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EDF2031 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and

Tutorial time: Thursday, 2pm
My name: Stephanie Vawser
Critical reflection 5: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Societies: Cultural
Diversity, Rights and Socioeconomic Justice
Resource: Australian Money-notes by Learningvids4kids
Whilst this resource may not be local, it can still be applied to the learning focus of this

Grade Level: 4, 5 or 6

Teaching strategies/Learning Activities

1. A discussion on the following points prior to viewing the resource:
- How there are many people out there that have made a different to our Society
- What is a society, what makes up a society
- The faces of our Australian bank notes- introductory notes on they are people
that have impacted our society.

Students will then be asked to choose two bank notes and conduct a mini-research
project on the people on them. They will be asked to present the following information in
any format they wish, whether it be a poster, power point, video, or podcast.
1. What kind of society/community did the person live in?
2. What is the cultural background of that person/ where do they come from? E.g.)
Indigenous, British

3. What are they famous for? Were they fighting for anything in particular e.g.
Rights? Did they make any social changes to Australia?

Link to societies/celebration
The faces on the Australian bank notes consist of a range of different people that have
made a different to society. For example, Banjo Paterson produced Australian bush
poetry, Dame Mary Gilmore was a poet and journalist and Mary Reibey was an
Australian convict that went on to become a successful businesswoman (Australian
Dictionary of Biography, 2015; NSW Government, 2015). Amongst these famous faces
is David Unaipon who is of Indigenous descent and was a great spokesman for
Aboriginal people, as well as a writer, and inventor (racismnoway, 2004). This activity
will allow students to recognise and celebrate the various victories and lives of these
people including ones with an Indigenous background.


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