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Jessalyn Rowlee
Developing Philosophy of Education
After spending time in the classroom with the elementary students and learning
about the history of education, I have began to develop my own philosophies of
education. I have always favored public education over charter schools, private schools,
and home-schooling. I believe that public education is the best way for all students to be
best prepared for their futures.
Public education gives the students a chance to learn the necessary content, but
also so much more. In a public school, students are given the chance to interact with
one another. Students learn how to work together with a diverse group of learners. In a
public school, students compete with others in their class to succeed. With
homeschooling, students are not given that chance to succeed and have that kind of
competition. Public schools also teach students the importance of attendance and are
held to the expectations of the teachers. With homeschooling, students are not
necessarily going to learn about the importance of attendance. Students in homeschool
arent given the chance to interact and cooperate with other students in the area.
Through public school, students are able to learn about a large variety of content
in all subject areas. In some schools, especially magnet schools, a certain subject is
specialized in for the school-wide curriculum. Although the arts, math, science and other
subjects are very important, I do not believe that one subject should be the base for the
curriculum. A well-rounded curriculum is very important so that students can be
prepared for the variety of options they will have in their futures. A well-rounded
curriculum is also important because it allows the students to be knowledgable in the

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world around them. It is important to have basic knowledge in all subject areas so that
you are able to participate in the world and have an understanding of the events that are
taking place. I believe that public schools are great for giving students the well-rounded
education that they need. I also believe that public schools are becoming better at
making subjects more equalized as we make the positive changes in education that
students need.
Students also get the chance to learn through many different strategies in public
education. By learning through lecture, discussions, cooperative learning, and
independent learning, students become more well-rounded. In a public school, students
get the chance to take part in all these strategies. After working with students, teachers
are able to recognize how each individual learns best. Teachers adjust to the strategies
that the students are able to learn best from. Even if a student learns best using a
specific teaching strategy, it is also important for them to experience all strategies. In a
public school, teachers use a variety of strategies to meet the students needs and to
make them more well-rounded.
Public education gives each child a fair chance at a good education. Public
education satisfies all students, no matter what race, religion and sex. Any abilities or
disabilities that the students have in a public school are also met. It doesnt matter what
ethnic, cultural, or socioeconomic background they come from. A more diverse
classroom can actually add to the knowledge of the students. The variety of teachers in
a public school gives students the chance to have a little bit more variety and learn in
different ways. Overall, I believe that all these variables are what make public education
the best option for all children.