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Communication Arts & Sciences 100A (Spring 2016

Exam #2 - Study Guide
Friday, April 22
17 multiple choice questions
3 fill-in-the-blank questions
7 short answer questions
Material from the first exam:
The Five Canons of Rhetoric
Ethos, Logos, Pathos
Audience Analysis
Material from the second half of the semester:
Policy Speaking
Policy Actors
Reasoning (Inductive, Deductive)
Argumentation Structure (Data/Evidence, Warrant, Claim)
Types of Deductive Argument (Sign, Causal, Analogic, Classification)
Types of Claims (Fact, Value, Policy)
Visual Aids
Motivational Speaking
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Chapter 7, pp. 78-94
Chapter 8, pp. 95-117
Appendix A
Chapter 9, pp. 118-129