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Gifted and Talented Program

Product Abstract
Each student in the Independent Research Program must carry out an authentic, advanced research project which is
capable of evaluating its quality, authenticity, and novelty. The following information, written by the student, provides an
overview of the project proposal as planned.
Student: Lydia Angel

Date: March 9, 2016

Research Title: Youth Environmental Leadership: Inspiring Students to Lead the Green Movement
Expose adolescents to the best leadership practices for the sustainability of the Green Movement
Examine leadership theories best suited to the environmental movement, specifically transformational leadership
and the leadership qualities required to implement change within the Green Movement
Expected Product or Outcome:
Conduct research on transformational leadership theories by interviewing professionals in the field
Create a Youth Environmental Leadership Conference, hosted by River Hill High School, in conjunction with the
River Hill High School Green School Initiative
Chair the Conference
Recruit and train adolescents for positions of environmental leadership from high schools throughout Howard and
Montgomery Counties in Maryland
Design materials to make this initiative easily sustainable
Novelty of Product: There is a lack of adequate leadership training for adolescents tailored to the environmental
movement. This project will help enable youth to start-up, lead, and sustain valuable environmental projects.
Audience: The primary audience for the research and project are adolescents, ranging from middle school to college
undergraduates, passionate about environmental preservation. The secondary audience is adults who are working with or
plan to work with adolescents on environmental projects.
1. Gather scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles and conduct interviews with experts in the field of youth
leadership and environmental leadership
2. Receive assistance from an advisor, Amy K. Greene, Youth Program Supervisor of the University of New
Mexicos Continuing Education Program
3. Contact and conduct four primary source interviews with experts in the leadership field to attain information on
youth environmental leadership through their work experience
4. Generate a publishable research paper based on the scholarly research conducted
5. Design a display that synthesizes information that I have compiled throughout the school year to exhibit in the
River Hill High School Display Fair
6. Collect and analyze survey data on student environmental leaders in Maryland
7. Initiate a Youth Environmental Leadership Conference with reproducible instructions and materials best suited to
help youth environmental leaders based on data collected
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