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Jennelys Tevenal Martinez
INGL 3116 Chapter 16
Prof. Helvia Guzman

What is? ■ Whenever you mail. email. to let readers know what you're sending. . why you're sending it. you should include an application letter . and how they can benefit from reading it. ■ The best approach for an application letter depends on whether you are sending a solicited application letter to apply for an identified job opening or are prospecting with an unsolicited application letter. hand-deliver. also known as a cover letter . or upload your resume.

Solicited application message .

describe what you have to offer. ■ Project confidence without being arrogant. . ■ Show some personality. while maintaining a business-appropriate tone. ■ Identify where you discovered the job opening. ■ Keep it short. The letter gives you the opportunity to balance the facts-only tone of your resume.Tips ■ Never volunteer salary history or requirements unless an employer has asked for this information.

Unsolicited application letter .

■ Describe your understanding of the job's requirements and show how well your qualifications fi t them. ■ Use a question to demonstrate your understanding of the organization's needs. ■ Refer to publicized company activities. ■ Use a catchphrase opening if the job requires ingenuity and imagination. changes. ■ Mention the name of a person known to and highly regarded by the reader. or new procedures. . achievements.Tips ■ Show how your strongest skills will benefit the organization.

Thanks! .