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Higher blood sugar levels in diabetics and hypoglycemics causes the cells in the lense to

absorb large amounts of glucose. This is converted into sorbitol, an insoluble form of
sugar. This gradually crystallizes in the eyeforming a cataract.
Take chaparral tea internally. Place a drop of honey in the corner of the eye at night.
This will help absorb the crystals.
ENCOURAGEMENTDo not say that you cannot overcome your moral defects. In the strength of
Christ, you can. He will empower you to do all that His Father asks of you. The impossibility is all in
your will. If you will not, then you cannot. If you are willing, God will strengthen you to resist


SYMPTOMSWhat appears to be a small pimple develops on the eyelid.

CAUSESThe oil gland has become infected, inflaming the tissues of the eyelid.
Do not delay solving this problem. If it does not quickly heal, it may need to be drained
by a professional. Do not squeeze the lump; this may result in spreading the infection
more widely. Sties can be dangerous, so do not be casual about them.
Take adequate vitamin A; more so, if you have sties frequently. Go on a 5-day fruit fast,
plus carrot and celery juice. Keep the bowels clean with an enema every morning.
Do not eat refined, fried, and processed foods; meats; unsaturated oils; salt; alcohol;
tobacco; dairy products; or white flour.
Chopped and diced carrots or mashed potatoes (raw or cooked) can be made into a
poultice and applied over the area. They can be left on for an hour and repeated 3 times a
Hot compresses on the area are sometimes recommended; but keep in mind that it was a
very hot compress which blinded young Fanny Crosby.

Partially hot compress, alternated with cold, will help draw the pus to a head and then
break it open.
Drink 3 cups of goldenseal tea or eyebright to help clean the liver. Fennel or myrrh may
be substituted.
In tenacious cases, antibiotics may be necessary.
ENCOURAGEMENTThe Bible reveals the plan of salvation, and shows how sinful man may be
reconciled to God and enabled to live a clean, godly life.


SYMPTOMSThe person seems to see "spots" or a spot in front of the eyes.

CAUSESAn unnatural blind spot exists on the retina.
Increase the amount of vitamin A in the diet; and, of course, decidedly improve the
general diet. Throw out all junk and processed food. Obtain adequate rest at night.
ENCOURAGEMENTYou cannot control your impulses, your emotions, as you may desire; but, in
the strength of Christ, you can control the will, and you can make an entire change in your life.


SYMPTOMSLight hurts the eyes.

CAUSESThis may occur occasionally or gradually increase. The cause is a lack of vitamin A in the