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Calkins-Condiff, Brandon
Welden, Phillip
Moses was born of parents who were of the house of Levi. When Moses was born
Pharaoh had been killing all the male Hebrew children. His mother hid him for three
months. When she could not hide him any longer she built a basket and placed it in the
riverbank. The Pharaohs daughter found him at the riverbank, and she sent her servant to
retrieve the basket. When she opened the basket she saw him and named him Moses.
Pharaohs daughter knew it was a Hebrew child and decided to keep him with her, and
officially named him Moses.
When Moses grew up, he saw a Hebrew slave man receiving beatings by an
Egyptian. Moses approached the Egyptian and stopped the beating and in the middle of
the scuffle Moses killed the Egyptian. Seeing what he had done and fearing the
punishment of Pharaoh, Moses fled to the land of Midian. Moses had stopped and rested
at a well miles from where he had come. The seven daughters of the priest of Midian had
come to the well to water their flocks, but the shepherds came and scared them away.
Moses saw this and rescued the daughters from them. When Moses went to their father,
Reuel, he thanked Moses and gave him his daughter Zipporah. Zipporah gave birth to a
son and Moses named him Gershom.
Moses had stayed in Midian and was watching the flocks. When he was moving
the flocks they went to the west side of mountain Horeb. On the west side was a burning
bush that was not consumed in the fire. From the bush Moses heard God speak to him

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and told Moses to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. Moses did as he was told and took his
family to Egypt. While Moses was still in the wilderness, God spoke to Aaron and told
him to meet Moses in the wilderness. Aaron did so and met
with Moses. They both then and went to the elders and told them what God said to
Moses, and they believed him.
God came to Moses awhile later and said that he will speak to Pharaoh and tell
him what the Lord commands Moses to tell him. He also told Moses that He would
harden Pharaohs heart so that he will not listen to Moses. Then God will put his hand
over Egypt and deliver Israel by great acts of judgment. Moses and Aaron then went to
Pharaoh and did what God had commanded. They both approached Pharaohs court and
Aaron cast down his staff and it became a serpent. Pharaoh also called on his magicians
and they did they same, but Aarons staff swallowed theyre staffs. Pharaohs heart was
hardened, and he did not release the Israelites. Aaron and Moses went to Pharaoh ten
times after that, each time warning Pharaoh of ten different plagues. Each time they saw
Pharaoh his heart was hardened. The tenth plague Moses and Aaron warned Pharaoh
about was the killing of the firstborn son of each family in Egypt. Yet after nine plagues
and the warning of the tenth, Pharaohs heart was hardened. On the night of the tenth
plague every firstborn son from the Egyptian families died. When Pharaoh found his son
dead he summoned Moses and Aaron and told them to take the Israelites and leave Egypt.
So Aaron and Moses gathered all the Israelites and left. The Israelites left and started for
the Red Sea. God told Moses that He had hardened Pharaohs heart and that Pharaoh had
pursued then. When Pharaoh was close the Israelites saw Egypts army behind them.
Moses had heard the worries of the Israelites and cried to God. God then asked Moses

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why he was crying to Him. Then God told Moses to take his staff and stretch his hand out
toward the sea. Moses did so and the Red Sea split and the Israelites crossed safely with
the Egyptians in pursuit. When all Israelites were crossed Moses stretched his hand back
out over the sea and it came down upon the Egyptian army.
From the Red Sea Moses and Israel traveled to Mt. Sinai. Once at Mt. Sinai God
called Moses to the top. At the top Moses was told to write down all that the Lord says.
Moses wrote down the laws that God had spoken to him. The Israelites had waited for
Moses to come down from the mountain and were growing impenitent. So they told
Aaron to make then a god that they could worship. Aaron did so with the jewelry of the
people, and made a golden calf. God told Moses about the fake god that Aaron had made,
and sent him down from the mountain. When Moses saw this he threw the tablets to the
ground and they broke, and took the calf and destroyed it. Moses returned to the Lord at
the top of Mt. Sinai to make amends for what Israel had done. The Lord said to Moses to
make the Ten Commandments again by cutting two stone tablets and writing on them
what was on the first two.
God had lead Moses and the Israelites to the Promise Land that He had given to
them. Moses was not allowed to enter the Promise Land. The Lord said the he would see
it, but would not enter it. Moses died on Mt. Nebo, where God showed him the land.
Moses died at the age 120 years old.