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Cardboard Arcade Rubric

Student Name(s) ________________________________________



Rube Goldberg

Arcade Game:
1. Is a game that allows for interaction.
2. Has at least one moving part that enhances the game.


Statement explaining the challenge

(5 points)

Diagram of the part of the machine that moves:

1. A diagram is drawn showing the moving part of the
2. It is drawn or diagramed so that each part is labeled.
3. Diagram shows how the parts work together with the
arcade game.
4. Diagram is accurate and detailed so that another
student could build this part using your drawing as a
5. This part may either use simple machines or a circuit
to create this movement.
Explanation of your teams design process:
1. Explain how you used the design process to build your
arcade game.
2. Explain what you changed to make the arcade game
3. You may want to use your early drawing so show what
you changed.


Statement of what you learned about simple machines or

circuits and the design process.

(5 points)

Total Score
Points of Excellence and Suggestions for Improvement:


Timeline for Cardboard Arcade Projects:

Goal: To work in a design team of four students (2 2 nd graders and 2-4th
graders) to design, build, test and improve a Cardboard Arcade Game. The
arcade game must have a Chicago theme design (chosen by 2 nd grade) and a
moving element (designed by 4th grade). The 4th grade team must have a slide
show presentation that shows the design of arcade game and explains how the
moving part works, and a slide explaining how the team used the engineering
design process to improve the game.
Students will have time each day in class to work to complete their projects. They will have
Three smaller assignments with strict due dates, this will keep them from falling behind. The
final project is due Friday 6/10, this allows time to enhance needed areas of the project before
the showcase event on the 13th (8-9 am). The school will provide some materials for each
group but you may wish to purchase additional materials.
These are the due dates for students to follow as they work on their science fair project. It
spreads the effort out over the short amount of time available. Students should plan ahead and
adjust their own time accordingly.
Due 6/6
Three ideas for the moving part in the arcade game. (10 points)
Due 6/8
Group Plan for arcade game with the moving part labeled and explained. (10 points)
Group plans for how you will make the moving piece of the game and explanation of the
simple machines or circuits you are using. (15 points)
Due 6/10
Arcade Game is due.
Slideshow is due
6/13 Morning Showcase with 2nd grade (8-9 am)
6/15 ENGINEERING FAIR parent viewing from 8:30 - 9:00
Please contact me if you have any questions