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 Professional Learning TIME  Educators  Student Achievement     PICK YOUR SERVICE! Data analysis Certified Guest teachers for classroom coverage PLC facilitator Administrative Consultant New Evaluation Model Research/Evidence Based Resources Values:   Vision: To develop and customize a new structure for Professional Learning in school districts. THREE YEAR CONTRACT:  YEAR 1: Full support of services  YEAR 2: Continued support; (needs base); consulting  YEAR 3: Needs based support data analysis focus POST CONTRACT: Full renewal or needs based  Teachers having TIME to learn from each other  Evaluations being a collaborative, teacher led experience  Meaningful professional learning IMAGINE… Artifact 1 New Education World Providing teachers and administrators the tools to learn and grow as educators. PL Support * Providing time for PLCs to meet by providing certified teachers to cover classroom:  1 time a week for PLC meetings  1 time a month for Teacher Lab * Certified substitute teachers can lead certain programs as to not lose valuable instructional time for students. * Gives the district up to three years to formulate a structure to continue release time for PLCs. * Facilitator present at all PLCs for the first year to model/guide conversations. * Teacher Lab Concept: Instructional rounds with PLC with purpose of improving own practice. Provides “on the job” professional development. * PLC time will also be used for feedback from teacher lab which will lead into selfreflection portion of evaluation. DATA Analysis ADMIN. Support For: Individual Teachers Grade Level PLCs Buildings District * One-on-One Guide How: Access your data warehouse Survey staff members Analyze data/look for trends Bring results to specified individuals Train individuals to be data experts - new PD concept Use: Determining areas of success Determining areas of weakness Individual teacher goals for evaluation PLC focus Developing building/ district goals Benefits: TIME- allows more time for teachers to talk about the data and possible solutions rather than taking the time to sort through the data. DIRECTION- gives individual teachers, PLCs, buildings, and districts a clear focus. CONSISTENCY- create a data analysis protocol which will sustain for years to come assuring all teams with assess data with consistency and fidelity. Sustainability: Teacher leaders will can become the data analyzers. Option to hire our company to continue data analyzing. - new culture in building - evaluation model * Professional learning - starts at the grade level/subject area PLC level - develops into building wide PD -develops into district wide PD * Evaluation Model - goal driven- set collaboratively by teacher and administrator - personal reflective piece driven by colleague feedback during PLC teacher lab time -Student growth portion Administration empowers teachers. Professional Learning will be rooted in PLCs Use your data to begin with the end in mind!