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Day 1 Resources (General) - Great set of slides to show

that already involvement in alt energy shows 13 largest projects world wide. - Need to introduce teachers to this website. Has many resources for education intro info for different renewable source
Sustainable Georgia: Gaining Some Green
Theres a chance for the clean energy sector to reduce Georgias $32-billion annual expense to import petroleum,
natural gas and coal.
Sun Dancing
As Georgias solar capacity shoots skyward, a new state utility is proposed
The Energy Future Is Now
Renewable power sources, in Georgia, are no longer fighting for a seat at the table. They are present and thriving,
part of the mix that includes fossil fuels and nuclear energy.
Driving with the Sun
What is Georgia doing to address the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs)? In this day of increasing attention to the use of
renewable energy sources, is Georgia forging ahead with making use of this type of vehicle cheaper, more
convenient, etc.? - source of current data on all energy topics; also has Learn About Energy for educators with
lessons for all topics excellent resource Document that can be downloaded (I have a
printed copy can use for display) A multidisciplinary course for teachers; we have access to use; username: ematuser pw:
emat2014; teachers can have access This is a website of the Vermont Energy Education Program. They offer the option to download
their curricula (for free). This is open to non-Vermont residents. National Renewable Energy Laboratory; data on a number of renewable sources; maps showing
potential for use in various parts of the US; Energy Education found under pull down menu Working with Us.
Has a section on Renewable Energy sources separate sections on each of major renewables; also lists energy
programs for teachers, and for K-12 students The following is the direct link to a page of listings for lesson plans,
etc. See Simulation of Nonrenewable/renewable sources; Leaf Relay is good for energy transfer in living systems; See activities on biomass,
wind, biogas, etc.; Some of these might be good ideas for the project source of info about a variety of clean/renewable energy sources; can
estimate the impact of the type of energy you use (based on your utility), can estimate the amount of CO2, etc. Several quizzes on different energy
topics; Good for general interest