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Justin Gross

CAP Drama
Red Group
Mentor/Sage Monologue

I can remember My first school dance, and we were...forced to listen to all rock n roll.
And, even when we asked for Michael Jackson or something like that, the majority of the kids
would just be like why are you doing that? you know, why cant you just listen to the stuff we
listen to? When I was there, Einstein was practically an all-white school-there were very few
minority students there-and it was seen as one of the better schools. Now, I dont think that
people feel that way. Back then, Blair was seen as a dicer school, you know. At the time, it was
closer to Prince Georges County, and it was far more diverse than some of the other schools in
the area, and it was one of those schools that people were hesitant to send their kids to. And
that-thats changed. Now Blair a star and the other schools like Northwood or Einstein
arent places people want their children to go to anymore.How has growing diversity affected
our area? I dont know if its affected anything other than that the people look different.The still
have the same values-maybe its a class thing-but, it kind of goes to prove the...universality of
human desires, you know? Whatever race you are, the wants of middle class people tend to be
the same; youre reaching for the American dream, youre working towards those things that
define you as successful, and i think thats consistent among all types of people. So the values
have stayed the same but I guess the look of the people has changed. Oh yeah its a positive
change! Im real happy with that. Because the one thing that does change is the cultural
offerings. How we interact with one another culturally-hearing the different languages and, in a
way, the different religions-thats pretty cool. Yeah, I approve of it without question, and its
something that I think I wanted and I was very fortunate to have it.