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Part IV

Department of State
Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida
Low energy and intelligent, able to run. Family has experience.
Wait, he ran for president?
Son and Brother of President Bushes, he was the first two-term
republican governor of Florida.
Ran for Republican Nominee, but lost to Donald Trump
Department of the Treasury
Richard Burr, North Carolina Senator, Republican
Already is sales manager, and runs nonprofits. (Better use of a budget)
Worked 17 years with Carswell Distributing, and Represented
North Carolina.
His car is a local celebrity on Capital Hill
Department of Defense
Martha McSally, Arizona Representative, Republican
USAF Colonel
First woman to fly in 1991 missions after ban lifted against women
serving in dangerous missions
First to command a fighter squadron
Retired from active duty after 22 years.
Department of Justice
Robert Aderholt, Alabama Representative, Republican
Haleyville Municipal Judge.
Defeated Democratic 15-term Tom Bevill
Circuit Court for more than 30 years.
Department of the Interior
Bill Ritter, Colorado Governor
Strong sense of energy development.
Served as the director of the Center for the New Energy Economy
at Colorado State University since February, 2011
Served as a Democratic governor in a purple state, and is
Department of Agriculture
Stephen Fincher, Tennessee Representative, Republican
Partner of Fincher Farm, who would greatly benefit from this
candidates stance.

Will not run for Representative for 2016, and so, is an available

By taking him out of any financial, it would reduce his charges of
corruption based on banks and commerce.
Department of Commerce
Tim Scott, South Carolina Senator, Republican
Insurance agent, and a financial advisor.
First African American voted to both Congress and Senate
Owns Tim Scott Allstate, and works as the financial advisor.
Department of Labor
Tom Rice, South Carolina Representative, Republican
Has two degrees, one for accounting and the other for law.
Worked in high school as a night shift fry cook, bagger, and a
minigolf course manager.
Father passed away at 16.
Has a lot of knowledge on labor itself.
Department of Health and Human Services
Tom Price, Georgia Representative, Republican

Graduated with an M.D. from the University of Michigan

Ran an orthopedic clinic in Atlanta for 20 years before returning to

Emory as assistant professor of orthopedic surgery. Price also was the director of the
orthopedic clinic at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Johnny Isakson, Georgia Senator, Republican
Already does work on real estate
Shortly after graduating from UGA, he opened the first Cobb County
office of Northside Realty, a prominent Atlanta-area real estate firm.
Became company president in 1979, a post he held for 22 years,
during which Northside became the biggest independent real estate company in the
Southeast and one of the largest in America
Department of Transportation
Anthony Foxx
Current Department of Transportation Secretary
Was voted on 100-0 by the Senate.
Announced 72 transportation projects to assist for development.
Department of Energy

Angus King, Maine Senator, Independent

Owner of several Energy companies
Was also involved in a wind power utility company, Independence

Wind, co-founded with Robert Gardiner .

Won Maine DEP approval for construction of a proposed $120million, 22-turbine, utility-scale wind power project along a prominent mountain ridge
in Roxbury, Maine.

Department of Education
Bradley Byrne, Alabama Representative, Republican
Was in Alabama State Board of Education
During his term on the State Board of Education, Byrne supported a
science curriculum that was opposed by many religious leaders in Alabama.
Later voted with the Board to support a compromise that said,
"Explanations of the origin of life and major groups of plants and animals, including
humans, shall be treated as theory and not as fact. When attempting to apply
scientific knowledge to world problems, no social agenda shall be promoted."
Department of Veterans Affairs
John Kline, Minnesota Representative, Republican
U.S. Marine Corp Colonel, Retired.
Served on Committee for Armed Services
Served in Vietnam, and received Presidential Service Award.
Department of Homeland Security
Gen. James Mattis, General
U.S. Central Command commander
44 years of service in military.
Served on United States Central Command.
Served in Persian Gulf War.