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Family Ties (by Terry

I'll try my hand at wax and wane, and from my font I'll flow
And I choose wax, 'cause wane is lame, and I prefer to soar
What's past is past, done is done, what's left ….the brood has grown
And from henceforth we share and care …. no more are we alone
Let's plant a tree and watch it grow and see how tall it gets
Let's toil and sow and mind the row, let's have no more regrets
The sun revolves, the rain does fall, and this here tree's not tall
And seasons do what seasons do .. they come, they go, they fall
But look, the tree it sprouts a leaf, a twig, a branch, a crown
And families come from far and near, to gather all around
Then families tie and siblings bond and build relations dear
So sisters far and brothers near , I join you with a cheer
To cousins, nieces and nephews; to grand-children to be
To one and all who bear the Bran, welcome to our tree