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EDF2031 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and

Tutorial time: Thursday, 2pm
My name: Stephanie Vawser
Critical reflection 4: Histories, Policies and Practices

Resource: Painting by Robert Campbell Jr

Abo history (facts) [Aboriginal history (facts)], 1988

Grade Level: 6

Learning activities
Each group of students will conduct research to find out what each row of pictures
represent in the colonisation of Australia. Each group will present a mind map
outlining their research. Students will be given access to technology for the basis of
their research. Once each group have completed the task, they will report back to
the class on what they found.

Group + row of pictures


Group 1, Top row of pictures

before colonisation, colonist arrival and

conflict over land (Scootle, 2015, para

Group 2, middle row of pictures

Aboriginals lives on missions (Scootle,

2015, para 1), particularly Victoria

Group 3, bottom row of pictures

ongoing effects of colonisation

(Scootle, 2015, para 1) e.g.) deaths in


Link to Histories, Policies and Practices/Rights

This resource will teach students an Aboriginal version of how colonisation took
place in Australia. It will educate them on certain policies such as the Assimilation
Policy where Aboriginal people were forced to live like white people and adopt white
ways and language (Harrison, 2011, p. 27), also losing their rights of freedom on the
land. It will also aim to educate them on how certain rights were given back to
Aboriginal people through the self-determination (Harrison, 2011, p. 32) act by
Gough Whitlam in December 1972, where he restored some power to the Aboriginal
people of Australia.


Harrison, N. (2011). Teaching and Learning in Aboriginal Education (2nd edition).

South Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
Scootle (2015). Abo history (facts) [Aboriginal history (facts)], 1988. Retrieved from
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