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Apply a very cold water spray to the perineum.

Read the other sections, below, in this urinary section, on urine,

kidneys, and bladder.
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Section 6
Part 3


HYDROHere are several hydrotherapy applications found in the author's book, Water Therapy
Manual (see order sheet):
Bladder atony: Ascending Douche. This is a jet or spray directed upward, in this case, against the
perineum (p. 159). Abdominal Douche (a spray to the front of the abdomen only (p. 165).
Bladder inflammation: Copious water drinking. Revulsive Sitz Bath, twice a day; Hot Leg Packs,
followed by dry heat (Radiant Heat Bath) to legs; Neutral Bath 20-40 minutes, 2-3 times a week;
Prolonged Neutral Sitz Bath; Cold Mitten Friction; Cold Towel Rub; Fomentation over bladder, Hot
Enema; Hot Pelvic Pack; Aseptic Dietary (p. 180).
Irritable bladder: When inflammation is not present, give a Very Hot Sitz Bath for 5 minutes, followed
by Neutral Sitz Bath for 10-20 minutes. Hot pack to pelvis, Heating Compress over perineum and
genitals, Revulsive Sitz, and Hot Colonic (p. 180).
Bladder insufficiency: Spinal (Dorsal) Douche. This is a hand-held hosing of water to the dorsal (upper
and central) part of the spine. The stream should be allowed to play rapidly up and down, extending 3-4
inches on either side of the spine. Give tepid water for irritability of the bladder (when of spinal origin).
Give a Cold Spinal Douche for motor insufficiency of the bladder, resulting in urinary incontinence or
retention (p. 160).
Bladder paresis (paralysis): Daily colonic. Cold Plantar Douche, that is, to bottom of feet (p. 219).
Bladder retention: Lumbar Revulsive Douche. This spray should be hot, and then very brief cold, and
will help alleviate urinary retention, due to spasm in the neck of the bladder (p. 161).