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EDHE 715

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Lessons Learned: JOURNALING - Reflection on Purpose and Objectives

Throughout the co-op, lessons are learned and opportunities for improvement are discovered. As part of a
continuous improvement process, documenting lessons learned will help the progression of your co-op and the
project/s on which you are working.

Lessons Learned (questions to think about)

What worked well and/or didnt work well either for this project/co-op or for your project team?

What could or should be done differently?

What surprises did you discover and how did you manage them?

What co-op circumstances and/or challenges were not anticipated?

What co-op goals and/or objectives were attained this week (refer to your Final Co-op Plan)?
Note: The questions above can be used to guide your reflection and help you in identifying key learning points.
Your journal should be personalized to highlight your co-op experience. Other prompts are provided in
your syllabus.
Over the last few weeks there have been many changes and fire drills within the company. For example, all project work
was put on hold for all teams and projects until June 1 st. The head of the retail side of the company had a meeting with
our department head and it was determined that we do not understand what happens in the branches, and our training
programs are not designed to set up our employees for success . Of course this is exaggerated.
As I have learned over the years, when the part of the organization that brings in the most money for the bank has an
issue, all other departments jump to the demand. The good news is this 2 week break on projects was to put together a
SWAT team to do some research on the retail side of the house determine what may be missing in training, and also
come up with a plan for BOTH parties to agree on for example- communication between the business lines.
I was told at the start of this project that Choreography was most important and will be facilitated regardless if the
employee was not a converted branch just yet. The retail leader spoke to other retail leaders stating that she wants this
piece on hold until we continue converting branches to Universal Banker. This was not communicated to learning and
development leaders. At this point we are continuing with our project starting again on 6/1 but as far as the future of the
program, I am unsure.
I did not anticipate a change in CEO that would bring about changes in the overall culture of the company. I am told that
there are still plans to move forward by the end of the year, but I am not confident that will be the case.
If in fact we do move forward, the work that my team has done will be ready to go.
The short survey that was sent to the leaders asking 5 questions around the scorecard that relates to the coaching piece
post classroom (after Choreography is taken a scorecard is sent to the leader to talk about strengths and opportunities
for the employee and recommendations for continued learning. We have had about 30 responses out of a 100 person
survey so far. The end of the survey is this Friday. This will help my team to determine if the post-classroom scorecard
would be helpful to the leaders once the employee is finished with the course. A link to the score-card survey will be
posted on the site via survey monkey as one artifact
I am running into a bit of a situation with adding artifacts like any supporting documents created at work. Because I work
for HR, I am completely prohibited from emailing any documents or posting them anywhere. I am going to work on a way
to briefly recreate for the purpose of the presentation and documenting site.
EDHE 715 Reflective Journal

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Co-op Highlights complete as needed to track your research

Significant Co-op Successes/Accomplishments
Project Success

Factors That Supported Success

continued support from my supervisor

She mentioned that we arent finished just on hold for now

Co-op Challenges and Solutions

Project Challenges

Recommended Solutions

project push back for organization priorities

Keep going with what we can for now, until we are told to

EDHE 715 Reflective Journal

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