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) GoM as MATERIAL TESTING [ IBR Approved Laboratory ] TESTREPORTNo : CL J082 PAGE: 1 of 1 DATE : 28.10.2015 ‘TEST REPORT OF MACRO ANALYSIS OF WELDED JOINTS Work OrderNo : CL J082 ‘CUSTOMER DETAILS: Received on 2 28.10.2015 M/s. CASTECH NDT SERVICES, Tested on + 28.10.2015 SF.No. 440/1, Othakkalmandapam Road, ‘Test Method : ASME SEC IX :2015 Chettipalayam (PO), Coimbatore-641 201 Deviation from the method: NIL Customer Ref YrLtDt24.10.2015 ‘SAMPLE DESCRIPTION “TIWPSIOL Welding Process : SMAW STM A352 Gr.LCC Size : 40mm Thickness Plate \. ANTONY DETAILS OF TESTING FACILITY ‘Machine No. ‘CL/ME/IMAG Capacity = 1000X, Model MYMS 1310 Ambienttemp., °C: 25.6 ‘SNo WPS No MACRO TEST RESULTS 1 CT/WPS/01 Fusion Satisfactory. No defect is observed and shows normal weld structure Etchant: Glyceregia END OF TEST REPORT Test Witnessed By |ANAPALAN) ‘Technical Manager Bureau Veritas NOTE: 1. This report refers only tothe particular sample(s) submitted for testing and the sample was not drawn by ws. 2. This report shall not be reproduced expect in fll, unless written permission forthe publication ofan approved abstract has been obtained from the Managing Partner, Commando Lab. 3. The results reported in ths report are valid atthe time of under the stated conditions of measurement. ‘4 Correction or attestation if any invalidate this repor. Ths report strictly confidential & its use for publicity, arbitration or as, cvidence in legal disputes if forbidden CLFME11/00/01/03.15 No. 3A, Sth South Street, Avarampalayam, Coimbatore - 641 006. Ph : 0422 - 2560907 Mob : 99430 14772, 99430 33225 E-mail :, Web : —E————E———E~