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M AY 30, 2016

‘I was
the only
one God
left alive.’
The sole survivor of a
shocking atrocity in war-torn
South Sudan tells his story
By Aryn Baker

The coral reefs where we dive need help. Overfishing,
careless tourism and climate change are putting reefs
and people’s livelihoods at risk. From the Coral Triangle
to the coastlines of Africa and Australia’s Great Barrier
Reef, WWF is promoting responsible tourism and
pushing for protected areas and responsible fishing.
Help us look after the world where you live at
Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Palawan, Philippines.
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VOL. 187, NO. 20 | 2016

2 | Conversation
4 | For the Record

The Brief

News from the U.S. and
around the world

5 | Europe confronts
the terrorist threat

Cover Story

Cycle of Violence

Ongoing conflicts bring starvation—and other
atrocities—to the young nation of South Sudan
By Aryn Baker 20

Bathroom Battle

Why the fight over transgender rights has moved into the
most intimate of public spaces
By Michael Scherer 28

7 | Meet Brazil’s interim
8 | Ian Bremmer on the
Middle East 100 years
after the Sykes-Picot
9 | Chip Kidd
remembers author
Katherine Dunn

Ideas, opinion,

15 | Jeffrey Kluger on
why siblings speak
out—or don’t—about
parental abuse
16 | Taste in the
electronic age
17 | How green is your
hotel balcony?
17 | Chelsea Handler
on the glory of the
single woman
18 | Vacationers
embrace the darkness

10 | Double trouble
for victims of sexual
abuse in the military

19 | Joe Klein on what
Trump is selling:

12 | Police riot in Kenya

40 | Aryn Baker on
how online courses
won’t solve Africa’s
education problems

14 | Look out! Here
comes ransomware

Time Off

What to watch, read,
see and do

41 | Sophie Turner in
X-Men: Apocalypse
43 | Movies: The Nice
Guys and a report
from Cannes
M U S E U M : I W A N B A A N , C O U R T E S Y S F M O M A ; T U R N E R : J O N K O PA L O F F — F I L M M A G I C/G E T T Y I M A G E S

The View

44 | Girl band Fifth

45 | The Gene by
Siddhartha Mukherjee
45 | NYC debut novel
47 | Kristin van Ogtrop
would just as soon not
rate her experience
48 | 7 Questions with
Bryan Cranston

A new SFMOMA exhibition features works by Alexander Calder

Bay Area Masterpiece

SFMOMA’s new expansion houses an extraordinary
collection of postwar art
By Richard Lacayo 36

On the cover:
Photograph by Lynsey Addario—Getty Images Reportage for TIME

Turner, page 41

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TIME 100

Influential People in the
World” [May 2–9]: I used
to wait impatiently for
the TIME 100 issue. But
these past few years, I
have been finding it quite
surreal, as real issues
have been dodged and the
categories themselves seem
meaningless. I have shifted
my attention to Joel Stein’s
hilariously witty version of
the TIME 100, proof that
somehow the list has become
a great joke.
Marie-Christine Chevron,
“the sky is the limit” for
Lewis Hamilton. When you
look at the Formula One
standings, it seems that
apparently Nico Rosberg
is the limit for him. He has
almost twice as many points
as Hamilton. Does that mean
Rosberg is twice as good as
Hamilton? Of course not.
It just means that this year,
Rosberg has the better car.
Hamilton is without a doubt
a great race-car driver, but
the hype around him is just
Michael Pfeiffer,
impressive write-ups and


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@time (Twitter and Instagram)


TIME May 30, 2016

not a single person from
Israel. I guess we are so
preoccupied with surviving
that we don’t really have
the time to try to influence
Moses Samuel,
the origins of your list of the
anointed, I find you have
omitted anyone from one of
the most pivotal countries
on earth: Iran. Iran, a
country with centuries of
impressive history, culture
and knowledge, has spawned
countless exceptional
lawyers, doctors, scientists,
writers and artists, whom
you completely ignored as
though it did not exist on
the world stage. If treated
fairly, Iran is a country with
huge potential for bringing
a semblance of peace and
order to the region and to
becoming a bridge between
the East and the West.
Neptune Ravar Ingwersen,
that Westerners love
celebrities, if not going to
the extent of worshipping
them as semi-deities.
What have these people
contributed to the general
well-being of the world and
welfare of people?
Y. Czekov,


Allah? It’s Me, Cindy”
[April 25]: Children’s books
are important for a variety of
reasons. So when I read that
there was one group that
could “especially use some
fictional representation
these days: MuslimAmerican kids,” I was
reminded that in fact there
is no such thing as a Muslim
child. There is only a child of
Muslim parents. Existential
and theistic claims are not
the same thing as genetic or
even geographical origin.
Peter Sanders,

Have Tapped Into a
Dangerous—and Wrong—
Anti-Trade Sentiment”
[April 25]: What both
Donald Trump and Bernie

Sanders are failing to
tell their supporters—
essentially large swaths of
middle-class America—is
that “reshoring” jobs is
incongruent with the
same group’s demand for
cheap goods and services.
Higher salaries would be
demanded by American
workers, pushing up
costs and ultimately
resulting in upward pricing
pressure. Middle America
needs to decide—and its
incoming President needs to
help inform it—whether it
wants its old jobs back or
if it is ready to be led down
an unknown path by a strong
leader that will require
retraining of some of its
workers, but which will
better position America to
continue having the world’s
leading economy.
Ritesh Doshi,

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.’ JAMALA. declaring that voters don’t have a right to know how much he pays in taxes S O U R C E S : A B C. to . according to a new report 1. B B C.’ DONALD TRUMP. upon learning that she had been named the new oldest person in the world. I L L U S T R AT I O N S B Y B R O W N B I R D D E S I G N F O R T I M E EMMA MORANO. former President Bill Clinton. including her relatives.’ ‘I WOULD .500 Number of mini liquor bottles allegedly stolen by an Endeavor Air flight attendant. who took over on May 12 after Dilma Rousseff was suspended in an impeachment proceeding. after winning the popular Eurovision Song Contest with “1944. G E T T Y I M A G E S (4).” which describes how Crimean Tatars. presumptive GOP presidential nominee. I’M AS OLD AS THE HILLS. he has been criticized for appointing an all-male Cabinet 260% Percentage hike in insurance premiums for some homeowners in Oklahoma.For the Record ‘Let’s stop talking about crisis. T H E T E L EG R A P H T E M E R : R E U T E R S.549 Number of mail carriers attacked by dogs last year. 116-year-old Italy native. acting President of Brazil. she succeeded Susannah Mushatt Jones. describing a role for her husband. working on the economy in her Administration. PREFER IF THIS SONG DID NOT EXIST. officials say her caregiver. Democratic presidential front runner.’ Magic mushrooms A study found the psychedelic drug could help treat depression GOOD WEEK BAD WEEK MICHEL TEMER. she later said she would not appoint him to her Cabinet ‘It’s none of your business. after a spike in earthquakes linked to oil drilling ‘MY WORD. were forced from their homes during World War II Red Hot Chili Peppers Canceled an appearance after lead singer was hospitalized 6. M O R A N O : A P . Let’s work instead.. who died May 12 in New York City ‘He’s got to come out of retirement. who sold them online. Ukrainian singer.’ HILLARY CLINTON.

But so far it has not been able to form one. 13 and in Brussels on March 22. One hundred and sixty-two people died in total. a collective sense of relief is almost palpable after a six-month period in which ISIS mounted devastating attacks in Paris on Nov. Europe. its experts say. “Another attempted attack is almost certain. at least 1.U. “The threat is alive and current.000-plus Europeans who have left to fight with jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq. transnational plan of action. sitting in the organization’s fortresslike headquarters in the Hague. Although millions of Europeans can hop across multiple internal E. That’s the bleak assessment of the E. and they have plenty of fresh recruits. Any of them could strike on home soil. That means there could be hundreds of potential terrorists scattered throughout Europe. Of the 5. many battle-trained.600— about one-third—are back in Europe. it will need a coherent.’ —NEXT PAGE French paratroopers patrol near the Eiffel Tower on March 30 as part of a major security surge SECURITY Stubborn frictions could undermine Europe’s fight against terror REUTERS By Vivienne Walt/ The Hague PHOTOGR APH BY PHILIPPE WOJAZER As the dAys get longer in europe. borders with no passport required.’s law-enforcement organization Europol.U. which works alongside police and security agencies in Europe to fight crime and terrorism.” If Europe is going to stay safe. with services 00 .‘EXPERTS SAY ISIS CAN NOW TURN A RECRUIT INTO A POTENTIAL ATTACKER WITHIN DAYS. according to intelligence estimates. policing remains mostly a local affair.” Europol director Rob Wainwright tells TIME. Yet the question remains: Is there more violence on the horizon? The answer is almost certainly yes. Many other radicalized Europeans never left home at all. remains a prized target for terrorist groups.

Nimble jihadi groups. by Boko Haram more than two years ago has been found. let alone with the rest of Europe. in a June 23 referendum. but they will find it difficult. NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES To stave off deflation. Experts say ISIS can now turn a recruit into a potential attacker within days. thanks only to a tip-off from an accomplice. including the U. 1 million soccer fans will attend the quadrennial European Football Championship. as are wages (thanks to falling unemployment). TAXES AND WAGES Taxes are expected to rise globally.” Wainwright says. “Some countries are still refusing to cooperate on intelligence. Miss. suffer no such bureaucratic delays. Wainwright says all six Brussels attackers. For a month beginning on June 10. ending a decades-long legal battle more than 60 years after publicschool segregation was declared unconstitutional. “[ISIS] will find it difficult to mount an attack. with instructions to mount an attack. thinking it appeared to be cold outdoors. hosted by France. TERRORISM One of the estimated 200 schoolgirls abducted from Chibok.’s plodding lawmaking. over the past 50 years. □ 10 Time May 30. “if only we can find the right mechanism” to get different security services working together. For all the challenges. There are some signs the barriers could be cracking. That has changed in recent months.U.000 DIGITS ANIMALS Yellowstone National Park officials had to euthanize a baby bison after a pair of tourists loaded it into their trunk on May 9.U. Nigeria.” Another obstacle is the E. But that’s just the start.. which has made up nearly 30% of GDP growth among 20 major economies. —Victor Luckerson EDUCATION A federal court ordered the town of Cleveland. Police files could be a source of rich data.” Orbits around Earth completed since 1998 by the International Space Station as of May 16 . “They may wish for one. Last summer a French ISIS recruit named Reda Hame returned to Paris after just one week’s training in Syria.U. adding. for example. he says.TheBrief often reluctant to share information within their own countries. “Traditional intelligence exchange is not enough. experts including Wainwright say that if Britons vote to leave the E. by contrast. Europol says it is ready. “We have to be as fluid as the threat we are facing. Antiterrorism squads have spent months conducting mock drills. police caught him in August.. a prime ISIS target. An activist group says teenager Amina Ali and a baby were found on May 17 near the outskirts of the militant group’s forest stronghold. “The speed of radicalization is often startling. For the legislation to take effect. Both trends put increased pressure on corporate profits.” says Europol chief of staff Brian Donald. FEWER NEW WORKERS Women’s participation in the workforce is approaching parity with men’s. chairman of the Paris-based Center for the Analysis of Terrorism.” says Jean-Charles Brisard. Meanwhile. says he pushed for years to have police from different countries coordinate on investigations but faced deep distrust on every side. That won’t be easy. determined to avert an attack on the tournament. will be cut off from data-sharing agreements and more vulnerable to attacks. and six of the 10 Paris attackers. each of the 28 E.K. to desegregate its school district by merging the two middle schools and combining the two high schools. Timothy Kirkhope. countries needs to pass its own national law. “Only a few are really willing. a member of the European Parliament. and that could take two more years. he says. 2016 MONEY TRENDING Why you need to save more now The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that the average 30-year-old will need to up her personal savings rate by 80% and work an extra seven years to retire like her parents. 100. “It has taken a Paris and a Brussels to really have teams working together. the U. Here’s why stock and bond returns are on track to shrink. making it tough to boost GDP growth via new workers.” ISIS is finding recruits not just in Europe’s more hard-line mosques—obvious places to monitor— but also in the criminal underworld.” It will likely not be their last attempt. meaning people who invest today will get less than they put in when the bonds mature.S. A measure requiring airlines to share passenger data finally passed the European Parliament last month—five years after the idea was introduced. Park officials said the mother and herd rejected the animal afterward as a result of “human interference.” Wainwright says. governments are setting negative interest rates on bonds. EMERGING MARKETS Growth has slowed in China. had rap sheets.” There is plenty for them to do.

Temer plans to take a neoliberal approach to reviving the economy through spending cuts. taking over from suspended Dilma Rousseff as she awaits an impeachment trial over corruption accusations.995 Leather 17.” the son of Lebanese immigrants entered politics in 1987 and gained a reputation as a dealmaker. BIGGER OBSTACLES Rousseff insists Temer’s gov- ernment is “illegitimate. Breaking from the 13-year leftist rule of Rousseff’s Workers’ Party. —Tara jOhn ◁ The former Vice President takes over as Brazil’s economy shrinks and its Congress is mired in a graft scandal Footwear 27. The 75-year-old said on May 15 that he has no interest in seeking permanent office. Temer is also the author of a book of poems. He has also been tarred by scandal. in addition to being linked to the giant corruption probe surrounding state oil firm Petrobras. GOVERNING IN POETRY Once described by a rival as resembling a “butler from a horror movie. M O N E Y.DATA THE KNOCKOFF ECONOMY According to a recent report by the OECD. E L E C T R O N I C G O O D S : E PA . titled Anonymous Intimacy. Kodikara—AFP/Getty Images SPOTLIGHT E D U C AT I O N . Brazil’s political soap opera may have yet more twists to come. D I G I T S .960 Electronic goods 15. killing at least 27 people and displacing nearly 350. S P O T L I G H T. naming his priorities as job creation and unifying Brazil—not easy tasks in a country facing its worst recession since the 1930s. the global value of illegally imported fake goods was $461 billion in 2013. L E AT H E R : A P . A legal scholar. rising in 2001 to become leader of the Democratic Movement Party.119 Clothing (knitted) 17. Below is the total number of fakes seized by authorities in each major category of counterfeit wares that year: UNHOLY WATERS A roadside statue of Jesus is partly submerged in the Sri Lankan town of Pugoda on May 17 after three days of torrential rain triggered flooding and massive landslides. and his selection of an all-male. Temer has said he will present reforms to Brazil’s Congress. Photograph by Ishara S. C L O T H I N G : G E T T Y I M A G E S. soldiers and villagers used sticks and shovels to find survivors after a massive mudslide buried three villages and left 200 families missing. F O O T W E A R .000. Michel TeMer becaMe brazil’s interim President.” which will make it difficult for him to pass reforms through Congress. In Sri Lanka’s Central Hills area.907 Watches 6. T E R R O R I S M . W AT C H E S : R E U T E R S The caretaker President and poet taking charge of a troubled Brazil On May 12. Temer faces impeachment proceedings by the Supreme Court over allegations similar to those that dog Rousseff. privatization of state assets and a radical overhaul of the bloated pension system. a centrist grouping of lawmakers who make up the largest party in Brazil.927 11 . BIG PLANS Despite having no mandate. mostly white Cabinet has angered liberals.

On May 15. years of sanctions. About 30 million live within Iran. People who have “silent” heart attacks are three times more likely to die from heart disease. • POLITICS Is this thing on? SPORTS The International Olympic Committee said 31 athletes in six sports could be banned from the Rio Olympics after evidence of doping was uncovered. Sykes-Picot began to set the boundaries of what became countries like Iraq and Syria—and that’s been tragic for their citizens. Iraq. But for now.S. Sykes and Picot aren’t fully to blame for today’s instability. created from the political and cultural affinities that bring people together in the virtual world. Russia’s sports minister Vitaly Mutko apologized for statebacked doping of trackand-field athletes. according to a new study. of course. where she apologized publicly for “promoting Western promiscuity. offering hope that political progress might finally bring lasting economic gains. Before its civil war began. Kurds are divided between Iraq is still wracked by mass violence those who want an active role in Turkish politics and others who want independence. a war with the U. In Turkey. Could new borders ease today’s conflicts? We won’t find out soon. 4. while the Kurds of Syria are fighting both President Bashar Assad and ISIS. with America and Israel. —Julia Zorthian ‘Are you working on this?’ ANGELA MERKEL. Iraq has passed from decades of Sunni dominance under Saddam Hussein through a war with Iran. Kurds remain the world’s largest stateless minority. Elham Arab. summit luncheon in September 2015. Syria was home to 22 million people. was questioned by prosecutors on television on May 15.8 million have fled the country. The country’s economy is less than half its prewar size. Yet access to modern tools of communication ensures that borders will eventually appear on their own.” ‘I’m very fond of battles.S.’ MAGDI HUSSEIN. A table mike also picked up Zuckerberg’s response: “Yeah. but the result will be far more durable than diplomats or demographers could devise. In the past half century.5 million are internally displaced. . though there are significant cultural and linguistic differences. religious and linguistic differences could have secured a stable Middle East after the Ottomans. Iraq’s Kurds inch their way toward independence. May 19 Marks the 100-year anniversary of the Sykes-Picot Agreement. meaning they often do not seek proper treatment. Oil is flowing again.TheBrief THE RISK REPORT TRENDING The toxic legacy of a Middle East map By Ian Bremmer SOCIAL MEDIA Iranian officials arrested eight female models for publishing photos on social media without headscarves. because no one in the region can agree where they should fall. Translating those borders into internationally recognized boundaries that delineate nations will produce more turmoil in the short term. More than half of those people have been forced from their homes. Outsiders can play a role in forming a solution. German Chancellor..N. let slip whom he considered the country’s true enemies to be during a 2013 parliamentary meeting.” HEALTH An estimated 45% of heart-attack victims do not suffer the usual symptoms like chest pains. but they can’t impose one. and another 6. signed by diplomats Sir Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot to help Britain and France divide the lands of the disintegrating Ottoman Empire. which is losing ground in its bid to establish its caliphate. Some 470. It’s not as if borders carefully drawn by locals with greater sensitivity to ethnic. the political dysfunction and violence continue. One of the women. The only force engaged in a bid to create new borders in the region is ISIS.. a Sunni insurgency and general misrule. British Prime Minister David Cameron caused a diplomatic kerfuffle on May 10 after being caught on tape in a private conversation with Queen Elizabeth II describing Nigeria and Afghanistan as “fantastically corrupt. a Shiʻite-dominated government. another war with the U. Syria and Turkey.” at a conference where leaders of both those countries were in attendance.000 have been killed. asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about hate speech directed toward migrants in Germany on Facebook at a U. Here. leader of Egypt’s Islamic Labor Party. With the enemies. other “private” remarks by world leaders made embarrassingly public.

UNVEILED New regulations on overtime pay. employees on an annual salary of up to $47. Lots of it..” ▷ Madeleine Lebeau. a freak show. she also won a top prize for her writing on boxing DIED Katherine Dunn Beloved author By Chip Kidd “You are such a geek!” Back in 1989. And you could fry eggs on it. had lost most of his organ to cancer. “The cover arrived with a note inquiring cautiously whether I thought this was too. which was later leaked.A. The answer: fluorescent orange.2 million more workers. D U N N : E L I S A B E T TA V I L L A — G E T T Y I M A G E S ◁ Dunn in 2008. that meant something far different than now. known for songs including “L.’s only contribution to European agriculture was “mad cow disease. the French President.’ JACQUES CHIRAC. . DIED Bill Backer. He also seemingly greeted him with.K.S. He’s a liar. BUSH gave a blunt assessment of how the U.” grew up in a family of freaks. He also said the U. Thomas Manning. H E A LT H . 64. the adman behind the CocaCola jingle “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke. Doctors hope the procedure can also be used for injured veterans. 1. anything. Obama stood by his words. P O L I T I C S (O T H E R S).660. when Dunn’s mesmerizing novel Geek Love debuted.. Blair. ▷ Texas country-folk singersongwriter Guy Clark. Dunn.” ‘What they need to do is get Syria to get Hizballah to stop doing this sh-t. revealed his true feelings about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a conversation with President Barack Obama in 2011. PERFORMED The first penis transplant in the U. He’s a jackass. gleefully reminded us that we had no idea. As a young book-jacket designer.” ‘What’s he doing up there? .” he said in 2012. it’s not too. “I have to deal with him every day. Most of us think we ‘You cannot trust people who have such bad cuisine. cracked a joke about the British to President Vladimir Putin in a 2005 conference. S P O R T S .” Kidd is an award-winning graphic designer and author ‘I can’t stand him. 89. too . . President of France. It’s visible.476 will be paid time and a half for work over 40 hours a week. “Yo.” Dunn’s art made us all into a new kind of geek—the nerdy. fannish kind. “But he’s talented. As in. at Massachusetts General Hospital. “You’re tired of him—what about me?” Obama replied. Geek Love was about much more than that—it was a twisted celebration of individuality.N. T H E R I S K R E P O R T: G E T T Y I M A G E S (8). I thought. the French actor who famously and tearfully sang “La Marseillaise” in Casablanca. It meant it was your job to bite the heads off of live chickens. Geek Love was a National Book Award finalist in 1989. S O C I A L M E D I A : A P . “He is a jackass. should deal with a crisis in Lebanon to British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2006.” 15 . 74. familial loyalty and ideas of the grotesque and beautiful that have nothing to do with appearance.Milestones P O L I T I C S ( H U S S E I N ) : R E U T E R S. by the White House. Dunn later wrote to me. 92. The recipient. The White House said this would bring overtime pay to an estimated 4. who died May 11 at 70. And yes: we loved her for it.’ NICOLAS SARKOZY. up from the previous salary threshold of $23.. Starting Dec. obsessed.’ BARACK OBAMA reflected on Kanye West’s interruption of singer Taylor Swift at the MTV Movie Awards during downtime for a CNBC interview in 2009. No. I had the job of giving such an unexpected story a cover to match. Freeway.’ GEORGE W.

a veteran can file an appeal with the service’s board for the correction of military records.” which denies them VA benefits.” When Vorland went to contest her discharge. . “but the process has been overtaken by military staff who do all the decisionmaking for the boards’ rubber stamp. Reversing the rulings is difficult because the Pentagon process for reviewing discharges is stacked against the soldier or sailor. a veterans’ group. About 125. she was booted from the service with a general discharge for “unacceptable conduct. Once you are kicked out of the service. “In the civilian world. are supposed to provide such protection.” says Air Force Major Ben Sakrisson. just like she did. who wrote the HRW report. But the boards rarely hold hearings or fully document their proceedings. (Most vets seek upgrades without legal help. Though more than 85% of military personnel are honorably discharged. 2016 85%+ Percentage of military personnel who earn an honorable discharge 200% Growth in “bad paper” discharges compared with the Vietnam era <10% Percentage of sexual-abuse victims who win upgraded discharges F R O M T O P : B R YA N S C H U T M A AT F O R T I M E . the Army seemed to shift its focus to her. C O U R T E S Y E M I LY V O R L A N D The sTory is a reminder that even as the military scrambles under congressional pressure to reduce sexual abuse. which makes prevailing difficult. victims of sexual abuse sometimes suffer twice By Mark Thompson The scariesT parT of LieuTenanT emiLy VorLand’s relatively uneventful 2009 deployment to Iraq was that the enemy wore Army green. Cases also should be recorded. poor job prospects and a lifetime of stigma. The Defense Department gives the services “wide latitude in ensuring their high standards are met but provides oversight through the extensive procedural requirements and appeal options available to service members who face separations.” says Sara Darehshori. like Vorland. So she did. In a new study. But as the investigation dragged on. staffed by civilians.The Brief Spotlight In the military. Veterans can petition discharge-review boards for an STACKED ODDS A new report finds that veterans ousted from the military after complaining of sexual abuse have a tough time winning upgraded discharges upgrade within 15 years of leaving the military. because of the financial and emotional toll involved. have been pushed out of the service with less-than-honorable discharges. Those vets involved in sexual disputes are particularly hampered. That may have been because Vorland. less-than-honorable discharges are rising. She was grateful when higher-ups ordered her alleged abuser to stop contacting her. That’s a rate nearly double that of Vietnam vets and four times that for those who served in World War II. a Pentagon spokesman. “These survivors deserve better.” Human Rights Watch says the military should give troops like Vorland better legal advice and more information about upgrade options. While the boards’ decisions can be appealed to federal courts. She soon discovered that the review process had little interest in the facts of the case or her future. After that. Vorland’s commander told her to file a complaint. the senior Democrat on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. past victims can suffer for having stood up for themselves. or if the militarystaffed review board denies an upgrade. Thousands of victims. including those alleging sexual abuse. a former president of the National Institute of Military Justice. “For far too many years. the service members and veterans who have survived military sexual trauma have been revictimized by improper discharges and an ineffective and discriminatory claims-review process. the Pentagon says recent changes mean “liberal consideration” will be given to veterans seeking upgraded discharges. 16 Time May 30. according to a report from Swords to Plowshares. When a higher-ranking male officer sexually harassed her. only a handful of vets do so.” says Eugene Fidell of Yale Law School.” says Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. you have protections against being unfairly fired. Six months after returning with her unit to their Texas base.) “This is one of the weakest links in the American system of justice. summarized and made available to petitioners to help guide appeals. The military seems to want to put as much distance between itself and those victims as it can. It concluded that she had “acted inappropriately. The boards for the correction of military records.” the report says. she adds. was trying to keep that fact a secret and her military career on track. options dwindle quickly. “All too often superior officers choose to expeditiously discharge sexual-assault victims rather than support their recovery and help them keep their position. but that doesn’t happen in the military.” Responding to the report. Vorland says. the advocacy group Human Rights Watch (HRW) concludes that fewer than 1 in 10 veterans petitioning the boards after incidents of sexual abuse win upgraded discharges. which can leave them with no or reduced benefits. she discovered an appeals process that existed more in name than in reality. a lesbian.” engaged in consensual sex and was lying about it. however.000 veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq have such “bad paper.

” says Merica. Now 31.” Vorland said a pair of lieutenants told investigators that she didn’t seem “uncomfortable” around her alleged abuser. said. and it seemed like they already had their decision made. Her lawyer. and I’ve appeared before some very cranky federal judges. Vorland got a preview of the process as she waited to appear before just such a board in Dallas in 2013 and heard shouting from inside the closed-door hearing. “ ʻJust go to the discharge review board and you’ll be fine. says the Army charged Vorland with “inaccuracies” about when Vorland and her alleged abuser were together at her desk or in the mess hall and suspected she wasn’t truthful about “whether she had felt uncomfortable around him after his proposition that they have sex. • 17 . “The guy apparently became so undone that he threw up in the hearing. Jo Ann Merica.” she says.” says Merica. citing her bad paper. Texas thought enough of her service to give her a veteran’s license plate ◁ Vorland aboard a CH-47 Chinook helicopter at Fort Hood in 2008 But those safeguards didn’t seem to help Vorland. Texas. Suddenly. a corporate attorney who handled the case pro bono. which it used to boot her out.000 of the ROTC grant she used to attend the University of Iowa.” △ While the Army wouldn’t upgrade Emily Vorland’s discharge. “We saw him carried out to an ambulance.’ ” she remembers hearing about What unfolded once vorland and her lawyer got inside the hearing room made them sick too. but at the time I didn’t see it as being very impactful.” The service used her acknowledgment that she should have been more careful in detailing what happened between her and the male officer to generate a letter of reprimand. rescue personnel rushed into the building. initially denied her a veteran’s license plate. Vorland is working as a massage therapist in Austin. “It was a weird atmosphere.” Chief Warrant Officer Norma Garza. Merica says she was “flabbergasted” by what she called a “witch hunt” in the review hearing— where her client was the one at the stake.” Vorland’s Iraq roommate testified on her behalf.getting her condition upgraded after she left the service. the board rejected Vorland’s petition.” Vorland says. “She got discharged from the Army when she wasn’t at fault. “They just continued the retaliation. But she convinced the state she’d earned one. “I still feel pride in my service. “I wasn’t happy about it. but there’s a sense of humiliation. where a young vet was petitioning for an upgrade. “I’ve been in a lot of courtrooms before. It turned out to be anything but easy. Vorland’s lawyer. Because of her early ouster. Her nightmare continues.” Vorland says.” Less than two weeks later. a UH-60 helicopter pilot. so how has this happened?” Yet she savors small wins. the Army insists she repay $4. and it’s now proudly affixed to her 2008 Nissan Sentra. 70 miles south of Fort Hood. which the Army turned into a “falsehood. “But I was almost immediately disabused of the notion that this hearing was going to be conducted with the same type of decorum. “I did the right thing. where her Army career ended. going into who I was as a person and asking me if I’d lied.

LightBox 20 Time May 30. 2016 .

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.time. raising fears about the future of democracy in a country scarred by election-related violence that killed over 1. who lost the last election to President Uhuru Kenyatta. condemned the “excessive use of force. The head of Kenya’s national police service announced that an internal investigation was under way.” and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights said police actions had violated Kenya’s constitution and international humanitarian law. Odinga argues that the system is biased in favor of Kenyatta and cannot be trusted to produce a fair election. On May 16. police violently suppressed a political protest in Nairobi. sending clouds of tear gas through the city center as onlookers fled. Armor-clad riot police descended on some 300 protesters calling for electoral reform. it was a bad flashback. The U. a policeman was filmed beating a cowering man so violently that his baton breaks in pieces—at which point the officer begins violently kicking the prone man. This was the third such clash over the issue in less than a month.NAIROBI A vicious police crackdown has Kenya on the edge for kenyans. some carrying rocks. Odinga has vowed to hold protests every Monday until the election commissioners are replaced. ensuring that the protesters and the police will meet again. and despite Kenyatta’s pleas for 21 . In one video. flee from tear gas fired by armored riot police during a protest in downtown Nairobi on May 16 PHOTOGR APH BY BEN CURTIS—AP ▶ For more of our best photography.000 people nearly a decade ago. spearheaded the protest.S. visit lightbox. —aryn baker Opposition supporters.

” Barnes says. I L L U S T R AT I O N S B Y A L E X E B E N M E Y E R WHAT THEY’RE AFTER Some kinds of ransomware seek out files that are likely to be valued. hospitals and average PC users. $300 Average amount paid by a victim of a ransomware attack WHY IT’S LUCRATIVE Individual ransoms may be small.The Brief Tech Why thieving hackers are fans of the classic ransom note By Haley Sweetland Edwards Grayson Barnes had jusT sTarTed working at his father’s law firm in Tulsa. his firm paid up and the files were unlocked. Two days later. . Never download anything from an email address you don’t recognize.” Barnes. he’d have to pay $500 in the Internet currency Bitcoin within a few days. and in recent months ransomware has shut down at least three health care centers. Instead of going after high-value. says Juan Guerrero. The House of Representatives was targeted in May.” he adds. renew antivirus software regularly and back up files on a weekly basis. Word doc or picture—or join an infected file-sharing network. heavily fortified systems. but they add up. such as old photos or tax filings.000 a year on ransomware. according to experts. a senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. This. “It’s not happening again.. called the police and then the FBI. they’re low budget and have a high success rate. Some file-sharing websites offering pirated music and movie downloads are infected. there was no guarantee he’d get the files back. School districts and even police departments are increasingly being hit. since many hackers live abroad. but the investigators he spoke to told him there was nothing they could do. “It was the entire library of documents.” • PAY UP—OR ELSE There was a 250% increase in new ransomware from 2013 to 2014. in an effort to increase the likelihood that they will pay. 2016 HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF Keep your operating system up to date. Barnes says he and his colleagues are now better prepared. Cybersecurity experts estimate that there are now several million such attacks per year on American computers. according to security firm Symantec. From a criminal’s perspective. is why so-called ransomware attacks have become ubiquitous in the past two years.000 to regain access to its patients’ records. 18 Time May 30. users like Barnes find themselves stuck between two bad options. If he didn’t. If he didn’t. Other kinds make victims feel guilty. in most cases. like those of banks or other corporations. If Barnes ever wanted to see them again. Here’s how it works: HOW THEY HACK YOU Victims usually download a compromised file—a PDF. 29. If he paid. everything would be destroyed. Okla. While law-enforcement officials have the tools to remove some ransomware. “Everything is backed up now. “It wasn’t just a day’s worth of work. including a Los Angeles hospital that ultimately paid roughly $17. ransomware allows even low-skill hackers to go after easy targets: small businesses. ashamed or fearful. schools. A hacker living in Russia or Eastern Europe can make $70. a year and a half ago when a message popped up on one of his computer screens: all the files on the firm’s network had been encrypted and were being held hostage. there was little chance of pressing criminal charges.

who went public on May 11 with an essay in the Hollywood Reporter blowtorching their father for his alleged abuse of Dylan. let’s agree not to talk about Woody Allen—especially the thick cloud of ick that hangs over him. was troubled by our father’s strange behavior around her. limiting my response to the occasional line on Twitter.”’ —NEXT PAGE When one sibling gets hurt—especially by sexual abuse—the other one feels the pain FAMILY Why it’s so hard for siblings to talk about trauma GE T T Y IMAGES By Jeffrey Kluger PHOTOGR APH BY K AREN OSDIECK For the moment. Let’s especially not talk about the long-standing allegations of sexual abuse in the 1990s of his then very young daughter Dylan. The question for anyone with a sibling is why a loving older brother did not speak out earlier. television personality and attorney. as if you’re supporting the good work of a bad man.” Yet he also admits that he kept silent. cultivated distance. Ronan Farrow. I spent several years immersed in the science of brothers and sisters 00 . “when cornered. or the creepy feeling you can get from attending his movies. or the romantic pairings of young women and older men in so many of those movies. even in adulthood and. Let’s agree not to talk about his marriage to his much younger. even at 5 years old.) Let’s talk instead about Dylan herself and her older brother. Farrow was unstinting in both the accusations aimed at Allen and his faith in the truth of what his sister has said. reporter.‘“YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM YOUR OWN TASTE. “I believe my sister. The answers are both terrible and wonderful. “This was always true as a brother who trusted her.” But he is coming forward now— loudly. sortakinda stepdaughter. (Allen has denied the allegations.” he wrote. and.

but he did not have the freedom to tell the world. Netflix’s VP of product innovation. who attended the same camp. though I surely would have felt safe sharing the information with them. who chase off the neighborhood bully. that conspiracy of silence may even make it easier for them to talk to one another about what is happening to the targeted child. But often. In such a climate. “You cannot hide from your own taste. I also did not tell my brothers.” as I wrote at the time. she spoke publicly for the first time about the year she has spent coping with the death of her husband Dave Goldberg CHARTOON BOOK IN BRIEF How technology exposes our taste For as long as humans have been conscious of preference. lasting unit. But that very familial intimacy serves to protect the offending parent too. So kids stay mum—at least when it comes to spilling the secret outside the sibling circle. Vanderbilt writes. even bad parents. I reacted the way most children do. Predator parents drop way too many clues—in their touches. really—like parental sexual abuse is abuse of the entire brood. that’s easier than ever. Indeed. And so I didn’t discuss it with them until we were all much older. You May Also Like: Taste in an Age of Endless Choice. W R O N G H A N D S . Facebook COO. and I wanted no part of the humiliation that would follow.” That’s why Netflix’s recommendation engine prioritizes viewing history over ratings (much as Google displays ads based on browsing history). in their glances—for the brothers and sisters not to notice. There’s a particular terror associated with something happening to one of the adults in the home. “a loud. —sarah begley Occupational preoccupations J O H N AT K I N S O N . His candor does not come too late. we have looked for ways to telegraph it to others—and in the age of social media. Users who consider themselves more seriousminded might give five stars to Hotel Rwanda and two stars to a Captain America film. loyal. 2016 VERBATIM ‘When life sucks you under. are still usually protective parents. That’s true even if the molested sibling doesn’t tell. in some ways. • 24 Time May 30. during a commencement address at UC Berkeley. That means that an individual injury can be a collective injury.” That means it’s time to fess up to our pleasures. They’re the ones who make sure the front door is locked at night. enmeshed in the family of Woody Allen and Dylan. break the surface and breathe again. which was to freeze. And an individual betrayal— atrocity. paradoxically. it is worthy and courageous that it came at all. it’s that a brood of brothers and sisters is rarely just a collection of individuals. But as author Tom Vanderbilt reveals in his new book. Get a parent in trouble—or arrested—and your small world falls apart. ostensibly. they’re “much more likely to watch Captain America. was in a position to know the kinds of things my brothers didn’t. If it prompts siblings of a victimized brother or sister to come forward too. Parents. If there was one truth that struck me most from my research and my personal experience growing up with many siblings. wait for it to be over and not even think to report or confront him. loving. the brothers and sisters may be brought closer by their shared fear and shared vulnerability. there is an increasingly obvious gap between what we “like” on the Internet and what we actually like. Ronan Farrow.The View when I was writing my book The Sibling Effect. Now he has told. guilty and otherwise. Take Netflix. It’s instead a unit. I also knew that they—ferociously protective of me as I was of them—would have ratted out the malefactor the moment I dropped his name. then Farrow’s stand will have been a very brave thing that had very good results. talk after lights-out.’ SHERYL SANDBERG. brawling. an individual triumph can be a shared triumph. However. But when the parent becomes the attacker—especially when the attack is as primal as a sexual assault—no sibling is safe. reveals Todd Yellin. So. I was twice the victim of the criminally wandering hands of a camp counselor when I was 12 years old and he came to sit on the edge of my bed and. you can kick against the bottom.

recalling a hill on the site demolished years earlier. Like the architect’s other Vertical Forest projects in Italy and Switzerland. while men tend to receive an understanding wink and a nod regarding their bachelor achievements. 47% QUICK TAKE We should laud singledom. rather than wonder “what the problem is”? It’s not just O. a Humble sIngle gIrl tryIng to make it on my own—just like Mary Tyler Moore was in her 1970s hit TV show—and yet still people reflexively ask me all the time: “Who are you dating?” “Will you ever get married?” “Don’t you ever get lonely?” I come from a big. comedian and host of Chelsea on Netflix Proportion of consistently conservative users who say the political posts they see on Facebook are mostly in line with their views.” Boeri says. —Sarah Begley 3 . That’s the vision Milan-based architect Stefano Boeri just unveiled for the Mountain Forest Hotel in Guizhou.K. to be single for both men and women—it’s wonderful to be single. And of course. bedroom conquests and beer breakfasts. visit time. “it’s a symbol of restitution. opening in fall 2017. one or two marriage proposals and deep and intense human intimacy in my time on this Big Blue Marble. compared with 31% of consistent conservatives and 26% of all users.▶ For more on these ideas. I respectfully reserve a table for one in the restaurant of life. and society needs to embrace singlehood in all its splendiferous. 44% Percentage of consistent liberals who have hidden. not lament it S A N D B E R G : B R I T TA N Y M U R P H Y— U C B E R K E L E Y. solitary glory. compared with 32% of consistent liberals and 23% of all users surveyed. And after experiencing all that and seriously thinking about marriage. B I G I D E A : S T E F A N O B O E R I A R C H I T E T T I By Chelsea Handler Here I am. 67% Proportion of consistent conservatives who pay attention to political posts on Facebook. insights from Pew data: 51% Proportion of liberal Democrats who had recently read election news on Facebook. will feature at least 360 trees sprouting from specially designed balconies. Why not once and for all shed our Victorian social straitjackets and celebrate single and unattached females of the world. They’re apparently uncomfortable with the solitary splendor of people like me who are single and pretty goddamned comfortable about it. Here. loving family. compared with 60% of consistent liberals and 49% of those with mixed ideological views. vacuuming up carbon dioxide and exchanging it for oxygen. compared with just 34% of conservative Republicans and 28% of moderate Democrats. single females still bear the brunt of single shaming and singlebewilderment syndrome. “They”—the amorphous community of married couples and the often patriarchal or religious masses of the world—“just want us to be happy” by forcing us to pair off. defriended or unfollowed someone over a political post they disagreed with. The 180-suite BIG IDEA The forest hotel Imagine a hotel that breathes alongside its guests. China. “They”—the married people—want me to join their happy kingdom where about 50% of first marriages and even more second marriages end up in the divorce incinerator. “Buildings have to take care of nature. Handler is an actor. as is the tradition in what is still mostly a man’s world. blocked. I’ve had plenty of boyfriends.” —Julie Shapiro DATA FACEBOOK AND POLITICS Facebook’s recent censorship controversy—a report alleged the team that picks “trending” stories excluded some with a conservative bent— raised questions about how users consume political content.

or urging residents to draw their blinds.” its strictest designation. by one estimate. The park also hosts night hikes and telescope viewings.The View Travel TOURISM Night of a thousand stars By Sarah Begley For cenTuries. The campground recently became the IDA’s first American “sanctuary. Here’s a look at some of the most noteworthy sites in the U. which was built by Puebloans around 1250. 2016 CHERRY SPRINGS STATE PARK Pennsylvania Amateur astronomers can rent miniobservatories for $25 per night. so-called light pollution has gotten so bad that. BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK Texas For about $12 per adult entry (kids visit free) and $14 per night per campsite. offer stunning views for little more than the cost of a campsite. travelers don’t seem to mind.S. There is hope. whose brightness obscures the night sky. sparkling stars. you’ll be lucky if you can view the Big Dipper. however. many of them in national parks. The park says overall campground usage almost doubled from 2014 to 2015. accessible by trail and car. It offers several campsites. And the people who run them often work to reduce light pollution in surrounding communities—asking towns to modify their street lamps. you can check out one of America’s best nightscapes. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) says 38 of its 64 “dark sky” places have been designated since the beginning of 2014 and visits are up across the board. HOVENWEEP NATIONAL MONUMENT Utah/Colorado Visitors to the ruins can camp or stargaze near structures like Hovenweep Castle. but BYOT (bring your own telescope). . a small but growing industry centered on stargazing in the world’s darkest places (as certified by groups that track light pollution). the Maui park is widely recognized as a stargazing mecca. in the form of astrotourism.. people gazing aT the sky after sunset could see thousands of vibrant. • A panoramic shot of the night sky over Gila National Forest 28 Time May 30. GILA NATIONAL FOREST New Mexico These exceptionally dark 3.S. In the U. The culprit: electric beams pouring from homes and street lamps. for example. COSMIC CAMPGROUND. These remote sites.5 acres are more than 40 miles from the nearest major light source. A L A N DY E R — S T O C K T R E K I M A G E S/G E T T Y I M A G E S HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK Hawaii Although not officially an IDA-certified site (yet). But these days. 8 out of 10 children born today will never encounter a sky dark enough for them to see the Milky Way. Although astrotourism may not be as luxurious as some vacations.

Dwight Eisenhower’s America. a Bit of history: In the 1950s. It is a nursing home for those more comfortable looking back than looking forward. A new immigrant wave. Trump supporters were likely to tell me two things: he’ll bring back jobs and he talks the way we do. C. • 29 . Both parties became obsessed by the deregulation of restraints—on personal behavior for the Democrats and economic behavior for the Republicans. The fundamental principle of marketing is the opposite: you sell to the things that make us different. Democrats are nostalgic for the economy of the 1950s—concentrated. of racial privilege. intact families— and. Consequently. In the end. For those of us unattached to either party. but also for the humming factories. isolationism.) Levin believes that both of our current political parties are trapped by nostalgia for that era. which they called “natural/nostalgia. has seized on America’s prevailing mood: nostalgic By Joe Klein I L L U S T R AT I O N S B Y M A R T I N G E E F O R T I M E Politicians are malleable. So the question: What remains of conservatism? I’m tempted to say: only the nasty bits—nativism. has made us polychromatic and multicultural. unemployment dropped to 4. Levin argues. income increased 31% for the top 1% but just 0. protectionism. to tax breaks for the wealthy and to neoconservative adventurism overseas. As I moved from primary to primary this year. and families saw a 30% boost in their purchasing power. In other words. We have moved from the restrictive safety of conformity. Vann Woodward wrote an essay called “The Burden of Southern History. a chivalrous. Republicans are nostalgic for the family values of that period. Bernie Sanders’ supporters eschew nativism but adhere to the latter two isms.4% for 99% of Americans. to entitlement cuts.” It was a wistfulness for pre-Vietnam America—and not just for the country that “always” won wars. . it was choked by nostalgia for its antebellum self. the false intimacy of reality TV. though. bastion of conservative righteousness. In the mid-1970s. . Woodward wrote before Vietnam. From the decade’s start to its end.” He believed that the South was different because it was the only part of the country to have lost a war. the astute salesman. of father knows best. he’s done a stunning job of repurposing the past as the future. belching smokestacks. (Desi Arnaz was an exotic avatar of the latter. seems ready to reconcile—after a suitable courtship—with the policy-challenged tycoon. either. It doesn’t seem to care all that much about unisex bathrooms. of course. It’s amazing that it has taken so long for someone like Trump to appear. Trump is the first presidential candidate to truly understand the grammar of the Too-Much-Information Age. with Big Business and Big Labor synergistic—and for the New Deal notion that massive government programs to alleviate poverty and regulate industry were an unalloyed good. During the recovery from the 2008 recession. So the Republican Party is learning to love Donald Trump. it grew by almost 40%. courteous—and white—fantasy. Like it was before the Chinese and Mexicans stole our jobs and all those furriners invaded our communities. We have become a nation of niches—which is wonderfully liberating but lonelier and less easy to govern than. the place where blacks and women knew their respective places and homosexuality and Latinos had yet to be invented. say. the new technologies that have made everything seem less private and personal. What has happened since is a fracturing. Today’s economy has been called rigged against the middle class. an essentially fragmentary phenomenon. and manufacturing jobs lost. All of the above are positions—or “suggestions. But first. a tide that commenced in 1965.5%. nostalgia is a sepiatoned refuge for those suffering a sense of diminished capacity—of wars. they rarely stand on principle when there’s a nice comfy pragmatic seat to be had. the homogeneity of society and the fleeting reality of transcendent American power. all these isms should be wasms—a point made with courage and insight by conservative thinker Yuval Levin in his new book. He is the ultimate hyperindividualist and—hilariously. market testers began to pick up a new trend. But a broad swath of the Democratic Party is every bit as nasty. It has affected ACHE FOR A CALMER ERA The 1950s economy was robust. The Fractured Republic. every aspect of our society.” in his most recent formulation—posited by Trump. Again. to enervated hyperindividualism. America was founded on the principle that the things we have in common are more important than the things that divide us. It seems opposed to free trade. as that disaster ended. brilliantly—he is selling nostalgia bigtime: Make America Great . EntEr DonalD trump. Even Paul Ryan. and a good thing too: the Republican electorate has demonstrated a distinct indifference this year to the party’s stated philosophy. This has been the golden age of marketing. We have gone from three television networks to a thousand. and socialism as well.The View In the Arena Trump.

War Crimes World Tens of thousands of South Sudanese line up for food handouts on March 17. The fighting has left many in the country starving .


” remembers the boy. on Dec. rapes.K. should it ever go to a war-crimes tribunal.The dead still speak in his dreams. DOCTOR-TOPATIENT PATIENT RATIO South Sudan’s independence was heralded as a landUNOCHA UNOCHA mark achievement for human rights and an example of how to stop genocide with diplomacy. Then Sara. others put the number in the hundreds of thousands.N. MEN. crouched on the floor near the door.” says SOUTH the boy. this is the first time he has spoken publicly about his ordeal. Then they slammed the door. officials say 50. GIRLS AND BOYS WHO HAVE BEEN RAPED ARE UNDER 18 CHK NEED TO CHECKI KATZ PICKS BROKEN DREAMS KATZ PICKS 1/ 5 When SouTh Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011. The boy is an eyewitness in a horrifying case that. The conflict has been characterized by scorched-earth tactics. “All the men were piled on top of each other. “They saw that all the people were dead. That morning—he wasn’t sure if it was Oct. . The conflict. his skeletal knees pressed against his ears. WALSH WALSH PICKS PICKS 1 SOUTH SOUTH SUDAN’S SUDAN’S RANK RANK IN IN THE THE FRAGILEFRAGILECOUNTRIES COUNTRIES INDEX INDEX FUND FOR PEACE FUND FOR PEACE 70% OF OF ALL ALL THE THE FORMER FORMER SUDAN’S SUDAN’S OIL OIL RESERVES RESERVES ARE ARE IN IN SOUTH SOUTH SUDAN KATZ PICKS SUDAN EIA EIA 60% 1 IN 4 OF THE COUNTRY IS INACCESSIBLE BY ROADS IN THE RAINY SEASON CHILDREN IN CHILDREN IN SOUTH SOUTH UNOCHA ARE SUDAN SUDAN THAT THAT ARE MALNOURISHED MALNOURISHED UNOCHA UNOCHA 1:65. OF2013. “It was so full. a long-standing STAPLE FOODS LIKE SOUTH dispute within theSUDAN’S ruling party erupted into armed BEANS AND CORN POPULATION confrontation. BELOW THE LINE Both sides have been accused of warPOVERTY crimes. OF THE recruitPOPULATION ment of child soldiers and even forced cannibalism. The accord also calls for the establishment of a special tribunal to investigate war crimes and hold the perpetrators accountable. SUDAN On the afternoon of the nextEIAday. Other than a brief interview with a humanitarian agency in the immediate aftermath. and tells the story of what happened to him and more than 50 other men one day late last year. they were left where they fell. murders and attacks on civilian populations continue “unabated and 60% 53% 1:65.N. He was the only one left alive. 22 or 23—South Sudanese government soldiers rounded up the boy and 10 men as they grazed their cows. “The container was so hot. The soldiers moved them to a new military garrison that had been thrown up on the grounds of a Catholic mission abandoned the month before. Commission on Human Rights. was too terrified to do either. Instead. and if you were sittingCOUNTRIES down. forming a transitional government with Kiir that will pave the way for new elections within three years. They pounded on the metal walls. space. The men near him had no OF ALL THE choice but to urinate on his head. When ARE IN SOUTH they died. and their bodies had changed color. 2016 could help make the difference between a nation sundered by atrocity and one able to transcend the wounds inflicted by a brutal civil war. and the heat inside the container was unbearable. Amnesty International and the African Union have all reported on the incident and on the fact that there was one survivor. And they tell him not to forget. They ask if he remembers their time together in the container.3 million South OF SOUTH “TkSudanese pullquotehave fled their SUDAN’S homes. tk tkstory BY THE END children are out of school. systematic gang rapes. you could not change your position. they collapsed on him. Some of the men shouted for water.000 DOCTOR-TOPATIENT RATIO UNOCHA 74% OF WOMEN. RiekOFMachar. half of school-age here tk tk tk ” OF 2016 CHK In August the two sides signed a peace deal that NEED TO CHECKI enables Machar to resume his position as Vice President. Despite the deal.” WALSH PICKSand three times Three times the soldiers returned. tears streaming down his narrow face. saw the soldiers pull the stunned boy out from among the corpses. the soldiers herded the men into an old shipping container once used to store mission supplies. 1 70% 1 IN 4 00 Time May 30. citing the effects of hunger and disease on populations with no access to food or medical care.000 lives haveWORLD been lost in the fighting. confident that DOCTOR-TOthey could put the RATIO fighting behind them. but it has not yet been set up. Soon after Sudan’s independence OF SOUTH OF THE THE COUNTRY COUNTRY IS IS SOUTH SUDAN’S SUDAN’S BY from theINACCESSIBLE U. whoIN asked SUDAN THAT ARE full name not be used because of concerns for her MALNOURISHED UNOCHA safety.” FUND FOR PEACE There was no air.000 1/ 5 150% 1 /3 74% 53% 59% 1 /3 LY N S E Y A D D A R I O — G E T T Y I M A G E S R E P O R TA G E F O R T I M E The 13-year-old boy sits on a mat in a darkened hut not far from Leer Town in South Sudan. “If you were standing up. MEN. FORMER SUDAN’S OIL RESERVES When they passed out. BANK U.SUDAN’S you could not sit RANK IN THE FRAGILEdown.THAT pitting forces loyal to President Salva UNOCHA HAS BEEN OF DISPLACED Kiir against those aligned with his ousted Vice OF SOUTH SOUTHPresSUDAN’S SUDAN’S 11 11 ident. colored by ethnic MILLION COULD MILLION COULD OF WOMEN.” Her husband and son-in-law were CHILDREN SOUTH that her among the dead. hopes were high that the world’s newest country could free itself from a long history RATIO RATIO OF OF of ethnic violence. political RISE IN PRICE OF RATIO15. The boy is not being named. “When nobody was checking on us. ferocious massacres. The South Sudanese voted overwhelmingly for a nation of their own. More than 2. WOMEN. then we knew we were going to be killed. they shoved more men into the container until there were at least 53 sharing the 8-by-20-ft.11and 2. though the U.8 million—nearly a quarter from here tk MILLION COULD of the population—are More than FACE STARVATION at risk of famine. some vomited. in 1956. the soldiers threw open the container’s door. No one answered. you could not INDEX stand up. the oil-rich and largelyPOPULATION ChrisINACCESSIBLE BY ROADS ROADS POPULATION IN SEASON THAT HAS IN THE THE RAINY RAINY SEASON a struggle to break THATaway HAS BEEN BEEN tian southerners launched DISPLACED UNOCHA DISPLACED UNOCHA from the country’s Islamist-leaning northern leadership. The boy. culminating in an internationally brokered UNOCHA UNOCHA peace deal paving the way for a referendum on independence in 2011. Wielding electrical cables as whips. FACE STARVATION FACE STARVATION GIRLS AND BOYS rivalries—Kiir politically GIRLS belongs AND BOYS to South Sudan’s BY BY THE THE END END WHO HAVE BEEN WHOARE HAVE BEENMachar to the Nuer OF 2016 dominant Dinka tribe.” says Sara. MEN. A series of devastating civil wars defined by ethnic repression finally seized the world’s attenARE ARE CHILDREN CHILDREN tion. who was watching from a hiding place in a nearby hut. part of an ongoing and bloody civil war between government and opposition forces. minority— CHILDREN OF 2016 CHK CHK RAPED ARE UNDER RAPED ARE UNDER NEED TO CHECKI UNOCHA 18 CHK NEED TO ravaged the of Juba before it spread toCHECKI Mach18capital CHK NEED TO CHECKI NEED TO CHECKI ar’s strongholds in the north of the country. to protect his identity. At the time.

He and his family hid among the reeds for days. with its port on the nearby white niLe.N. as the fighting continued.with full impunity. stealing their livestock and burning their thatched mud huts to the ground. selling everything from solar panels to generators. they will rape her. the country will remain trapped in a cycle of violence and retribution. “This is one of the most horrendous human-rights situations in the world. Fifteen-year-old Gatchang Gathak. grains and cheap Top: Children now play in the containers where over 50 men were killed in Leer. “If the government soldiers find a woman. was once a vibrant market town. report released in March. a ramshackle settlement that sprang up across the front line from Leer when fighting broke out and residents fled.” says Gathak. turning the world’s newest nation into its latest failed state.S. a process that is meant to include investigating and trying war crimes with the special tribunal. WAR’S HARVEST Leer.N. sending residents fleeing to the swamps for safety. South Sudan can seek international funding to start rebuilding. That might seem a secondary concern at a moment when the people of South Sudan are struggling simply to survive. It was home to some 60. Once the new transitional government is in place.” according to a U. with massive use of rape as an instrument of terror and weapon of war—yet it has been more or less off the international radar. citing concerns about his security. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein.” said U. he finally arrived in Juba on April 26. subsisting on water-lily roots and river snails. The soldiers sprayed the water with bullets in an attempt to finish them off. dressed in plaid boxers and a dirty gray singlet. It is also Machar’s hometown and a stronghold for the forces that backed him when he was ousted from power. Government troops launched a violent offensive in Leer last spring. but without the push for justice. Machar delayed his return from exile. describes how soldiers descended on his family compound at dawn.” His family now lives near rebelcontrolled Thonyor. and the other nations that drafted the peace deal. His family ran for a nearby stream and hid chin-deep in the swampy vegetation. The government considers anyone who lives in the opposition-controlled territory around Leer to 00 .000 residents who depended on the rich soil of the region’s seasonal swamps to grow their crops and graze the long-horned cattle that are the cornerstone of the rural economy. Bottom: The 13-year-old sole survivor of the atrocity Chinese fabrics. “If they find a man. Under pressure from the U. For months. they will kill him. looting their food supplies.

While some Leer residents have started to trickle back into town. Most would agree. the remnants of a stand of thatched huts that housed his extended family. We just don’t support the government. “We have no arms. He describes his fields of sorghum and his modest herds of cows . a young father who asked that his full name not be used out of fears for his safety. But we are all rebels. most say they are too afraid of the government’s forces to return. Michael. “How can I be with a government that kills us 00 Time May 30. 2016 and rapes us?” asks one former Leer resident. the deputy secretary of the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency. points to a bare patch of land on the outskirts of Leer that was once his home.” says Peter Jany. which serves as an unofficial liaison between the opposition government and international humanitarian-relief agencies. The continuous fighting has kept people on the move. unable to plant crops. We are not fighting. for more than two a rebel. All that is left are several rings of blackened mud bricks.

most women reported OF WOMEN. People are so desperate for food. When there is peace for good. has become too common.” says 25-year-old Nyawuok Chan. But Michael and his family chooseARE to stay in conCHILDREN UNOCHA on palgested Thonyor.” The inability to farm has caused a catastrophic hunger crisis in a country that should be a breadbasket of Africa. that mothers are coming to the clinic’s emergency feeding program for severely malnourished children with a change of clothes. Juba. Rape. “Why would weUNOCHA start over when we don’t know if peace is ever going to come? So for now we stay where we know it is safe. then we 1:65. “That is not a reassuring sign. Michael says. OF THE COUNTRY IS anything to get more SOUTH SUDAN’S OF THE POPULATION INACCESSIBLE BY ROADS Down INthe line. CORN GIRLS AND BOYS EIA UNOCHA WHO HAVE BEEN RAPED ARE UNDER 18 CHK NEED TO CHECKI 1 IN 4 59% CHILDREN IN SOUTH SUDAN THAT ARE MALNOURISHED OF THE UNOCHA POPULATION BELOW THE POVERTY LINE WORLD BANK will come back and rebuild and farm again. “People usually double-dip so they can sell the Plumpy’nut in the market. a reraped. They swap out their outfits and return to the line in the hopes of getting another dose for themselves of the peanut-paste infant supplement called Plumpy’nut. Almost every OF SOUTH household said at least one male family member SUDAN’S 11 MILLION being COULD had been shot. according to the Scotland-based humanitarian agency International Rescue Corps (IRC). WORLD BANK Armed men ELEMENTS returned a few months later to loot what was left. if DOCTOR-TOhe doesn’t know PATIENT RATIO if he will be around to harvest. andMEN. not by drought. Her husband killed UNOCHA POVERTY LINE in an attack on her village nearly a year ago. where they are dependent try food handouts from humanitarian organizations like the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). a newborn at her breast. says Erna Rijnierse. “They even took our spoons. even as it has become harder to esNEED TO CHECKI tablish who is responsible for the attacks. inUNOCHA order to register another mouth. 28-year-old Nyadiet Manyang POPULATION THE RAINY SEASON THAT HAS BEEN BELOWwas THE DISPLACED waits with her four children. but I’m not even seeing it in the shops. One in five children in South Sudan’s Unity state. 1/ 5 150% 53% 60% / 1 59% 5 1 /3 1:65.A family living in an abandoned building in the same compound where the container incident occurred WALSH PICKS KATZ PICKS 1 SOUTH SUDAN’S RANK IN THE FRAGILECOUNTRIES INDEX FUND FOR PEACE 70% OF ALL THE FORMER SUDAN’S OIL RESERVES ARE IN SOUTH SUDAN EIA 60% OF THE COUNTRY IS INACCESSIBLE BY ROADS IN THE RAINY SEASON UNOCHA WALSH PICKS 1 1:65. Thehere other OF 2016 UNOCHA CHK NEED TO CHECKI in agreement. Humanitarian agencies call the near famine in South Sudan a “man-made disaster” caused by the war.000 1 /3 70% 150% 74% OF ALL THE FORMER SUDAN’S OIL IN RESERVES RISE PRICE OF ARE IN SOUTH STAPLE FOODS LIKE OF WOMEN. they will try food. The earth is fertile. rape has becomeOF“endemic” RAPED AREsays UNDER NEED TO CHECKI 18 CHK in South Sudan.” she says. When asked why she is willing SUDAN’S 11 from here tk and to share her story publicly. One woman tries to pass off a bundle of rags ARE CHILDREN as a fake baby. There is no point in planting.N. Those around her laugh when the obvious ploy is discovered. she PATIENT BY THE END RATIO tkwomen tk tk ” nod says. she laughs bitterly MILLION COULD DOCTOR-TOFACE STARVATION tk tkstory gestures at the women in line around her.” In a culture where young men cannot marry without cattle to cover a dowry.” says Rijnierse.000 74% 53% 1 /3 00 .000 people gather before dawn to reserve places inPICKS line and stay there all day in the blazKATZ ing sun. is severely malnourished. is experiencing unprecedented rates of childhood malnutrition. ready to be plowed.” UNOCHA HAS BEEN At a recentTHAT ICRC food-registration drive in ThonDISPLACED yor. FACE STARVATION GIRLS AND BOYS why Dashakti Reddy. which has several programs in South Sudan. a doctor at the Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Leer. “That’s like eating your wedding gown. “What happened to my sister.000 SOUTH SUDAN’S RANK IN THE FRAGILECOUNTRIES DOCTOR-TOINDEX PATIENT FUND FOR RATIO PEACE UNOCHA KATZ PICKS 60% OF THE COUNTRY IS INACCESSIBLE BY ROADS IN THE RAINY SEASON UNOCHA 1 IN 41/ 5 CHILDREN IN SOUTH SUDAN THAT ARE MALNOURISHEDRATIO OF SOUTH SUDAN’S UNOCHA POPULATION THAT HAS BEEN DISPLACED 53% and goats. One researcher surveyed 15 villages in Leer County about incidents of violence. but they also acknowledge that everyone is RATIO OF so desperate. it happened to all of us. Even the capital. RISE IN PRICE OF RATIO OF she’s seen families reduced to slaughtering their STAPLE FOODS LIKEmilk SOUTH SUDAN’S BEANS AND CORN POPULATION cows. It helps explain BY THE END WHO HAVE BEEN 2016 CHK searcher for IRC. ARE CHILDREN UNOCHA visibly pregnant. leading to physical stunting and delayed mental development. some 20. The U. Manyang. raped and then forced to cook one of “Tk pullquote her cows OF forSOUTH them. where Leer is the second largest town. recounts how she was abducted by the soldiers. BEANSSUDAN AND MEN.

Friends tell her the bodies were dumped in old excavation pits about a kilometer outside town. They even gave him 15 of his 16 cows back. I would not feel good. After the boy left the mission compound. soldiers loaded the bodies—including those of her husband and son-in-law—into waiting trucks and drove off. peacekeeping base. but he was never able to pin down the source. Sara says most of the victims’ families were too scared of the soldiers to go back. After just a minute during the hottest part of the day. the heat was oppressive. they gave him food and tea and offered him water for washing. but the soldiers didn’t know they were putting the men in a container without air. no one knows where the remains come from was in Juba when the massacre happened. “It’s useless to speculate. She says that each time the soldiers opened the container. a symbol of reconciliation in a pastoral culture where livestock represent a family’s entire accumulated wealth. Sara kept watching from her hiding place. According to a forensic report commissioned by Amnesty. it is bare and appears to have been cleaned relatively recently. Inside. The red shipping container in the boy’s description has been taken over as a place to play for the children of several displaced families who moved into the missionary compound when the soldiers left in January. they released him. on the side of the road and just a few hundred meters from a newly opened U. She didn’t want to go look. Simon Chuol. The reality is that everyone is armed. the ravaged skulls.” she says.N. Maybe the intention was not to kill them. He still doesn’t know why the soldiers let him go. denies that the government works with local militias and blames instead roving bands of drunken young rebels high on the power of newly acquired weapons.” muses Yach. and everyone is at risk. Yach. says Sara.” says Rijnierse. 2016 Human bones litter the ground in a field in Leer. a soft-spoken Nuer who has recently been promoted to state minister for infrastructure. even long after they had stopped guarding the site. “If I saw my husband’s clothes there. it was clear that the men inside were dying. Now you do it with an RPG. “If it did happen. 00 Time May 30. and sometimes I have to believe them. the government-appointed deputy governor of the town of Leer. “People tell me it happened. “It used to be you would go steal a cow from your neighbor with a spear.” Sara finds that hard to believe. The commissioner of Leer County. Wol Yach. Amnesty International accuses local tribal militias aligned with the government. Five months after the suggests that government troops are allowed to loot and rape in lieu of wages. but the acting commissioner and commander in charge say it didn’t happen. at least. After a brief interrogation. the timeline of decay on the remains is consistent with the date of the container massacre. There have been so many killings. “maybe it was a mistake. International monitoring groups have accused . Once it grew dark. spines and femurs of at least six bodies still lie out in the open. By the time the victims’ relatives accessed the site days later. Even to a lone visitor.” THE BOY WHO LIVED When The soldiers realized ThaT The boy Was still alive. When asked why the bones hadn’t been collected and buried. The boy doesn’t know how he survived the container. a detail backed up by multiple witness accounts and the Amnesty report. while in Leer. the air felt suffocating.” Neither could be reached for comment. hyenas and vultures had strewn the decomposing bodies over a wide area. says he started hearing rumors of people dying in a container in Leer a few days after the incident took place. with the door partly open.

N. The only thing he wants more than revenge. he says. South Sudan presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny calls the allegations “exceedingly far-fetched” and instead theorizes that opposition forces may have locked up the men to implicate the government and thwart the peace process. Attribution of responsibility: Government Forces. The onus is on the U. Otherwise we are open to the cycles of revenge.N. wrote: “About 50 people suffocated in a container on about 22 October. was “imposed” upon them by an international community threatening sanctions. an international body tasked by the African Union to oversee the cease-fire. He wants to go to school. senior leaders on both sides will be tempted to defer the establishment of such a court indefinitely. That’s where the U. Security Council to act on that evidence by holding accountable those leaders on both sides.-based policy group focused on ending genocide. Rather than open themselves up to public and potentially damaging accusations. says John Prendergast. —With reporting by Lynsey AddArio/Thonyor • 00 . Presidential spokesman Ateny says the two parties did not negotiate the peace deal. That doesn’t surprise JMEC chair Festus Mogae. The boy has already spent six months in perpetual fear that Leer’s delicate equilibrium could collapse at any minute.S. so he can help his country prosper. “We need peace in South Sudan. who says none of the alleged war crimes that took place since the beginning of the conflict have been investigated. “There can be no peace if crimes are committed with impunity. have committed offenses punishable by international law. unleashing even greater savagery. but that the accord. “I want South Sudan to be a better place for everybody. government defense spokesman Brigadier General Lul Ruai Koang says that to his knowledge.S. Rebels from Leer say the idea is ludicrous. They have to be properly investigated and those responsible held to account. pointing out that the whole compound was under government control. “Commandand-control responsibility for mass atrocities [goes] all the way to the very top of both the government and rebel militaries. He wants to become a teacher. In a terse assessment dated Dec. Security Council report that found clear evidence that most of the violations of international humanitarian and human-rights law had been committed with the knowledge of senior leaders on both sides. and the international community that midwifed South Sudan into existence could step in with additional pressure. Both sides.” he says.” The report notes that shipping containers have often been used as makeshift prisons. South Sudan may need justice first. Citing a recent U.opposition forces of committing gross human-rights abuses elsewhere in the country. there has been no military inquiry into the incident so far. he says. a former director of African affairs at the National Security Council and cofounder of the Enough Project. The investigation was protracted. including the provision for a special hybrid court to try war crimes.” But to get lasting peace. Though Ateny adds that a military investigation is under way. including an attack on a hospital in Malakal in February 2014 and a massacre at a mosque in Bentiu that killed nearly 300.” But it is not clear that the new unity government plans to make justice a priority. is peace. 2015. Prendergast says it is vital that Machar and Kiir not be allowed to dodge any blame. the next step should be targeted financial sanctions and travel bans on those who are getting in its way. a U. he says. But they hold the government responsible for killings in Leer. the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC). 18.” If the court is obstructed.

the epicenter of the current controversy PHOTOGR APHS BY JEREMY M.ISSUES ★ 2016 Battle of the Bathroom Doors to men’s and women’s restrooms at the State Legislative Building in North Carolina. LANGE FOR TIME .

Why the fight for transgender rights has moved into the most intimate of public spaces By Michael Scherer .

and school committees have split.” he thundered to more cheers. As so often happens. “Obama wants to send a man to the woman’s restroom. but continued to ban transgender soldiers from publicly identifying themselves.” Like all great political battles. the late embrace of the issue as a civil rights crusade is a nod toward the Martin Luther King Jr. that students once raised as boys who identified as girls could pee in the bathroom that matched their gender identity. For opponents. Pastors have become politicized in the pulpit. safety—to describe the fight from the other side.” and the W does not stand for “whatever.” Laughter and applause filled the room as Patrick paced with a microphone. and the fuel for a furious debate pitting state leaders against the federal government. the shared showers. of homelessness. boys and girls. Weeks earlier.’ and the W does not stand for”—here he paused. and the evidence is everywhere. you deserve your comfort and your safety when you go to the ladies’ room. this one is distinguished by the decision on both sides to commit loudly and completely. the social battle lines have been drawn once again in our most private of public places. “Now just so you are not confused. “You deserve your privacy.” Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted on May 17. “And this is . the schools superintendent in Fort Worth had issued a new policy. schools and toilets to endanger their children and threaten their values. The fight—political and legal. physical danger. A talk-radio host with Lone Star swagger. we stand with you. in shadows. according to one study. “We see you. to the majority. And so in a divided country. to elevate the issue and to force it on the American public. lieutenant governor of Texas ‘We’ve been doing this for 11 years. disproportionately. at least for Dan Patrick. For decades they have lived. he took the stage at the 2016 Republican state convention in May to the sounds of a slide guitar. personal and collective—is just getting going. With the power of federal purse strings. and corporate leaders have closed ranks to protect their transgender employees. most strikingly. the M does not stand for ‘make up your mind. It was a remarkable statement from an Administration that less than six years ago lifted the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military. federalism. as yet unfounded.” President Obama and his aides use those same words—dignity. Stars like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have brought a pop-culture spotlight to trans issues. on the district’s inclusive bathroom policy demanded that the superintendent resign and vowed to pass a new state law to overturn the guidelines within a year. 2016 ‘The M does not stand for “make up your mind. or appeal to common humanity. violence. the social battleground has shifted to new frontiers. perhaps three-tenths of 1% of adults. “This will not stand in America. the fight confirms their worst fears of a faceless government elite. women need protection in the bathrooms. you deserve your dignity. “We will stand up for women and girls in America and in Texas. in line with federal guidelines. defining innate feelings of male and female identity as legally protected facts.” Patrick argued.A. They are men and women. But that shadow is fading. L. changing his voice to a higher register—“‘whatever.S. In the wake of a Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. the subject of taunts. “JFK wanted to send a man to the moon.’ —Judy Chiasson. It said. after all. bust he keeps in the Oval Office. “and not one man wants to use the ladies’ room. “We don’t want any child for any reason to ever be harassed or bullied.BATHROOM HUMOR STILL WORKS IN POLITICS. But. he continued. and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward.” he began. about far more than public facilities—it’s about gender roles. he meant his focus was not the interests of a much-maligned minority but the perceived threats. when you go to the restroom. social change. to more cheers. packing one-liners like slugs in a six-gun. Unified School District. “It is great to be in the largest Republican convention on the planet. The 2016 battle over bathrooms is. sometimes literally.” the ones he did not see in the room. a breakdown in the ability of anyone in this country to speak across our divides. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told transgender Americans on May 9. are a small fraction of humanity. “It’s common sense. chambering another round.” U. for instance. the victims. the thousands of transgender Americans who struggle daily to find acceptance may soon become figureheads in a fight bigger than their fate. Courtrooms are filling with legal motions that are certain to end up at the Supreme Court.” Patrick argues of the 21st century bathroom wars. State legislatures have been besieged. the changing rooms. depression and suicide. and the gay-rights lobby has abandoned its past hesitancy to embrace the transgender cause.’” The people Patrick had labeled “confused. For Obama.”’ —Dan Patrick. in his final months in office. Patrick 32 Time May 30. despite his introductory jokes. It works. the lieutenant governor of Texas. reaching into their communities. political polarization and. the Obama Administration has declared that all students must be treated equally regardless of gender identity.” By this.” he told the Republican convention. who identify with a gender that does not line up with the sex that is recorded at their birth. “It’s common decency. This rapid remaking of the social fabric was the reason for Patrick’s jokes.

a proposed constitutional change to ban discrimination based on sex. that bathrooms are separated by sex because there are basic biological differences. but it is no common space. “That’s completely wrong. they were symbols for concerns unrelated to their immediate purpose. “One might think that it makes perfect sense. and the reason was anxiety over women entering the workplace. anti-ERA activists renamed the proposal the Common Toilet Law. when toilets returned as symbols of vulnerability for young women. It is a rare place of forced vulnerability. L ANGE going to probably define who the next President is. “Will the white girls be forced to take their showers with Negro girls?” asked a prosegregation Arkansas newspaper ad in 1957. The specter of unisex stalls became a weapon for opponents of the Equal Rights Amendment. Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus claimed without evidence that federal soldiers “had invaded the privacy of girls’ dressing rooms. The public baThroom may be shared. citing religious and safety concerns Fear of change was once again in the air. a professor of law at the University of Utah who has studied the topic. Today. before going on to peddle false medical claims: “Because of the high venereal-disease rate among Negroes . Over the objection of legal scholars.” says Terry Kogan. One activist in New York in 1976 even dressed as a unisex outhouse. the nation’s own character will be put. local officials in 2014 allowed Gavin Grimm. then a 33 . where our individual and collective fears can linger. to the test.” The first state to require separate toilets was Massachusetts in 1887. ^ Supporters of North Carolina’s bathroom law rallied in favor of the measure. Va. In Gloucester. The early ladies’ rooms were equipped with curtains and chaise longues. the bathroom battle shifted to feminism.” Before that. the fears can be found expressed in the tapes of local school-committee meetings across the country.JEREMY M. once again.. [will] white children be forced to use the same restrooms and toilet facilities with Negroes?” When federal troops arrived bearing bayonets. the next frontier of social change. Policymakers in the 19th century argued that women were weaker and needed protection from the harsh realities of men’s spaces. in the large factories of New England. . where our insecurities and excretions mix with the sounds and smells of strangers. From the founding of America’s sex-specific toilets in the late 19th century. almost all states had followed suit. Within 30 years. with plumbing codes enshrining basic standards for His and Hers. .” Decades later. with the words his and hers crossed out and replaced by theirs.

they protested to the Gloucester County school board.E. sophomore. Conservatives in Houston successfully overturned a city equal-rights ordinance in 2015 with a ballot measure passed after television ads re-enacted a hypothetical scene in which a faceless man barges in on a schoolgirl in a bathroom stall. I just simply don’t want anybody that is male going in the restroom with my family. “We just no longer have the luxury of sitting back and doing nothing. the campaign. in ancient Rome. chamber pots for each sex were provided in separate rooms First public latrines built. sending him to a converted utility closest to relieve himself. so there is no way to track every claim. filling the official record with warnings of the coming sexual predation of young women.” The FBI and local law enforcement do not keep consistent stats on the number of crimes committed in public restrooms.” When the committee rescinded his bathroom rights.” Grimm remembers.’ ” testified one outraged man.” he says. 58. Yet the specter of a sexual predator abusing transgender-friendly laws continues to frame the debate. led in part by activist Medgar Evers. “To combine male and female in the same bathroom and same gym room. leader of the 750-active-member Bible World Church to preach about the issue in one of his first politically focused sermons. Labeled a girl at birth.” says Cunningham.” says Jeffrey Ian Ross. “No men in women’s bathrooms” was the simple and effective campaign slogan. a prerequisite for indoor plumbing The Regional Council of Negro Leadership encourages a boycott of service stations with “whites only” facilities.” Grimm describes the ordeal of watching a public debate over his genitalia as “nightmarish.” filled with “untellable embarrassment and humiliation.. but also gender identity. Phyllis Schlafly and the Stop ERA campaign had used the specter of unisex toilets to help stoke opposition The Restroom Equity Act in Califorina requires new sports and entertainment venues to have adequate restrooms for women.C. you are opening up a door that is going to be disastrous. ‘I’m a girl. the shared. “A young man can come up and say. When parents found out about the arrangement. or they’d walk in behind me and think they had stepped into the boys’ room. to use the boys’ room at his request. he identifies as a boy. open-air facilities offered little privacy In the history of public bathrooms. and it had become awkward in public settings when he appeared in the girls’ stalls. “I have a 5-yearold granddaughter.” Another mother argued. “And they’d be lying through their teeth. “What we’re talking about is probably some sort of assault.1739 2ND CENTURY B. maybe some sort of low-level kind of voyeurism. who has counseled people through 34 Time May 30. promoted the slogan “Don’t buy gas where you can’t use the restroom” 1982 1987 The ratification period for the Equal Rights Amendment expires. news of Grimm’s courtroom success pushed pastor Irvin “Jack” Cunningham. urban population has access to running water. 2016 Stall tactics The first sexsegregated public restroom on record was set up at a Parisian ball. he sued. a move to fix perennially long lines 1997 Ally McBeal’s fictional lawyers share a unisex bathroom. Grimm remains mystified. Of the idea that he or anyone else would use his accommodation to attack others. “People would get confused. I have a 35-year-old daughter. or they’d say I needed to leave. politics and rights have often collided —MAYA RHODAN AND LILY ROTHMAN 1930 1952 The majority of the U. The judges found that the Department of Education was reasonable in ruling that “sex” in public law does not mean just the marker on a birth certificate. In Chesapeake. which have included calls to register to vote. “I don’t know of many people who would endure the humiliation and ostracization of changing your name and changing your gender presentation and asking people to refer to you with pronouns and mannerisms of the opposite sex just so they could go into a restroom and ogle men or women. Va. a criminologist at the University . shocking some viewers (Calista Flockhart said at the time she wouldn’t be caught dead in a real one) sexual abuse. eventually winning a ruling from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.S. I need to use the ladies’ room now.

S. requiring an end to whitesonly bathrooms The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is established. F E B R U A R Y 2 0 16 : A P of Baltimore. law declaring that “wherever male and female persons are employed in the same factory or workshop. and when facilities must be “separate for each sex” 1990 1993 The Americans with Disabilities Act requires steps to be taken to provide public-restroom options for people with disabilities 2013 Following a civil rights investigation. The Los Angeles Unified School District. N. a community of 550. to watch or film women. A lot of fears people expressed. it led to segregated facilities from public bathrooms to parks 1964 1971 The Civil Rights Act of 1964 bans segregation in public facilities based on race and national origin. Ferguson. the Supreme Court rules that “separate but equal” racial segregation is legal. school district agrees to grant a trans student equal access to facilities and programs 2014 Maine’s Supreme Court rules that the Orono school district cannot bar a transgender girl from using the girls’ room FEBRUARY 2016 The city of Charlotte. 1 9 6 4 . it mandates that employees have adequate restrooms. featured toilets on each floor 1896 Massachusetts passes the first known U. Senate provides a women’s restroom located close to the Senate floor APRIL 2016 Under Governor Pat McCrory. The laws and rules requiring sex sepa- ration did not prove a deterrent in those cases. a sufficient number of separate and distinct waterclosets. passes an ordinance to allow transgender people to use the restroom that matches their gender identities MARCH 2016 For the first time.” But there is not yet any anecdotal evidence that trans-friendly rules have been abused by predators. the Astor House hotel in New York City. North Carolina’s House Bill 2 nullifies the Charlotte ordinance and prevents other localities from passing measures giving transgender people restroom access aligning with their gender The White House adds a genderneutral bathroom MAY 2016 Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces a federal civil rights lawsuit against North Carolina over House Bill 2 1 8 2 9 : G E T T Y I M A G E S. 35 . the U. we have never realized those. earthclosets or privies shall be provided for the use of each sex and should be plainly designated” In Plessy v. 1 9 97: E V E R E T T.S.” says Judy Chiasson. either in drag or dressed as men..1829 1887 Tremont House in Boston becomes the first American hotel with indoor plumbing. For decades. Calif. we have never seen them. “That stuff goes underreported all the time. men have sometimes been caught and prosecuted for entering women’s restrooms or dressing rooms. including water closets located on the ground floor. “I have never had misconduct by a transgender student. the Arcadia. or that incidents of violence or sexual assault have increased. has allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms they identify with since 2005.C.000 students. built in 1836.. 1 9 5 2 . 1 9 8 2 . who runs the district’s office of human relations.

With Griffin at the meeting was Candis Cox-Daniels. who faces a difficult re-election fight this fall. Pat McCrory. a high schooler. when lawmakers in 17 states proposed laws that would restrict transgender people’s access to public washrooms. 70% said they had been denied restroom access or harassed. In late April. and we have to be patient with each other.diversity and equity.” he said. a mother of one of the girls. intimidate or otherwise interfere with an individual’s rights” can be prosecuted. Community activist Mel Wymore. It says that “individuals cannot be asked to show identification. who authored the study.000 transgender college students found the rate of suicide attempts increased 40% among those who said they had been denied access to a bathroom. D. “I’ve never heard of anyone [in the trans community] who wants to make other people uncomfortable.” he says. U. a liberal bastion.” the governor responded. social conservatives have latched onto the bathroom fights. while transgender causes have been less of a fundraising boon. It works. Chad Griffin. since the issues were thornier. On May 18. given public ignorance or indifference. “At some point they had just decided it wasn’t worth it to go out in public and have to deal with the bathroom situation. when a girls’ swim team encountered a bald person with facial hair and a waist towel leaving the ladies’ shower. Department of Justice. But no words were exchanged at the pool. far more forcefully. which also could limit protections against racial and sexual discrimination. “It’s an uncomfortable time. “Chad was extremely assertive. “This particular move by the Obama Administration has registered a level of concern among evangelicals that I have not seen with anything else.C. harass.” While local communities struggle with the changes. medical documentation or any other form of proof or verification of gender” and that anybody “who abuses this policy to assault. says more dialogue will be the solution. Additionally. Even the NAACP joined gay-rights advocates at the statehouse to protest the law. Only two states.” But other groups are fighting back. a guaranteed right under the company’s corporate policy. “What you do in reaction to this will not just stain your legacy. and an employee at the facility later told TIME that the individual in question appears to present as a man. met with North Carolina’s Republican Governor. Bush. For his part.” the worker said. Solicitor General under George W.” The burden for transgender people when it comes to bathrooms is less disputed. a scholar at UCLA’s Williams Institute. it will be your legacy.” says Jody Herman. On March 31. McCrory said the meeting was direct. A 2016 analysis of a survey of more than 2. which is not exactly true. Since March. have so far passed such measures. especially after the Department of Education in May sent strict guidelines about restroom use to schools across the nation. because even on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. LGBT-rights groups have mobilized costly state campaigns.. But the discomfort can go both ways. the ability to communicate about these most basic cultural changes has broken down.S. they brought their concerns to the swim coach. according to Ellen Vandevort. “He never actually addressed any of the valid and legitimate arguments that were being brought up. Trans individuals for years were often an afterthought to LGBT groups. and the latter has been hit by a deluge of boycotts and threats that stretches from Bruce Springsteen to the NBA.” says Russell Moore. “Our hands are tied. Mississippi and North Carolina. a trans employee of American Airlines. an activist who helped lead the fight for marriage equality and is now mentioned as a possible Cabinet Secretary in a Hillary Clinton Administration. In a separate survey of 100 transgender people in Washington. The coach suggested that they use the family changing room instead. sued his Virginia school district for the right to use the boys’ restroom in 2015 population in question far smaller. and the 36 Time May 30. a transgender man who helped restore the pool in question. who had signed the bathroom bill. “He didn’t say very much. 2016 ^ Gavin Grimm. and 58% said they had avoided going out in public because they feared being able to find a bathroom. a sign has been posted outside the locker room at a New York City parks-department swimming pool on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.” Griffin says he told the governor.” she recalled of her conversation with the governor. Its author: Ted Olson. the president of the South- . the same-sex marriage fight raised huge amounts of money.S. Cox-Daniels has been told by her company to telecommute from home instead of coming to her office at Raleigh-Durham International Airport because state law barred her from using a women’s bathroom. But in the first months of this year. “We’ve been doing this for 11 years. a parallel transformation has taken place in the upper ranks of liberal activists. With same-sex marriage settled and the legal fights over wedding-cake bakers fading from the headlines. more than 200 corporations announced they were filing a friend-ofthe-court brief asking North Carolina to end its restrictions. Anyone can report concerns to police if there is even suspicion of criminal intent or wrongdoing. “Don’t threaten me. in addition to a civil rights lawsuit brought by the U.

peddled by liberal academics with different value systems. calling it unnecessary and pointing to the corporate backlash as evidence that it was hurting the state. “People are certainly talking about it. “I think it’s the whole government-intrusion idea. “They’re really community and society issues that we navigate through our schools. ‘Oh. however.’ —Jayne Ellspermann. Whatever. and katY steinmetz/san FranCisCo □ 37 . every meeting I am going to. she believes the transgender bathroom fight will pass with time. She recently voted to deny access to a transgender student who wanted to use the boys’ bathroom.G R I M M : D A M O N W I N T E R — T H E N E W YO R K T I M E S/ R E D U X . As with same-sex attraction. For many in this debate.” he said. in his trademark way. is more ambiguous.. “What we have to accept is that the duality— male or female. This is nothing but an adult agenda being pushed on the backs of innocent children. the district is now threatened with both legal action and a cutoff in federal funding from the Obama Administration. regardless of gender ‘Each student needs to feel secure and comfortable. Donald Trump.” Clinton.” says Nancy Stacy. At the Republican National Committee. As a matter of science. a child believes she’s Cinderella today. of the transgender experience in school. In the meantime.” says Chad Connelly. And since the vote.” she says. at once expressing outrage over the federal guidance from the Department of Education while inviting Caitlyn Jenner to use the ladies’ room at Trump Tower during a recent visit because he did not see it as a big deal. has remained focused on making all of her students feel they belong. The transgender experience is not––as Texas’ Patrick joked— a matter of choice.’ ” Though Stacy’s position carried the day in Marion County. there remains an official recognition of gender difference that was unthinkable when the parents of these students went to school. “People go. they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. “There has been so little trouble. “We can’t leave out the marginalized students. We can’t leave out the marginalized. “Children have vivid imaginations. —With reporting by Charlotte alter. Though all bathrooms are not accessible. the American Psychiatric Association and major medical institutions. has promised to carry on Obama’s efforts should she win the White House. As with racial desegregation before. principal Medical Association. and many of the negative effects arrive not from the personal experience but from the social reactions to it. For her. Belinda lusComBe and melissa Chan/new York. The official diagnosis is gender dysphoria. and it is recognized by the American ^ Neutral bathroom signs in public facilities indicate they are open to anyone. a school-board member in Marion County. Jayne Ellspermann. Fla. “The bottom line is that each student needs to feel secure and comfortable in the school that they’re going to attend. and I know we’ll make it through this historical change as well. there is no treatment to reverse it.” Until the school board voted against a policy of accommodation. PhiliP elliott. the issue is largely settled. B AT H R O O M : J O N AT H A N D R A K E — R E U T E R S ern Baptist Convention’s public-policy arm. He has also chastised North Carolina for its bathroom ban. the principal of West Port High School in the county. “That would be like me saying. No transgender American stands before the W on the restroom door and thinks.” Ellspermann says. which we see as a very clear dichotomy—it’s a little bit more complicated. the RNC’s director of faith engagement. elizaBeth dias and maYa rhodan/ washington. the degree of attention and sensitivity she brings to children struggling with gender identity has not changed. the act of changing bathroom rules to match the preference of a student is just the start of a slippery slope. her school never had any issues with transgender students’ using the bathrooms where they felt most comfortable. so we’re going to have a horse and carriage on the playground. she says. That sentiment alone is a sign of how much our nation has already changed. Underlying the battle over toilets is a complicated discussion about what it means to be transgender and why it happens.” Never mind the fights to come.” explains Catherine Dulac. there is hope that the issue could mobilize voters in November. however.” The top of the ticket. these facts are hogwash. “I know we’ve made it through what happened previously. has been on all sides of the issue. trying to take over something that ought to be decided at the state level. for her part. a Harvard professor of biology.

opposite. while its rippling facade.Art I Left My Art The interior of SFMOMA’s massive new building is light and airy. is meant to evoke the bay .

in San Francisco Matching the might of Silicon Valley. a stunning new expansion by SFMOMA has transformed the City by the Bay into a premier destination for art By Richard Lacayo PHOTOGR APHS BY CODY PICKENS FOR TIME .

The firm also had to come to terms . the Fishers decided to award their holdings—roughly 1.A. to 170. a gift horse of this magnitude you don’t look in the mouth. the ever expanding L.) After all. To snuggle even closer to the Silicon Valley cash flow. There was no such advantage in the alley. Now they can visit the Brice Mardens and Cy Twomblys at the museum. New York artists certified by New York galleries went to the front of the line. The San FranciSco muSeum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) found itself with a problem every museum should have. the shiny new Broad and an emerging Hollywood collector base. And thanks to the deep well of the Fisher collection. the museum can now launch multiple simultaneous minisurveys. All the museum had to do was find somewhere to put the stuff. So is the West Coast. All the same. Facebook and Google. a room to itself able space in a city that has less every day.) The collection has the shortcomings of many assembled over the past 40 years: Women and artists of color are underrepresented. founders of the Gap clothing chain.000 sq. But that delightful building sits on a wide platform at the edge of Oslo’s harbor and has room to spread out. Over the past decade or so. Seven years later. It was about to acquire the enormous collection of modern and contemporary art assembled by the late Don Fisher and his wife Doris. just opened its first West Coast outpost down the road. County Museum of Art. Snøhetta is most famous for its ingenious Oslo Opera House. SFMOMA has unveiled an addition that more than doubles its gallery space. ft. Based in Oslo and New York. and not just because of the $305 million price tag or a build schedule that closed the museum for three years. But SFMOMA is a sign that the Bay Area has at last become California’s other art force field. Los Angeles has been the presumed art-world center of gravity on the West Coast. Last year Stanford University opened a sizable museum to house the choice postwar American collection of Harry and Mary Margaret Anderson and their daughter Mary. with sliding-pond roof ramps that double as promenades. requiring nimble thinking from the architectural firm Snøhetta. After a failed attempt to build their own museum.100 works by Andy Warhol. But the most telling signifier is that the global megadealer Larry Gagosian just opened his first gallery in San Francisco— right across the street from SFMOMA. gallery after gallery devoted to Chuck Close. a venture called the Minnesota Street Project refashioned two warehouses to provide dozens of artists and galleries with afford46 Time May 2009. in Palo Alto. But with the new SFMOMA something even bigger is changing. Agnes Martin and many other marquee names—to SFMOMA on a renewable 100-year lease. 2006. The only available space was a narrow lot directly behind the old building. Enlarging SFMOMa waSn’t EaSy. where Snøhetta fashioned a tight corset for a 10-story extrusion. the Snøhetta addition gives Richard Serra’s Sequence. (The Fishers focused on American art. In January. it has the magisterial Getty. no less. (Talk about exiting through the gift shop. 2016 ^ A bridge under an oculus skylight in SFMOMA’s 1995 building by Mario Botta. To name just a few of its heavy elements. Ellsworth Kelly. then pick through similar inventory on the Gagosian sales floor. And back in San Francisco. with a sideline in postwar Brits and Germans. with Leonardo DiCaprio as its presiding totem and Instagram bait. Alexander Calder. another multinational dealership. Pace. Anselm Kiefer or Gerhard Richter. the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive moved into a new home designed by the inexhaustible firm of Diller Scofidio + Renfro. a lot of those Internet billionaires will be needing art to fill the new campuses of Apple.

thanks to long horizontal creases. and Seascape. Snøhetta chose not to attempt to operate in Botta’s heavy register. the undulating addition. the elaborate surface is a peekaboo feature. But whatever it brings to mind. it is configured into a pattern you could call crepe de chine. Airy. asymmetrical and billowing is the language they went for. 1968. (Each is a single intense color and flooded with monochromatic light. a 1940 Alexander Calder mobile in a gallery devoted to his work. but with better results elsewhere in the new building. Inevitably. and the sizable third-floor spaces dedicated to photography are like a museum within the museum. behind it.S.Clockwise from top left: The geometric facade of the 1995 building and. Botta deposited a stairway in the lobby atrium that you entered at floor level through a mighty portal in black granite. and the bathrooms are hilarious. Yet on the inside. the building performs on all cylinders. to see postwar American art. which appears to float unsupported down to the lobby floor. Snøhetta’s American co-founder. the white maple staircase that has replaced it. Score one for the Bay. In general. In a typical muscular flourish. □ 47 . massed setbacks— dressed in weighty materials like brick and stone. 1998 with the original 1995 building. Craig Dykers. Two rightangled white balcony tiers floated above it. designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta in his characteristic blend of weighty forms— cylinders.) Altogether. that lost Botta stairway notwithstanding. It was a pipe-organ altar to art. you can catch only obstructed views from street level. Don’t miss the red. has none of the same heft and gravitas. The galleries are inviting. 1989. the Gerhard Richter paintings Cityscape: Madrid. Clad in thin panels of fiberglassreinforced polymer. now unfortunately demolished so the addition could join smoothly to Botta’s building. two Martin Puryear sculptures. The many windows and outdoor terraces are welcome. compares it to the ripples of San Francisco Bay. cubes. SFMOMA may now be the best place in the U. left and center. announced immediately in the swelling exterior. with Robert Therrien’s Untitled (Bent Cone). Because of the narrow entry corridor. Condolences to New York. bathed in light from an enormous skylight. To take in all 10 stories at full sail. you need a rooftop vantage point down the block.

But lost amid the outrage was a more important question. or linked into a virtual crossroads of interaction and ideas. bring great teachers to a much wider audience through the Internet. Even advocates of online learning recognize its limitations—studies show that people tend to learn best where teaching is interactive. “If you can transform someone who is not a teacher into someone who can get the job done. the quality of their schooling has not. instead of a driver for prosperity. Though based on rote learning. As the annual World Economic Forum on Africa convened in Kigali this May. compared with a global average of 84%. many attendees looked to the potential of online education as a way to close the continent’s education gap. but the fact that it was also a major crossroads of commerce that enabled the free exchange of ideas. “For MOOCs to work for Africa. But Hetzler says that the most valuable part of his Harvard education wasn’t the lectures but the interaction with peers and professors outside of class. head of the Swiss Institute of Technology’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for Africa program. if they show up at all. So while fixing education in Africa starts with putting digital content in the hands of schoolchildren and their teachers. “I don’t think that will produce the quality of people needed to transform Africa. reducing the need for expensive brick-and-mortar universities. While the proportion of children finishing primary school in sub-Saharan Africa has improved in recent years. the effort can’t stop there. there are only enough university spaces in Africa to absorb a small fraction of graduates. It has to ensure that those students are learning from each other. they could be a force of instability on the continent. “That’s the most important component of the educational experience.” says Temitope Ola. Without the jobs that come with a solid education.” says Fred Children run at a school in Lagos. What made Timbuktu a major center of learning wasn’t just its vast library. The $11 million. half the world’s youth—nearly 1 billion—will be in Africa. CEO of the African Leadership Group and founder of the newly launched African Leadership University in Rwanda.S. 2016 Swaniker. • B E N E D I C T E K U R Z E N — T H E N E W YO R K T I M E S/ R E D U X ThaT maTTers for all of us. in theory. By 2050. one of the many U. One of the stars at the forum was an innovative new company that has pioneered a cheap and efficient system for transporting vital medical goods like blood and vaccines via specially designed drones. such a system could be quickly scalable. promising better education opportunities for a continent in desperate need. Digital platforms can reduce the time it takes to train teachers—a good way to get as many people a basic level of education as quickly as possible.” A MOOC tailored for African students could. it will have to invest in technology and teachers. “Digital education has tremendous potential.” Africans like to point out that one of the world’s biggest and oldest universities was founded in the ancient Malian city of Timbuktu. 00 Time May 30. whether they are sitting in the same classroom with an engaged teacher.Viewpoint Online education can help Africa—but it can’t solve its critical need for real schools By Aryn Baker/Kigali. oneyear pilot program launched a fevered debate about whether outsiders should design a national curriculum—and what responsibility a government has to educate its own populace. at least for Liberian students: Could Bridge’s digital learning program achieve what an impoverished Education Ministry could not? Instead of replacing or retraining Liberia’s poorly performing teachers—a typical though costly and timeconsuming response—Bridge’s solution was to furnish them with a tablet-based. If Africa wants to create a generation that will move the continent forward. Zipline co-founder Will Hetzler attended Harvard University. Liberia’s educaTion minisTry announced it had outsourced the country’s failing primary-education system to a privately run American educational company called Bridge International Academies. “We don’t have a choice. And even if primary and secondary education were to improve. Rwanda in January. it’s still better than having nothing at all. universities now offering online access to its lectures for a global student body. highly structured and standardized teaching script designed to give students the best education possible under the circumstances. More African kids are finishing primary school. but that’s just the beginning . it needs to be done in a way where you have much more interaction with a peer group.” swaniker didn’T need to look far for an example. Only 59% of the population is literate. Schools are often underfunded and badly equipped. But Africa’s education challenge is simply too great. Teachers perform poorly. but I don’t like this idea of people sitting in a dark room by themselves studying. The project could radically change health care in Rwanda and beyond when it launches later this summer. But not everyone is convinced.” he says.

) The telekinetic hero. Turner. now 20. plays the iconic redheaded mutant Jean Grey who must learn to harness her power to read minds—and possibly control and manipulate them. She’ll be under similar scrutiny in her first major film. (Though Turner is most identifiable by her scarlet locks.” one fan tweeted. she’s actually naturally blond. brutally raped—and she did it all while critics lambasted the character on social media. “Sansa. and studied . While her peers were studying for geometry exams and shopping for prom dresses. England.’ —NEXT PAGE Turner learns to control her powers as telekinetic mutant Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse PROFILE Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner is no victim in Apocalypse AL AN MARKF IELD —20TH CENTURY FOX By Eliana Dockterman At 13. But Turner. Social media have allowed fans to be but one click away from their stars. YOU ARE BOUND TO ENCOUNTER BACKLASH. They’ve also fueled a good deal of debate around issues like feminism on television.‘WHEN 8 MILLION PEOPLE TUNE IN TO YOUR SHOW EVERY WEEK. For Turner. Sophie turner Auditioned for the part of Sansa Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones by reading a scene that ended with Sansa staring at her father’s decapitated head on a pike. X-Men: Apocalypse. Turner’s rise has been tied inseparably to fan culture. last year. previously played by Famke Janssen. Turner was delving into a character who pined after a psychopath. was stripped in front of a court on the orders of her fiancé the king and. that means aging into herself under the microscope and engaging with fans on matters cultural and political from a very early age. is the most powerful character in the X-Men series and one of the few female superheroes currently gracing the silver screen. stop whining and stab someone already. who was raised in rural Warwickshire.

had to grow up quickly anyway. Turner has remained fiercely upbeat. will likely get her revenge in this season of Thrones. about it. then scene last season. every major female character thanks to the controversial show. “The has been threatened with or has been kids. • .’ It’s a conversation that has Then they call action.” ing about these issues when I first started acting. now that she’s joined forces with brother Jon Snow.” “I’ve spent years being so jealous of Maisie getting to do all this fighting on Game of Thrones. “And I finally got to wear trousers. and it’s accurate encounter backlash. they break out of those Sansa seemed idealistic to a fault—and boundaries. “I think people really ship after abusive relationship. with Senator Claire McCaskill declar“They just threw us in ing she was “done” with there and treated us the show on Twitter: ‘To have to do very much like adults. and Sansa was far to medieval times. it finally get her was a bit awkward.’ The and in film. controversial Game of Thrones didn’t keep her daughWhen EW published ter from Wikipedia-ing the interview. a former [was] disgusting and a really intense preschool teacher. “We had to teach her to sit when she came home. she told beforehand. and X-Men director Bryan Singer has teased an Apocalypse sequel with Jean Grey at its center. Be cool. she says major encounter with fan outrage.”) As Sansa has turned darker. It turns out people aren’t one time standing around with Peter her biggest fans. Throughout the series. I think the themes of X-Men will really resonate with everyone. Peter goes.” says Turner of getting her gued that Sansa’s rape went too far. she was a bit sh-t.” she says. Turner. “In my When 8 million people tune in to your opinion. like Sansa and Jean. spoiler alert. Her Instagram feed is littered with pictures of her goofing off with onscreen sister Williams and her dog Zunni.” There will be two more seasons of Thrones.” HBO’s Game of Game of Thrones had already earned Thrones Time May 30. respond to characters who are strong“On the one hand. which is the hotel sixth season of bar. Sansa Stark may Iwan and I. she’s only 14.” boundaries and accomBefore Turner. “During the day. “I remember immediately.” says Turner. she says. “What we’re going through today with conversations around sexism and racism. “I wasn’t thinkline was so blurred. who in this latest X-Men installment teams with Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique and others to defeat an ancient and evil mutant named Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac). “To have to do a really intense Turner says scene. and charming sister Arya (Maisie Williams).” she says.” she says. start on the TV-MA-rated fantasy series. Game of Thrones is show every week.” she says. and sort yourselves out. throughout the years. I’ve found myself [Dinklage] and Conleth [Hill] between defending her over and over again takes. who got her read the Song of Ice and that she “loved” how start in Hollywood on the Fire books—though that “messed up” it was. She the scene. like the rape scene last season. She even has a hopeful outlook on her characters’ futures: Sansa. And Jean Grey is a “total badass. women. Critics argetting into. Especially show puts social boundcompared with her pugnacious but aries on the women. had even filmed we couldn’t sleep Ireland and Croatia. Meanwhile. panied her to the sets in 18. I think it’s even came off as weak. The blunt criticism but did add an actor’s results of her research: abusive relationperspective. For all the time spent defending Sansa and promoting Jean.’ also forbade Turner to Entertainment Weekly SOPHIE TURNER. set scene. debates about empowerment and representation will continue. The from the best-liked character. the mutants have faced discrimination.” know everything about life now. (“As an actor. 2016 her toward Jean Grey. Turner has managed to connect to fans through more lighthearted fare. But afterwards you revenge in the just go to Safe Haven. ‘Shut up or I’ll women are portrayed on TV shove a wooden c--k up your ass. and Conleth swore. is slowly discovering her powers and will soon be ready to fully employ them. She couldn’t even do that. But it wasn’t quite a feminist show. So it was great to kick butt myself as Jean. “I think Sansa keeps then you go back home. we really had no idea what we were the victim of sexual assault. and the moral of every film—including. you’re like. and Peter’s next since shaped her views on how line was something like.” until Season 5 that Turner had her first In fact.Time Off Movies acting at the local Playbox Theatre Complenty of criticism for its portrayal of pany. whom Turner adopted from the Thrones set. Under pressure. you are bound to not sexist. this one— is that embracing diversity will save the world.’ And she tells TIME.” Turner says of the dog. it didn’t Sansa in order to find out her fate.” “Gratuitous rape scene Her mother. like the rape unacceptable.” ‘Come on. when the debate pushed Sansa was sexually assaulted by her sadistic husband Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon). But it’s STarring on thrones gave her a made me think a lot more crash course in handling controversy. long-suffering we couldn’t really sleep beforehand. ‘I willed and have strong opinions. dude. and you act like everything under wraps in order a little girl again and get freaked out by to survive and doesn’t fight back the word sex.

CANNES REPORT Double dose of K-Stew fires up fest Gosling and Crowe banter and bicker through their detective shtick like a longmarried couple REVIEW The Nice Guys revives ’70s private-eye satire in buddy-movie mode T U R N E R : H B O . pretty literally. Virginia. Gosling never stops running through the paces of his patented dry-as-gin wiseacre routine. —s. if slickest.” Being a real-life detective in ’70s L. pulling off each one with “What. S T E W A R T: M I K E M A R S L A N D — G E T T Y I M A G E S By Stephanie Zacharek Who knoWs What it Was really like to be a private eye in 1970s Los Angeles? Most of us have only the movies as a guide. skimming through the water of a human-size fish tank. which also involves a Virginia Slims–cool Justice Department honcho (Kim Basinger) who may not be what she seems—unless she’s exactly what she seems. the interracial couple whose nine-year struggle led to the landmark 1967 civil rights decision Loving v. He gets most of the movie’s clumsy pratfalls and silly sight gags. lines. ▷ If there were a Palme d’Or for sheer awesomeness. holding his own against a taciturn.. scene-stealing bulldog. featuring sterling performances from Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga as Richard and Mildred Loving. particularly in the Philip Marlowe–style voice-over that opens the film: “Love. Marriage is buying a house for someone you hate. As polyester goes.A. Adam Driver is marvelous as a New Jersey bus driver who writes poetry in his spare moments. but the 69th Cannes Film Festival (May 11–22) proved that the big screen is nowhere close to death. Standouts from this year’s strong slate: ▷ Jeff Nichols’ beautifully restrained Loving. widower and single dad Holland March (Ryan Gosling) gets strong-armed. Crowe’s Healy gets some of Black and co-writer Anthony Bagarozzi’s best. a comedy as boldly insouciant as a wild Qiana shirt. I was in love once. and Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. irritable husband-and-wife pair. though they needle each other like an ancient. but damned if it doesn’t work every time.” You can see why things have gone south for Healy: he lurches through the streets of Los Angeles in a rumpled blue leather jacket. At once laid-back and ablaze. The plot is batty and instantly dismissible: depressed detective. featured in both Woody Allen’s period comedy Café Society and Olivier Assayas’ shimmering. ▷ In Jim Jarmusch’s radiant Paterson. it would go to Kristen Stewart. he’s the real deal. couldn’t have been anything like this. his face like a bed that’s been slept in. □ television may be in a new golden age. He and Gosling’s sad sack March were destined to connect. in pursuit of two sexy mermaid party girls in need of “questioning.Z. T H E N I C E G U Y S : W A R N E R B R O S . The modest pleasures of The Nice Guys lie not in following the wiggy story twists but in watching Gosling and Crowe mix it up and mess everything up. . Stewart (below) is also one of the great cool-girl actors of our time. At one point we see him in his skivvies. Iron Man 3) resurrects the genre in The Nice Guys. shivery ghost story Personal Shopper. by leg-breaker-for-hire Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) into finding a missing girl who may be the key to a series of murders connected to the city’s porn world. me worry?” aplomb. but Gosling fits right into Black’s farcical vision. March’s preternaturally wise preteen daughter Holly (Angourie Rice) gets mixed up in the action.

MUSIC . an extended metaphor about intimate travails. It’s the product of what we might call Beyoncé feminism: sexually liberated. but recent history has not been kind to girl groups—even while their male counterparts like One Direction have flourished. in 2006. Which is fitting. Now perched at No.” Yet the new album 7/27 (out May 27) represents a more aggressive bid for superstardom.” The song is a winking trifle of a thing— and. Last year the quintet’s debut album.” a celebratory blast of good feeling. where the Rayburn clan continues to unravel in the aftermath of last season’s violent conclusion. Penélope Cruz plays a mother diagnosed with breast cancer who forms a special bond with a man facing his own family tragedy. “Work From Home” marks the first time in a decade that an all-female pop group has cracked radio’s upper echelons. or just to shifting trends. the Netflix family saga Bloodline (May 27) returns to the Florida Keys. exploring the hit movies’ many lessons about childhood.) Just like One Direction. (The Pussycat Dolls were the last. Sonically. best-friend comedians Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson and their guests riff on subjects from romance and race to hair. M A M A : O S C I L L O S C O P E F I L M S TELEVISION In Season 2.Time Off Reviews TIME PICKS With “Work From Home. high gloss and hard to argue with. spawned a Top 20 single with the funky anthem “Worth It.” Fifth Harmony is the first pop girl group to score a Top 5 hit since 2006 BOOKS Legal scholar Cass R. Sunstein directs his attention toward pop culture in The World According to Star Wars (May 31).—sam lansky GIRLS IN THE BAND The past few decades have seen only a handful of girl groups conquer the charts SPICE GIRLS The English quintet dominated the ’90s. even an artist as singular as Beyoncé was once a member of Destiny’s Child. ▽ MOVIES In the Spanish drama Ma Ma (May 20). becoming the bestselling female group ever DESTINY’S CHILD A constantly shifting lineup earned them both headlines and hits THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS The burlesque pop group scored four Top 10s in the mid-’00s F I F T H H A R M O N Y. Reflection. But the group’s ambitions come into focus on songs about empowerment. That’s why it meant something last month when the five-piece pop outfit Fifth Harmony notched its first Top 10 single with “Work From Home. After all. 7/27 works best in that mode. as a soundtrack for the #squad era (today’s chic hashtag denoting sisterhood). with songs produced by hitmakers like Max Martin. S P I C E G I R L S . 5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart. fatherhood and redemption. △ PODCASTS On their WNYC podcast 2 Dope Queens. like the funky Missy Elliott–assisted “Not That Kinda Girl” and “That’s My Girl. it should be noted. it’s in line with much of what’s on the radio—tropical synths and dramatic beat drops on tracks about matters of the heart. not an ode to telecommuting—but it’s also historic. Fifth Harmony updates girl power for the present chalk it up to gender bias. P U S S YC AT D O L L S : G E T T Y I M A G E S. Fifth Harmony was formed on a franchise of the reality show The X Factor. D E S T I N Y ’S C H I L D.

Time Off Books SCIENCE M U K H E R J E E : G E T T Y I M A G E S. and in all three cases. Scientists inferred the existence of the gene—the basic unit of information whereby inherited traits are transmitted from one generation to the next—long before they located it. There’s something both comic and poignant in watching generations of fallible.” Watson said in 1991. it’s far from clear whether humans should ever go from reading to writing our own genomes. Thomas Morgan’s fruit-fly laboratory at Columbia University—“The smell of fermented fruit was overpowering. In the process he became the first person to parse the basic grammar of heredity. “Three profoundly destabilizing ideas ricochet through the twentieth century. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. —lev grossman Danler wrote her novel while waiting tables FICTION New York state of mind ‘Our capacity to understand and manipulate human genomes alters our conception of what it means to be “human. Recently Harvard Medical School held a closed-door summit to discuss the possibility of building a human genome from scratch. Born in 1822.” he writes.” These are the fundamental units of matter. as the work shifted inevitably from learning to read these primal languages to learning to write in them. He published the results in the obscure Proceedings of the Brno Natural Science Society. but the most winning of them is the first: a shy. neurotic Augustinian friar named Gregor Mendel. D A N L E R : N I C K V O R D E R M A N The geniuses who tracked down the gene The sTory of geneTics has a long line of proTagonists. the son of two Silesian peasants. an urban parvenu and “backwaiter” for a restaurant that reads an awful lot like Union Square Café. with Winston Churchill and Alexander Graham Bell in attendance. eccentric geniuses try to peer into their own cells and puzzle out the codes that made them that way. won the Pulitzer Prize in 2011. information and life. we’ll go ahead and do it anyway. the yellow-brick chamber to which James Watson and Francis Crick were consigned at Cambridge because they talked too much. Tess is so brimming with naive potential that neither devilish bartender Jake nor enigmatic would-be sommelier Simone can resist her. In 1953. What is clear is that sooner or later. recounts her yearlong story partially in second person. vivid narrative out of the cataclysmic but largely invisible drama of molecular biology. Watson and Crick discovered the double-helix structure of DNA. meticulously recording and analyzing reams of data by hand. author of The Gene Mukherjee is a Pulitzerwinning author and Harvardeducated oncologist The shifTing winds of fortune in the city that never sleeps comprise a special canon. Mukherjee puts all this into context. and The Gene is in the same genre: Mukherjee has a gift for making gripping. he tried to become a teacher but failed the exams. As Mukherjee acknowledges. His first book. “trisecting it into three unequal parts: the atom. But ingenues can’t stay innocent forever. Danler’s ripe prose evokes other city stories too—the broiling sculleries of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and the bar stench of Richard Price’s Lush Life.—claire howorTh 00 . explosive powers and energies were released. Siddhartha Mukherjee tells Mendel’s story and many others in The Gene: An Intimate History.”’ SIDDHARTHA MUKHERJEE. where the author once worked. this is history being written at a tipping point that isn’t done tipping. “Why not make ourselves a little better suited for survival?” Given those imperfections. “We all know how imperfect we are. a nod (along with the plentiful cocaine) to Jay McInerney’s Bright Lights. Mukherjee tracks the people tracking it. Sweetbitter. using his novelistic gifts to put us in the rooms where it happened: the first International Conference on Eugenics in 1912 at a London hotel. Tess. being humans. and its latest entrant is Stephanie Danler’s debut novel. Big City. and a haze of escaped flies lifted off the tables like a buzzing veil every time Morgan moved”. the gene. and Tess’s loss is where Sweetbitter finds success. aided by Rosalind Franklin’s extraordinary X-ray photography. twice. They were immediately forgotten for 35 years. the byte. So instead he spent a decade quietly breeding and cross-breeding peas at an abbey in Moravia. The context broadens dizzyingly as we approach the present.

) Burger King opened a spa in one of its restaurants in Helsinki— and patrons are welcome to order Whoppers in the sauna. H A R D E N : G E T T Y I M A G E S TIME’S WEEKLY TAKE ON . Julia Roberts walked its red carpet barefoot. R I L E Y A N D S T E P H C U R R Y. Homer Simpson made his first live TV appearance on The Simpsons. Cady Lang and Megan McCluskey R E E S E ’S : H E R S H E Y (2). Serena Williams got sick during the Italian Open because she sampled a bowl of gourmet dog food: A World War I cannon was stolen from a veterans hall in California. Kelly Ripa said she’s open to having a female co-host after Michael Strahan departs Live! ? An injured Salem. C A N N O N . LOVE IT LEAVE IT WHAT POPPED IN CULTURE Trolli Candy released Sour Brite Weird Beards. Reese’s announced it will debut a line of Reese’s Pieces– stuffed Reese’s Cups in July. I’m gonna try a piece.. R O B E R T S . R I PA : D AV I D M . S PA : F A C E B O O K . 2016 ‘I’m like.” By Daniel D’Addario. What the heck. D O M I N O ’S . (It was later returned. R U S S E L L— D I S N E Y/A B C . G U M M I E S : I N S TA G R A M .. It tasted a little bit like a house cleaner.Time Off PopChart A year after the Cannes Film Festival turned away women wearing flats. where it had been stationed since 1947. R I L E Y C U R R Y. Ore. Time May 30. T H E T O N I G H T S H O W : YO U T U B E . T R A I N O R . a line of gummy candies inspired by NBA star James Harden’s beard.’ Meghan Trainor fell down at the end of her Tonight Show performance of “Me Too. he answered viewer questions in real time. Riley Curry stole the show during one of dad Steph Curry’s postseason press conferences.. For the second year in a row. thanks to motion-capture technology. W I L L I A M S . it looks good . T H E S I M P S O N S : F O X . man was rescued from his home after his local Domino’s noticed he wasn’t placing his daily order.

Second problem: the time-suck factor. you need to follow this six-step process: 1. Am I just a grumpy middle-aged lady who left effortless beauty behind in her 20s and now mostly wants to be left alone? Perhaps. if I need more help.) Would Mr. capricious. Drybar (and Uber and Everlane and Paperless Post).” he avowed. Van Ogtrop is the editor of Real Simple 59 . Drybar is one of those totally genius. the mystery-of-life issue. I don’t want to fill out a survey. in fact. and I’m not sure anyone wants to know more than that. I’m getting on the horn with the FTC. and while I appreciate the peppy email from user-support associate Katie. And I’m selfish: I often make recipes on the basis of the number of stars they receive and choose movies by Rotten Tomatoes scores. I once worked for a legendarily scary woman whose power was all about her inscrutability. visit or do anything.Essay The Amateur Don’t make me rate you: a plea to every business that has my credit-card number By Kristin van Ogtrop I L L U S T R AT I O N B Y L U C I G U T I É R R E Z F O R T I M E Last week I had to attend an event that requIred me to look better than my regular wilted self (having left “effortless beauty” behind somewhere in my 20s). Life is so complicated now. that I was feeling almost effortlessly beautiful until I got back to my desk to find an email from Drybar. there are two problems with our rate-everything way of living. And above all. All I know is that as soon as I rate the experience of writing this column. my hair looked much better—so much better. do all those things that sounded supersexy and new back in. I do not want to be in a committed.” “Where did she go all afternoon?” “I don’t know. which both explained her allure and enabled her to keep us firmly within her control. First. Rate the thing Meaning just going to Taco Bell or the dentist becomes a six-step process. Katie. Do the thing 3. Before long we will all know everything about everybody. Decide and plan to do the thing 2.500 mysteries. Ever since Kim Kardashian West’s naked derriere broke the Internet. guess what? I’d venture to say there can be more muscle in keeping your opinions to yourself than in giving a business a lousy review. “Did she like that thing you showed her?” “I don’t know. you’re essentially double-billing me. and most of it will be stuff you didn’t want to know in the first place. millennials. Before we were all rating and reviewing everything we did. life was straightforward. By my completely unscientific estimation. I know what you’re thinking: expressing ourselves through ratings allows businesses to constantly iterate. In summAry. help me out here. Take a photo of yourself doing the thing 4. then by taking my money and afterward making me rate the experience of your taking my money. Well. O.” She was stern. and to businesses everywhere: I just want you to provide me with something that I pay for. Darcy—the most captivating. Post the photo of you doing the thing on social media 5. she didn’t tell anybody. dynamic relationship with you. 2009. why-didn’t-I-think-of-that businesses that are making someone who is not me very rich. taciturn. I resent you for the time I spent reading it. Have we forgotten that there is great power in playing your cards close to the vest? In cultivating mystery? (Thomas Pynchon. Every day involved anxious tea-leaf reading on the part of her staff. oh. Repeatedly check how many likes the post of you doing the thing got 6.. which was to go for a blowout at a nearby Drybar. at least in most states. asking if I would rate my experience. Isn’t it enough that I gave you my creditcard number? If time is indeed money. so I did what any self-respecting woman would do. mysterious. And sensible cranks like me would usually like to stop after step 2. After the visit. As I see It. mysterious man in literature—have rated his Uber driver after being dropped off at Pemberley? “My good opinion once lost is lost forever. Which means there’s yet another business I have to break up with because it wants more of me than I’m willing to give. I will reach out. Now in order to buy. every time a new social-media platform is introduced.K. life loses about 8. and then I want no contact with you until the next time I need you. remain in lean startup mode. and I’m pretty sure it’s Yelp’s fault. she hasn’t responded. And I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. No. the idea that we can “leave something to the imagination” has grown smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror.

I miss that. Because he changed my life. because there was a complete beginning. Because it’s a life change for everyone. Bill O’Reilly loves this country and he is espousing his beliefs of what he thinks is best. And actors have to be as well. I’ll be in the show. my slow pace may be a lot slower than yours.. Johnson’s willingness to compromise to get things done feels foreign. and they became an occasional impediment to each other but never in conflict with each other. the story of Lyndon Johnson’s struggle to pass the Civil Rights Act Does getting into character as a domineering President interfere with collaboration? When you’re playing the President. Johnson’s method as more effective? It’s no different than two brothers who were fighting. The final analysis is that they wanted the same thing. I’m hopefully an enlightened adult. This movie depicts debates with Martin Luther King Jr. But he used what he knew from his upbringing to get what he wanted. Do you see King’s or Time May 30. If you and I were running at a slow pace. Is that frustrating? Pace is a subjective point of view. I’m trying to instill a sensibility in America that we all love this country and we all want what’s best for this country— we just have different ideas of how to go about it. and it’s not fair to make it a unilateral decision.7 Questions Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad’s Emmy winner returns to the small screen in HBO’s All the Way. I believe that Sean Hannity loves this country and he wants what’s best for this country. Is civility in politics overrated? I think it’s a lost art form. If I found some neat little hamlet and I thought I’d like to live here but there are certain things that we can improve upon. and I’m in a marriage. but it would be a conversation with my wife. Their timing and their agenda were on a different schedule. ‘I’m trying to instill a sensibility in America that we all love this country and we all want what’s best—we just have different ideas of how to go about it. I miss Albuquerque and what it meant to me. in Johnson’s time as much as in ours.’ . Change. I would say yes before he finished the question. there is a bombast that you own. He wasn’t refined like President Obama. who really did help us create an additional character to our show. In order to play that role. Against the backdrop of the current election. played by Anthony Mackie. LBJ’s agenda and MLK’s agenda were on a pace. It was so satisfying that I felt good to walk away. then sure—a councilperson of a small town or a mayor or something. Quite frankly. I’m on a campaign of my own. I don’t miss the character. 2016 Is it strange for you that Better Call Saul exists in the Breaking Bad universe but you aren’t a part of it? I don’t miss playing Walter White. Johnson accomplished a great deal through brash intimidation. and I don’t want to destroy that and change the rules. Look at what LBJ was. They wanted the same thing. You’re sending out that message to everyone on set: I’m in charge. That was part of his charm. He was a rough-and-tumble guy from Texas. and the good people of New Mexico. They weren’t always in sync with each other. You can’t quantify it by being so specific. middle and end to the story. He was a master manipulator. He fully understood that politics in that day— which we’ve lost—was a horse trade. —Daniel D’aDDario D AV I D L I V I N G S T O N — G E T T Y I M A G E S Would you ever run for office yourself? I think I would. I needed to fully embrace that man. Does that completed arc mean you’d never come back to the character on Better Call Saul? My point of view on it is that if [show creator] Vince Gilligan wants me to be in the show. if he called today and asked me to be on the show. came slower than many wanted.

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