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May 10, 2016

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Lessons Learned: JOURNALING - Reflection on Purpose and Objectives

Throughout the co-op, lessons are learned and opportunities for improvement are discovered. As part of a
continuous improvement process, documenting lessons learned will help the progression of your co-op and the
project/s on which you are working.

Lessons Learned (questions to think about)

What worked well and/or didnt work well either for this project/co-op or for your project team?

What could or should be done differently?

What surprises did you discover and how did you manage them?

What co-op circumstances and/or challenges were not anticipated?

What co-op goals and/or objectives were attained this week (refer to your Final Co-op Plan)?
Note: The questions above can be used to guide your reflection and help you in identifying key learning points.
Your journal should be personalized to highlight your co-op experience. Other prompts are provided in
your syllabus.
One of the most surprising things that happened over the last two weeks is that the funding and budget for the extra
resource was finally not only approved, but I was able to interview a candidate for the position! This means that we will
have the additional help to re-introduce the Choreography course to the original pilot, and help to push it out to the
remaining branches of employees that will convert to the program. This was part of the goals that we have had over the
past four weeks! I am happy to say that at least this part of the project is moving forward.
A Challenge that has come up recently is there are rumors that the new CEO of the retail segment of the company does
not want to move forward with the Universal Banker program! The reason we had the Choreography course to begin with
was to show the employees of a traditional bank branch (most know as Tellers, and Bankers in a bank office), how to work
as every role within a branch, meaning that when a customer goes into a branch, someone in the lobby will not only greet
them, but make their deposit for them at the teller line, and open an account at a desk if they needed. A few months ago
the Universal Banker program, or UB, was pushed back until July to continue roll out to additional branches. My
Timeline included hiring an additional resource by May, which was accomplished, collecting data from the original pilot
branches by end of May, analyzing data and redesigning the program by end of June 2016. So far we are on track to meet
this timeline, however, if the rumors turn out to be true and the entire program is held off, we may not be able to continue
with the redesign. For the scope of this course, we will be able to complete a product, with or without the continuation of
the program company wide.
Last week, 200 employees were laid off within the HR department. There are upper management changed happening at a
fast pace, and the future is unknown. I have had a plan laid out that does not cost a lot, and can be finished regardless of
continuation of UB. It was a good sign that the additional resource was approved and I believe I have a candidate to hire
within the next week.

EDHE 715 Reflective Journal

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Co-op Highlights complete as needed to track your research

Significant Co-op Successes/Accomplishments
Project Success

Factors That Supported Success

Extra resource approved through HR

Continued communication and voice as to why we could

use the extra resource

Co-op Challenges and Solutions

Project Challenges

Recommended Solutions

fast changing corporate environment and


We will continue with the project until we are specifically told

we are unable to move forward.

EDHE 715 Reflective Journal

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