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CAS Activity Proposal Form

Student name: Angelica Deralda
Proposed activity: Making bento lunch boxes for children for charity
Date of starting: 6 February 2016
Day: Saturday
Approximate time: 4 hours
Name of Adult leader (supervisor): Choi Won Keum
Position: Pastor
Contact detail: +62811809515


Please comment on how this activity will help you to achieve the Learning Outcomes as IB
CAS requirement?
Learning Outcomes
Increase awareness of my strengths and areas for growth
This is not my first time preparing food for other people. My grandma taught me how to cook,
and it is one of my hobbies. Aside from being able to use my skills in cooking, I would also
advantage from helping others. This activity also helps me learn how to work together with
people to prepare the lunch boxes. Preparing and cooking food requires independence, so
through this activity I can also learn how to be more independent when cooking my food, as
this is a skill that will be useful in the future.
Undertake new challenges
I usually cook for myself or my friends, and family. By preparing food for a vast amount of
people, I would have to be precise, and consistent. I also would have to find out the type of
food that children like, and to make sure that they would find joy in eating the food. Therefore,
I would like to make this food special, as the children deserves to be treated that way.
Work collaboratively with others
I will be working with several other people in preparing the lunch boxes. The jobs for preparing
the food will be divided between those who are participating. Communication is important
between the people who are participating in this activity, as one miscommunication can mess
up the whole process of cooking and preparing food.
Engage in issues of global importance
Through making these lunch boxes, we can provide children in charities with food. The
children who do not have proper access to food can benefit from this activity. We can also
improve their lifestyle by preparing food that meets their nutritional needs.
Consider the ethical implications of my actions
I will be facing ethical implications with people in this activity, especially during the process of
cooking and preparing the food. I also need to listen to the supervisors instructions clearly so
that I can prepare the food well. If I dont, people who consume food that is not prepared well
might have health issues, so I will do my best to prepare the food as best as I can.

Develop new skills

Through this activity, I can learn how to prepare and cook for a vast amount of people, and
according to the childrens taste and preferences. I also can improve my communication skills
with my peers.
Activity Leader:
This student has given me the letter providing information about this CAS program. I am
aware of the need for evaluation and am willing to provide this.
Leaders signature:

Approved by CAS Coordinator: