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Computer Operating System

Computer Operating System

The book is organized into 11 chapters, each beginning from the
Chapter 1 introduces the reader to operating system, its
meaning, types, architecture and components.
Chapter 2 discusses hardware and software concepts including
algorithm, HLL, structured programming, OOP,
interpreters and compilers.
Chapter 3 deals with processes giving practical examples.
Chapter 4 deals with threads, multithreading models and
synchronization along with examples.
Chapter 5 makes a detailed study on deadlock, causes, ways to
solve and prevent it along with real-time examples
and programmatic implementation.
Chapter 6 discusses processor scheduling with examples.
Chapter 7 describes memory management concepts, paging and
Chapter 8 describes virtual memory management.
Chapter 9 deals with file system interface and implementation,
including storage media, accessing data, mounting
and unmounting of files and their protection.
B Prasanalakshmi
Chapter 10 describes networking and distributed systems.
Chapter 11 discusses protection and security mechanisms
including authentication mechanisms and key
agreement protocols.
It makes an ideal text for beginners and undergraduate students,
and as a key reference for the professionals.

B Prasanalakshmi is currently Lecturer-cum-Researcher at King Saud

University, Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With about six years of
academic experience and as a degree holder of three Masters one with
Computer Applications, one with Computer Engineering and one with
Philosophy is currently on Research. She is also a life member of ISTE. Her
research interests include image processing, RTOS, VLSI, biometrics, and
cryptography. She has published two research papers in reputed
international journals.


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