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EdS ELCC Student POST-Survey



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Q1: Please enter your first and last name

Thomas DeGrand

Q2: Gender


Q3: Year in which your program started


Q4: Which describes your current status

Teacher Leader

PAGE 2: Standard 1.0 School Vision

Q5: I understand and can collaboratively develop,

articulate, implement, and steward a shared vision of


Q6: I understand and can collect and use data to identify

school goals, assess organizational effectiveness, and
implement plans to achieve school goals.


Q7: I understand and can promote continual and

sustainable school improvement.


Q8: I understand and can evaluate school progress and

revise school plans supported by school stakeholders.


Q9: I understand and can promote the effective use of

technology in establishing, implementing, evaluating,
and improving a shared vision of learning.


PAGE 3: Standard 2.0 School Culture

Q10: I understand and can sustain a school culture and

instructional program conducive to student learning
through collaboration, trust, and a personalized learning
environment with high expectations for students.


Q11: I understand and can create and evaluate a

comprehensive, rigorous, and coherent curricular and
instructional school program.



EdS ELCC Student POST-Survey


Q12: I understand hiring practices of qualified and

appropriate certification areas, foster, develop, and
supervise the instructional and leadership capacity of
school staff.


Q13: I understand and can promote the most effective

and appropriate technologies to support teaching and
learning in a school environment.


PAGE 4: Standard 3.0 School Management of Organization, Operation, and Resources

Q14: I understand and can monitor and evaluate teacher

instruction, school management and operational


Q15: I understand and can efficiently use human, fiscal,

and technological resources to manage school


Q16: I understand and can promote school-based

policies and procedures that protect the welfare and
safety of students and staff within the school.


Q17: I understand and can develop school capacity for

distributed leadership.


Q18: I understand and can ensure teacher and

organizational time focuses on supporting high-quality
school instruction and student learning.


PAGE 5: Standard 4.0 School Collaboration with Faculty, Community Members, Family

Q19: I understand and can collaborate with faculty and

community members by collecting and analyzing
information pertinent to the improvement of the school's
educational environment.


Q20: I understand and can mobilize community

resources by promoting an understanding, appreciation,
and use of diverse cultural, social, and intellectual
resources within the school community.


Q21: I understand and can respond to community

interests and needs by building and sustaining positive
school relationships with families and caregivers.


Q22: I understand and can respond to community

interests and needs by building and sustaining
productive school relationships with community



EdS ELCC Student POST-Survey


Q23: I understand and can promote the effective use of

technology in collaborating with faculty and community
members, responding to diverse community interests
and needs, and mobilizing community resources.


PAGE 6: Standard 5.0 School Ethics, Integrity, Fairness, Practice

Q24: I understand and can act with integrity and fairness

to ensure a school system of accountability for every
student's academic and social success.


Q25: I understand and can model principles of selfawareness, reflective practice, transparency, and ethical
behavior as related to their roles within the school.


Q26: I understand and can safeguard the values of

democracy, equity, and diversity within the school.


Q27: I understand and can evaluate the potential moral

and legal consequences of decision-making in the


Q28: I understand and can promote social justice within

the school to ensure that individual student needs
inform all aspects of schooling.


PAGE 7: Standard 6.0 School Success of Every Student

Q29: I understand and can advocate for school students,

families, and caregivers.


Q30: I understand and can act to influence local, district,

state, and national decisions affecting student learning
in a school environment.


Q31: I understand and can anticipate and assess

emerging trends and initiatives in order to adapt schoolbased leadership strategies.


PAGE 8: Standard 7.0 Internship Experience

Q32: How effective were you at fulfilling the goals

identified in your Internship Plan?

3 Effective

Q33: How reliable and efficient were you in completing

the tasks and responsibilities outlined in your
Internship/Field Experience Log?

5 Highly Effective

Q34: How open and self-aware were you in

communicating progress and accomplishments, as well
as problems and concerns with your mentor?

3 Effective


EdS ELCC Student POST-Survey


Q35: How prepared do you feel you are for assuming a

building-level administrative position?

5 Very Ready

Q36: Please add any additional comments about your internship experiences and skillfulness in this standard.
While I only reached 50% of my goals (7 out of 14), a few of the goals that I did not reach were out of my control.
Someday, I would love to see school districts give aspiring principals a year leave to complete a one-year internship.
This would allow the intern a full experience without the demands of teaching on top of it. After the year, the intern
could return back to the classroom or take on an administrative position within the district, if available. Clearly, this
presents a financial issue for districts; however, it may be worth the investment to develop highly trained administrators.
(A district could put a stipulation in the agreement that the teacher would have to stay in the district a minimum of 2-3
years after the internship. If no administrative position opened up during that time, the teacher would have the ability to
seek positions outside of the district.)