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From: _Erika Morgan smilemeadow@gmail.

Subject: draft council thoughts?
Date: December 30, 2015 al12:18 PM
To: Brian Derdowski, Bryant Kristen
Cc: Erika Morgan
Bee: Brian Weber,
I am looking for a listing of the Council President opposed to the Mayor pro tempore and am not finding it myself, so could you forward any
references please.
I thought the exercise was somewhat helpful, BUT.
even with daily practice I can't actually see it working by Jan 7
I think it will behove us to limit our "fights to the really necessary and to one light at a time, per meeting
one of the things that happens is, Janie and Carol are in meetings before our Council meetings, and are ready to go to supper after the
meetings which is one of the reasons they become briMie if the council meetings are delayed by fighting
I really believe, and it is a main moral principle lor me that you don't take the fights into the public realm until you have aMempted to
resolve the differences privately and that has failed.
I think it might be smarter to j ust name me Mayor ProTem and go along with the Council CommiMee appointments, I by the way did
forward them the leMer appointing me to Flood Control by SCA, I am also on KCD's shoreline management board and on WAIA 9 too, and to
then come up wilh a clean copy of the new council rules after a citizen meeting and some supporting public input. The two most relevant
considerations to me right now are the proper separation of powers, and the useful and productive platform for public influence on the rules
lhe same public will be governed by as they have been guaranteed in the Washington Constitution.

I am really worried about the finances of BD lor two main reasons:

the inability of Mayor Benson, Janie or May to answer my simple and fundamental questions about the cities financial position in
even general terms
the flimsiness of the cities assurances of funding with a "letter of credit" drawn by a LLC on a bank who has as its main investor
Brian Ross and his new wile, who we know do not have liquid cash, only an interest in 1700 unpaid lor acres in BD. This is a circular shell
game if ever I saw one and it is fiscal irresponsibility to hitch the cities financial future lo this idea. If there were a Washington Slate
construction bond I would feel different, but you have lo put up 10% cash money lor the whole project with the slate to gel those. PS just so
you know since the bank crash all business is currently conducted in this manner now.