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Project Title: Heat Recycling of Outboard Motors

Author: Blace Jacobus

Class Code: EM636
Date: 05/17/16
eLearning Pack ID: EM636-Summer-2016-34-16
Collaborative Companies:

Deffos Marina (Luxury Pontoons)

Evinrude (Outboard Motor)
Process Heating (Heating processing equipment)
Flow Control (Fluid movement, measurement, and containment)

1) The product my company intends to develop is a system that will use the
exhaust gas/heat from the outboard motors on Luxury boats to heat the
onboard hot water supply. Under ideal conditions the boats water supply
could operate without any external heaters but a smaller heater should be
included in this system to ensure a constant supply of hot water if available
at all times. Currently the heat from the exhaust gasses and engine heat are
currently dissipated to the environment and all the energy is lost. I believe if
we use a system of non-mixing heat exchangers we can take the heat from
the outboard motors and heat fresh water. The fresh water would then be
piped into the hot water tank on the ship. This system should have no
negative effects on the environment and only increase the efficiency of the
boat. Of course the materials we select could have negative effects on the
environment but if we work with our suppliers to ensure that proper materials
are chosen that do not harm the environment during manufacture, use, or
disposal we can ensure that our product will have only a positive effect of the
environment. Planning for the near future when all motors operate on electric
motors I would like the final design to be easily retrofitted to operate as a
liquid cooler for electric motors that will still be used to heat the boats hot
water supply. I would like my company to focus on the calculations of the
systems and leave the designing up to our partners companies as that is
where they specialize as highlighted below. I would like to first work with
Evinrude to get the initial data of the waste heat from the outboard motors.
With that data my team can then begin on calculating how much energy we
can likely extract from the motors. At this time we should work with Deffos
Marina to obtain more data about the average hot water supply demands of
Luxury boats. Then after the data is processed we can bring Process Heating,
Flow Control, & Evinrde together to discuss our calculations as well as begin

to develop a cost effective solution that can be fitted into Deffos Marinas
Luxury boats.
2) Bennington will help us understand the average hot water demands of their
different boats. They will also help us understand our space constraints.
Understating the boats hot water needs will allow us to determine how much
heat we should attempt to extract from the exhaust gasses. Knowing the
space constraints will allows us to select proper size piping, controls, and
heat exchanger. Process Heating will provide us with the proper equipment to
measure and control our system. Proper electronic & loop control will be
essential to making this a hands free product to the customer. Lastly Flow
Control will work with us to efficiently move the exhaust gas and hot water.
This will be necessary to maximize the efficiency of the system. They will also
help select the proper heat exchanger for the job. My company will work on
engineering and calculations of the system. This will be required to provide
the heating controls with the proper numbers to operate. These calculations
will also drive the amount of fluid that Flow Control will need to help us move
and drive the proper pipe and heat exchanger sizes.
Caribbean Construction
This was a video of a tropical island and how people have developed it. It starts with
a car ride through the streets of the city quickly ventures out to a more rural
setting. It finishes with a panoramic shot of the beach line. I see this development of
this island in two ways. First being that the human species can overcome many
challenges. It is a great feat of engineering and perseverance to import almost all
the resources needed to develop a remote location like this one. It was also
interesting to see that they have developed roads right into the side of the
mountain. This results in very narrow sharp turns but it is the only way. I am now
wondering what such an island has to export in exchange for these resources. Is
that big of an income? I was also amazed on how quickly it went from a city
environment to a rural setting. I have been to a few islands and it was very similar.
They have all the same types of environments as home just on a very compact
From a project management point of view this is a huge undertaking. Building roads,
buildings, and bridges is hard enough at home where all the raw materials are just a
phone call away. A project like this has to be so well scheduled and planed for all the
raw materials and equipment to arrive on time or the workers have nothing to build
with. Also management wise I would assume that building exports were brought in
for a project like this so I imagen that there would be a language barrier that had to
be overcome for all the natives who worked on this project.
From a conservation and green stand point the development of this island is a large
issue. We have destroyed thousands of miles of beautiful island coast to make it just

like the rest of our developed world. Yes it is a great feat to have been able to
develop such a remote location but if we continue to develop every location we will
run out of nature.

EU Construction
This is a video of construction I assume in a city in Europe. It looks like they were
doing some renovations to a building in the first clip and work on sidewalks and
roads in the remaining clips. In a city such as the one in the clips constant
maintenance is needed to keep everything functioning smoothly. If they did not
constantly repair the roads and sidewalks after only a few short years the roads
would be unusable. Building would also deteriorate quickly to the point of being
unenhabibatable. This is largely due to environmental conditions on our building
materials. The road and sidewalk looked like stone. This is a great road surface but
is very susceptible to environmental conditions in the winter.
It would be great if we had strong building materials that were less susceptible to
environmental factors that were as strong as wood and stone. If/when these
materials are developed it will greatly reduce the maintenance and though extra
resources and material needed to have cities such as this one. On the other hand
we must ensure that when these materials are developed that they environmentally
friendly during the manufacture, use, and disposal. Plastic for example is a great
material but as we all know its disposal is not well handled and is harmful to the
Ford Motor Company Plant
This was a video on the Ford Dearborn truck plant. Our host Carl led us on a tour of
the automated section of the plant. During the tour Carl stressed the points of how
flexible the plant is by stating how each machine can automatically read what type
of vehicle it is and know exactly what to do with it. I found this remarkable since
most manufacturing plants require a new setup for the manufacture of a different
part but these robots can automatically handle up to 99 different programs! This
plant was setup mainly for trucks such as the F-150. He said it would take about 3.5
months to change to a car manufacturing plant such as a mustang. This is another
amazing task due to the shear large scale of the manufacturing facility. I am
amazed by the absolute size of this plant. Just from the brief video the plant looks
larger then my entire town. The plan and engineering that went into such a plant
must have taken years and hundreds of designers to plan such a high functioning
Designing a manufacturing facility that is this flexible can really help reduce waste
in the long run. During the initial designing of the plant there could be a high
demand for trucks but they the time the plant is in full production mustangs could
be in higher demand. Preventing valuable resource from being wasted to switch the
manufacturing tools.
This well planned plant also helps the managers to control and understand any
process changes enacted. The automated station that inspects the dimensional

values of crital parts allows for instant feedback for any process changes that had
taken place. This allows managers to quickly react to problems.
Tech Fashion Show
This was a video of all the tech fashion show that focused on the new tech
wearables of the time. From what I noticed it was majority of motorla products. I am
not sure what year this was from but compared to todays technology it was a little
dated. I thought it was really interesting to see what was shown off at the show and
what really stuck in the market. I saw a lot of products that never made it to the
main stream but the products that I did see in the real world were there phones as
well as the PDAs. Another thing I noticed was that they really focused on
automatically sync the products with the desktops. This concept really stuck my
phone syncs with my google account and is accessible anywhere on any computer!
They also had glasses with a heads up display. This technology did not stick in the
past but recently the new google glass is growing and currently being used by
Volkswagens manufacturing plants.
When I was watching the show I and thought about Green Qualities I cringed at all
the waste that is produced by companies such as these. All the products that they
project will sell but dont are a huge waste of resources. I am sure they do what they
can to recycle most of their components but not everything can be reused. In my
company I will be sure to create a product that can be fully recyclable
From a managers point of view I was a little disappointed. It is typically the
managers job to assign projects to the designers and the designers job to make
what they are told to make. With this type of hierarchy it is the reasonability of the
manager to select products that will be a success. Most of the products in this show
had flopped so I would say the managers are to blame for selecting poor projects.
How did they think a necklace with a PDA on it was going to be a market hit?
Ridgewood Hurricane
This video showed how fallen trees were disposed of after a Hurricane. I was
amazed on size of the damage. Any storm I have lived through has knocked down a
few trees here and there but this area had trees down all over the streets and even
on homes. Even with huge tree eating machines it must have taken weeks to clean
the streets and yards of the people affected. I was also very impressed with the
power of the tree chipping machine. At first they were only putting small branches
in and I expected that but a few minutes in they were loading an entire tree trunk
into the machine with a crane similar to what you see in the arcade video games.
There was another scene where a guy was climbing this huge tree and cutting off
the limbs next to him. This scared me just watching it. I know he is a professional
but what if the huge limb didnt fall the way he thought it would!

When watching and thinking about the Green qualities I bothered me that all this
valuable wood it just being chipped up and towed away. I know the brush and small
things cannot really be used for making 2x4s and the like but there were many big
trees that I would like to think could have been salvaged for construction or at least
make into fire wood.
From the project management aspect it must be a big under taking to properly
organize the work force to efficiently remove all the fallen debris. The have basically
zero notice as to when a big storm is going to occur and how sever. They have to
make a plan fast they focuses on the major roads first but they also have to ensure
they can get to the major roads while not neglecting other roads. These debris
removal companies seem to do a great job despite the challenges. After a storm I
am hardly every troubled by down trees in the road and if I am it is quickly cleaned
Kulala Lumpur
This video was a tram ride into the city of Kulala Lumpur. As with most cities the out
skirts did not looks like very nice areas and as we got closer to the city it became
nicer and nicer. It was almost comical to see a video of huge building followed by
two people slowly cleaning each window. The window cleaning must be a full time
position for a building such as that. By the time they clean the last window the first
must be dirty again! I also noticed that they do not have asphalt but instead they
have stone pavers. I wonder why that is? I assume it has something to do with the
climate because I would think it would be more costly to lay stone road ways then
asphalt roads.
The project management aspects in this video were a dime a dozen. There were
construction projects all over the place! That is a great thing for a city as it shows
great growth. The one thing I was thinking of that would make so much construction
difficult is the acquisition of building materials. I would think that with so much
construction going on building materials such as concrete, wood, and workers would
become stretched thin. This would make building much more difficult but at the
sometime it might make importing the materials cheaper because they would get a
volume discount.
From the green stand point I am a little concerned. With all the construction it
means that more natural resources are being consumed and a lot of waste is being
produced. There were a bunch of renovation projects going on and I highly doubt
they are being careful enough to recycle all the materials that they can. I assume
they are just ripping out the old as fast and crudely as they can so they can start
building again. If they were to take a little extra care and time I am sure they would
be able to recycle a lot more of the building material but sadly it is not economically
efficient to do it that way so it is over looked.
Youtube Paul Ranky Videos

After I had shown my board members the 6 videos (Linked Below) it would be very
easy to convince them to want preserve such a beautiful environment. Every video
showed a different yet beautiful aspect of sea life. Being that my company is
attempting increase efficiency of boats these videos will work very nicely with my
proposal to them.