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To: Buffalo Board of Education and Kriner Cash, Superintendent

From: Carl Paladino, Larry Quinn, Pat Pierce, Jay McCarthy and Jim Sampson
Cc: Ed Betz
Date: 6/06/16
Re: Resolution for Board Meeting 6/08/16

Whereas, the Superintendent of Buffalo Public schools has presented a budget for the 20162017 school year to the Buffalo Board of Education for its consideration; and
Whereas, the proposed budget seeks to advance the key tenets of the Buffalo Educational
Bargain including but not limited to smaller class sizes for elementary students, an emphasis on
early literacy,and the start of an extensive community schools program; and
Whereas, the cost of this first stage of the Educational Bargain would create an initial operating
deficit of approximately $ 12 million; and
Whereas, the Board of Education has a fiduciary responsibility to produce a balanced
budget and preserve its reserves for reasonably foreseeable future expenses including a new
contract for teachers; and
Whereas,the District has bargained in good faith to reach a new agreement with the Buffalo
Teachers Federation for the last 12 years and most intensively during the past twelve months;
Whereas despite multiple bargaining sessions, multiple fact finder reports, the intervention of a
super conciliator; the district and the BTF have been unable to reach agreement and have
reached an impasse; and
Whereas, although the negotiations have reached impasse, both parties have agreed that the
elimination of the cosmetic rider is in the best interests of the parties and most importantly the
school children; and
Whereas, the Taylor Law authorizes that "the legislative body may take such action as is
necessary and appropriate to reach an agreement" after impasse; and
Therefore be it resolved that the Board of Education approve the proposed budget with the
following amendments to reduce the proposed deficit by approximately $8.3 million;

1. Eliminate the $5 million reserve for the cosmetic rider and advise the BTF that the
District will no longer reimburse Teachers for cosmetic procedures.
2. Reduce the budget lines for overtime from $1.8 million to
$500,000 proportionately.
3. Reduce the budget by $2 million from various fully funded line items related to the
Education Bargain in that have been funded for a full year but will not be operational until after
the start of the school.