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1. Rousseau advised, “Have a good bank account, a good cook and a good digestion.” What is being
referred to?
A. Duty B. Family C. Security D. Investment

2. “Nothing that happens in this world ever happens by chance; it is all part of a grand design.” The
author speaks of one’s ______.
A. luck B. destiny C. dream D. ambition

3. Parents admit that text messaging is an easy means of knowing their children’s whereabouts.
However, they are worried about its effect on ________________.
A. shortening messages effectively C. ability to spell words correctly
B. ability to guess words correctly D. communicating through guessing

4. If I _____ a Senator, I would live in Ayala village.

A. should be C. were
B. am D. was

5. Which word does NOT mean the same as the other three?
A. Defend C. Equip
B. Supply D. Furnish

6. Today, car manufacturers have begun to AUTOMATE their assembly lines using robots. What
does this trend mean?
A. Operate through human workers. C. Operate through machines.
B. Cars are now automatic. D. Produce more efficient cars
7. Both Ruben and _____ plan to go.
A. I C. myself
B. me D. me myself

8. “I die just when the dawn breaks to herald the day”. This is a famous quote from ______.
A. Jose Aquino C. Benigno Aquino
B. Jose P. Rizal D. Manuel L. Quezon

9. After 10 unfruitful years, Fe finally quit the job. She ____ along with her boss for a long time.
A. didn’t get C. hadn’t been getting
B. hasn’t been getting D. isn’t getting

10. We should work for a total ban ______ pesticides that are harmful to man.
A. by the use C. on using Note: Correct answer is on the use of
B. with the use D. on the use

11. Is this the spot ____ you had the accident?

A. where C. why
B. which D. wherein

12. She described her classmate’s statement as to SOPHOMORIC. This means _____.
A. grown up C. immature
B. mature D. wise

13. Which is the correct sequence of the sentences in the text below?
(1) The image of a good teacher is one who is constantly reflecting
about how best to help different types of learners learn.
(2) The National Competency-Based Standards (NCBTS) defines a new paradigm of teaching
where the teacher is viewed as a knowledge professional who is responsible for facilitating learning.
(3) Good teaching is defined in terms of those practices that helps students learn better.
(4) Competency-based means that the standards or criteria for characterizing good teaching
are defined in terms of what the teacher is competent to do.
(5) The NCBTS can be used as a self-assessment tool for professional development

A. 4, 1, 3, 5, 2 C. 1, 2, 4, 5, 3
B. 3, 4, 5, 1, 2 D. 2, 4, 3, 1, 5

14. Your father is paying for your plane ticket, _____ ?

A. is he C. aren’t you
B. isn’t it D. isn’t he

15. The traffic flow at the corner was jammed. Tom feared getting late so he ____ with a bus and
leaped at the door.
A. was catching C. catch up
B. has caught D. caught up

16. It’s now two hours past his schedule, the facilitator may not come anymore, but we’ll still be ready
in case he _____.
A. will come C. does
C. is coming D. may

17. Teacher Mae Ann always tries to help people, but recently she has been ____ kind and generous.
A. principally C. especially
B. usually D. largely

18. Choose the sentence that expresses the thought clearly and that has no error in structure/
A. The farmer did plow, plant, harvest his corn in record time.
B. The farmer plowed, planted, and harvested his corn in record time.
C. The farmer plowed, has planted and has harvested his corn in record time.
D. The farmer has plowed, planted and harvested his corn in record time.

19. __________ not making the most of _______ opportunities.

A. You’re – you’re C. You’re – your
B. You’re – you D. You – your

20. Susan _____ in bed too long and missed her classes.
A. lied B. lays C. lay D. laid

21. Who said, “The Filipino is worth dying for?”

A. Carlos P. Garcia C. Fidel V. Ramos
B. Benigno Aquino D. Jose P. Rizal

22. What virtue is inferred the poem below?

Little Things
It’s the little things we do or say
That make or break the beauty of the average passing day.
Hearts, like doors, will open with ease
To very, very little keys,
And don’t forget that two of these
Are “I thank you” and “If you please”.

A. Encouragement C. Kindness
B. Friendliness D. Confidentiality

23. Who is remembered for his famous quotation?

“My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins.”
A. Ferdinand Marcos C. Manuel Roxas
B. Manuel Quezon D. Carlos P. Garcia

24. Select the sentence that clearly and effectively states the idea and has no structural errors.
A. The weather service expects temperatures to not increase.
B. The weather service expects temperatures not to increase.
C. The weather service expects temperatures not to rise
D. The weather service expects temperatures to not rise.

25. Which passage is expressed effectively and without structural errors?
A. I would not want to be themselves. C. I would not want to be himself/herself
B. I would not want to be theirselves. D. I would not want to be he/she.

26. Which of the theories of learning, language and literacy views children as having the ability to
organize and integrate information in schemata?
A. Reader Response C. Sociolinguistic
B. Interactive D. Constructivist

27. I should have returned this book last Tuesday; it is now five days ___________.
A. Delayed C. postponed
B. Beyond deadline D. overdue

28. Which passage is expressed effectively and without structural error/s?

A. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) of high school students in
English was much lower than the previous year.
B. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) of high school students in
English was much lower than it has been in previous year.
C. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) in English of high
school students was much lower than it had been in previous years.
D. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) of high school students in
English was lowest than the previous years.

29. Of the different principles of effective teaching of reading, which is IMPROPERLY stated?
A. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) of high school students in
English was much lower than the previous years.
B. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) of high school students in
English was much lower than it has been in previous years.
C. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) in English of high
school students was much lower than it had been in previous years.
D. The teacher explained that the Mean Percentage Score (MPS) of high school students in
English was lowest than the previous years.

30. There was HIATUS of two years before I went back to college.
HIATUS means ______________.
A. Length C. continuation
B. Lapse D. interruption.

31. Which passage is expressed affectively and without structural error/s?

A. Having called the other students and they, the secretary went home.
B. Having called the other students and we, the secretary went home.
C. Having called the other students and us, the secretary went home.
D. Having called the other students and ourselves, the secretary went home.

32. Which sentence clearly and effectively states the idea and has no structural error/s?
A. The interest at a loan company is higher than at a bank.
B. The interest at a loan company is higher than a bank.
C. The interest of a loan company is higher than a bank.
D. The interest of a loan company is higher than in a bank.

33. Select the sentence that clearly and effectively states the idea and has no structural errors.
A. The examinees need two sharpened pencils, calculator and ball pen.
B. The examinees need double pencils simply calculator and ball pen.
C. The examinees need pencils, a calculator and a ball pen.
D. The examinees need two pencils, a simple calculator, and a ball pen.

34. Thomas Carley said, “The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder…”
It could be interpreted as ______________.
A. Ones life doesn’t need to be controlled.
B. There should be sufficient energy in one’s life
C. There is a strong driving force in one’s life
D. Direction can never come into one’s life

35. I saw a nasty __________ between two cars this morning.
A. Damage C. accident
B. Happening D. danger

36. Who was the General who said “I shall return” after training troops in Australia?
A. J. de la Torre C. Douglas MacAthur
B. Carlos P. Garcia D. G. Wainright

37. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” is an expression of one’s __________.
A. Total poverty C. love for self
B. Blind ignorance D. total submission to God

38. The surprised teacher asked, “What was all the HUBHUB about?”
HUBHUB means _______
A. Hush C. commotion
B. Stillness D. serenity

39. I was speaking to Ana on the phone when suddenly we were _______.
A. Disconnected C. cut off
B. Hung up D. broken down

40. “Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble.”

The meaning of this aphorism in “Poor Richard’s Almanac” is ____________
A. Nurse your hurt feelings
B. Let the bygones be bygones
C. Forget what other people have done to hurt you
D. It is not easy to forgive and forget.

41. The greatest hero of Greece was Hercules. He was a personage of quite another order from the
great hero of Athens, Theseus. He was what all Greece, except Athens, most admired. The
Athenians were different from the other Greeks and their heroes. The Athenians valued thought and
ideas highly as no part of the country ever did. In Theseus, their ideal embodied what the rest of
Greece most valued. His qualities were what the Greeks generally admired.
The Athenians chose Theseus as their greates hero because __________
A. He was the savior of Greece
B. Of his intelligence and strength
C. He embodied all the qualities the Greeks honored and admired
D. He was braver than Hercules

42. Sometimes I am very much tempted to believe that one reason why so many people don’t do
anything for their “less fortunate” brother is ____ hold your breath _____ television. (And while you
are at it, you might as well hold your disbelief for a while, too.) we have lived with television for so
long that, without our knowing it, it has changed our way of looking at life. It used to be that people
watched TV and pretended it was real life. Now it seems all this has changed. Many people actually
look at life as if it were television.
- Johnny C. Go (Because There’s A TV Set in the Living Room )
The author is blaming TV sets for people nowadays _________

A. Watch TV programs almost the entire day

B. Look at reality as if it were a TV program
C. Watched TV programs and hold their disbelief in life
D. Pretend that TV programs are realities

43. Which of the following BEST restates the meaning of “The child is the father of the man.”

A. Children are naturally wiser than adults

B. If there would be no children, there would be no fathers
C. The experiences and lessons of childhood influence one’s adult life
D. Fathers are dependent on the sight of their children.

44. “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly”. When restated means:
A. You have to value everything in this world
B. In buying, what is easy to get is easy to consume
C. You have to pay something before you really value it
D. The buying power of the peso is weak so you have to buy wisely.

45. Manunulat ang tatay ko kaya sa personal mong kagustuhan makasunod sa kanyang mga yapak,
magsulat ka. Ano ang kahulugan ng pag-susulat?
A. Maklikha ng mga salita, pangungusap, at talata
B. Kakayahan ng tao na malinaw na makapagtala o makapag-imprenta
C. Pagpili ng paksa at pagsasaliksik
D. Proseso na nagsisimula sa idea o karanasan.

46. Sa taas ng mga bilihin ngayon, kahit “kahig ka ng kahig” ay wala pa ring maipon. Ano ang ibig
sabihin nito?
A. Bawasan ang bili. C. Gastos ng gastos
B. Hanap ng hanap D. Hindi bumili.

47. “ Matagal ng lumagay sa tahimik si Mely”. Ang ibig sabihin ay:

A.Lumisan na. C.Nag- asawa na
B. Nanahimik na. D.Namatay na.

48. Huwag limutin ang vernacular. Tutuhing iasimila ito sa pambansang wika sa ikauunlad ng kultura
at lahi. Ang ibig sabihin ng iasimila ay _____________________.
A. Papayabungin C. Pagyamanin
B. Papakinabangan D. Papaunlarin

49. I. Ang kahoy ay nilalagare sa katamtamang laki, at saka pinuputol sa maraming pirasong
hugis rekatanggulo.
II. Ang pagkikinis ay nangangailangan ng isang bihasa, sapagka’t totong mapanganib at sa
sandaling sumala na ang matalim na kasangkapan sa bakya, ang magiging
bunga ay matinding hiwa sa hita ng tagakinis.
III. Ang mga kahoy na ginagamit sa paggawa ng bakya’y nanggagaling sa
Quezon, Zambales, at Bataan.

Ang wastong pagkakasunod- sunod ng mga pangungusap ay makikita sa _______.

A. II, III, at I B. III, I, at II C. I, II, at III D. III, II, at I

50. Alin ang salawikain sa mga sumusunod:

A. Di maliparang uwak.
B. May puno walang bunga, may dahon walang sanga.
C. Nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko.
D. Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.

51. “ Ang mga mata mo ay tulad nga mga bituin sa kalangitan.” Ano ang ginagamit na
pagpapahayag dito?
A. Personipikasyon C. Pagwawangis
B. Pang- uyam D. Pagtutulad

52. Alin nag nagbibigay ng opinion tungkol sa isang napapanahong isyu sa pamamagitan ng
A. Ilustrasyong karikatyur C. Kartong pang-editorial
B. Larawan sa unang pahina D. Larawan sa huling pahina

53. Alin sa mga ito ang nagpapahayag sa paraang organisado at artistiko maging tuluyan o sa berso
na nagmula sa imahinasyon?
A. Panitikan C. Sanaysay
B. Panuluan D. Epiko
54. Sino ang nangungusap sa quotation? “ Ang pag-ibig ay hindi pag-ibig kapag nagbabago kung
nakakakita ng pagbabago”
A. Jose Rizal C. William Shakespeare
B. Genoveva Matute D. Robert Frost

55. Mag-aalas
A. ng-atsingko na ______ umaga ________________ magising
C. ng-nang
B. nang-nang D. nang-kapag

56. Ang salitang apartment ay binubuo ng dalawang klaster. Tukuyin ito.

A. rt at tm C. rt at nt
B. tm at nt D. pr at tm

57. Saan hinango ang mga kwentong tinatawag na parabola?

A. Mga pinagmulan C. Bibliya
B. Kwentong bayan D. Kasabihan

58. Ano ang nagpamali sa pahayag na ito?

May iba’t ibang paraan upang mapaunlad ang husay sa pagbabasa.


A. B B. A C. D D. C

59. Anong bahagi ng pananalita ang nasa malaking titik?

Malungkot ANG MGA nagtapos na wala pang trabaho.

A. Pangatnig C. Pananda
B. Pararila D. Pang-ukol

60. Ponema ang tawag sa makabuluhang tunog ng wika. Ilan ang ponema ng Filipino?

A. 28 B. 20 C. 21 D. 31

61. Ang butong tinangay ng aso walang pagsalang nalawayang ito. Ang kaisipang ito ay tumutukoy sa
katotohanan ng _______________.
A. Pagtatanan C. Pakikipagkaibigan
B. Pagpapakain D. Pagnanakaw

62. Ano ang kahulugan ng tagbising panahon?

A. Tag-lamig C. Tag-tuyot
B. Tag-ulan D. Tag-init

63. Kung ang awit ng pag-iibigan ay kundiman, ano naman sa Bisaya?

A. Kumintang C. Dioma
B. Sambotani D. Talindaw

64. “ Kung anong bukambibig siyang laman ng dibdib”. Ito ay isang uri ng ___________.
A. Tugmaan C. Bugtong
B. Tula D. Salawikain

65. Alin dito ang ginagamit sa pagtuturo na replika na yari sa isang tunay o sintetik na material?
A. Papel C. Dayorama
B. Mock-up D. Ispesimen
66. Aling pamamaraan ang ginagamit ng guro na nagsisimula sa mga halimbawa patungo sa
A. Pasaklaw C. Pabalak
B. Pabuod D. Patuklas

67. Mapangarapin ang malilit! Ang ibig sabihin ng pahayag na ito ay ang mga taong mahihirap ay
A. Nais umangat sa buhay kaya C. May pangarap guminhawa
nakikipagsapalaran D. Nananaginip ng gising
B. Gustong lumipad sa alapaap
68. Ano ang kahulugan ng idyomang ginamit sa pangungusap na “ Marami sa mga magsasaka ang
INALAT dahil sa patuloy na pagbuhos ng ulan.”
A. Minalas C. Nawaln ng pag-asa
B. Nagalit D. Nanibago

69. Kapani-paniwala ang isang tauhan kung ito ay may katulad na nakikitang nabubuhay sa mundo.
Wika nga’y totoo itong tao, nagtataglay ng positibo at negatibong katangian. May kapurihan at may
kapintasan. May kalakasan at may kahinaan at may kasamaan. May kawastuan at may kamalian.
May katinuan at may kabaliwan. May kalabisan at may kakulangan. May kabanalan at may
kasalanan. May katimpian at may kabiglaanan. Lahat ng katangian salu-salungat, may bahid siya.
Hindi siya taong nabubuhay sa daigdig ng kataka-taka na pinakaubod ng lahat, gaya ng madalas
mapanood sa pelikulang Pilipino, na kapag bida, sa kanya lahat ng positibo at kapag kontrabida, sa
kanya naman lahat ng negatibo. Hindi kinai-empatya-han ang tauhang ganito, kinaa-antipatiko-han,
Ang naangkop na pamagat ng talatang ito ay:
A. Ang Katangian ng Tao C. Ang Tao sa Mundo
B. Ang Katauhan D. Ang Tauhan

70. Pilin ang isa kung saan matagpuan ang salita o parirala na nagpapamali sa pangungusap.

Ibabad mo ng isang oras iyan bago lutuin.


A. D B. A C. B D. C

71. Alin dito ang ginagamit sa pagtuturo ng panitikan lalo na sa pagkasunod-sunod ng mga
pangyayari sa kwento?
A. Decoding C. Story grammar
B. Story frame D. Character wed

72. One angle of a parallelogram is 35? What are the measure s of the three other angles?
A.85°, 135°, 140° C. 35°, 65°, 65°
B. 145°, 35°, 145° D. 45°, 65°, 170°

73. The edge of a rectangle solid have these measures: 1.5 feet x ½ feet by 3 inches. What is its
volume in cubic inches?
A. 225 B. 272 C. 324 D. 27

74. In a certain school, the ratio of boys to girls is 3 to 7. If there are 150 boys and girls in the school,
how many boys are there?
A. 75 B. 90 C. 105 D. 45

75. A water tank contains 86 liters when it is 20% full. How many liters does it contain when it is 75%
A. 58 B. 15 C. 30 D. 60

76. If x= 3 and y= 2, then 2x + 3y = ___________.

A. 14 B. 10 C. 12 D. 5

77. Which of the following has the largest value?

A. 39 B . 93 C.. 75 D. 64
78. Which of these three fractions has the largest value?
A. 3/4 B. 4/15 C. 12/24 D. 5/9

79. The vertex angle of an isosceles triangle is 30 deg. What is the measure of one of the base
A. 70° B. 75° C. 150° D. 60°

80. Which of these has a value different from the other three?
A. .15 C. 3/20
B. 12/75 D. 15%

81. How many degrees are between the hands of a clock at 3:40 ?
A. 125° B. 140° C. 130° D. 150°

82. What is the value of 12 1/6 -2 3/8- 7 2/3 + 19 ¾?

A.22 C. 18
B. 21 7/8 D. 21

83. If 8-√ x + 2 ═ 4, what is the value of x?

A.14 C.18
B. 2 D. 6

84. Which decimal is equal to 3/100 + 2/10 + 5/1000?

A. .235 C. .325
B. .0523 D. .532

85. Which of these math sentences is NOT CORRECT?

A.1/7 + 2/3 = 3/21 C. 1/6 + 1/8= 14/48
B. ½ + 1/3 = 5/6 D. 1/3 + ¼ = 7/12

86. What number is the next in this sequence? 11120, 11260, 11420, 11600
A.11760 C. 11820
B. 11720 D. 11800

87. Joseph is 10 years older than his sister. If Joseph was 25 years of age in 1983, in what year could
he had been born?
A. 1963 C. 1948
B. 1953 D. 1958

88. How many glasses of Cola each to be filled with 150 of the liquid can be made from 5
family size bottles of Cola each containing 1.5 liters?
A. 60 C. 50 Note: 1 mL = 1 cu. Cm.
B. 45 D. 40

89. 259:37 as _______.

A. 5:1 C. 25:4
B. 84:12 D. 63:441

90. Which common fraction is equivalent to .216?

A. 53/250 C. 27/125
B. 108/375 D. 21/50

91. What value of x will make this proportion correct? 13:x = 3.25:8.00
A. 20 C. 2
B. 3.5 D.32

92. If the counting numbers 1 to 30 are written down how many times does the digit 2 appear?
A. 13 C. 12
B. 11 D. 14

93. In the playground for kindergarten kids, 18 children are riding tricycles or bicycles. If there are 43
wheels in all, how many tricycles are there?
A. 7 C. 9
B. 8 D.11

94. What is the greatest common factor of the numbers 48, 12 and 32?
A. 6 C. 3
B. 2 D. 4

95. Between January 2008 and August 2008, the price of gasoline rose from 28.40 to 52. 90 per liter.
What is the percent of increase over the 8-month period?
A. 97.5% C. 46.81.81%
B. 86.27% D. 24.5%

96. Ana and Beth do a job together in two hours. Working alone, Ana does the job in 5 hours. How
long will it take Beth to do the job alon

A. 3 hours C. 3 1/3 hours
B. 2 hours D. 2 1/3 hours

97. By how much is 35% of P 220 greater than 55% of P 140?

A. P 16.00 C. P 480,000
B. P 20.00 D. P 0.00

98. A car depreciates by 10% of it’s brand new price each year and by 15% in each succeeding year.
By 2009, what would be the market price for a car bought brand new for P 6 depreciates by 10% of
it’s brand new price each year and by 15% in each succeeding year. By 2009, what would be the
market price for a car bought brand new for P 600,000 in 2004?
A. P 420,000 C. P 480,000
B. P 390,000 D. P 210,000 Answer: 281, 883. 375

99. The area of the rectangle on the right is (x2 + x - 12). If it’s length is x + 4, what is it’s width?
A. X-3 C. x + 1
B. X + 6 D. x + 2

100. The legs of one right triangle are 9 and 12, while those of another right triangle are 12 and 16.
How much longer is the perimeter of the larger than the perimeter of the smaller triangle?
A. 12 C. 84
B. 7 D. 14

101. The edges of a cubical frame are made from plastic straws. How much longer is the total length
of the plastic edges of a cube whose edges is 10 cm compared to a cube whose edge is 8 cm?
A. 16 cm C. 24 cm
B. 32 cm D. 8 cm

102. In a Mathematics test, 35 students passed and 30 % failed. How many students took the test?
A. 60 C. 30
B. 40 D. 50

103. Each bag of rice contains 50 kg. what would be the increase in price if the cost of one bag of rice
goes from P 950.00 to P 1,200.00?
A.P 250.00 C. P 3.75
B. P 7.50 D. P 5.00

104 How much greater is the sum of the first 20 counting numbers greater than the sum of the first 10
counting numbers?
A. 55 C. 100
B. 155 D. 110

105. A child can be admitted to Grade 1 if he/she is at least 5 years and 10 months old by June of the
school year. Which of these dates of birth will be DISQUALIFY a child from being admitted to
Grade 1 on June 15, 2009?
A. June 10,2003 C. April 30,2003 Note:All will qualify; answer the closest
B. Jan. 10,2003 D. May 5, 2003

106. Which of these numbers CANNOT possibly be a square number? Should be CAN
A. 10217356 C. 35366809
B. 2916488 D. 262758

107. In the following numbers, which digit is in the thousandths place?

A. 9 C. 3 Note: no answer, if the question is the place value of
thousandths, 3 is the answer. It should have a given
B. 4 D. 6

108. At what rate of interest should P 2,400 be invested so that it will earn P880 in 8 months?
A. 6 ½% C. 5%
B. 5 ½ % should be 55% D. 6%

109. How many vertices does a rectangular solid have?

A. 6 C. 4
B. 12 D. 8

110. If July 12, 2003 fell on a Tuesday, on what day will July 12, 2009 fall?
A. Monday without considering leap years; answer is WED C. Friday
B. Sunday D. Thursday

111. Which number is wrong in the sequence? What should the number be for the sequence to be
CORRECT? 5,15,16,48, 144, 147, 148, 444….
A. 144; it should be 29 C. 48; it should be 18
B. 144; it should be 132 D. 147; it should be 145

112. The prevailing wind systems experienced in the Philippines are _________________.
A. Northwest and Southeast monsoon
B. North and South monsoon
C. East and West monsoon
D. Northeast and Southwest monsoon

113. The direct transformation of a solid into gas phase without passing through the liquid phase is
called _________________.
A. Compression C. Freeze drying
B. Sublimation D. Evaporation

114. Why is it NOT advisable to repeatedly open the door of a refrigerator?

A. It leads to wastage in electrical energy.
B. It will loosen the hinges of the refrigerator’s door.
C. The warm air outside lowers the temperature inside, thus, making the refrigeration
less efficient.
D. Repeated opening introduces bacteria in to the refrigerator.

115. What kind of mirror used in cars to give the driver a wider area and smaller image of the traffic
behind him/her?
A. Double concave C. Concave
B. Convex D. Plane

116. You inherited tallness from your father. Physical traits are transmitted from parents to offsprings
through _____________.
A. Gametes C. Chromosomes
B. Genes D. Alleles

117. When you carry a heavy load with one arm, you tend to hold your free hand away from your body
in order to _______________.
A. Change the weight of your body and load.
B. Change the mass of your body.
C. Change the center of the gravity of your body and load.
D. Be ready to grab something in case you fall.
118. Jane placed some mothballs inside her cabinet. After a week they were all gone. What happened
to the mothballs?
A. They condensed. C. They were dissolved by water in air.
B. They melted. D. They sublimed.

119. Which is a destructive fishing method wherein fishes are driven out of coral reef by pounding the
corals with a heavy weight?
A. Cyanide fishing C. Corals entrapping
B. Reef fishing D. Muro-ami

120. The voltage across a transformer primary coil that has 100 turns in 10V. What is the voltage
across the secondary coil has 20 V turns?

A. 20V C. 2V
B. 100V D. 10V

121. Which statement is FALSE?

A. The gas phase has the least kinetic energy.
B. Solids and liquids have more molecules per unit volume.
C. Solid particles have the strongest attractive forces in between.
D. Molecules of solids and liquids are more closely packed than those in gasses.

122. What may occur when there is a severe damage to some parts of the brain due to lack of blood
A. Heart attack C. Stroke
B. Thrombosis D. Rheumatic heart

123. Which has the higher specific heat capacity, water or sand?
A. Sand C. Neither sand nor water
B. Water D. Both

124. How can we prevent developing osteoporosis?

A. Adequate intake of vitamins A and D.
B. Less exercise to decrease bone density.
C. Adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D.
D. Estrogen replacement therapy.

125. Of the state of matter which has the weakest intermolecular force of attraction?
A. Solid C. Liquid
B. Plasma D. Gas

126. Which of these characterizes organic compounds?

A. They always require electrical means to separate.
B. They cannot be broken down to simpler substances.
C. They are compounds of any elements.
D. They are compounds containing carbon.

127. Which of these statements is FALSE?

A. Water is heavier than oil.
B. Fire caused by kerosene can be put out if water is poured into fire.
C. Rain or distilled water (a pure liquid) boils at constant temperature.
D. Kerosene is lighter than water.

128. In which of the following medium would sound waves travel the fastest?
A. Gases C. Liquids
B. Solids D. Vibrating objects

129. Which of the following is heterogeneous?

A. Kerosene C. Rain water
B. Clean air D. Sea water

130. Why should gasoline be stored in tightly covered narrow-mouthed containers and should be
placed away from heat?
I. To reduce evaporation
II. To preserve its qualities
III. To decrease its potential as fire hazard

A. I and III C. II and III

B. I, II and III D. I and II

131. Sound: Decibel: _____________:_____________.

A. Volume : Cube C. Area : Square
B. Capacity : Hectare D. Length : Meter

132. Which of these are characterize/s metals?

I. Good electrical conductors
II. Malleable and ductile
III. Form basic oxides
A. I, II and III C. II and III only
B. I only D. I and II only

133. Which of the following light has the longest wavelength?

A. Green C. Red
B. Blue D. Yellow

134. To be safe in the unlikely case of the lightning strike, it is best to be inside a building framed
with ___________.
A. Cement C. Iron
B. Steel D. Wood

135. Which statement/s correctly differentiate/s boiling from evaporation?

I. Boiling happens at a definite temperature while evaporation can occur at any temperature.
II. Boiling happens when vapor pressure exerted by the liquid becomes equal to the atmospheric
pressure, while evaporation occurs when high energy molecules at the liquid surface
continuously escape to the space above the liquid.
III. Boiling is always associated with the temperature while evaporation is related only to pressure.
A. I and III C. II only
B. I and II D. I only

136. Ozone depletion happens due to the release of CFC’s from ________________.
A. Industrial combustion C. Annual Respiration
B. Deforestation D. Styrofoam and Freon

137. What happens to the speed of sound waves as it travels from a less dense medium to a denser
A. The speed stays the same. C. Total internal reflection happens.
B. The speed decreases. D. The speed increases.

138. Which of these does NOT belong to the other three terms?

Solution Colloid Suspension Element

A. Element C. Colloid
B. Suspension D. Solution

139. Some factories use water to cool their equipment, warming the water in the process. If the warm
water is dumped into a river, lake or ocean, how might it affect the ecology of the body of water?

I. The added heat may result to the decrease in the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by the
aquatic organisms.
II. The added heat will accelerate the chemical- biological processes that may alter the
reproductive processes of the aquatic plants and animals.
III. The increase in the temperature will increase the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide causing
the acidity of water to exceed harmful levels for aquatic plants and animals.

A. I and III C. I and II

B. II only D. I only

140. The interaction between living organisms and nonliving elements in the environment is called
a/an ______________.
A. Species C. Community
B. Population D. Ecosystem

141. All of the following problems may arise in the use of sanitary landfill, EXCEPT:
A. Production of methane gas and possible explosion

B. Refusal of residents for the construction of sanitary landfill in their area.
C. Pollution of the surrounding soil
D. Flashfloods and degradation of soil

142. Iron-deficiency contributes to the poor scholastic performance of students. Which of the following
food items is beat for iron-deficient students?
A. Liver C. Sardines
B. Fish D. Pechay

143. Meteorology is a very important branch in natural Science, without which we cannot be informed
of forthcoming ___________.
A. Earthquake C. Comet
B. Meteor D. Typhoon

144. We always hear doctors warning us to limit salt intake. What is the effect of salt in cells?
A. Salt punctures the cell C. Salt clogs the cell
B. Salt makes cells swell D. Salt dehydrates the cell

145. What is the type of response exhibited by the roots of plants?

A. Negative phototropism C. Positive Thigmotropism
B. Positive geotropism D. Negative geotropism

146. Patients suffering from malfunction of the kidney are now assisted by a machine that serves as
artificial kidney called ___________.
A. Hemoscope C. pacemaker
B. Homeostatic machine D. hemodializer

147. Eight out of the top 10 leading causes of morbidity in the Philippines are communicable. To
prevent them from happening to your students the best advice you can give them is to
A. Avoid dangerous activities C. Clean the classroom often
B. Wash hands frequently D. Cover the mouth when sneezing

148. Which of the following BEST differentiates an earthquake’s intensity from its magnitude?
A. Intensity cannot be measured while magnitude can be measured using a seismograph.
B. Intensity describes the depth from which the earthquake originated while magnitude refers
to the energy of the earthquake.
C. Intensity is a measure of how damage an earthquake caused at the surface while
magnitude is the strength of the quake.
D. Intensity refers to the strength of the quake while magnitude refers to the degree of
destruction it caused at its epicenter.

149. Why do we hear thunder some seconds after seeing lightning?

A. Sound travels 1,331 m/s.
B. Sound is released later actually.
C. Light appears brighter in the sky
D. Light travels faster than sound.

150. All of the following are effects of deforestation, EXCEPT:

A. Landslides C. Destruction of the ozone layer
B. Global warming D. Flash floods

151. All of the following contribute to the greenhouse effect, EXCEPT:

A. Extensive deforestation C. Excessive use of detergents
B. Forest fires D. Uncontrolled burning of wastes

152. What is the teacher’s accountability in the achievement of quality education?

A. Be accountable for reporting the performance of learners to the school head and
B. Be accountable for the effective attainment of specified learning objectives and
C. Be accountable for reporting the performance of learners to parents

D. Be accountable for the grading performance of learners
153. Violation of human rights is a violation of the ____________ of persons.
A. Emotions C. Freedom
B. Dignity D. Intelligence

154. What is the best indicator of “quality Education” as invoked in the Constitution?
Generation of reliable measurements __________________.
A. On cohort survival rate C. on participation rate
B. Of educational outcomes D. on drop out rate

155. An individual has the right to file the WRIT OF AMPARO before the investigation of an
administrative case filed against him/her. What fundamental right is invoked by the individual?
A. Right to be defended by a public attorney
B. Right to life, liberty and security
C. Right to self- defense
D. Right to due process

156. Which is the primary concern of marriage?

A. The companionship and husband and wife
B. The maintenance of social status
C. The procreation and education of children
D. The mutual production and security of man and woman

157. According to the Bill of Rights, private property shall not be taken for public use without
A. A dialogue between individual owner and gov’t. representative
B. Just compensation
C. A notarized deed of sale
D. An official survey of the property

158. Inclusion is a basic right of every Filipino child with special needs to education, rehabilitation,
support services, work training and employment opportunities, community participation and
independent living.

What law was passed by Philippines Congress in 1995 which firms the total integration of
persons with disabilities into the mainstream of society?
A. Republic Act No. 7776 C. Republic Act No. 7277
B. Republic Act No. 7784 D. Republic Act No. 7722

159. Article XIV section I of the 1987 Philippine Constitution mandates that the “State shall protect
and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps
to make such education accessible to all”

Which of the goals of EFA 2015 aims to achieve the above mentioned constitutional mandate?
A. Universal elimination of drop outs and repetition by all at every grade or year
including satisfactory achievements levels
B. Universal completion of full cycle of basic education schooling with satisfactory
achievement levels by all at every grade or year
C. Universal completion of primary education with satisfactory achievement level at every
grade level
D. Universal completion of secondary education with satisfactory achievement level at every
year level.

160. The logo of the Olympic Games represents the interconnectedness of the countries in the world.
While the games highlight the strength of nation in sports what does the global activity promote?

A. World tourism C. World industry

B. World peace D. World history

161. Which statement/s on education is/are correct?

I. Education is a fundamental human right.

II. Education is an imperfect right.
III. Education is the key to sustainable development, peace and stability.

A. I only C. III only

B. I and II only D. I, II, and III

162. The UNESCO is an international organization promoting which programs of the United Nations?
A. Competence, Science, Nature C. Education, Science, Culture
B. National Unity, Science D. Unity, Organization, Education

163. What does the phrase Cold war refer to?

The post-World War II struggle between ______________.
A. Asia and Europe
B. The United States and its allies and then the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and its
C. Japan and the Philippines
D. Germany and Great Britain

164. The ASEAN Aims to promote regional peace and adherence to the principles of the United
Nations Charter. It envisions “a caring and sharing community” and eliminate the problems of
____________, _____________, and _____________.
A. War, conflict, deprivation C. Large families, environment, travel
B. Deprivation. Literacy, elderly D. Hunger, malnutrition, poverty

165. In peace education curricula, which does not belong?

A. Conflict resolution C. Interdependence among nations
B. Global awareness D. Interdependence of nations

166. For world peace, the United Nations approved a non-proliferation treaty. Which was the
immediate purpose of this treaty?
A. To limit the use and the sale of guns
B. To reject the membership of China as a member of the United Nations
C. To stop the manufacture of guns
D. To stop the spread of nuclear weapons

167. What term best characterizes a peaceful community?

A. Harmony C. Tolerance
B. Spirituality D. Ethics

168. The valuing process includes three main processes: choosing from among alternatives, prizing
what you have chosen and acting upon your choice consistently. Teacher A, a veteran teacher, is not
in favor of a daughter who plans to take up teaching. Using the three processes as criteria, does
Teacher A value Teaching?
A. No, she had no other choice then so she took up teaching.
B. No, if she cherishes her profession she will encourage others including her daughter to
become like her.
C. Yes, being a veteran teacher, she has been in the teaching profession for years.
D. Yes, she knows her daughter and may be convinced that she does not fit the teaching

16 9. “ No pain, no gain; no cross, no crown” What do these statements point to?

A. Why suffer when there are a lot of pain relievers available.
B. Be willing to pay the price for every dream you want to realize.
C. Life is a heavy burden to carry.
D. Others make our life miserable many times.

170. Which is of negative consequence of our value of close family ties?

A. Double-standard mentality
B. The development of prolonged dependence
C. Stability of the family
D. Permanence of marriage

171. If Rene is surrounded by lazy and dishonest people, does that mean he will automatically be like
A. It depends on the personality type of Rene.
B. Yes, because environment influences the development of man.
C. That depends on the strength of the influence of the group of lazy and dishonest
around him.
D. No, he can choose to be different since man has free will.

172. “ Be honest even if others are not. Be honest even if others cannot.” What does the statement
imply about values?

I. Values remain to be values even if nobody possesses them.

II. Values are dependent on persons, place and time.
III. Values are changing.
A. II only C. III only
B. II and III D. I only

173. From the idealist point of view, which statement on values is TRUE?
I. Values are changing.
II. Values are unchanging.
III. Values determine our lifestyle.

A. I and III only C. I, II and III

B. III only D. II and III only

174. We, Filipinos, are perceived to have the tendency to limit our love and concern to our families, to
our clan and to people we know. Which Filipino trait is illustrated?
A. Heroism C. Particularism
B. Universalism D. Double-standard mentality

175. Teacher Rico tells his class before he gives the test: “ Be honest. If I catch you cheating, beware.
If it’s a girl caught cheating, that is worse; it is double mortal sin.” What concept is evident in the
advice/ warming from Teacher Rico?
A. Machismo mentality C. Cognitive dissonance
B. Split personality D. Double standard morality

176. Which type of taxation system is pro-poor?

I. Equitable II. Equal III. Progressive

A. II and III C. I and II

B. I and III D. I, II and III

177. The primary purpose of taxation is to ____________.

A. Fortify the government against invaders
B. Reduce inequalities in wealth and incomes
C. Raise revenue for the support of government
D. Make the country a leading industrialized country in the World

178. Which is/ are TRUE of cooperatives and the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform?

I. Intended to eliminate poverty in the Philippine Society

II. Meant to alleviate poverty
III. Are programs for people empowerment

A. I and III C. II only

B. II and III D. III only

179. Which assumption underlies the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program?

A. There is so much poverty in the country because of overpopulation.
B. The wealth of the country is concentrated in the hands of a few.
C. Our country has very very few landed people and very many landless.

D. People are more productive if they own what they cultivate.

180. I rent out for P10,000 per month my only building and lot to the Jesus is Lord \Group which uses
it exclusively for religious purposes. I am exempt from payment of _____________.
A. Community tax C. Professional tax
B. Property tax D. Income tax

181. Which are essential for the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program to truly succeed?

I. Granting the beneficiaries the right to sell the piece of land awarded to them.
II. Change the heart of the landlords and lawmakers.
III. Education of the beneficiaries.

A. III only B. I, II and III C. II and III D. II only

182. Genuine respect for all peoples that lead to world peace is anchored on the concept that all
persons ________________.
A. Have dignity
B. Are citizens of the world
C. Have talents
D. Can contribute to global development

183. What is a characteristic of a progressive tax system?

A. The tax rate is equal for all citizens.
B. The tax rate is grater for higher incomes.
C. People who earn less pay a larger part of their income in taxes than do people who earn more.
D. All people pay the same percentage of their earnings in taxes.

184. The cultural heritage of Southeast Asia has been designated by UNESCO as ____________.
A. World Tourist Spots C. World International Center
B. World Heritage Sites D. World Cultural Heritage

185. Which is an indicator of the patronage system in Philippine society that contributes to poverty?
A. Parents have many “compares” in the baptism of their child.
B. Most people patronize imported goods.
C. The “pilosopo” type of worker does not get promoted in his job.
D. A less deserving applicant gets appointed because he has a “padrino”.

186. Children learn how to open a coconut and other common chores in a coconut farm. In this
instance, culture is transmitted by __________.
A. Assimilation C. Acculturation
B. Enculturation D. Immersion

187. Which has been said to be the strongest factor that drives most Filipino’s men and women to
leave their families and work abroad?
A. Poverty C. Insurgency
B. Illiteracy D. Consumeristic mentality

188. On which concept is the cross-cultural undertaking advocated by anthropologists and

sociologists based in order to prevent ethnocentrism?
A. Ethical relativism C. Acculturation
B. Cultural relativism D. Global solidarity

189. What are the considered major goals of multicultural education?

I. Catering to diversity of learners
II. Considering social class and ethnic groups
III. Providing equal opportunities to education
IV. Helping individuals and group survive despite differences in culture and beliefs
A. I, II and IV C. III and IV
B. II and III D. I, II, III and IV

190. Which of the following statements accurately reflects a strong “school culture?”

A. Has a network of communications
B. Has high standards of performance
C. Has informal rule of behavior
D. Has definite organizational core values

191. John Dewey’s major contributions to the sociological foundations of education are the following
EXCEPT ONE. Which one is it?
A. Education is a social process beginning unconsciously at birth.
B. “True education” is transmission of knowledge from the teacher to the learner.
C. Facilitating education means being aware of the social condition of the learners.
D. School is a continuation of home; activities at home continue at school.


The most important source of sediment is earth and rock material carried to the sea by rivers
and streams; the same materials may also have been transported by glaciers and winds. Other
sources are volcanic ash and lava, shells and skeletons of organisms, chemical precipitates formed in
seawater, and particles from outer space.
Water is a most unusual substance because it exists on the surface of the earth in its three
physical states: ice, water, and water vapor. There are other substances that might exist in a solid
and liquid or gaseous state at temperature normally found at the earth’s surface, but there are no
other substances which occur in all three states.

Water is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It is the only substance known exist in a natural
state as solid, liquid, or gas on the surface of the earth. It is a universal solvent. Water does not
corrode, rust, burn, or separate into its components easily. It is chemically indestructible. It can
corrode almost any metal and erode the most solid rock. A unique property of water is that it expands
and floats on water when frozen or in the solid state. Water has a freezing point 0° deg. C. and a
boiling point of 100° deg. C. Water has the capacity for absorbing great quantities of heat with
relatively little increase in temperature. When distilled, water is a good conductor of electricity but
when salt is added, it is a poor conductor of electricity.

Sunlight is the source of energy for temperature change, evaporation, and currents for water
movement through the atmosphere. Sunlight controls the rate of photosynthesis for all marine plants,
which are directly or indirectly the source of food for all marine animals. Migration, breeding, and
other behaviors of marine animals are affected buy light.

Water, as the ocean or sea, is blue because of the molecular scattering of the sunlight. Blue
light, being of short wavelength, is scattered more effectively than the light of longer wavelengths.
Variations in color may be caused by particles suspended in the water, water depth, cloud cover,
temperature, and other variable factors. Heavy concentrations of dissolved materials cause a
yellowish hue, while algae will cause the water to look green. Heavy populations of plant and animal
materials will cause the water to look brown.

192. Which of the following topics best organizes the information in the text?
A. Water as substance, water and plants
B. State of water as vapor, ice, solid
C. Properties of water, its physical states, effects of the sun on water
D. Properties of seawater, photosynthesis oceans and seas

193. According to the passage, what is the most unique property of water?
A. Water is poor conductor of electricity.
B. Water exists on surface of the earth in three physical states.
C. Water is chemically indestructible.
D. Water is odorless, tasteless, and colorless.

194. Which of the following best defines the word distilled as is used in the last sentence of the third
A. Free of electrical energy C. Dehydrated soil
B. Free of salt content D. Containing wine


An international education initiative, known as global competence, was first noted in 1988 in a
report published by the Council on International Education Exchange. Higher education institutions
were enjoined to send students on exchange programs to universities abroad where Americans are
not the majority population and where English is not the dominant language.

Educational scholars have proposed definitions for the term global competence and postulates
regarding the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences necessary to become globally
competent. Cross-cultural awareness and interaction, familiarity with an environment, intercultural
facility, effective two-way communication, interconnectedness of peoples and systems, acceptance of
the different cultural values and attitudes are integral components of global competence.

195. Which published a pioneer report on the concept of global competence?

A. Council of International Educationalists
B. Council of International Scholars Exchange
C. Council of International Education Exchange
D. Council of International Educators

196. Are all Overseas Filipino workers globally competent?

A. Yes C. Yes, partially
B. No D. No, partially

197. What are integral concepts/components of global competence?

A. Communication knowledge, skills, experiences and cultural awareness
B. Cultural values, interconnectedness with people, cultural awareness and systems
C. Acceptance of people’s values, attitudes, language, culture and environment
D. Two-way communication, intercultural facility cross cultural awareness, and
interconnectedness of peoples and systems.

Sa kadalagahang punlaan ng mga bulaklak na namumunga ay dapat ang babae ay magtipon

ng maipamamana sa lalaking anak. Ano kaya ang magiging supling ng babaeng walang kabanalan
kundi ang magbulong ng dasal, walang karunungan kundi awit, nobena, at milagrong pang-ulol sa
tao, walang libangang iba sa paghingi o magkumpisal kaysa sa malimit nang muli’y muling
kasalanan? Gawa ng mga ina ang kalugamian ngayon ng ating kababayan, sa lubos na paniniwala
ng kanilang masintahing puso, at sa malaking pagkaibig ba ay kanilang anak ay napakagaling. Ang
kagulanga’y bunga ng pagkabata, at ang pagkabata’y nasa kandungan ng ina.
Hango sa: Sa mga Kababaihang Taga-Malolos
Ni Dr. Jose Rizal

198. Ang bulaklak na namumunga na tinutukoy ng talata ay

A. Inang nagsisilang C. Babaeng itinakwil ng lipunan
B. Dalagang natutukso D. Inang nagbatak sa hirap

199. Ang kalugamian na tinutukoy ng talata ay __________

A. Kapalaluan C. Kamangmangan
B. Kabanalan D. Kapighatian

200. Anong diskors ang ginamit sa pagpapahayag ng may akda?

A. Paglalarawan C. Paglalahad
B. Pangangatwiran D. Pagsasalaysay