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and the punishment
for my trespass.
Sometimes I wonder
what it means to fly.
To soar above the skies
and leave this mortal shell behind
My blood sings
as the blade draws near.
Teach me the pleasure in pain,
as I open the door
to the world of endless suffering

But for this brief moment
I care not,
whether I’m opening
the gates of hell,
or simply ending
a worthless existence.

Let me fly
above this world.
Watch my wings
burst into flames,
while the wax melts away
as I near the scorching sun.
Watch me fly
without my wings,
my arms spread wide
as I hurtle to the ground.
And when I open my eyes,
it will be to the acrid, burning smell,
as I take a plunge
into the lake of fire.
Of course I know
what it means to fly

But for now
hold me close,
and plant a kiss
upon my cold lips.
I want to feel your warmth
even as I drift away,
upwards further
let me fly,
till they catch me
and lock me up
down below.
Never to see once more,
the light of the sun
or you.