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Evaluation Of Training

Kritika Batra

Training evaluation checks whether training has had the desired effect. or to the regular work routines .Introduction  The process of examining a training program is called training evaluation. Training evaluation ensures that whether candidates are able to implement their learning in their respective workplaces.

. process. Reaction Of The Participants It is related with the feeling of the participants about the training and training methods. It brings all the participants upon a level of knowledge and experience.Criterion For Evaluation  1. is measured at the end of each training activity. etc. method. The reaction on such training content.

Change In Job Performance It is another useful criterion of evaluating training effectiveness. it is said that the training has been effective. When an individual shows a different method of performing the job after attending a training program. 2. Changes In Participant's Knowledge And Skills The change in participant's knowledge and skills brought about by the implementation of training program is very important in order to evaluate the effectiveness of training.  .  3.

 4. Organizational Performance This criterion indicates the improvement on overall performance of the organizational activities. . The training seems to be effective only if it achieves its stated goals and objectives. It is concerned with improvements in job performance in terms of productivity and quality.

It has since been adapted and modified by a number of writers. . however. the basic structure has well stood the test of time.The Kirkpatrick Model  The most well-known and used model for measuring the effectiveness of training programs was developed by Donald Kirkpatrick in the late 1950s.

and post-test scores on-the-job assessments supervisor reports .        Level 1 (Reaction) completed participant feedback questionnaire informal comments from participants focus group sessions with participants Level 2 (Learning) pre.

peers and participant's manager Level 4 (Results) financial reports quality inspections interview with sales manager .        Level 3 (Behavior) completed self-assessment questionnaire on-the-job observation reports from customers.

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