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Day 2 Resources Solar basics of photosyn. comparison of efficiency of photosyn and PV article about artificial photosyn and using sunlight to generate elec to then
split water to make hydrogen fuel. See separate article links below: Day 2 improve batt to store electricity from solar/wind
using perskovite to capture solar energy PV beats
photosyn limits of PV
and possible new approaches
%20plans/2009/lisa%20r%20klinker/solarexperiment.pdf lesson plan - has a good
article link about connecting photo and PV MIT Harnessing sun energy like plants do
how plants use sun efficiently some
problems along with the good of solar power good article for life sci to explore
problems with wildlife
url=collection/uoh_/activities/uoh_organic/uoh_organic_activity1.xml organic solar

energy and berries # of lessons about
solar esp one about sun tracker Check out the Sun Tracker Lessons all
lessons about solar; Has some activities worth looking at for solar Solar site survey; also
sample projects, some do it at home; How to plot
suns angles throughout the year Good to use with gnomon printed a copy except
for the chosen latitude/longitude portion- broken link. Article about solar cells and why black ones can now be more efficient. Adapting the shape of solar cells to be able to
capture light from different angles. Without changing the angle of the panel. Good
ex of creative thinking! Good article on alternative to silicon
for solar cells information for GA Tech Research Horizons; need
subscription for full use GA Tech research using solar another good article in
GA Tech Horizons simple explanation about use of algae to produce biofuels explanation of gnomon!blank-4/atsij downloadable lessons; includes many
different lesson topics, including connections to life science; How does energy
affect wildlife? How do windmills affect wildlife?