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Planning a Book Trailer

1. Identify the audience for your book trailer. Who are you designing this for? If you
are a teacher or media specialist, describe a group of your learners below. If you
do not work in a K-12 setting, send me an email and we can decide who your
audience will be.
Learner Analysis:
a. Age/Gender: Sixth-Grade students(11-12). I really think this is a book the boys
will like.
b. Cultural Background: The majority of my few students are African-American.
c. Educational Level: 6th grades (Honestly, many of students are on a 4th-5th grade
reading level.)
d. Special Needs/Accommodations: I teach a few students with IEPs, but I think
they book is academically accessible to them too.
e. Specific Entry Skills: Be able to read basics and know what basketball is.
e. Motivation Kellers ARCS Model (How will you design your book trailer to get
the attention of your audience?)
Attention Start with a hip-hop song called Playing Basketball.
Relevance The book is about an African-American middle-school boy who
loves to play basketball dealing with the changes and challenges of being a
teen and family tragedy.
Confidence Help students feel that they can successfully read this book by
letting them know its written like a rap. (Its written in free verse).
Satisfaction Encourage students to read the book by reassuring them that if
they like basketball and hip-hop, they will love this book.
2. Book Selection The Crossover by Kwame Alexander (recipient of Newbery Medal
Book Awards &Coretta Scott King Book Awards)