding by Genevan master watchmaker Jean-Marc Vacheron. and that’s what would really make it turn on its head. Vacheron also created the world’s thinnest self-winding split-seconds chronograph (only 10 individually numbered watches. of course we look to the past.” says Ellen Sorensen. Originally a medical instrument. “It’s very artistic in the way that an artist will work hard to search for something beautiful. Color-coded watch hands are reminiscent of a vintage watch. the pulsometer chronograph enabled doctors and nurses to take fast readings thanks to the chronograph hand showing the pulse rate after 30 beats on a graduated scale. Vacheron Constantin is in the practice of sculpting time.20 mm thick) and a tourbillon monopusher chronograph (only 26 watches exist). the world’s oldest watch manufacturer engaged in uninterrupted activity since 1755. timepieces are no longer purchased simply for their practical function of keeping time. and more beautiful… and make something that the world will like. Apart from presenting dual-time watches (including a smaller version in 18k white or pink gold set with 88 diamonds).Style TO INFINITY More than the mere measurement of the hours. By Johanna PoBlete These days. in a reinterpretation of one of Vacheron Constantin’s earliest wristwatches.

your own tradition with that watch. Opposite: The seven limited-edition watches of the Harmony collection celebrates the 260 years of Vacheron Constantin. we had the Philippine map at the back. Mandaluyong FEBRUARY 2016 • ESQUIRE 39 . From experience.) Other special aesthetic touches include the column wheel screw and the chronograph gear shaped into a Maltese cross. Previously. It has no battery. you’re really buying a piece of history. Today. something that’s alive. Sorensen says it’s either a specific technical tweak to the complication or a type of Métiers d’Art.” he points out. There’s roughly a 50-percent markup depending on how complicated the project will be. engraved on the caseback is a commemorative inscription. for hundreds and hundreds of years. that’s why most people would buy limited edition pieces. Lucerne had partnered with other brands to commemorate their 25th and 30th anniversaries. Finally. (The engraving is found on the oscillating weight.000 watches every year. managing director of Lucerne. we want to keep it special. because it came from the pocket watch chronograph—but that watch is easier to make because it’s a bigger case. whereas this one is miniaturized.” says Emerson Yao. scrolling pattern. “The first chronograph in the world is a monopusher. the chronograph bridge or the balance-cock of these models. Lucerne and Vacheron are currently discussing a collaboration on a limited edition watch exclusively for the Philippine market. their refined design makes it more a practice of sculpting time than mere measurement or timekeeping. they create only 28. bespoke pieces that are literally works of art can also be commissioned via Vacheron Constantin’s Ateliers Cabinotiers special order service. “It’s really to showcase their watchmaking skills that they can produce this kind of unique—few pieces only—watches. a motif known as fleurisanne engraving. “In fact you’re creating your own history.000 watches annually.” says Yao. in time for the former’s 35th year anniversary in 2017. Maybe a unique case?” For the discerning few. so we’ll probably continue on with that tradition.” says Yao. among other luxury watch brands. and a panel will have to approve your design. like the color of the dial. An early model from 1928—a monopusher chronograph with a pulsometric scale—served as the inspiration for the Harmony collection. it’s a unique keepsake to be handed down the line. the local distributor of Vacheron Constantin. Shangri-La Plaza Mall. In the past two editions that we had. “When buying a watch like Vacheron Constantin.” Lucerne. never mind if the detail is hidden from view. He cites the new-generation monopusher as an example. because that’s the closest you can get.” says Yao. “Limited edition watches are always interesting for the market… but we don’t do it every year. because it marks all the significant occasions and memories in your life so you want it to be marked by a very. very good brand. something that you can hand on to the next generation. It doesn’t have to go all the way to a Vacheron.From top: Vacheron Constantin has been engaged in uninterrupted activity since 1755. Either way. but some people would use a Vacheron. the brand’s emblem. we’re trying to find a way to highlight the 35… it might be a bit tough. it works from the motion of your hand. “There will be some unique features in the watch. “A bespoke piece costs quite a lot. like a picture that you want to have incorporated. and it will last forever. inspired by the arabesques adorning the balance-cock of the oldest pocket watch signed by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755. Vacheron Constantin crafts only 28.

another excuse for extravagance. For the man at the giving end of this spectrum. they will remember the occasion of birth with fondness (instead of just pain). With approximately 250 pieces on exhibit. LET THERE BE ROCKS What she really wants is a piece of happiness—preferably shiny. VVS stones are pretty sweet. Then comes marriage. when they look at their glittering baubles. it usually means the ring. At the Tokyo National Museum. it is the first retrospective of this scale to be held in the country. West for delivering North West. it is tradition to mark the passage into a new stage of life. with some sort of token. The Art of Bulgari: 130 Years of Italian Masterpieces chronicles the evolution of the legendary jeweler through approximately 250 pieces. well. And so throughout history men have been honoring women with the gift of jewelry. By CLIFFORD OLANDAy What is jewelry but a pleasure directed toward women? Consider the push present. that ultimate token a woman must accept in order to accept him. Then comes the push present. from birth to motherhood and beyond. While the retrospective is a gem-encrusted biography of the luxury titan. and the stack of gold bracelets Kanye West gave to Mrs. After all. pushing out a baby into the world. too. it also tells little stories about men and women. CONtINueD . which have been gathered from the company’s archives as well as private collections. In the future. that can mean anything from a delicate necklace with a pendant of her birthstone on her 18th birthday to a gold watch inlaid with a smattering of diamonds for Christmas or Valentine’s (this month—do not forget). It is the token that husbands offer to their wives as a thank you for.Style The Art of Bulgari: 130 Years of Italian Masterpieces is staged at the Tokyo National Museum. Those who object argue that it is overindulgent. 40 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 while a bouncing baby is reward enough. Then comes the baby. If mankind had one great social media account. For a woman. the engraved earrings Marc Anthony presented to Jennifer Lopez to celebrate the arrival of their twins. while those who have no problem receiving a post-delivery surprise figure that. its feed would be littered with all sorts of jewels shining a light on the happy faces of women. The mommyverse’s reception to the growing trend has been mixed. Notable examples include the bright blue rock Jay Z gave to Beyoncé for the birth of Blue Ivy.

a 125-carat sapphire inspires her to mount it on a geometric garland that moves like a water’s cascade. the serpent-shaped necklace (bottom right).” she explains. Other times it is unclear. generous volume. ‘What are you doing here?’”). the Diva necklace inspired by a Japanese kimono (top right). often talking to them (“I ask. Bulgari pieces exhibit daring experimentation. Sometimes the gem speaks. In whatever form.Observe Elizabeth Taylor’s sautoir with a Burmese sapphire (center). and a unique combination of colors. until.” she muses. the spring-mounted floral brooch that quivers at every movement (top center). and so Silvestri spends hours and hours playing with gems.” We do. “I hope you can feel that behind the jewelry is a passion for our gems. A Note on Emotion It is all about feelings. at least. It is something like a love affair. that’s what Lucia Silvestri looks for when figuring out what to do with each and every stone she encounters as the creative director of bulgari Jewellery. say. “I can see that the gem is talking to me. or the cosmic Buddha pendant (leftmost). but it’s not in the right way. february 2016 • eSQuIre 41 . It has to have great passion inside. and so we re-cut it. “It’s something that you have to feel.

but how they make you feel. The couple first divorced in 1974. presented a Trombino ring to his wife Leonilde for their engagement. Exhibit Number One: bulgari Octo Mono Retrogradi. and for this very reason. you still have “. We imagine they made her happy. Makati City Throughout their tempestuous love affair. Maybe she just felt giddy about having a monster-size sapphire hanging from her neck. for the occasion of their wedding. And if they had children. is a true luxury. Taylor’s personal collection. and then divorced for a second time in 1976. “I love this watch because it recalls a dashboard. 42 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 A Note on Luxury a bulgari watch is a luxury watch. in an elegant scrawl. For their engagement. during the epoch of Art Deco. in 1932. here is Exhibit Number Three: bulgari Roma finissimo. Richard Burton lavished Bulgari jewelry upon Elizabeth Taylor. points out fabrizio buonamassa Stigliani. Then there is the violet-eyed beauty herself. together with a brooch of emeralds and diamonds. And how. appears as if it was made of light. in his own words: “Works very well.” and if you prefer something stripped down. Maybe she thought about Burton every time she wore them. “you have to manage in a very careful way all the details in terms of materials and design. She kept the presents. on her wedding day in 1964. not at all confusing to read. The man knew of her appetite for jewels and thus spoiled her with trinkets from Bulgari every chance he could. Giorgio Bulgari. there was a necklace of emeralds and diamonds. But not even all the diamonds in the world could hold a stormy relationship such as theirs together. Burton chose a sautoir with a 65-carat Burmese sapphire. It remains one of Bulgari’s most successful creations. drawing thousands of admirers. we’re sure this would be a longer list filled with spectacular pieces of thank-you jewelry. and it’s for me. it must be timeless.” That. but they’re sure fun when the sun shines. director of the bulgari Watches Design Center.Style continued Like how. “[D]iamonds won’t keep you warm at night. There were more and more. We’ll let Stigliani describe this. And therein lies the real worth of jewelry: It’s not how much they cost. Greenbelt 4.a beautiful mechanical watch—unique with the bulgari taste [and] bulgari materials. in 1949. Though its elements are unconventional—a single hand that sweeps across the minutes in a 210-degree arc and a tiny aperture that reveals the hour—the watch remains very much elegant and. The actress wore this yellow chiffon dress. Top right: A limited edition digital watch. The commemorative edition. the intelligent watch that keeps sensitive information safe in an underground bunker somewhere in the Swiss alps. Her wedding dress. she wrote: “Wear it with love!” For their wedding in 1964. there was a ring with a Colombian emerald.” he says.. It didn’t work out. son of founder Sotirio. well. the couple chose their rings from a shop of great renown.. Pretty cool. his favorite watch. To celebrate her 40th birthday. It would be interesting to develop these kinds of things. The trumpet-shaped. cannot be discussed without mentioning her torrential love story with Richard Burton. inscribed with Bulgari Roma on its bezel. but if you’re not interested in data management.” These kinds of things also include Exhibit Number Two: bulgari Magnesium. It reminded him of Taylor’s vivid eyes. the Via Condotti flagship store of Bulgari. my friend. designed by Sorelle Fontana. got back together for a second shot at marriage in 1975.” Taylor famously said. “I am a former car designer so I have these elements in my mind. iced-out piece. is also part of the exhibit. Of course. which Taylor later described in a letter addressed to its new owners (it was auctioned to benefit the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation) as “the first piece of jewelry that I received from Richard Burton.” At the bottom of the page. . Hollywood movie star Tyrone Power and actress Linda Christian (dubbed the “Anatomic Bomb”) arrived in Rome. Perfect on the wrist. maybe most important. with its characteristic central stone flanked by baguette diamonds. translates the mastery of volume inherent in all bulgari jewelry into a dizzying slenderness.” Stigliani adds. which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the original Roma. was a Christmas gift to the jeweler’s top 100 clients in 1975. Noted jewelry collector Elizabeth Taylor had one. which is said to be one of the greatest in the world.

joining high school varsity teams. His childhood days of growing up in San Francisco ended gracefully after playing college ball in Sonoma State University. Another sneaker geek who started with the same passion is Erick Goto. lead guitarist of the bands Sandwich and Chicosci. to name a few. bringing with them the now ubiquitous swoosh and three stripes. ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT SNEAKERS P h o t o g R A P h S ARTU NEPOMUCENO (CARAISO) ANd FRUHLEIN ECONAR (ALCARAZ) Why do men love their kicks? Blame it on Jordan.” Jeffrey recalls. Peter’s jersey and very short shorts. The history of their passion starts with playing ball in tsinelas or black leather school shoes before getting their first pair of Jordans or Chuck Taylors. he was an eager grade-schooler who wore a green-andwhite St. This is what most sneaker lovers would say.Style “The culture that has been established in the basketball world in the last five years has been the love for sneakers. This carried on in the following decades as new names came along. “As a Filipino. That was when coach Chuck Taylor joined the Converse company in the 1920s. a designer for Nike who is based in Los Angeles. he had a skating phase and donned Etnies. His rise to basketball stardom began when he got drafted by the Alaska Aces in 1995. “I just wanted to get on the court and play. Nike Air More Uptempo. he played on makeshift courts with his friends by attaching hoops to trees or electric posts. At the time. “The shoes I wore to play in during that time were the Nike Air Max Penny.” says Mong Alcaraz. where he was named Rookie of the Year and won all championships in a Grand Slam during his sophomore season. playing with grade school friends after classes. The first trainers that went on to inspire many sneaker silhouettes were made for the sport. As a kid. and the Nike Air Swoopes. BY ALYANA CABRAL They say it all started with basketball. It all started with discovering local barangay courts. It was the earliest case of sports star endorsement for sneakers. The history books would say that the sneaker culture really did start with basketball. so halos lahat ng bata naglalaro naman talaga. he plays basketball again in his village with his neighbors. and watching Michael Jordan soar through the air like a god.” says former PBA player Jeffrey Cariaso. but insists that he wasn’t really picky about his shoes. which also started the high-top All Star’s journey toward becoming a court staple. Today. And just like the professions they would grow up to pursue—whether as a basketball prodigy or a gifted musician or an artist extraordinaire—the passion for sneakers begins with the hobby of collecting before it ultimately becomes a way of life. Later on in his college days. FEBRUARY 2016 • ESQUIRE 43 .” “Filipinos eh. Former PBA player Jeffrey “The Jet” Caraiso was one of those ’80s kids who used to rock Chucks on the court.

Style basketball was the sport I grew up loving. “there is a big hype machine [nowadays]. He is responsible for the Philippine flag-inspired Lebron 12 Low. Mong Alcaraz. Flea was in Jordan 4s. It wasn’t long before the brand and its competitors extended their relationships to hip-hop artists and celebrities. On the other hand. which were influenced by hand-painted local courts. Mong’s parents bought him Jordans when he was younger. At the time.” says Jeffrey. lead guitarist of Sandwich and Chicosci. The same can be said about shoe collecting in this white noise age of overhyped designs. Ever since then. Might as well pour your heart into it. superstars were being immortalized by footwear giants. banig weaving. It helps to be aware of how we fall victim to certain sneaker trends and whatnot. “Sonic Youth were always in Chucks.” Now. But before sneakers became the epitome of cool. Kurt Cobain was always in Jack Purcells. Nike expanded their repertoire to include more athletes. it was always a big deal. rap group Run DMC were just getting ready to release their hit single “My Adidas. I remember teammates and friends rushing to the nearest Foot Locker to make sure they copped their pairs. and shoes were just part of that culture. the sneaker collectors were born. Erick was also one of these kids who always pined for the latest Jordans. and religiously kept up with new releases every year. Thus.” Mong says. and the price was inconsequential because there’s only a hundred pairs available. And after all. Besides the superstar endorsement tactic and the exclusivity of shoe models with different colorways. as well as the Kobe 9 EM Philippines’ idiosyncratic elements.” For Jeffrey.” he says. Nike jumped at the opportunity to etch his silhouette onto a pair of kicks. But back to Jordan: when His Airness shook the basketball world as an unparalleled player (and starred in an animated Looney Tunes film to boot). and the kicks that once dwelled on the courts now ruled the streets and even the runway. “It’s really about what you like. while others for the hype. Consequently. Run DMC were in Adidas. The Jordan wave in the ’90s was a phenomenon that was a blessing for then-rookie players like Jeffrey.. People rush to the shoe stores and fall in line early to make sure they get their hands on the latest Yeezys. “I still remember my visit to local courts as a young kid. Technological advancements meant the proliferation of designs and the improvement of the shoe. It’s something that galvanizes a community. everybody wants to be cool. Some would collect for pure passion. every time he got good grades in school. including a Nike Hyperdunk Marty McFly. Basketball isn’t just a game for Filipinos. Eddie Vedder was in Jordan 6s. owns over 600 pairs of sneakers. “Be authentic. Like all other kinds of collectibles.” Mong goes on about how he remembers the little things about his idols. which served him well since his second year in the league. There is even a “rock-and-stock” phenomenon where “people [would buy] two pairs—one to play in. 44 E S Q U I R E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 “Whenever the latest Jordans came out. and the fanaticism surrounding their personas were carried over to the shoe itself. as well as the rise of sneakers’ social media fame. And I wanna be cool.. . I experienced all of that. Hence.” Erick used his childhood experience as inspiration for his designs. The superheroes that have christened sneakers with their own names are slowly becoming myths whose personas we either worship or forget. music and fashion have never been more strongly intertwined. and the tsinelas. Growing up. it was bought by people because they wanted to wear the latest Jordan out there.” Erick advises about sneaker design. his favorite. Everybody wants to be seen wearing the latest of the latest. these things last us for years. the Beastie Boys were in Adidas. this was the extreme of shoe collecting. it’s more about building a relationship with a pair of shoes than worrying about the colorway release you just missed last year. More sneakers named after popular celebrities were being made. Pearl Jam came out in the MTV Awards in Air Huarache Mowabbs.” which fostered the connection between hiphop and sneakers throughout the rest of history. Kids looked up to him like a superhero. the frenzy reflective of the sneaker community becoming more and more deeply ingrained into our culture. and the other to collect. “Because they look cool. and began to give out sponsorships.” as Mong put it.

a comfortable place to linger with a cup of freshly brewed coffee—or a glass of whisky. Opened in 2013. wine. elevating the no-frills cut and shave to an art form. CONTINUED so we spent about a year ingraining that idea in our minds. Tailoring had potential. if you please—while waiting for your appointment. TIGLAO PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL DEL ROSARIO There isn’t a dictionary entry for “barberdashery. located along a side street in Makati. BY MANICA C. or beer. partners Marco Katigbak. Felipe and Sons feels luxurious and inviting at once. THE NEW WAVE There’s more room to grow in the world of barbery as evident in the expansion of Felipe and Sons. I guess we always thought [barbershops] could be done differently. Gone are the days when the definition of the modern gentleman equaled offhand selections of hairstyles and clothing as the grooming industry continues to thrive and in turn fuel an appreciation for better services in more refined surroundings.Grooming FEBRUARY 2016 The split-level space of a former bar has been converted into the second location of Felipe and Sons. “It was just always a topic of conversation. Small details like just having updated magazines in the store—these were things we noticed and talked about. Felipe and Sons kickstarted a renewed interest in revolutionizing grooming for men. Dark and masculine. “We never knew that we would open a barbershop.” FEBRUARY 2016 • ESQUIRE 45 .” Canivel suggested integrating a haberdashery into the concept after they had found the space.” a term that describes the barber shop-slash-haberdashery that is Felipe and Sons. so we thought about what else we could do with it that would work with a barbershop.” shares Katigbak. And perhaps that’s a good thing. Buoyed by the success of their first store. and Martin Warner recently set up shop in Ortigas. Paolo Canivel. as it’s given the partners behind the grooming establishment the freedom to run free with their idea of what a barbershop should be. “It was big.

“Grandson. Part of the and where Felipe and Sons’ services— from haircuts to luxurious shaves. His grandmother eventually picked up on Dado’s attentiveness and remarked. but with curls. there’s a risk of making hair more frizzy. barber to a bevy of NBA players and hip-hop A-listers. but two of the hardest hitting trends that have given the industry a boost are the 4am fade created by Scott Ramos and the highborn by Diego Elizarraras. where the barbershop is located. pants. Espinosa is meticulous about consultations prior to cutting hair. “My market eventually became those with curls.Grooming cONTINuED Their remarkable foresight and attention to detail have wrought a beautifully thoughtout space in their second location. They’re professional barbers and tailors who are experts at what they do. we want the total experience to be the notable difference. “The challenge is that each curl has a mind of its own. “Every barber has a different technique.” The Guam-based. and that led to this journey.” Dado specializes in razor and clipper cuts. a barbershop and retail space fashioned with brick walls and vintage cast iron chairs—Felipe and Sons puts as much a premium on great design as it does on its range of offerings. U. “We take it very seriously when customers aren’t satisfied. Inspired by other barberdasheries abroad— including Baxter Finley in West Hollywood. particularly in using a tool called the T-liner. Vargas Avenue corner ADB Avenue. a two-story establishment that concurrently serves as their office headquarters. “Thinning shears should be used at the stylist’s discretion.” . “Our focus has always been the customer experience. and you can do a technically correct haircut. is the transportive experience that sets apart the establishment from your neighborhood barber.” El Pueblo Real de Manila.” Dado says. and use of hair products. But the second floor will also draw you in: Here. with tailors and consultants on hand to create custom button-down shirts. before making her way to New York working on and off Broadway.” Dado notes that trends in men’s hairstyling come and go. because while it takes weight off curly hair.” Katigbak says. J. These days she is back in Manila as the resident stylist at Felipe and Sons. Eventually she moved to Hollywood. The second floor is dedicated to Felipe’s made-to-measure tailoring service. Most of the action happens on the first floor. BARBER Dado’s fascination with barbery dates back to his monthly trips to the barber as a child.” she says. rows of tailored shirts are on display alongside suites that double as a fitting room and a private space for VIP clients as well as visiting barbers from around the world. “In urban barbershops overseas. when you come to the shop. Best for sharp fades seen on the likes of David Beckham and Michael B. alcoholic accompaniments optional—are offered. you have a chance to sculpt and shape hair. Katigbak compares local barbers to “rock star” barbers like New York’s Rich Mendoza.” Well-versed in various types of scissor work.” Katigbak says. suits. Philippines for all of January to showcase his linework and creative takes on fades at Felipe and Sons. Beyond aesthetics or services. taking into consideration her client’s lifestyle.S. Jordan. but there are also others that have the potential to stick around for a long time: “There are many right now. and that’s how it all started.” LESLIE ESPINOSA. after all. The general consensus is that curly hair types are best maintained with scissors. overall style. the T-liner gives the neck and sidebar “that extra crisp look.” she says. “We remain flexible in case customers want something off the beaten path. The haberdashery is a onestop shop for those keen on building a bespoke wardrobe. The brands that have inspired us ever since are Starbucks and Apple—how they’ve evolved their industries and how they interact with customers—that’s always been part of our DNA. it can’t be done with clippers. one day you should open your own barbershop.” she says. Felipe and Sons empowers both barber and client. I combine different styles and techniques that I’m inspired by. or when we feel like we didn’t reach their Buzz or Snip? A barber and a stylist weigh in on the techniques and trends in the art of cutting hair. From top: Maintain your shave and haircut at home with specialized grooming tools and products. “It stuck in my mind as a kid. “We tell our employees not to see themselves as laborers. says. we can accommodate that. where she trained to be a dancer. who was in the 46 E S Q U I R E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 expectations. You have to give your clients hope that they will look good after visiting you. you have to get in there with your hands to sculpt. Ortigas Center.” he says. EARL DADO. A good haircut gives men confidence.” To accomplish that. like if they have a unique fabric they want to use. the ones making the name for the shop are the barbers themselves.trained barber. “Point cutting is another technique for curly hair. as it allows the stylist to treat each curl individually. “I found my way to the hair and makeup department because I wanted to be involved somehow. It’s in the details—in this sense. felipeandsons. and other clothing pieces. STYLIST Espinosa’s path to hairstyling began in performing arts school.

Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale Colonia (P4. Here are the scents that can lead you in the right direction. Expect a lot of compliments. One more thing to like: This comes with a blessing of longevity and wealth. RefReshed Imagine walking through a hiking trail surrounded by evergreens or rolling on a bed covered in pine leaves and citrus peels. Now. Jimmy Choo Man inspiRed It’s the smell of your hands after tearing up a bunch of green things.750 for 50ml) ChaRismatiC Is it really surprising that the shoe company responsible for setting off a woman’s shapely legs would create a seductive scent such as this—for men? Hondeydew melon. Shanghai tang Mandarin tea (P5. It’s time to shut the door on the doldrums of months past. more specifically neroli and mate leaves. and suede make for a potion that turns heads. it also makes you feel better. givenchy gentlemen only Casual Chic eneRgized One pump delivers a blast of squeaky-clean freshness that later on develops into a smooth aromatic scent (lavender and orange blossom punched up by vetiver). The sunset.750 for 100ml and P3. While it allows you to smell good. That’s the magic of perfume. which was the inspiration for the unusual fragrance. And those that are composed particularly well can event transport you to a specific moment. imagine that in a bottle. Running down a mountain trail.850 for 100ml) continued FEBRUARY 2016 • ESQUIRE 47 . This is a crowd-pleaser. The kiss of a cool breeze on the beach.Grooming GOOD VIBES the glory of the sun calls for scents that lift you up. pineapple leaf. PhotogRAPhS Dairy Darilag With the rise of temperature comes an upward shift: to citrus and herb-y notes that offer relief in the day and complex florals or woods that set the stage for (maybe) lucky nights. It is also apparently the smell of the Silk Road.

Calvin Klein Eternity Now For Men Pleasant If we consider The Scent as the spirit of Hugo Boss (that name is a lot to live up to). but who’s to say you can’t enjoy it now? Paul Smith The Essential (P4. Nothing wrong with that. Enjoy.038 for 50ml) Bold The limited edition celebrates the number one rugby team in the world.350 for 50ml) 48 E S Q U I R E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 Irreverent At the core of Paul Smith is spontaneity.040 for 100ml) . then you could say that Boss. someone who can strike down a tree with the single swing of his ax.continued Playful This will give you a toothache in a good way—like a plate of milk cake with fresh cream (coconut and vanilla bookend the scent) served on the beach. so naturally his fragrance blurs the line between sweet and spicy.950 for 100ml and P4. everyday staple. together with its suits and ties plus this fragrance. the All Blacks of New Zealand. Boss The Scent (P5. Bulgari Man All Blacks Limited Edition (P6. This was built for cooler months.258 for 100ml and P3. is a dependable. Which is a fitting tribute since the juice embodies a most virile man.

CRUZ ON FILM CLINTON PALANCA ON FRIENDSHIPS KRISTINE FONACIER ON FORTY arTWOrK by edric gO images cOurTesy Of WesT gallery february 2016 • eSQuIre 49 .february 2016 NOTES & ESSAYS FRANCIS JOSEPH A.

This is escapism. While Ryan Coogler’s Creed (2015) repeated the undeniable joys of a young sportsman’s journey to the top. he is also referring to the quality of cinema to immortalize stories. Our movie heroes remain young. oblivious to the reality of our failing bodies as we are allowed for a few hours to indulge in childish fantasies. tie the knot in a ceremony that is not unlike whatever we’ve seen before. to the cynic. . Sam Mendes’ Spectre (2015). strong. an illusion that is slowly being eradicated by the market’s curious desire for sequels and continuations. That was the illusion. The Philippines’ highest grossing film is actually a somber sequel of a romance that got its imaginative fans wondering about a fictional future. except that Popoy has riddled their relationship with machismo-related immaturity.Notes & essays I Of MOvIes and MIdlIves: 2015 fIlMs wIth CharaCters In CrIsIs Cinema. at least. we do not have to move too far from our shores. as what we’ve come to witness with the country’s most relatable exes. even for someone like Rocky Balboa whose entire life is dedicated to athleticism. say a few more decades more. Spider-man will remain limber enough to jump from one building to another no matter how treacherous our limbs and knees are going to treat us as years go by. famed for making films where rabid dogs fight each other and has-beens roam the cold streets of Manhattan in their undies.J. but a film is forever. the Mexican director. all too ready to give way to younger heroes and heroines whose blossoming romance might have a better result than theirs. to have its characters achieve a semblance of eternal youth. Popoy and Basha. Of course. and bursting with the verve that got us hooked on them in the first place. In other words.” exclaimed Alejandro Iñarritu when he won a Golden Globe for directing The Revenant (2015). Blockbusters are now laced with subtly shrouded truths. The reality is we grow old. fraNcis joseph a. it also exposed the inevitability of growing old and frail. On the other hand. Belatedly reuniting after several torturous months of them spouting accusations and invectives in One More Chance (2007). Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) is forced to reveal Han Solo and his Princess Leia as artifacts of the past. the latest in the decades old series that center on the world’s most famous spy. has the debonair agent thinking twice about leaving his vocation for a life that better fits a man of his age. Lovers we love to emulate turn out to be married couples we try our best to avoid becoming. The karate kid who taught us the value of persistence and discipline 50 E S Q u I r E • f E b r u a r y 2 0 1 6 through household chores veiled as martial arts mantras remains to be the same prepubescent boy no matter how many pimples have come and gone. we become drugged with nostalgia. is referring to the extreme hardships he and his film’s reliable cast had to endure to come up with something that would visually and aurally represent the grave dangers of the wild. the films that we enjoyed during the best years of our lives become potent reminders of everything we lost to the inevitable. which has Basha on the brink of giving up. both in bed and business. We however live in a world where realism is capital. still played by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. In fact. Their married lives also turn out to be something that is not unlike whatever we’ve seen before. Cathy Garcia-Molina’s A Second Chance (2015) sees two lovers whose only problem preventing them from forgiving each other is a ridiculous three-month rule as disgruntled partners. As films serve as time capsules that dutifully remind us of yesterday. to keep them caged within the few hours. cruz “Pain is temporary. Let’s move a little bit further in the timeline. our last bastion for hope. is intent on celebrating youth and depicting old age as a grave misfortune. Even a film as overtly and reprehensibly repetitive as J. However. growing up can be a bitch.

Ernesto (2014) fEbruary 2016 • ESQuIrE 51 .

busies himself with parasailing and teasing young professionals with a life of gratifying abandon. The Love Affair is all lurid fluff. There’s Joel Lamangan’s Mister Mo. leading her to discover the pleasures of liberating 52 e S Q u I r e • f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 6 herself from the clutches of an overbearing husband by putting up her own craftsreliant business. There’s Olivia Lamasan’s The Mistress (2012). where Eddie . What is most intriguing about Naval’s film is how it reiterates the stereotypical impression of what the midlife crisis should look like. a successful doctor. who are both in the cusp of age-related frustration.Nonong (2014) and Max (2014) and what we have is the pitiful couple in the middle of Nuel Naval’s The Love Affair (2015). where Eddie Gutierrez is enamored by a gold-digging lass. Its impressions of marital strife is ridden with the conveniences of lowbrow morality. Trisha is the wife who is bored out of her wits. while Vince. Middle-aged men are the likely targets by unimaginative filmmakers to commit sins against their marital vows simply because that is what is expected of men who are still capable of copulating. Everything that the film exposes about Vince and Trisha. whose invaluable marriage is threatened by the entry of a hopelessly romantic lady-lawyer who befriends and later on establishes the titular illicit affair with Vince. is skin- deep and far from novel. There’s also Lino Brocka’s Gumapang Ka sa Lusak (1990). has the two seasoned movie stars play Vince and Trisha. played by Glydel Mercado. when their wives are more interested in advancing their careers or saving money for their children’s tuition fees. the type that does not give characters any room for plausible personality because everything is dictated by obvious events that automatically dictate decisions. Unfortunately. The film. which capitalizes on the reignited interest in the erstwhile love team of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta. Lover Ko (1999). where Ronaldo Valdez plays the wealthy benefactor of a lovely seamstress.

There are a few gems that fetishize the few pleasures of aging. More than both the comic and dramatic expositions that the film has in droves. become subject to the tyranny of growing old. Actually. It is a sad proposition. but there is a reason why the two topics are bound together. and pain is temporary. like bones. Friendships. a project about the story of Enrique. It’s truly an exhilarating experience. but for the moment I can comfortably write about friendship and middle age. Decades later and seemingly without any chance of completing the film as originally envisioned. and himself. than it is to be old. Kidlat Tahimik comes to the rescue. but the general consensus is that it is better to be young than to be middle-aged. When the time comes. is notable — that is Pilar Pilapil’s Eliza Castronuevo. and all our memories fade. I am of course talking about Chito Roño’s Etiquette for Mistresses (2015). Kidlat Tahimik closes the chapter with a programmed miracle. The project was shelved. The seed of the film is an unfinished business. there is another character in the film whose unfortunate descent to inutility. He uses whatever he has and films episodes from the present. Etiquette for Mistresses explores how women. they are led to either occupying a role that they did not originally expect or to completely surrender to the fact that their business with their men is complete. The result is a film that juxtaposes himself. and Chloe Zamora. with only a short film titled Memories of Overdevelopment which showcases clips from the planned film with Kidlat Tahimik narrating what is supposed to have happened if the film was actually shot. especially how middle age changes our friendships. like a doughy pizza crust that has been left in the box overnight. now as an accomplished artist who has an entire past to present. is now taking on the role of a woman who worries that her aging body can no longer compare with other girls who are itching to take her place. is staunchly about aging. are actresses we have seen grow up on the silver screen. there is one film about mistresses that exhausts most age groups in terms of insecurities and self-delegated duties. our eyes give up on us. a hope that there can be happiness still even if our skin ends up wrinkled. a far cry from the cute jealousies that used to intimidate them. one that restores. even for a short period of time. which urge them to either reinvent themselves or just accept the fact that they would have to share their partners out of sheer biology. at least as regards sexual value. growing old is a nasty bit of business. It’s the year february 2016 • eSQuIre 53 . Thankfully. who used to be the poster girl for true love with films like Rory B. In placing the depicted lives of the three women against each other. and surprisingly. Yes. Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote a portmanteau treatise on Friendship and Old Age.Garcia’s influential mayor traps Dina Bonnevie’s character. All it takes is for us to grow old gracefully when even the films that are supposed to provide us comfort have betrayed us for those who are next in line. when they are brittle as old china. Those women however have bodies with expiration dates. Oggs Cruz Is A FIlm CrItIC And lAwyer II On FrIendshIp The best of friends are those who trade in memories of a common past as well as a joint present and a promise to hobble together into an arthritic future. Barretto. as an optimistic and promising artist who has an entire future to explore. one that owes largely to a culture that edifies men and gives women paltry excuses for simply living with what is provided for by fate. Cicero addressed the two topics separately in his conversation. about celebrating it. a young lady who has been spirited away from her native Cebu to be the kept partner of the husband of a promising politician. especially those whose parts of their lives are dependent on the men they choose to fall in love with. From being the spritely girlfriend of Rene Requiestas in Tony Cruz’ Pido Dida series (1990-1993). grow more fragile as one grows older. Balikbayan #1 Memories of Overdevelopment Redux III (2015). and giving up. As we can see from the unhealthy parade of mistress movies. Forty is the great pivot point. a film that finds its inspiration from Jullie YapDaza’s collection of funny anecdotes about mistresses. Let’s put this interest in just another mistress movie in some sort of perspective. Quintos’ Mangarap Ka (1995) and Olivia Lamasan’s Got 2 Believe (2002). sure. played by Claudine Barretto. first and foremost. the first person to have circumnavigated the globe. Now that we are on the topic of infidelity. and it is better to be middle-aged. the doting wife whose husband was quietly stolen by Barretto’s Chloe. is intent on celebrating youth and depicting old age as a grave misfortune. Aquino is now playing the mentor to Kim Chiu’s Ina del Prado. Popoy and Basha argue about 70-million peso loans. forcing them to recruit other women to keep their desires at bay. Truly. I will be able to address the topic of old age. clinton palanca In the year 44 BC. keeping his sagging muscles hidden with thick layers of clothing. film is forever. In middle age they are somewhere in the middle. Aquino and Barretto. men remain sexually insatiable even in their old age. just as friendships are elastic and pliant in one’s youth. the film seems to say that as soon as these women’s bodies betray their purpose. Cinema. as evidence. our last bastion of hope. played by Kris Aquino. His final film. The film has two notable characters—Georgia Torres. Rocky succumbs to sickness.

I’ve had friends who were straight when I met them.That Awkward Moment Between Birth and Death (2014) when things that were cool during one’s 20s and reprehensible during one’s 30s becomes unacceptable. like a country declaring a quota on immigrants. By the time one turns 40 one is convinced that the friends one has will be more or less the set of friends one will keep for the rest of one’s life. clever. we’ll have known each other for about 20-odd years. More of these friendships than I am willing to admit were based on attraction. This is not true. I speak on behalf of the club of the forever friendzoned. wear black. not just because of the crazy things we did back then but because it’s a time in our lives when friends mean everything to us. though it is unlikely my taste buds will suddenly reverse their verdict). take poetry courses rather than social sciences. community. We need someone to listen to death metal or Alanis Morissette with or light scented candles and slash our wrists to Sarah McLachlan with. Friends from elementary and high school I will have known for 36 years. durian. 54 E S Q U I R E • f E B R U A R y 2 0 1 6 One reason is the sheer length of time for shared experiences. to equal 20 years’ worth of shared history we’d be in our 60s. we remember who used to throw up their oatmeal during recess or who refused to share their pad paper during quiz time. move out of the house. creed. and every friend was a potential crush. and denounce God. and we are in search of family. We never make friends quite like the ones we make in our years at university and our first few years at work. of course. saggy. if I were to meet someone that I really got along with. But just as one’s likes and dislikes in food become more static (I will still give Gorgonzola. the only people who see fortysomethings as the tight. These are unlikely to be the basis of firm friendships though. Today. and stinky tofu a chance once in a while. while from the point of view of the other side. then turned bisexual. It’s the friends I made during my time at university that I consider to be the ones who know me best: depending on what year I met them in college. Now gnarled. . amnesiac. church. No one has ever folded up their arms and proclaimed that they were no long open to making new friends. Some men I knew are now women. My copy of Marcel Proust in the original French is actually just decorative. we feel that no new friend will be able to match the comfortable companionship that we enjoy with the ones we have now. It’s the year when one can no longer convincingly pretend to be what one isn’t: more cultured or more educated or more sophisticated than one actually is. smoke pot. We need to crash on someone’s couch rather than creep back into our parents’ house at four in the morning. for every crush I was a potential friend. attractive young things they were are the other fortysomethings for whom first impressions linger on. at least in my case. This is around the time we fight with our parents. decades later. and we could hang out at the taichi class. and then straight again. fit.

jaggedly so perhaps but always yet a lock of mind and step. Trust is not a commodity that middle age encourages. (No one’s exempt: See. and the lack of which is the greatest impediment to new friendships. they sometimes disappoint. take on a midlife bloat these past couple of years. Old people can be silly. As someone born before the Internet really existed. whose slot is already taken. and why we have to have dinner at six o’ clock. but are bound together by memory and the pull of sentiment. when old friendships will be brittle and newly made ones. In a recent poll. these are quite common. they video chat for hours with the camera pointed at a spot on the wall behind them. or we let the intensity of those made in youth and the inertia of their camaraderie occlude the possibility of the new. who had kept the face and figure of his 12-yearold self for three decades. fading into the background until a reunion or unexpected death brings them back into your life. The second thing.) There are a couple of things you should know about the loss of your youth. But membership to that club of closeness has been suspended. although among her friends there is a hierarchy. Some friends turn out to be traitors or absent in time of need. when it’s more like the new-model rage zombies that appear one day on the far horizon and then bear down february 2016 • eSQuIre 55 . who just turned six. The best of friends are those who trade in memories of a common past as well as a joint present and a promise to hobble together into an arthritic future. she said. who might not totally understand the draconian and relentless schedule of parenthood but have the patience to humor me. and are entrusted with the care of our aged. but in the past the friends you made there would be then hidden from view.” being in the middle of nowhere and blowing out the world’s best-lit birthday cake was it. The time when we reject new friends is a time when we need them the most. trepid age: they’ve learned to make friends the way that children do. unlike children who have everything to gain and the old who have nothing left to lose. of course. Trust is a luxury that children and the aged have in common. but who still fit together. But a surprising number of people said it was the Internet. gone are the “soul sisters” and “spiritual brothers” we deemed our friends when we were in our 20s. And I know I’m very lucky. The first thing is that you don’t feel any different inside. And why on earth is my grandmother a Facebook friend of my pot dealer? There are friends who weather well and change with you. If I could pinpoint a time when it dawned on me that I could no longer qualified as “young. although those who had earned that moniker might still retain the title and a coveted place in our hearts. By the Internet I actually mean Facebook. she said. ephemeral and temporary. making 40 such a lonely. they buy weird gadgets off the home shopping network. surprisingly considering our remote location. My daughter. that your gums have receded. and make friends there. What a bleak time for friendship is middle age. while others who hitherto remained in the corner of one’s eye come front and center and are stalwart in one’s darkest hour. which has changed forever the nature of friendship. And there are friends who fall by the wayside. as my body began to undergo sudden and alarming changes that I didn’t understand. and so on. for example. And so there began the terrifying countdown to midlife. Far more uncommon is making new friends when one feels one’s life is far too full. paranoid. What a shame it would be if the intervening years were bereft of fresh ones. is how fast it all happens. the wheel. the May-September girl. You kind of think of age as something that creeps up stealthily and clumsily on you. or the discovery of fire. Leonardo DiCaprio. Who the hell eats at six o’ clock? I used to complain. the aging man’s folly. but the position of second-best friend is up for grabs. it’s exciting to think that we were among the first people to participate in something that changed human history as much (at least according to some people) as the wheel. make friends. Even good conversation becomes just another commodity in the market of interpersonal exchange. without heed to whether they will be deleterious to social standing or useful for work down the line. Clinton PalanCa is a Writer and CritiC III In the MIddle But perhaps that’s part of the reason for all this anxiety surrounding midlife— it’s that our expectations are set by our younger selves. Not to be confused with the nymphet who comes along to defrost a frozen soul. the knife. This is the time that we must protect our young against predators. and then promise to keep in touch. It tests existing friendships and makes new ones fraught and limited to the functional. some of whom are my age. was a lot of candles. of late. the body likes to surprise you with overnight changes as you approach your 40s: you wake up one morning to notice that your temples are graying. and become people that we would if we met as strangers hate. Others said the knife or blade. the two generally come on the same train. I began counting down to 40 on my 34th birthday. only sees other children as friends or not friends. Facebook means that friends from all parts of my life get squished up against each other in weird ways. They send their life savings to Nigerian bankers. It’s perfectly natural to go to university. that is scarce in middle age. some of whom are a little younger. because I have friends without children. which really sucks when you recognize the way that your brain is still happily hovering around age 27. join a company. if we let this be true. predictably. But in the other half of their life between 40 and old age they’ve learned to unlearn all the defenses we build up. an older friend had once cautioned me. the one you didn’t know you needed. school runs and aging parents. Now I know. F*ck Forty The dread of the big four-oh set in just a few years after I passed the big three-oh. or are stepping-stones to a career goal or social aspiration. which seemed like a second. adolescence. both hewn by circumstance and the passage of time. who go on different paths. date and have flings. in the deep rainforests of South America) and because the lovely Amerindian people who were our hosts decided to celebrate the foreigner’s birthday with a cake upon which they placed as many candles as they could find—which. At this age most of the “friends” we make are actually contacts: either people with whom a relationship is mutually beneficial. people were asked what the greatest invention of mankind is. or alight at the same time but from different platforms. mainly because I was so far away from home (I was literally in the jungle. but your body has kept marching militantly towards the future. Or at least you’d notice it if you hadn’t also become half-blind between bedtime and breakfast. a shared past but not a shared present. that your face has begun to migrate towards the floor. and far less fun.Nothing sounds the death knell on friendships like the twin embrace of family and responsibility. The most unexpected of gifts must surely be the autumn friend. of her best friend. It’s difficult to explain to people without children the tyrannical nature of life on a school schedule. replete with tasks and to-dos. though it is perfectly likely that one can come without the other. Kristine Fonacier 1. like traditional zombies. Some said. Like the growth spurts and body odor of our teens. necessarily. The time will soon come to write my own treatise on friendship and old age. even if. but slot into life not as nagging chores but welcome reprieves: like the chocolate souffle that you didn’t know you wanted.

on you in a matter of minutes. It’s a tsunami,
not a plague.
And, as in any natural disasters, there’s
no time to pack up your things, no time
to strategize. There is no time: no time to
make an accounting of what’s important,
no time to change, no time to do the things
you didn’t do. As one of my peers realized
one day: “You know, I’m never going to be
an astronaut.” (Hell, we don’t even have
time to become doctors.)
You had better like where you are now,
because that’s what you’re stuck with, buddy.

2. In Defense of Contentment
The initial panic passes.
Is that panic what they call the midlife
crisis? When you get over it, you may
realize that the banality of it all is perhaps
the most difficult thing to take about the
so-called crisis. Everything is survivable.
The classic midlife-crisis epiphany is that
half your life has passed, and that you have
more yesterdays than tomorrows (midlife
is a great time for clichés); it’s the catalyst
for all that panic. But that epiphany soon
enough turns on its head.
I was thinking back over the mess
that my life had been so far, counting the
lost decades, the lost friends, the broken
relationships; I was taking inventory of all
the mistakes I’d made that had led me so far
astray from the path I thought I was going
to take. Where the hell had I ended up?
How could I have gotten so lost?
And then I looked around and thought:
Thank god.
Life is the sum total of all your choices,
and by the time you hit 40, you’ve made most
of the big ones: career, marriage and children
(or not), where to live, where to entrust your
loyalties, who to be. Not all of these choices
are painless or wise, which to a younger self
may feel like failure. But perhaps that’s part
of the reason for all this anxiety surrounding
midlife—it’s that our expectations are set by
our younger selves. We look into the future
as naïve apprentice humans, and we have
certain ideas about where we’re going to end
up and how we’re going to get there. But, as
creatures who only know pain as an abstract
concept, we actively thought to avoid any
real experience of pain.
“Time ticks by; we grow older. Before
we know it, too much time has passed and
we’ve missed the chance to have other
people hurt us,” wrote Douglas Coupland,
who remains my favorite Gen-X chronicler,
20 years after he popularized the term. “To
a younger me this sounded like luck; to an
older me this sounds like quite a tragedy.”
The singular kind of contentment that can
only come from age is born partly out of
being able to look back into a long and notparticularly-well-lived life; to think about
how you’ve managed to create a glorious
mess, and how you’ve survived it.

56 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6

Hilda (2014)

I “reconnected” with an old friend whom
I hadn’t seen since high school (and here I
put the word in quotation marks not to be
sly, but because I find it especially amusing
that we talk about friendships in the same
manner we address networks; it’s especially
funny in this case because this friendship
existed solely on Instagram), who, in a
moment of vulnerability, confessed that
she had fallen out of touch with all of us
because she’d had a child early. Her life had
been swallowed up by responsibility since
then—by marriage, by the corporate career,
by family, by all the mundane matters that
take over our lives. How lucky I was, she
said, comparing: I’d gotten to “do things,”
like celebrate birthdays with the local tribes
of the South American jungle.
One of the defining characteristics
of Gen X is supposedly that we value
having options more than we value the
decisions themselves, which means that
our generation may always view the grass
as being especially greener wherever we’re

not. So, from where I stand, her life looks
like something to envy. I see the children
I didn’t have, the relationships I’d left, the
safety nets I didn’t get to build. Why would
you trade having all those things for a
birthday with strangers, I asked? Especially
strangers who like to overestimate your age
and load your birthday cake with candles.
I think the time comes when you make
peace with your choices and realize that
most choices aren’t good or bad; they’re just
choices. When you’re younger, pain comes
as a surprise, and the choices that have led
to it are deemed bad. When you’re older
and have the worst behind you, nothing
ever quite takes you by surprise again, and
you’re less likely to judge, and more willing
to accept the consequences of your life’s
choices and the person it has made you.
Kristine Fonacier is the
editor-in-chieF oF
esquire PhiliPPines



There is no greater power than
influence—and this man has it in spades.
He’s imbued with an inexplicable charisma
and an uncanny knack for foresight for
trends and culture. He’s sharp, intelligent,
and magnetic. He is a man of ideas, of
concepts, of creativity—a connoissseur of
everything. He’s your popular friend, who
right now is across the bar, talking to a
beautiful woman. He’s the guy with more
followers on Instagram than anyone else
you know personally—and yet who doesn’t
seem to care about social media at all. He’s
the tastemaker: an influencer, an opinion
leader who always finishes his bottle of
San Miguel Super Dry before discretely
excusing himself from the party.

They say you can tell a lot about a man
by his choice of drink. These days, it could
pass as an element of a first impression.
Step into a bar and you’re more than likely
to be greeted by any number of different
drinks: beer, cocktails, shots, and whatever
else kids get creative with these days. But
there remains wisdom in the notion: the
drink in your hand can, to an extent, reveal
something of your character, define a part
of who you are.
Is your palate partial to full, strong
flavors? Perhaps it speaks to an assertive

nature about you. Do you opt for the exotic
drinks that push the boundaries of flavor?
It could mean that you’re the adventurous
type in more ways than one. Or do you
prefer to indulge in sweeter, smoother
drinks with a fruity after taste, as someone
with a pleasant personality and a creative
mind would? Every drink is different,
just as every drinker is; and the brews
and mixes are endless. Take some time to
examine what you’re drinking, and you just
might learn more about yourself and your
friends than you would expect.

A special drying process
makes San Miguel Super Dry a
brilliant light amber lager with
strong, aromatic hop notes and
flavors that give off a dry taste
and an elegant, quick finish.
Its clean, crisp hoppy flavors
instantly make this brew the
absolute beer of choice for beer
connoisseurs and those who
simply want to sit back and
relax after a fulfilling day.

But for the weighty cross they bear. adventurous beyond reason. his distaste for quartz movements. but rather a resistance to mediocrity. the calculating achievers. While he is certainly prone to sentiment and nostalgia. You’re a born leader— not just of others. They are the men who go on to become the executives of the world. For the accomplished shot caller. THE SHOT CALLER The view from the top is glorious. or his penchant for selvedge denim. No one knows this better than the Purist. and nothing less. Kirin Ichiban is made from 100% malt and is brewed using the Ichiban shibori process—a unique method of brewing that uses only the most flavorful portion of the finest ingredients. That’s why he chooses Cerveza Negra. of greater. they are rewarded with wealth. He is the voyager: the well-traveled explorer whose middle name is probably danger. his tastes can err on the eccentric. He is driven not by an aversion to the contemporary. Every extra hour spent hard at work. your life is yours to determine. if it isn’t fun. premium lager with balanced bitterness and an elegant after taste. Ever in pursuit of more. but it holds true for many things. bold. the statesmen. His exploits are borderline hedonistic. by success. the Purist is always on vigilant watch for quality and true value. He’s the kind of man who puts tradition. and every sacrifice is. and most importantly. full-flavored. This bold. His choice of drink—of anything. . The right balance of bitterness and sweetness. His tastes are keen to distill everything down to its purest form. The voyager is all about pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories. Men with a taste for the finer things in life are shot callers by necessity. and of further. You call the shots. which come from a harmonious blend of hops and carefully selected pilsen malt. golden. Their penchant for luxury must be matched by decisiveness and uncompromising will. The result is a smooth. its original form—whether it’s his preference for vinyl over streaming. really—is often unique and unconventional.THE VOYAGER Cerveza Negra is a full-bodied dark lager with rich caramel tones made from roasted pilsen malt and other top quality ingredients. He is a man of the world. but whose life we aren’t ready to live. THE PURIST Don’t fix what isn’t broken. heritage. without a doubt. The world is yours for the taking. so you climb with indomitable passion. They are men who live by standards of themselves and of the world around them. He finds that in Kirin Ichiban. This brew is truly meant for those who enjoy the finer things in life. CRAFTED WITH THE FINEST INGREDIENTS AND BREWED IN SMALL BATCHES. but of yourself—and lead you will. the captains that pick a direction and steer. and invites only those who are as bold and daring. He is the explorer that we all want to be. slightly sweetish. with opulence. dark brew brims with the sweet taste of roasted malt. worth the reward. this man is cursed with an insatiable lust for life. a bottle of San Miguel Premium All Malt awaits at home after a hard day at work. more than anything. and a creamy. every leap of faith. San Miguel Premium All Malt has a malty aroma and pleasant hop notes. SAN MIGUEL LIFESTYLE BREWS ARE SAN MIGUEL’S FINEST BEERS. It isn’t a new addage. frothy head entice drinkers to bask in its unique flavors. with accomplishment. and originality on a pedestal.

60 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 .

Steven Kaplan. Living Longer. chair of the department of urology at the David Geffen school of Medicine at uCla *or your money back. Donald Hensrud.How Not to Fun fact number one: Half of all men who die in this country this year will be killed by heart disease. stroke. or cancer. chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic and author of This Is Your Do-Over: The 7 Secrets to Losing Weight. and Getting a Second Chance at the Life You Want Dr. and prioritize their advice on minimizing the risks of dying before your time. we simplify. Fun fact number two: Half of all doctors seem to have different ideas about how to prevent the biggest killers of men. Michael Roizen. Mark Litwin. illustration by paul sahre anD IntroDuCInG: the esquIre antI-Death panel Dr. assistant professor of medicine at Johns hopkins school of Medicine Dr. guaranteed! (Kidding.) february 2016 • eSQuIre 61 . We spoke to the best of them. clarify. director of the healthy living program at the Mayo Clinic Dr. director of benign urologic disease at Mount sinai health system Dr. and over the following pages. Kimberly Gudzune.

ers risk of heart disease. coLon cancer some Fiber Why: Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. There can be risks—aspirin can affect the body’s platelet function.tHe Supplemented life There are the 65. daily dose: One pill of each. if taken every day. For maximum effect. prevents: C o M M o nS e n S e L i f e S av e r More sex. making your bleeding time longer. which.000 IUs. daily dose: Two tablets. daily dose: Ten grams. says Hensrud.” says Hensrud. The trick is that foods that contain these antioxidants are beneficial. and protects against arterial disease and strokes.” says Roizen. Heavy-dose antioxidant supplements “Vitamin E in large doses may be associated with increased cardiovascular mortality. with those deficiencies linked to increased overall mortality. add two servings a week of fish to your diet. it enhances organ function and optimizes cell repair. but not large-dose supplements. “To get omega-3 fatty acids and help protect against heart disease. help combat the biggest killers of men. prevents clotting. Then there are these eight pills. half with breakfast and half with dinner. at night. an older-guy make like Centrum Silver has higher amounts of the most impactful vitamins and minerals. low- cium and 400 of magnesium.” FisH-oil pills “New data on fish-oil and omega-3 supplements show they don’t give any substantial benefits” to health. Also decreases risk of six cancers. an all-natural supplement that prevents clots without many of aspirin’s side effects. to optimize absorption and maintain steady levels in your bloodstream. the kiLLerS heart disease stroke Lung cancer p r o s tat e c a n c e r tHe multivitamin CalCium and magnesium Why: It’s been shown to reduce the risk of Why: Optimize colon function. daily dose: One pill that contains 1. including colon and prostate. it can also irritate your stomach— so as an alternative. with warm water. most of which science tells us we don’t really need. For men under 50. You can’t just pop a pill to get what you need. daily dose: One pill. for 600 mg of cal- cancer in men over the age of 50. “Beta-carotene in large doses is tied to an increased risk of lung cancer.” . consider lumbrokinase. prevents: 62 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 suboptimal levels of vitamin D.000 vitamins and supplements that cost Americans billions of dollars every year. prevents: prevents: W h at to Skip prevents: vitamin d 3 Why: Twenty to 50 percent of Americans have baby aspirin Why: Thins the blood. “The more orgasms a man has”—through either intercourse or masturbation—“the lower his risk of prostate cancer. however you get it.

But so far. no eggs. about 1. I tried the CR diet for a book I was writing about health. since they decrease the risk of heart disease. I was perpetually hangry. etc. Similar studies have postponed death in worms and spiders.” SAYS HenSRud. you’re eating to restore your body’s natural diseasefighting mechanisms. an anti-inflammation diet is basically vegan—no milk. “it diverts your immune system from dealing with serious invaders like cancer. Live Longer. and oatmeal. The general idea is right. CR devotees claim. Cardio—ranging from sports (basketball. with bonus points for colorful ones (greens. J. American portions are embarrassingly big. biking.” said one CR expert I visited. Y ou’ve probably heard of the calorie-restriction diet: You eat at least 30 percent fewer calories than normal humans. a couple servings a day of whole grains like whole-wheat bread. you can extend your life span past 100 years. so I guess that’s one data point. (The theory is that the body switches into an emergency defensive state and slows your metabolism. researchers doubled the life spans of mice with extremely low-calorie diets. racket sports) to running. which can be jump rope or jumping jacks.750 instead of 2.000 doesn’t give any more benefits. WHICH IS RelATed TO STROke. If you keep yourself on the verge of starvation. we lack rigorous long-term studies about extended life span. In a Cornell study back in 1934.) A few years ago. ocean trout. (red meat is especially prohibited because “it alters the bacteria in your body to produce inflammation. But in primates. There have been promising studies in humans that show a reduction in diabetes and clogged arteries among practitioners.000 doesn’t give as many good benefits. three times a week. Walk 10. Maybe.” HeRe’S THe BARe MInIMuM TO ReAp THe BenefITS. eat like a caveman: There are all different kinds of ways to lose weight.25/25/50: The Just-Enough Guide to Death-Defying Fitness “exeRCISe pROTeCTS AgAInST CARdIOvASCulAR dISeASe. Twenty minutes. and inflammation in your existing arterial plaque can lead to a stroke or heart attack. weighing food. 25% 25% Resistance training—anything from push-ups to free weights to bands.” says roizen. your tissues. and a little chicken a few times a week. t h i s pa g e : i l l u s t r at i o n b y pa u l s a h r e .) it’s heavy on fruits and vegetables. for an afternoon snack. JACOBS feBRuARY 2016 • eSQuIRe 63 . eat better food. Plus: Forty jumps a day. In fact.” explains roizen. and a handful of nuts.500 for an adult male. This one is about preventing disease. producing fewer cell-damaging free radicals. though CR fans say that you get used to it. Eat Less. “IT HelpS lOWeR YOuR BlOOd pReSSuRe. It’s probably good to eat less than we do now. twice a week. So does CR work? Well. perhaps 120. Twenty minutes. reds. usually in hopes of getting rid of a foreign invader. as much and as often as you can. You feel energized. And STudIeS HAve SHOWn peOple WHO exeRCISe HAve A lOWeR RATe Of COlOn CAnCeR. whAT To e AT The AnTi-inflAmmATion DieT Eat less food. a d e F i n i t i o n: “ inflammation is the result of your own immune system attacking 50% “Half of the health benefits from exercise come from doing any physical activity. no butter or cheese—except you’re allowed salmon. o p p o s i t e : i l l u s t r at i o n s b y h o l ly e x l e y F i r s t. the evidence is far from conclusive. and watching friends eat. you start to love it. and when you eat to prevent inflammation. —A.000 steps daily—8. while 12. brown rice. yellows) that are loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants. I’m still alive.” says Roizen. “I literally get high from it.” inflammation is the enemy. But as for radical measures? I prefer to risk dying before a hundred and splurge on the sporadic curly cheese fry. And there actually is some science to support it. I spent hours a week filling in spreadsheets with apple calories. Monkey studies have been contradictory.

you may be able to skip future ones and instead get a prescription for noninvasive cologuard every three years. the psa (and the good old-fashioned finger exam) it is. “a brain aneurysm is caused by an abnormality in a blood vessel that someone may have had since birth. “right now there’s not a great genetic test out there to tell someone their risk for these top killers. most doctors still advise moderation. a certified genetic counselor in Minneapolis. very poor screening test for heart disease. and 35 percent of them survive it beyond six months. Colonoscopy Why: colon cancer. But there is no genetic testing that will tell you a yes or no answer about whether you will get a disease or not. circulatory problems. and yet it is not really any of those things.) after an initial colonoscopy. and since doctors can’t really prevent them from originating. and in four to six weeks you’ll know what potential diseases lurk in your genetic makeup. Also: Poached and boiled eggs are better for you than scrambled and fried. talk to your doctor about whether you should be screened. they remain the best and most widely RDA: About one a day (but no more than six a week). they can only diagnose and treat them. sex. in which case start at 40. Keep it around 115/75. in their forties. for both triglycerides and ldl. When to check it: every five years. Coffee RDA: Five 8-ounce cups of filtered coffee a day. unprocessed red meat a week. if that. anything lower could be a red flag. limit yourself to 18 ounces of lean. worry not. only 30. 4 red MeaT RDA: You shouldn’t be eating red meat every day. which involves intense exercise under supervision. When to do them: every five years. (unless you have parent or sibling family history.The Streamlined Checkup 5 2 4 1 Men in their 30s should go to the doctor for a physical three tiMes a decade. in his fifties or sixties.” says gudzune. send it away to a lab. you could ask your doctor for a stress test.) The Thing We All Worry About But Probably Won’t Die From T he brain aneurysm has a reputation as lethal. acupuncture. fifties.) 5 C o m m o nS E n S E L i f E S Av E R Chill the f*ck out. stroke. five tiMes a decade. we know: everything in moderation.” says hensrud. four tiMes a decade. instead. however.” says Roizen. When to check it: every time. bacon. (unless you have parent or sibling family history. Blood glucose Why: diabetes. “Unmanaged stress increases your risk of heart disease. genes are only half the picture. since lifestyle factors like diet and exercise can also play a role. 64 e s Q u i r e • f e B r u a r y 2 0 1 6 accessible method for early cancer detection. in which case start at 40.000 heart attacks each year). with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Even though recent studies found no evidence linking butter to higher incidence of heart disease. starting when you’re 45. instead. and salami have been linked to all kinds of ailments and should be avoided.) W h At to SKiP EKG “an eKg is a very. and anything above four on your psa might be cause for concern. stealthy.” says litwin. But according to hensrud. however. s. starting at 50. Unfiltered coffees like espresso are oilier and have been associated with raising cholesterol. 3 recommended daily allowances We know. Blood pressure Why: heart attacks and strokes. if you have a connective-tissue disorder. all cancers. starting when you’re 50. studies show anything more could lead to respiratory problems. 3 Marijuana RDA: One joint a day. so until a replacement is available to the masses. and we can further predict if someone has an increased or decreased risk for a certain health problem. Anything that clears your head and takes the edge off will help lower your blood pressure and reduce inflammation. But how much of the below can we have without causing damage? 1 BuTTer RDA: About one tablespoon (or an eighth of a stick) a day.” says hensrud. about that might: psa tests are increasingly considered unreliable because of their rates of false positives and negatives. PSA (prostate-specific antigen) and DRE (digital rectal exam) Why: “prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the u. you want to keep things under 100. otherwise. (That’s filtered.” . 2 eggS Cholesterol Why: heart attacks and strokes. When to check it: every three years. these are the tests that need running. Ten minutes of meditation every day via apps like Headspace and Calm. “it’s only recommended if someone is starting an exercise program and has a lot of risk factors for heart disease: overweight.” At-home genetic testing it seems like a pretty great tool: spit in a tube. and type-two diabetes.000 americans each year have a brain aneurysm rupture (compare that with 735. When to do it: every 10 years. “the direct-to-consumer genetic tests say what your genetic factors are. which is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. or a history of head trauma. you want to see your hdl over 50.” says amber volk. “it’s an fda-approved coloncancer screening test where you collect your stool at home and it looks for dna changes and blood. (Processed meats like sausage. and ubiquitous.

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the Case FOr FaDInG 66 e S Q u I r e • f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 6 .

Our music places us in time and marks us as part of a generation—we think of “our” music. sexy. how to move. they played in the background to the most significant moments of our lives. They were the gods of the stage who represented our aspirations about ourselves even as they embodied our overweening id. all that we knew we weren’t capable of becoming. cool. It’s that they were our youth. strut across a crowded stage and hold a crowd entranced. What we listened to also taught us how to behave. I t wa s n e v e r j u s t t h e m u s I C . it was partly about the music: the songs spoke to our collective hopes and our secret fears. We cheered on the Eraserheads as the impossibly talented boys-next-door as they became celebrities without having to change out of their T-shirts. made by “our” bands. brash. and so we count on our rock stars to stay young. And so it was always as much about the musician as it was about the music. Confident. february 2016 • eSQuIre 67 . to keep on being our lifeline to youthfulness. Musicians have always stood as avatars for our youthful selves. even if rock might touch on the same larger themes of subversion and rebellion throughout the years. all thinness and tattoos. what to believe. away Well. they were all that we hoped we could be. We smelled of the smoke of furtively lit cigarettes when we came home from the bars where we watched Wolfgang and Razorback hold giggling college girls and rebellious young men equally in thrall. We watched Karl Roy. It wasn’t just that they were making the music that played during our youth. it isn’t even that the music defined our youth.Aren’t rock stArs supposed to live fAst And burn out spectAculArly? these guys did not get the memo. how to dress. By kristine fonacier photographs By sonny thakur It wa sn ’ t j ust t h e music .

As it happens. finding compromise and balance: Sometimes getting older isn’t such a bad thing. Pearl Jam became the elder statesmen of rock. The classic rock-star trajectory always just seemed to end in flaming out early (Cobain) or aging ungracefully (Axl Rose). making peace with oneself. finding day jobs: Sometimes it’s good for music. as even rock stars found that there was no shame in a sensible day job. in the peaceful plateau of midlife. Anthony Kiedis allowed himself to be photographed horsing around with his children. the coincident downturn of the music industry after the early 2000s might have also forced their hand. Marriage and children are a recurring theme. with age comes settling down. but he was one of the lucky ones.” says Tirso Ripoll with a small laugh. The singular contentment that comes from being able to look back at a long career suits rock stars. coming to terms with demons. (What does that mean for the rest of us?) Bowie died still cool and still making music. it turns out. This is where we found them. It may not sounded so rock n’ roll of them to settle down. “When you don’t depend on the music to make a living. Having families. grow u p a n d grow ol der . It’s certainly good for some musicians. and it was good. 68 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 . a third option: even as each of its members got haircuts. you’re free to do what you want. e v e n ou r ic ons .Th e in ev iTa ble h a p p e n s a n d e v e ry b ody. but being grounded has turned out to be surprisingly liberating. But somewhere along the way. settling down.

Inc.. the band IS In the ProceSS of releaSIng an acouStIc album to mark theIr 25 th annIverSary february 2016 • eSQuIre 69 . guItarISt for razorback and general manager for tabaQuerIa de PIlIPInaS.Tirso ripoll.

and co-founder of loudbox StudIoS. and the currently InactIve loQuy. compoSer. currently playIng regularly In clubS In metro manIla 70 e S Q u I r e • f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 6 . Kevin roy. vocalISt for razorback. gap.Manuel legarda. Sound engIneer. guItarISt for Wolfgang and razorback.

february 2016 • eSQuIre 71 .

72 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 .

erIka) february 2016 • eSQuIre 73 . programmIng dIrector of radIo republIc. hoSt of myxlIve (photographed wIth hIS daughter.[oppoSIte page] Zach Lucero. drummer for humanfolk. vocalISt for the dawn. Stage and televISIon actor. guItarISt for Imago. Jett Pangan.

and her favorite four-letter word. aging fearlessly. PhotograPhs by josePh Pascual 74 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 .P l a i n A n g e l Sarge Lacuesta talks to Angel Aquino about growing up ugly.

february 2016 • ESQUIRE 75 .

in a summer dress. Perhaps this is a connection to her youth. By now she’s unguarded enough to confide a particularly hair-raising personal tragedy. a plain Jane. where he would pick the ingredients for the weekend family meal. no remorse coming from her end of the table. from one end of the crazy celebrity-slash-society spectrum to another. “The first time Butch Perez spoke to me about it. She is 42 now. She looks easily 20 years younger. And then.” The ugly duckling-turned-swan—it’s not an uncommon backstory. which screens in competition at the Berlinale.a At seventeen.” She tells me the name of the mall and I pretend to have heard of it. Butch Perez’s Mumbaki. What comes is the . Angel Aquino was discovered by a production designer while she was loitering at an out-of-the-way mall. to go to market on a bike. and untouchable. There’s no trace of darkness in her humor. of struggle. “It was a small role but it was also close to my heart because it was in the mountains. na horror story. “No one goes there.” she said. after all. In the morning she was at a Shengen visa interview at the German Embassy in preparation for an upcoming trip to represent Ang Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis. as though she’d been watching a teleserye herself. I was so scared that I would be sent home—they’d find out I couldn’t act. her latest film.” 76 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 At that time. but wears a grownup luxury watch on her wrist. she killed time at her favorite hairdresser. She remembers her first film. I had unruly hair. “You’ve never heard of it. coming out of it looking remarkably untouched. either. She gives gravid details—“parang comics. I was always told—you’re not that pretty. “I was the dark-skinned one. She is 42. cheekbones improbably high. external and internal. na parang pelikula!”—and attempts to give the episode some perspective.” When they started filming. and at the same time an escape from it—when she was young she tagged along to Farmer’s Market every Sunday with her father. Model-turned-actress: the epithet invoking some form of split. to be sure. She had gotten married while attending college. She tells me that she grew up an ugly girl. I was pregnant with my second child. and perches comfortably in the middle of effortless and composed.” she says—it’s a de rigeur statement in these parts and just as well—but she has dreams: one of them is to live in Europe. and is thankful for the time that has passed that now allows her to make light of it. imagine the threateningly beautiful gamine in the kitchen. along with the kind of posed headshot models like her were famous for in the ’90s. And neither is the label so often lazily attached to her. Today she is at both ends. “He would choose the chickens with eggs inside them—pregnant chickens!” Both are ordinary instances. She singlehandedly brought up two daughters with modeling money and showbiz money. degutting an animal. while waiting for our appointment. cheeks flush with impossibly youthful metabolism. the consequence of a teenage pregnancy. Thea was almost a year old already. she was living in Baguio with her husband and two children. but look at her: picture this particular woman pedalling hard in a dress. accomplished and promising. The marriage ended 10 years later. so that the mothers and matrons at the mall can’t help but look at her—hair achingly perfect. “I never make long-term plans. with its own kontrabida. she’s won serious awards for her acting. but won’t say no to non-studio films. Bata pa lang ako. and that the story of her discovery is unique.

headscarf.St y l I n g r i a c a s c o H a I r c at s d e l r o s a r i o m a k e u p a p p l e fa r ao n S H ot o n lo c at I o n at a r t e d e a z i lo n jumpsuit. miss selfridge . st ylist’s own february 2016 • eSQuIre 77 .

oversized knit sweater. H&M 78 e S Q u I r e • f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 6 .


bra , Marks & spencer; leatHer skirt, topsHop;
patent sandals, cHarles & keitH

kind of authenticity and fullness of manner that comes with having
everything a real person should have by a certain age: celebrated
accomplishments, tantalizing secrets, brief dark episodes, and a
sense of humor: “If I didn’t have to go through all that, ang baduy
Do you feel like you’re in midlife?
“I’m starting to feel it,” she answers, after some thought. She
laments the self-consciousness and the necessary vanity. She
confesses stretch marks and unsightly breasts.
The candor, of course, is part of the entitlement that comes with
her age. “Of course it gives you a sense of authority,” she admits.
“Now everyone is younger than me.”
But Angel was always more comfortable being with someone
younger. “I’ve never been with an older person. For some reason I
feel they’re going to control me.”
She adds: “I’m not with anyone now. I enjoy hanging out more
than going out on a date,” she says. She’s unattached again, and the
idea of going to Europe thrills her.
“Maybe I’ll meet a man,” she says, half-jokingly. “Or a woman!”
That excitement, borne on a midlife recklessness, is genuine, but
she’s never really hooked up with anyone the way younger people
do today. At most, a kiss: “Kissing! It’s something I can recklessly
give away!”
The disclaimer quickly follows, unnecessary but emphatic: “—to
people I want to give it to.”
It’s part of this age, too, the embrace of one’s own authority and
the rejection of it in others, the give-and-take-back, the open secret
kept secret.
“I enjoy being a woman. I enjoy my body. You know what word I
find great? Cunt.”
I keep my silence, but the word spells itself out in my head.
“Isn’t it?” she exclaims. “It’s strong, bold, unapologetic!”
She claps a hand on her mouth—maybe too much has been said.
There’s playful remorse now, and embarrassment, which she also
attaches to certain memories: filching money from her father’s
wallet when she was a child, buying porn at one of her modeling
trips to Tokyo—“it was anime—at least dito walang na-e-exploit!”
Embarrassed over being embarrassed, remorseful over the most
unremarkable things—a generational quirk, I offer. She offers
to pay the bill. Time’s up—there’s still the rest of the living day,
and we’re almost past the middle of it. She’s neither model nor
actress now, just another mother picking up a daughter at school,
the head of a household, the family decision-maker, the common
homemaker. Just don’t look at her.
february 2016 • eSQuIre


in dub
How a split-screen love story aroused a nation, broke global
social media records, and beat Manny Pacquiao’s TV ratings—
here’s our attempt at a cogent explanation of the indelible force
that is AlDub.

by kara ortiga
PhotograPhs by francisco guerrero
80 e S Q u I r e • f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 6

St yling for maine by liz uy and danae
diPon of st ylized studio (on maine ) top
by balenciaga , trouSerS by reiSS,
ShoeS by alexander wang

february 2016 • eSQuIre


Before all this. and late night wrap-ups. And when Alden Richards hops onstage in all his perfect snowy white complexion and deep-dimpled (not pimpled) glory. to get in. pulling a chair out for me in the front row next to five matrons pouting in their best shades of ruby lipstick. and gymnastics. “She’s a little uncomfortable in the dress. Her smile cannot hide exhaustion. Fans frantically wave their AlDub tarpaulins. enthused girl. so I can understand why no one seems overtly amused.m. except Maine herself.” screams the jumping. the result of the wear and tear from early call times.” says Maine’s stylist. hoping the cameraman decides to pan left. blaring music. When Maine Mendoza arrives at our shoot. “Anak ni Vic Sotto.” the bouncer jokes to the ladies. “Do you have a vodka Sprite?” asks Maine’s floor director when I offer a drink. she hardly says anything at all. I’m given ample time to talk to everyone associated with Maine. The show begins with a spectacle of lights. an app that allows . overdone makeup. kailangan energy talaga. she noodled around with Dubsmash. dancers in midriffs and short skirts with their partner mestizo pretty boys coerce us to dance. a chatty 23-year-old with her sister. In her downtime. beside 82 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 me. Maine was a 20-year-old waiting for a spot as a flight attendant to open up. he is hailed like a demigod. And when she finally steps out to the studio floor where we hurriedly beckon her because time’s a-tickin’. and a group of girls from an AlDub (Bicol Chapter) fan club. The phenomenon blindsided us all. she is three hours late. and thereafter shuffling quickly to the dressing room to get made up by her choice glam team. “Kung andito ka.” says Maine’s handler. jewelry from denovo I t’s a balmy January noon when a bouncer leads me through the Eat Bulaga studio in Broadway Centrum. some of whom were in line since 6 a. skin sagging in some places. “We’re sorry we’re late. scurrying in with her entourage of about half a dozen people. and her face shows the most signs of it—eyes droopy.(on maine ) dress by patt y ang.

pocket square by simonot-goddard. JENNY: Ano yung ginagawa mo? MAINE: Dubsmash. In a YES! Magazine article published last October. shoes by carmina shoemaker users to record themselves lip-syncing to popular soundbites: she could do an uncanny impersonation of Kris Aquino. JENNY: Do you sing? MAINE: Hindi po. Jenny recalls their interview: JENNY: Do you dance? MAINE: Hindi po. it turned out. wally and paolo by anton miranda aSSIStEd by dominique dy and johana que (on jose and paolo) suit by ring jacket. discovered one glitch—Maine could lip-sync. and Paolo Ballesteros. senior vice president for creatives and operations. shirt by avino. (on wally) suit by tiño. But it was obvious that there was a stunning quality to Maine Mendoza’s understated beauty. sure. talented commoners belting karaoke songs at the mall. Jenny Ferre. Wally Bayona. who had fEbRUaRy 2016 • ESQUIRE 83 . Lots of other people made the social media rounds with their own Kris Aquino Dubsmashes. shirt by dolce & gabbana . The realm of viral videos nowadays is vast: cats scared shitless by cucumbers. When Eat Bulaga thought of tapping her to be on the show. It was yling for jose . So much so that her Dubsmash compilations garnered a million views within 24 hours. all right—but that was about all she could do. pocket square by simonot-goddard. necktie by drake’s at signet. necktie by tie your tie . But Eat Bulaga only needed a bit player anyway. there was an undeniable star quality to the girl. a fresh element to play off the veteran comedians Jose Manalo. but not unusual. shoes by carmina shoemaker .

top by balenciaga . trousers by sinequanone . shoes by alexander wang 84 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 .

The accidental chemistry snowballs into an all-out storyline on “Kalyeserye. People on social media started talking. On July 4. and executives wrought to make sure the suspense was sustained off-screen too. the cameras linger on the two: camera one on Alden at the studio. and when the opportunity arises. the audience catches on.” a soap opera parody within the show. tired yuppies. The studio host. “si yaya maganda…maganda eh. well. lip-syncing nanny. the directors decide to ride on a tip that Maine has a real-life crush on Alden Richards. And then time was finally ripe for the two to have their moment. advertisements had to duly cater to the rules of the network. Joey de Leon notices for the first time. faraway OFWs.” he exclaims. When Alden and Yaya Dub had their first date. When Alden visited Yaya Dub in the mansion of Lola Nidora. united under the #aldub hashtag. everyone was watching: shrieking teenagers. “Hala. camera two on Maine on location in a barangay. As Anna Mangipol of YES! Magazine points out. this is allowed. Maine gets her on-air debut on national television in the country’s longestrunning noontime variety show. We see them side-by-side for the first time on split screen: Alden feigning amorous intentions for a girl he doesn’t know. As the narrative grew. They invite Alden to the studio.already aced the “Sugod Bahay” segment of the show. and Maine breaking out of character when she sees him watching her. picks up on the nonverbal cues. amused.5 percent. the ratings rose to 45. promote too much AlDub on their networks (apparently. The tryst was staged february 2016 • eSQuIre 85 . And when brands maniacally jumped on the bandwagon and realigned all their campaigns to tailor-suit the love team. comedian Allan K. People talked about the show even when it wasn’t on TV. so that the commercials didn’t. ’no?” And then just like that. And suddenly. leaving mommies watching at home in titillating suspense. according to the rival TV company’s guidelines written in 2008). think about it: have you ever heard of a love team who could dictate the storyboards of advertisers? They had grown to such influential heights that competing networks only allowed “approved” edits of AlDub-endorsed commercials. “have you ever heard of a love team who could dictate the storyboards of advertisers?” In the episode where the two come face-to-face in the studio.7 percent—surpassing the number of viewers who sat down to watch Pacquiao’s fight against Floyd Mayweather. Production meetings were logistically planned so that the two would never bump into each other.1 percent. and if they wanted to cast the love team. it grew to 43. Twelve days later. so did its ratings. they weren’t shot together. policemen in the Makati Precinct. a C-list actor who was still awaiting his break. yaya. it is a split-screen love story of almost-but-neverreally-meeting.” he repeats. “Hala! Si yaya naco-conscious kay Alden. so the execs decided to create Yaya Dub: a non-speaking. nagpapacute ka. It is this kind of powerful suggestion that would shake the showbiz industry for the next few months. my 50-year-old father. according to AGB Nielsen. Yaya Dub limited her endorsers—she never had any speaking lines. Eat Bulaga’s Mega Manila TV ratings would surge from 20 percent to 39.

which filled the Philippine Arena with 55.” never mind tweeting it (a fireable offense)? It is a phenomenon largely because it is peerless. hands-over-mouthswith-disbelief hysteria. As with everything so big. and it would earn the highest Mega Manila TV rating for 2015 with 50. I catch her wobbling. the verisimilitude of AlDub deserved a standing ovation. each amassing up to half a million followers from all over the world. all of it donated to humanitarian projects. the nameless. It’s sad that our only encounter is a short e-mail exchange: ESQUIRE: What are the most surprising things that you’ve learned about this industry? MAINE MENDOZA: That it’s not as easy as it seems. Even Manny Pacquiao couldn’t offer such a thing to us without pay-per-view. Paco. To date. voiceless girl was finally allowed to speak. tearful. organize intro groups. I used to think that show business was one of the simplest jobs one . our photographer. and she holds on to his arms lightly. The air filled with unexplained adulation. For a culture of viewers obsessed with showbiz love teams. On this day. she’s the most wanted girl in the Philippines. which clocked in a mere 5.4 percent. On stage. twerking. even the characters themselves couldn’t escape the overwhelming cult-like nature of it all: Wally Bayona would get sentimental. A stylist steps in to fix the creases on her clothes. Tamang Panahon would break Twitter world records by reaping 41 million tweets. trampling Pacquiao’s highest-viewed match (versus Timothy Bradley). At the moment.000 paying audiences. and I’m actually afraid she might just faint on the set (which actually happened on live TV during one Eat Bulaga episode). and explicitly make sure that AlDub is always trending on Twitter (AlDub’s social media success isn’t a phenomenon completely masterminded by marketing groups. asks her to strike a pose. and that of Maine’s as well. This event 86 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 earned 14 million pesos. would take it upon themselves to unify as a fandom. Their fan base. AlDub had hit jackpot. In her five-inch heels. we’re left to imagine its true scope. the show’s didactic morals struck a chord with traditional sensibilities. that’s not easy. And Maine stammered in disbelief and gratitude.she’s the most wanted girl in the philippines. Is it true that magazine offices were forced to open their doors to fans clamoring to buy copies that were sold out on newsstands? How about this story that employees from a rival TV station are absolutely prohibited from even whispering the name “AlDub. and aired live on TV via a three-hour nonstop telecast—no commercial breaks. but can’t find it. Her first word was: “Alden…” But this was all it took to fill the arena with shrieking.80 percent. It’s Showtime. for “imparting Filipino values and chastity” (what?). picking out its shadowy outlines from rumors. When we position Maine for the last layout. it turns out). The show is distinctive: a semifictional love story that unfolded on live television through a noontime variety show that was grounded on good ol’ Filipino values. The late Kuya Germs has had their names embellished in the local version of the Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame. AlDub’s combined number of commercial endorsements include 17 brands (and counting). Alden would cry. At a time when media is filled with Sex Bomb dancers. The cast has been honored by a number of awarding bodies— including the first Catholic Social Media Awards. It was the climax to their love story. the lonesome antithesis to the formulaic it-girl. In between flashes. comprising around 30 to 40 unofficial but active fan clubs online. Their faces dominate newsstands. beating the 2014 World Cup buzz of Brazil versus Germany. after a full day’s work. the lonesome antithesis to the formulaic It-Girl. in a massive event called Tamang Panahon. I search for the spark in her eyes. and nudies being leaked. steadying herself to keep from being caught off-balance. and earn 10 times more viewers than their competitor.

and that’s the main reason why I am able to keep my sanity despite my packed for maine by celeste tuviera makeup for maine by juan sarte GroominG for jose . ESQ: What brings you most fear? MM: Fear of not being good enough. What a trooper. In moments when no one else is looking. I love what I do. blessed to do what I love. I know there is and will always be room for improvement. ESQ: How do you stay sane when you seem to have a packed schedule? MM: I am also a normal human being. I am just lucky. she beams almost immediately. as soon as the cameras start rolling. just like everyone else. But the thing is. The struggle is real in trying your hardest to do your best in what you do. But in true showbiz fashion. I will catch her quietly sigh. fEbRUaRy 2016 • ESQUIRE 87 . I get physically tired when there’s too much work. you wouldn’t feel jaded after all. If you love what you do. rather. But now I realized how much hard work every production requires. and yet you get this feeling like something is holding you back. paano sila kiligin? And how do they know that they are already in love? Maine is continuously shaped to become the celebrity that everyone wants her to be. and paolo by muriel vega perez could have. wally. ESQ: What would you like to know about men? MM: Kinikilig din ba sila? Kung oo. Talk about the drawbacks of an introvert.

by A n g e lo R . l Ac u e s tA A R t by M i c A e l A b e n e d i c to .

Besides. dropped the papers and things on the desk and draped her cumbersome jacket—too large across her shoulders anyway. or anyone he knew. we’re too busy doing the things that the living do.M y father lov ed to tell Me of how he couldn’t help it a nd felt this Mighty unstoppa ble crush on this gir l w hen he saw the pa le pink backs of her legs as she wa lk ed past hiM as he paused. one red and upright on its sharp heel. She had slipped them off her feet with no effort at all. Christmas Day. and they all recognized it as their professor’s—across that same professor’s chair. the other fallen so that it showed a pale. with only a handful of things to his name and a fried half-chicken and a plate of pancit canton from the café downstairs for Noche Buena. many times. in fact— praying for him. or any of those molded eternal figures on it. and he was glad he was there on that day that girl proctored the exam in a miniskirt. But our mother did. unblemished sole. it made no one in their class want to be a teacher. resting and rotting in a coffin that took so long for us to choose because we knew he didn’t want angels or the last supper. He had no memory about the clothes she wore but he remembered to tell me. And there was some ballet trophy from my sister and my college diploma. all worn and shapeless and designed to soundlessly shuffle as they lectured their hours away. until we found out that the plain copper-colored one my sister and I had chosen was more expensive than the one with the two hosts of amateurly sculpted expressionless angels—mirror images. even if their teachers were mostly all PhDs and many of them were great big thinkers and compelling talkers. Everyone knew they were poor. you know. of how she had left her pumps under the teacher’s desk. from the threadbare clothes they wore too often and their cheap Japanese watches and their shoes. and enough for a short phone call to his mother. But mostly because we hardly have the time to visit. all those things we wanted him to have. and that was the cause of some trouble. on his first Christmas in his boarding house in Manila. Lonely because his starry black stone lies quite a distance from the older graves that look like they’ve formed own little apartment rows and subdivisions. My father is fifteen years in his grave now. stuMped by a question in one of his big ex a Ms in gr a duate school . He had saved enough for three good meals on the next day. And anyway I left a nice pen in there and we bought him a new pair of shoes he would never wear. It was like you had to pay people to leave things the hell alone. But still. he loved to tell me. Ugly wildflowers have overrun his lonely gravesite. My mother retreated to the province with my sister and decided they would make something of themselves there. and no one has formed a concrete idea about paying one of those wandering caretakers to keep the grass cut low and the weeds and those ugly flowers at bay. But I can’t really admit to myself how reluctant I was . poor as a teacher. but he did finish that exam. That was how my father had felt. He never did finish graduate school.

the old hometown. What’s funnier is I don’t know how someone could have needed that letter L so badly. the reading lights on the overhead console on the plane ride back to Manila. I was walking the mall looking for something to eat and I saw her. There was also that yellow pickup in the garage that none of us could remember moving an inch since the day my father bought it third-hand and parked it in its parking spot. and by the end of the visit we were thankful enough that my father’s death had joined the ranks of the other kind. but of course you shake off that initial feeling and settle in quite comfortably. Someone had stolen the first letter of his last name—and so every one of our last names. from his first and only stroke. and to me there was always some residual truth to this. to describe a kind of situation. this name. to his grave. this chop-chop version of it. ordering the same thing we always got when we were in a kind of limbo after my father died but hated to order because it was Jollibee Chicken Joy and you can’t really say that out loud if there’s nothing much to be happy about. We were too old to ride a pickup but too young to know exactly what a stroke really was. We both didn’t know what to do then. Everyone knows the story about how he’d given up a promising corporate career for a suicide mission writing movie scripts. that she had decided to stay firmly behind in the province. the engine turned over with little coaxing and revved with startling briskness. as though she herself had come up with the term. It turned out there was no Jollibee and nothing to be happy about where my mother was either. And this is where my sister figures because though I was never really in touch with her we had met once. looking spiffy and citified in her black dress and her new shoes. They were hard times. Over the last All Saints’ and Souls’ weekend we were all somewhere else again. because when he boarded it and tried to start it. and that was his death. With only one battered means of transportation left in the garage and little hope of any financial windfall. weirdly enough. etrero. only to be quickly replaced by new dogs and cats coming in from the street attracted by the smell of uneaten scraps of food. dyingpeacefully-in-their-sleep kind. except that was where her mother liked to deposit all her canned goods and fresh laundry. There is something that my mother calls “benign neglect. and I dreamt about them that night and began to imagine other things as eyes—the twin headlights of the bus narrowly missing us on the dark road back to Davao City. it did make us realize that the city is really good for bumping into people you know. but those death stories and the unsullied Mindanao sky made me imagine any two random stars—out of clusters of millions—close enough together as eyes. anyway?—was pinned to death as he was trying to replace the flat tire on his delivery truck. I really didn’t know her because we were from different sections. either. as it was taught in my classes in history and economics.” So it still works. The world was already well into the Internet age when I finally took her to my apartment. Or for that matter— and for another interesting fact—repaired the letters on his marker. thereby transforming our archipelago into a single seamless landmass through the employment of chartered ferries and the network of underutilized bridges accumulated throughout the just-ended Marcos regime. toward points unknown. that night. this poor man with his head on the pillow. the quiet. kind of holding her up by both arms and walking her slow. lit quickly and fully from two sides. My father had finally been prevailed upon to let go of the thing. who took my mother away from the town.” proudly. There were four hours of fumbling and two hours of sleep. and his body was presumed to exhale his spirit right up into heaven. in the summer of 1992. But as she passed that night under the yellow flares of two streetlamps I saw her face. After we buried him we took my mother back to the province. which commenced right when my roommates arrived. remains. validated by our highly infrequent. with a balcony and a maid’s quarters. at his most permanent place on earth. clean clothes and back-issues of Hollywood magazines. and again and again. Another uncle—what was it about uncles. somewhere else but there. and the next thing we knew we were watching the yellow thing drive off with its new master. often meandering put all that stuff in there. I just gave her the answer I always gave those who asked. even with my father around. knowing I would never see it again. and I wondered for the longest time whether we had done it separately on purpose. which is really a way of saying I didn’t know what to do with my life. at a Jollibee. and had first thought up of such an elegant measure. vowing one day to drive it—adding the terrifying promise that we would be stowed in the rear—all the way from Luzon to Mindanao. and we all probably separately shuddered and thought that nobody again. Someone had actually thought to take photos of my dead father in his coffin at the funeral and passed them around. I really saw Kate only when she crossed the University Avenue one late night after exams. Superstitious relatives helpfully supplied stories of graver deaths. quite grown since I had last seen her what. there really was only one thing left to happen. I was quite grown then. or. who returned her many years later. We had gone on to the same college. There was one of our grand-uncles suddenly expiring upon bottoming-up a refreshing glass of water right after a thirty-minute bicycle ride in the heat of noon. which many jokingly called Interplanetary Studies. It became sort of our domestic policy. and it’s a bit funny. a death so wished for that it became something magical: nobody could have witnessed it. She took a business course and I chose something called Interdisciplinary Studies. half-measure. we heard that many of the bridges had gone into disrepair. or in fact where she was. That thing had stayed parked there so long that we did not even feel the relief over my father having forgotten the mission. At the burial someone tried to comfort me with the idea that it would all probably be there longer than he would. come to think of it—so that he became. We found ourselves. There were more unfortunate ones. which was a one-bedroom unit all to herself. and her body. except her mother came in at odd hours to deliver fresh groceries. as you can imagine. Pets died from parasitic infestations. quite by accident. and my sister and I gave the old gate and the old yard that we’d only really ever seen once or twice a kind of wary look as we ushered her into her folks’ home. for another year. Kate asked me about my mother on one of our early dates and I didn’t know what to tell her because I honestly didn’t know what my mother was doing. we all realized. “Ariston L. and he came home one day with an old friend who had a thing about old trucks and who had apparently purchased ours that evening—for a song. I couldn’t afford the kind of place she had. in my early college days. and all of them acted like they recognized or even knew him in some way. Not her folks’ home anymore really—cousins and other old-timers now lived there. instead of the quasi-political policy it really was. So his name. and come to think of it. The maid’s quarters would have come in handy as a temporary hiding place. two or three years before? I didn’t know how I recognized her so quickly and from without even seeing her face. Fruit was allowed to turn overripe. or more appropriately. as it were. I only knew her by name. and maybe by glimpses of her face in the school crowd. We found ourselves unconsciously doing the same things with our . Dust gathered. had bothered to clean out the flowers and the weeds. Plus. and strangely enough remains true to the flesh that lies beneath. through the confusing layout of roads and “gardens of tranquility” spread across the vast memorial park.


It was easy to imagine how anyone can make a home of it in Davao—but no. and my sister. As usual I didn’t have the money to go with them. She told me about how a faint line of hair had startlingly begun to form below her navel. Of course I wondered what else was there and who was there and what she was . through a doorway into her room. Directly after graduating. but before I could say anything my sister saved us—or just me. I suddenly remembered. especially the skin of her belly. but then she described to me her aching limbs. blotched by schoolwork and weather. lining the sides of the national highway. Kate asked us again about our mother. “Baguio City. But I don’t know if it’s something he would actually do himself. There was a small table and an electric heater at her bedside and she took me through her things. That had been the plan anyway. She told me how she was idly sweeping up the strands with a thumb and forefinger as she told me about other things. So the thing that always came up never did come up for me for a while and so there was the faint idea of a visit. thanks to the odd writing or blogging jobs I accepted. She described her chapped feet and her untended toenails. how fine it was and how stiff it was. The key was heavier than the keyring. It was as if we were mimicking each other. and that she had never noticed this before. uttering the same non-words on the way to saying something crucial. She told me she had come home after her morning classes to take a nap. Kate described everything around her to me in great detail. I had never been brave enough to ask what the matter really was. which was our mother. her headache pills and her birth control pills. who had never met my mother or my father or never even knew what either looked like. with a flash of jealousy. perhaps—by saying things were most likely not good on the home front and it would have been a bit of a drain on resources if she had booked a flight. That was something my father would have told me to do. My sister told me about her apartment and her work and then we talked about what we really wanted to not talk about but what we also wanted to talk about. That made me wonder. the weird things you never notice when you’re around each other all the time. shrugging our shoulders too much when we laughed. or register at the Land Transportation Office. She was fair-skinned to begin with but her stay in Chicago had made her skin positively pale. Kate left for the United States for her masters’ degree. She took me through the bright patterns on her comforter. I suppose. That was a strong word but it felt right to hear it repeated by my sister. which had a tiny guitar made out of pinewood with her name on it on one side and on the other side. and it wasn’t really a good time then because it was five in the morning and she would have to park and my unit was all the way up on the 12th floor. That was a good save. And she poked them out from the covers so she could tell me what they looked like aching. her fall coat slung like a stiff dark weight over her shoulder bag. so that I could compare the Baguio she knew with the Baguio I knew—years and years before—when my father took us up there. Money was something I always almost had quite a bit of. So where was mother now. a pair of gloves. I had just come home from another work crisis so it all worked out. At first I was full of pity and remorse and then I realized that I had actually hated her from the very beginning. but I do remember she told me everything in detail too. and there’s really been quite a bit to talk about the next time we bump into each other. That paint job. My sister had just picked up a subcompact Toyota under her firm’s car plan and she dutifully drove us to the airport. a desk and a chair. why not go for it and be honest about it. her jeans as carefully pressed as dress pants. beginning with her arrival at the stone porch of her apartment building and the furry thing on it that she wiped her boots on and the heavy key she used that had “Do Not Duplicate” engraved on it. We noted our timezones so that my lunch breaks connected with her bedtime and vice versa. the ridges and the folds her flannel pajama top made between the comforter and her belly. if she even knew about my graduating. So Kate and I Skyped in between and I never mentioned my far-fetched plan. After Kate disappeared my sister dropped me off at my apartment building. the WASPs and the Jewish American Princesses and the guys she met. taking care to explain how the way the ache really felt. It might be a good time to talk about money now. even having to pee before leaving the restaurant. But then I thought. that my father had not even bothered to insure. I asked my sister. cockfighting pits. treated us to the last Filipino meal she would be having for a long time. and she said she probably was where she had always been since we last talked about her. and some guys she knew back in high school who she had bumped into on-campus. was so that the New People’s Army wouldn’t mistake us for a military vehicle and fire at us as we passed through Samar or Leyte. who had kept in touch enough for a while. I had never gone to the US and had never even applied for a visa.bodies and our hands. it wasn’t even Davao. or something like that. about what she was like and what she liked. anyway?” she would say. where I hugged Kate goodbye and gave her a peck on the lips before she entered the gate beyond which only ticketed passengers were allowed. a bookshelf. since I had gotten a job shortly after and that was a reason to rejoice. something easy and obscure enough for someone like me with nothing but a degree in interdisciplinary studies to make it. just like any big city in the Philippines—it was one of those small dark towns on the fringes. On one of those camera-less times it was three in the morning in Manila. She had never gone in. It was my mother whom I had heard complain one day about that one old car out of many that was left in the garage. about applying for a grant somewhere. Kate took me up the carpeted stairs. but the last two or three friends I knew who did all got rejected precisely for money. I suspected that if my mother knew she would come. I’d thought up schemes. because my father told me they were everywhere and we must be careful on the ride. sari-sari stores. her schoolbooks. and they had swollen like a pregnant woman’s legs. There was either too much of it in their bank account or too little of it. which has malls and movie theatres and five-star hotels and discos now. except something would always come up. though I can’t remember being invited anyway. interrupted only by unpaved farm-to-market roads and god knows what. Kate and I took care to only Skype and we texted only when it was about something important. But I did something brash and told her about Kate and how I didn’t really know what would happen between us. telling me they were not like I was used to seeing them.” That wasn’t a trip she took with me. “What’s in Mindanao. My line was almost always bad so we switched off our cameras most of the time and just talked or kept the line open while we did our work. and made very little difference anyway to Kate. So we said our goodbyes and I really haven’t seen her since. and the colors of her skin. But I described Kate to her. her vitamins. whether or not I was the one who let her know or not. It was she who had forced my father to give up that yellow pickup and his dream of driving us to Mindanao. That was with her friends back in the summer right after college. big enough for a double bed. There was a small window that looked out into an empty apartment in the building right across. as though all her blood had pooled in her calves and it was all threatening to burst out. mostly Fil-Ams. or wherever. houses shoulder-to-shoulder with karaoke joints. The next time I bumped into my sister I was already about to graduate and was thinking about what to do for a living.

in grade school. or one of her at her workdesk. right then and there. a coffee maker from the day earlier whose coffee I could smell all the way from my bed. how she had never realized how rough whatever it was really was. dark like a Pinoy. But I was cheating—it was something to feel her with. Afternoons were for HBO and Cinemax and then it was one dubbed soap after another. and she reminded me about how much she couldn’t wait. but it was taking me a long time to think because I was getting sleepy. She then asked me to described myself like she did. and neither could her other friends. if I leafed through it now. That was when I thought about paying a visit to my mother. I added a few details and I surprised myself with the non-existent things I could deliver so easily: a new suit hanging from a closet handle that I was planning to wear to work that morning. and he was surprised by how dark he was for a Japanese man. The engine’s running and the big compressor stuck to the back of the driver’s . One of me in a clip-on tie carrying a bible. the new friends she had made. three days. ready with a photo album. It was going to be in-and-out. The stops we would be making and the points of interest circled clearly. in kindergarten. do you bring photos. collect-the-check and get out. a box full of calling cards I had obtained from all the contacts I’d been making in my work. He had just met him. unannounced. or how round. maybe happily dining with friends. not telling me about. For example. an extra battery. do you bring money. not something the skin of her hands could touch and remember. a camping cooker and a map. give or take. with enough detail to show the major roads. so I told her about our yellow pickup. wondering at the same time why I’d never told her about it. I told her about our trip from Luzon to Mindanao and It would have taken all of 24 hours. and she told me what they were like. or how wrinkled. knowing it was something she told me she always liked to feel against her skin. and I might have fallen asleep if she hadn’t asked me to describe myself. as if I were making myself up for her out of thin air. he knew someone who knew someone who knew a Japanese guy who needed someone to do something really quick and simple. my hairline. and that proved more difficult. and I couldn’t imagine this kind of life even if I tried my hardest. They’d be turning deaf and slow. down to my mother. But I knew it was all the same old me she had known before she left. Maybe that weekend or the next. In and out.we found ourselves unconsciously doing the saMe things with our bodies and our hands. do you bring souvenirs? She’d be home when I got there. Maybe my first communion. No. but it was an abstract anxiety and I could not pinpoint what it was that I really wanted to hear. nothing on my working years. from Thailand and Vietnam and Korea. or remark about how different it was now. working on whatever it was she was working on. and it shouldn’t be an ordeal to find out how to get to her town. watching a noontime variety show turned up to a disturbing volume. There would be photos of me. the protuberance of my kneecap. He asked him if he’d been living in the country a long time and the guy said it was his first time in the Philippines and he’d been there two. and it was going to have to be yes or no. and she’d be speaking more Visayan than Tagalog now and I took it to mean she had turned her back on her old ways. her hands scratching against the leatherette cushions. If I had it now in my hands. a five gallon container of gas. For dinner someone would do something to a chicken and we would all smell it hanging in the air long after it was all gone. Has it snowed yet? I asked her. I described the texture of my unshaven cheek to her. the weird things you never notice when you’re around each other all the tiMe. That was the end of the small talk. But it was also difficult to do at the same time. with cousins and aunts. one of those long-range floodlights from the surplus shop. I looked around me and thought about where to start and I made the room a bit bigger than it really was. folding chairs. I offered the back of my hands. My father took a lot of odd jobs. I don’t know if my sister would do that. plus some photos of her. I’d try to feign fatigue but my mother would have already taken her place on the sofa. When dinnertime came someone finally switched off the TV but you could still follow what was happening because the other TVs in the neighborhood were on the same program. and my father had planned out all that we would need to bring: two spare tires. How hard could it be? I’d always known she never moved. not any old map that you can get at National Bookstore. but she might. and I would hate the sound of her voice when she spoke to me because it would be loud and I would have turned gruff. We never discussed how we would fit into the rear with all that cargo. ice chests. sleeping bags. I tried hard to tell her something new or something fresh. there would be big jumps in the album—nothing on my college years. except maybe a couple of me with my sister that she might have taken the trouble to print and send over. she said. but a map of the entire Philippines that you can fold out large enough. I looked at my curtains and they were yellow. So he shows up as instructed at this warehouse where there’s a refrigerated container van parked right up front. So he said yes because he needed the tie-rod replaced and the mechanic had warned him that if something happened it would happen very quickly and they wouldn’t know where to find him or how to put him together if they did. I mean.


cab is running high and water is dripping down to the pavement.
The back door opens and vapor comes out and a couple of heavies
come out, all smoky in their heavy black jumpsuits and wave at him
and tell him to enter. But this guy doesn’t, he’s waiting for his suit,
too. He starts getting scared to death, of the cold and the guys and
of what’s in the container van, but he’s also scared to death of taking
even a couple of steps closer to take a look. But the guys are waving at
him and waving him in and he realizes they’re Filipinos too so that
thaws out his fear a little bit. He takes the couple of steps and it’s just
all vapor he sees at the container van door because all that humidity
is hitting all that cold in the van.
“Never trust the Japanese,” his father had told him. I never met
my grandfather, but he survived the death march. Papa plants his
feet on the pavement and rolls his hands into fists because his father
had also told him how to prepare for a fight: stand your ground and
never look at his eyes, look at the space between them, he’ll never be
able to tell.
So these heavies—and he starts recognizing that they only
look heavy because their jumpsuits are thick as pillows—start
getting really hot and uncomfortable right in between those two
temperature zones.
One of them starts trying to explain what’s in there to him and
the other has gone half in and is now pulling something out of the
van and it’s a big white furry thing that looks like a cross between
Hello Kitty and the cutest, most harmless looking polar bear you
could ever have an ad agency art director make who has never seen
a single hair of a real polar bear, which averages about 3,000 pounds
of pure muscle.
Packed in the rest of the available space in the van that wasn’t for
the suit or the two heavies were crates of Japanese ice cream. So the
only way they could all fit was for him to put on his costume so they
could bring them to where they were supposed to launch the product
and where all those kids and their schoolteachers were waiting for
them, all hot and uncomfortable, too, because it was summer, the
perfect time for launching imported ice cream.
They help my father put on the suit and he practices a few moves.
He can’t see his feet out of his eyeholes. His hands only have three
fingers. He can smell his own stale breath blowing back into his face.
Something tugs at his arm and he turns his whole body to see Mr.
Toshi, also in a white jumpsuit, looking smaller and darker than
when he last saw him.
Mr. Toshi tells him the mascot rules in admirable English. He
probably studied in America.
“You don’t have to smile, but if you do, it comes out better, so
please smile. Put your hands to your mouth and wiggle your head
back to demonstrate that you are laughing. Draw a heart in the air
to say “I love you.” Use these hand signals to tell your guides—he
gestures to the two men in jumpsuits—if you need to rest, or if you
need help. Most importantly, don’t speak.”
My father and the two men enter the container and his sweat
freezes and it’s the only time he realizes he is sweating. All he can
see is cold vapor and crates of ice cream. He feels the van move and
his handlers grip his arms and prop him up.
The van stops fifteen minutes later and he hears music from
outside. The beats are coming through the walls of the van and the
crates of ice cream and the layers of his costume. The song is “Ice Ice
Baby.” The song is cut by a voice making an excited announcement
through the PA system. Someone bangs on the van again and they
turn him around and shout in his ear to stay close to them.
After his baptism of fire stepping out of the van right into the big
pan of heat that was that yard full of sweating kids, it was nothing
to him to trampoline or bungee jump in that suit. They raised his
pay, of course, every time he did something risky like that. It was all

good. And the suit itself, well, it felt shockproof. He did not put it on
as much as enter it, like it was an airplane or a submarine.
He wore it like a second skin. Sometimes he felt himself smiling
as he waved and did his little dance, and he knew he couldn’t help it
that way. He sort of knew, he told me, that when he wasn’t smiling
his wave was slightly different and he felt the difference in the
cheers and waves of the children in front of him. And though he
couldn’t speak, he had soon devised a language with what he could
do with an arm and a hand, a pair of flapping eyelids, his feet and
his big fat white hairy body.
The door opens and white fluffy clouds appear in front of his
eyes. Somewhere 12,500 feet below they’re playing “Ice Ice Baby”
again. His lifts his left hand so he can see it, a white paw thrust into
the wind. His right hand is firmly hooked around the parachute
strap dangling from his shoulder.
He walks forward a few steps and waits for his handlers to give
him a push. He steps out into the air and falls face down into the
city. He can see the roads and the mountains and the sea. He sees
the buildings and the parking lots and finds the schoolyard where
hundreds of kids are waiting for him.
The cold lets go and the costume starts filling up with heat. He
lands with a roll and a tumble, and his handlers on the ground take
his parachute away and stand him up on two legs. He’s right on target.
He hears the kids shouting his name: “Polly! Polly! Polly!” He
lifts a heavy hand and waves to the exultant crowd and they wave
back, their skinny arms matching him beat for beat. He feels himself
smiling. The music seems louder now, and faster. Maybe it’s because
his arm is tired. He lets his right arm drop and he lifts his left arm
and waves it. He sees the crowd do the same. He swings his hips and
the crowd does the same. So it’s left arm, left arm, left arm, right
arm with a swing to make one bar. Where are his handlers? They’re
probably back in the van opening up the crates and getting out all
the ice cream. They’re probably going to toss all those icedrops at
the crowd. The crowd roars. He’s so close to them it feels like he’s
at the edge of the stage. He feels himself settling back against the
frame of his costume and he feels himself dropping back. He knows
he is fainting but he is still smiling, because fainting is better than
the heat.
My grandfather survived the death march by filling his pockets
with salt. It was one of those stories they like to tell whenever we
go to the province. When I was a kid I wondered why he didn’t fill
his pocket with sandwiches or bananas instead. Anyway he survived,
but thankfully, not long enough to see his own son suffer under the
same masters.
Papa spent a weekend in a nice hospital room and got a little bonus
on his paycheck. They never hired him again, though we would go
on to see Polly the Polar Bear breakdance, do cartwheels and skydive
again and again into school fairs.
I borrowed a friend’s Rolex to wear to the visa interview. It was
heavier than I thought. Now I am in a coat, a scarf and boots. I’ve
never worn any of these things before and they look so strange
on me that I wanted to describe what I am wearing to myself.
Everything is just as she described it to me. Lake Michigan looks
like it’s an ocean. The big smooth metal buses have scrolling LED
displays that clearly tell you where you’re going.
I stop before I ring the doorbell because I know she isn’t there. A
friend of hers would have called as soon as the first flurries showed.
Maybe it was that guy friend I’ve always been jealous about, trying
to hide the excitement in his voice, simply saying “Well?” and she
would have known exactly what he meant. They would have run
out their rooms, scrambled down their steps, flung open the doors
and rushed out into the air, wearing whatever they were wearing in
the freezing cold, and I wouldn’t hold it against them.

What I’ve Learned

Gregorio Honasan
Senator, vice-presidential candidate

IntERvIEw PJ Caña

96 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6

PhotogRaPh JosePh PasCual

I’ve jumped from perfectly good airplanes
about 4,000 times in my life. My parachute has
malfunctioned seven times. And the first word
I utter is “God.”

First i wanted to become a priest.
So if fate decided otherwise, you would have
been interviewing a bishop.
it’s a cliché, but at the
[philippine military academy] i
learned to be a man For others.
To deal with issues that are bigger than all
of us combined. To define your career in
terms of God, country, and family—it has to
be all or nothing. Everything else has to be
incorporated into that defining character.
you practically sign a contract where
the job description requires your willingness
to give up your life, to do what is necessary to
accomplish your mission.
i’ve been a soldier For 17 years,
with the battle scars to prove
it. But please don’t ask me to take off my shirt.
I have bullet wounds and grenade scars. Add
to that seven years as a military rebel.
when i was underground, they
raided one oF the houses where
we were having a meeting. I had to
leave fast and scramble over a fence. My ring
finger got caught in a barbed wire and broken
bottles. I had to look for the finger and the
ring, because my wife would not forgive me if
I lost it.
in the battleField, you are on the
threshold of playing god. You decide who lives
and who dies. And you rationalize that with a
higher objective.
i have held dying men in my arms,
telling me before their last breath that they would
give me half a year’s salary so we could rent a
helicopter to pick him and the other casualties up,
and evacuate them to the nearest hospital. This is
embedded in my brain and in my heart forever.
That’s why I know how it is to be on both sides, to
be on the receiving end of any conflict.
[my] relationship with senator
[Juan ponce] enrile has lasted
more than some marriages, because

we never interfered with each other’s core
judgment calls. I can deal with the perceptions
that I’m his shadow, and he’s my surrogate
father. But I have no regrets. I have learned so
much from him, including how to prioritize
our objectives and our limited resources. That
reflects the highest level of statesmanship.

them. We teach them discipline so they can be
dependable. Our job, since they’re our most
precious and strategic resource, is to help make
them smarter, healthier, happier, and safer.

i’ve been accused oF being a coup
plotter. But the figures vary. The point is,
when certain groups and interests benefit, the
vocabulary is kinder: you’re called a military
rebel, a revolutionary, an ingredient that
completes the People Power in the streets. But
if the same interest groups, vested as they are,
do not benefit, and they become consistently
the target of your “affections,” you are called
a power-grabber, a self-appointed messiah, a
coup plotter. The vocabulary doesn’t bother
me because I’m only after my consistency.

iF you try to destroy my name
and get in the way of my going home without
my legacy intact, then we fight. My history
should tell you that I have the credentials
to back that up. I’ve stood on the grounds of
Malacañang Palace three times in full combat
gear without an invitation, aside from the one
from my conscience.

consistency deFines me. I’ve never
wavered from what I thought was my purpose
in life.
i’ve never aligned myselF with a
political party because first, we don’t
have a functioning political party system.
You name me a party and I will tell you how
fragmented it is.
we have to learn to build. Before,
we had these romantic notions of an overnight
revolution, but you realize, over time, that
these things take time. You have to build
sustainability and predictability.
organized hypocrisy annoys me. You
cannot give what you do not have.
i’ve been shot so many times. It’s
not really a painful experience. Some initial
shock and pain, then numbness. But I don’t tell
everybody that because it’s part of the deterrent
to criminals. I don’t tell them it’s not painful.
i don’t agree with this platitude
that the youth are our future. They are their
own future. By the time they hit their future, we
won’t be around. So all we can do is to prepare

sometimes we become victims of
limited information.

i’m a light sleeper between two and four
in the morning. Ang tawag diyan “oras de peligro.”
This is a habit from a previous lifetime; this is
when the enemy attacks, or when we attack. In
fact, sometimes I hear bugles, and I tense up and
start palpitating, and by force of habit, I grab a
firearm, which is not there. Then, I look at my
wife, this slightly snoring senior citizen beside
me. And I pray quietly to God, that ideally, we
should go together. If You are to take either one
of us, You have to take me first. Because with
all my shortcomings, my imperfections, my
indiscretions and infirmities, I cannot imagine
living a life without this person.
i tell that to newly married
couples. Sabi ko, use that line so that you
can gain points.
i’m aFraid every second oF my
liFe. Being afraid is different from willing to
fight even when you’re afraid. And that, in my
terms, is probably what courage means: you’re
afraid, but you fight because you have to.
religion is a word to me. I believe in a
power, a force that is greater than all of us. I’ve
jumped from perfectly good airplanes about 4,000
times in my life. My parachute has malfunctioned
seven times. And the first word I utter is “God.”
winning is god’s worK, cheating is
man’s design.

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bUT ThESE of-akInD pIEcES wIll gRoUnD yoU In ThE pRESEnT. yoU Don’T havE To wEaR ThEm all aT oncE. IT woUlD bE caRElESS To IgnoRE whaT IS of ThE momEnT.Lighten Up ThERE IS a TUg-o’-waR bETwEEn bEIng TImElESS anD bEIng TImEly. of coURSE) anD go fRom ThERE. anD whIlE IT may SEEm ThaT SUbScRIbIng To ThE claSSIc IS ThE bEST coURSE of acTIon. PHOTOGRAPHS GERIC CRUZ STYLING CLIFFORD OLANDAY ART DIRECTION EDRIC DELA ROSA XXX E S Q U I R E • D E c E m b E R 2 0 1 5 . bUT wE SUggEST ThaT yoU TRy ThEm (wITh yoUR collEcTIon of ElEganT pIEcES. ThESE may noT bE ThE cloThES yoU wEaR To ThE boaRDRoom.

December 2015 • ESQUIRE XXX .

both by H&M Studio. and boots (P3. where the tide is slowly moving toward fits that are looser (and yes.400) by 7 For All Mankind.685) and pants (P13. more comfortable).490) by H&M.990) and short-sleeved shirt (P1.290) by H&M. razor-sharp proportions and sculptural shapes have made what were once athletic-only pieces (like the jogger pants) more acceptable. jeans (P14. 100 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 . Jacket (P51. and trainers (P2.look to the streets. T-shirt with hood (P1.685). both by CK Platinum.490) by H&M Studio.690). Jacket (P10.

December 2015 • eSQUIre XXX .

102 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 .

the well- Sweater (P15.290) by H&M Studio. february 2016 • eSQuIre 103 . sneakers (P1.An eAsy updAte: considered print.985) by CK Platinum.780) by AC+632. and cap (P1.190) by H&M. pants (P2.

Jacket (P6. and cap (P980) by Firma. both by Joseph.950). sport plus suit? aNother easy update.No Need to go to the extreme with a raiNbow-colored coat. and T-shirt (P1. 104 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 . both by Penguin. Sport coat (P5.290) by H&M Studio.950) and T-shirt (P1.50) and pants (P9.950) by Penguin. aN overdyed jeaN jacket will do just fiNe.485).992. pants (P2.

february 2016 • eSQuIre 105 .

XXX E S Q U I R E • D E c E m b E R 2 0 1 5 .

and pants (P15. 88hotspring. and AC+632. Shirt (P10. 7 For All Mankind. sometimes it’s just a matter of Wearing the things you have in a different Way.CK Platinum and Joseph.492. all at Greenbelt. What’s Wrong little fun? With having a Parka (P5.985. both by Joseph. MODEL Peter at im agenCy GROOMING muriel vega PereZ INTERN alyana CaBral Shot on location at 88 Hotspring Resort.50). both at SM Aura.985) and sweater (P6. with belt) by CK Platinum. Firma. february 2016 • eSQuIre 107 . and T-shirt (P899). both by H&M Studio. H&M at SM Mega Fashion Hall.

posed nude for Cosmopolitan’s centerfold. “I think the best thing you can do when your masculinity is being brought up constantly is just to have fun with it. Back in 1972 however. CArpio 108 E S Q U I R E • f E b R U a R y 2 0 1 6 Previously on esquire. saw the centerfold and realized that women were horny visual creatures. was deemed unacceptable.6 million copies and also spawned the creation of Playgirl magazine when Douglas Lambert. it’s us. too. “Has it hit you yet?” the Esquire cover headline asks a generation of men too young to be turned off by sex with middle-aged partners. Viva la sexual revolution. Impotence—commonly known as limp dick. The spread catapulted Reynolds into superstar territory. The women’s magazine sold a record-breaking 1. No one else personified ubermasculinity than Burt Reynolds. it appears. turning him into the hirsute sex symbol we remember him as today.” He told Esquire some four decades later. Sexually liberated women were coming into their own (and perhaps on their own) during this era. the first of its kind in what would forever be an iconic image (two words: bearskin rug).. arousing a deep fear that it’s not them.” But the cover was canned at the last minute due to Nicholson’s agent threatening to sue. he “got the joke right away. who only four months earlier. Male nudity. he wouldn’t be the Burt Reynolds he became if he wasn’t young and foolish enough to entertain Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Helen Gurley Brown’s wild taboo-breaking fantasy. By the time he was asked to be the face of impotence for Esquire. owner of the Playgirl Club. it was a scourge on the rise. Burt Reynolds later admitted in his 2015 memoir But Enough About Me that he deeply regrets doing the Cosmo centerfold and claimed it was not the Viagra for his career that everyone made it out to be. the October cover was originally meant for a nude Jack Nicholson.This Way Out OCTOBER 1972 BY AudreY N. Still. the old Flacido Domingo—is now nothing a couple of Cialises can’t handle. and the pressure was on. whisky dick. whom art director George Lois had photographed sitting by a poolside in nothing but a sunhat and woven sandals with the cover headline “Jack Nicholson is right! Los Angeles is the best suburb in America. ..” Incidentally.




Wear a belt and it’ll be your little secret. The idea sounds crazy and yet. You get style and comfort in a neat little package.BEFORE WE BEGIN A L E T T E R F RO M T H E FAS H I O N E D I TO R Bottoms Up We got to admit: There are days when trying to dress well can be trying. dependable. CLIFFORD OLANDAY Fashion Features Editor Photographed by JEANNE YOUNG Creative Direction VINCE UY Words CHICA VILLARTA Stylist LORIS PEÑA Art Direction POW SANTILLAN Managing Editor ROANA CAPAQUE Copy Editor JAE DE VEYRA PICKRELL Producer PEARL BACASMAS Makeup DON DE JESUS Hair RHOY CERVANTES Models JOHN JAMES UY and JESSICA YANG . the things that cover half of your body. it works. easy. that tricky region where shapes get weird. your most favorite pieces. Observe the pairs of pants in these pages. But the real magic of these things is how they combine the world of suiting and sport so effortlessly. and. So here’s a proposition for the new year: How about we increase the odds of looking and feeling good by stocking up on these fail-safe pieces? And how about we start from the bottom up—as in your pants? You know. Fun fact: You only wear as little as 13 percent of the clothes in your closet. It’s gonna be a good day. These are the things that you reach for on most days. Check out the belt loops on the elastic waistband. and that’s why we’re all for pieces that are uncomplicated. in these pieces. the things that make you feel good. dare we say it. They get two crucial points right: the fit (pants should streamline your shape) and length (those ribbed cuffs provide a cleaner break).

PANTS ON FIRE I T A I N ’ T N O L I E— M O D E L J O H N JA M E S U Y K N OWS H I S U N I Q LO B OT TO M S A L L TO O W E L L . W E S H A K E T H I N G S U P BY AS K I N G H I S L A DY LOV E J E SS I CA YA N G TO ST Y L E H E R M A N ’S DA P P E R T RO U S E RS. P2990 . B U T T H I S T I M E . O U T FO R A J O G Waffle Henley Neck Long-Sleeved T-Shirt. Jogger Pants. Comfort Jacket. P990. P1490.

GET IN HIS PANTS R E A L LY. Php 290. Folding Sunglasses.” “Military prints always scream man to me.” DAT E N I G H T: P R I N T T H E TOW N R E D G O N E T R AV E L I N G : E ASY D O E S I T City slickers do date night with dapper essentials with a patterned twist. Stretch Mesh Belt. P990. H OW D O WO M E N WA N T T H E I R M A N TO D R E SS? J E SS I CA YA N G G E TS TO T H E B OT TO M O F T H E I SS U E : I N A C LOS E T TA K EOV E R. T H I S TA I WA N E S E ST U N N E R TA K E S O N B OY F R I E N D ST Y L I N G D U T I E S FO R H E R B E AU J O H N JA M E S U Y. P1990. Jogger Pants.” “Love it when even his socks are on point. P790 . Wander around in somber neutrals. Ultra Stretch Chino Flat-Front Pants. “Here’s a hoodie I wouldn’t mind stealing from him. Socks. P1490. Leisurewear can be had without a discount on style. P197 Packaged Dry Color Crew-Neck T-Shirt. P1490. Sweat Long-Sleeved Full-Zip Hoodie. P990. Easy Care Stretch Slim Fit Oxford Long-Sleeved Shirt. P1490. Narrow Belt.

” “When my boy is in the crispest white. P790. P1490 . but add on some pieces I’d want him to wear. Jogger Pants. or those I know I’d like seeing on him when we’re together. How would I style him? I would just build on the style he’s used to. I just can’t look away.JESSICA SAYS: “John James is a stylish guy all on his own—that’s one of the things that drew me to him. Ultra Stretch Chino Flat-Front Pants. EFC Broadcloth Long-Sleeved Shirt. It should be a cinch. P1990 Monster Hunter Graphic T-Shirt. But I wouldn’t mind wearing the pants and dressing him up this time.” B OYS N I G H T O U T: WHERE THE GOOD MEN ARE ST R A I G H T O U T O F T H E GY M : FRESH AND CLEAN A girlfriend’s choice for BNO: screaming good boy from head to toe. P1290.” “Blue buttondowns are a stylish no-brainer. Don athleisure staples that make you look even better post-workout.


P3990. P3990. P1290. P990. Light Pocketable Parka. Blocktech Parka. Belt.Left: Pullover Sweatshirt. P1990. P1290. P990 . P1490. Ultra Stretch Chino FlatFront Pants. Belt. Right: Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt. Jogger Pants.

P1990. P990. Sweat Long-Sleeved Shirt.Dry Pique Striped Polo Shirt. Ultra Stretch Chino Flat-Front Pants. P1290 .


Our go-to pairs at Preview HQ include basics that taper at the ankle. Executive Editor Photographed by JEANNE YOUNG Managing Editor ROANA CAPAQUE Creative Direction VINCE UY Words CHICA VILLARTA Fashion Editor LORIS PEÑA Art Direction KATRINA VELOSO Copy Editor JAE DE VEYRA PICKRELL Producer PEARL BACASMAS Makeup DON DE JESUS Hair RHOY CERVANTES Models JESSICA YANG and JOHN JAMES UY . Consider this a little nudge for you to step into a fresh pair (or two) from Uniqlo and style it your own way. Then there are those culottes we’ve come to love both for its hip silhouette and the breathing room it gives. whether in a staid gray or a printed weave. Worn with a button-down for polish or a light sweatshirt and sneakers on more casual days.E D ’ S N O T E Fashion’s concocted so many new pant styles to try and it’s no surprise that this month’s fashion collaboration with Uniqlo is centered on the Japanese brand’s broad selection of trousers. it has a versatility that makes restyling a cinch. Isha Andaya-Vallés.

P1990 . IDLF Basket Bag.T R O U S E R T R I P P I N G Crisp trousers are a must-check on your travel packing list. P1290. P1490 *Product and color availability may vary per store. You’re Coming With Make sure your luggage is stacked with versatile sweaters and knitwear for sudden changes in temperature (or a really cold airplane). THEY’RE HIS Soft Jersey Jacket. Premium Linen Long-Sleeved Blouse. P1490. Rayon Stand Collar Long-Sleeved Blouse. HE SAYS: h I love it when my girl looks effortless and stylish when we travel. Cotton Feel Ankle-Length Pants. P1290 When traveling with the beau. P1490. indeed. Ultra Stretch Chino Flat Front Pants. P2990 Middle Gauge Cable Crew Neck Sweater. save luggage space by borrowing his trousers! Boyfriend jeans. Color coordination always nails easy travel chic.

P1490. Cotton Cashmere Long Cardigan. Compromise. Drape Gaucho Pants. check! *Product and color availability may vary per store. that always gets me. IDLF Stole. P790. P1490 How to wear wide-leg pants without repelling men: partner with a shirt buttoned just halfway. P1490 + + SAYS: . Rayon LongSleeved Blouse. Drape Wide-Leg Cropped Pants. snuggle up to these cozy comforts on a breezy lovers’ evening. finally: date-night wear for fashion girls. HE h When she steps out for date night wearing something unexpected. P1290.A L L F O R R OM A N C E Oh. Fight That Cold Aside from your man’s arm.

IDLF Hat. P990. Drape Gaucho Pants. such as a tank top and gaucho pants. Denim Wide-Leg Pants. P1490. HE SAYS: h Not gonna lie: When she looks like she borrowed from my closet instead of being full-on girly—that excites me! Like I Care Update off-duty staples. Stretch Pique Polo. AIRism Camisole. with pieces that make it look like you cared to dress up: a statement hat and prepschool socks. P590. Canvas Tote Bag. Short Socks. wear casual pieces in tomboy chic. P1990 . 3 for P590. Throw on pinstripes and structured polos together to make your two-minute outfit still look put-together. P990. P1490 *Product and color availability may vary per store.T H I S G I R L’ S O F F D U T Y On blissful days when nothing matters.

this pair’s got their pant game down pat. .S TA R T E D F R OM T H E B OT TOM Uniqlo trousers kick off couple dressing in this style story: From single blessedness to partnered bliss.

P1490. Collarless Jacket. IDLF Stole. P1490. P2990 RIGHT: Extra Fine Cotton Long-Sleeved Shirt. P790 *Product and color availability may vary per store. P1490. Ankle-Length Pants. . P1690. Denim Gaucho Pants.LEFT: Denim Long Sleeve.

Soft Jersey Jacket. P2990 .AIRism Camisole. P590. Drape WideLeg Cropped Pants P1490.

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